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SPOILER WARNING: Part 3-6 spoiler details may follow.
Gimme a break... (やれやれだぜ)

Jotaro Kujo (空条 承太郎, Kūjō Jōtarō) is the main protagonist of the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders, and the third JoJo of the series. He also appears as a primary ally in Diamond is Unbreakable and Stone Ocean, and makes a brief appearance as a tertiary character in Vento Aureo. As a result of all his appearances, Jotaro is the most recurring JoJo protagonist of the series.

Jotaro is a Japanese delinquent with Japanese roots from his father's side, and half-British half-Italian roots from his mother's side. Jotaro lives an ordinary life until the Joestar Family's old nemesis, DIO, returns. After seeing his mother Holy fall ill due to DIO's reawakening, Jotaro embarks on a journey across the world alongside his grandfather, Joseph Joestar, and a group of friends in order to save his mother and defeat the Vampire once and for all.

Wielding the all-powerful Star Platinum, Jotaro is the first JoJo introduced with a Stand, and is among the most well-known characters of the series. He is the ex-husband of an American woman and father of Jolyne Cujoh, the protagonist of Stone Ocean.


Jotaro is a 195 cm (6 ft 5 in) tall[9] and muscular man, who is often described by other characters as attractive.[14] He has dark hair that constantly blends with his hat, a strong jawline, bold eyebrows, and greenish colored eyes.[9] He also bears a mild resemblance to his great-great-grandfather, Jonathan Joestar, and his grandfather, Joseph Joestar when he was young. The superficial theme of Jotaro's attire changes in every JoJo part that he appears in. His trademarks are a visored, ornamented cap, torn at the back and blending with his hair, and a roughly mid-calf-length coat with a standing collar and chains attached. His attire was influenced by Babel II, a famous manga of a boy in a school uniform having an adventure in a desert.[15]

Stardust Crusaders


In Part 3, Jotaro wears a modified trenchcoat-length gakuran/tsume-eri with a tall, stiff collar, pierced on the left with a golden chain. Underneath, he wears a fitted, sleeveless shirt and a pair of slim-fitting ¥20,000[16] pants of very short, sharp flares held up by two thin belts, often differently colored, patterned in a row of alternately colored tessellated triangles (reflecting Caesar/Joseph's headband). He also wears a pair of leather shoes (presumably) without socks.

Jotaro's iconic cap is adorned near the center with a golden button and, on its left, a rectangular golden plate with a design of a flattened hand. It is torn at the back, appearing to merge with his hair. While they are first shown as being completely separate but slightly torn, later publications cause more uncertainty as to where his hat and his hair actually meet. According to Araki in an interview, he wanted readers to recognize Jotaro even from his back, and not just his forefront.[17]

Araki played around with Jotaro's design until he got something which he felt conveyed just the right amount of a rebellious attitude.[18]

Diamond is Unbreakable


In Part 4, Jotaro's outfit undergoes a massive change from Stardust Crusaders, in addition to the outfit itself undergoing several transitions during Diamond is Unbreakable. Each features his trademark combination of a visored cap and a trench coat. He wears wide-legged pants, and his hat, coat and pants are typically depicted as white.

In his first outfit, he wears a trench coat with the collar folded back and cuffs that feature the same tessellated pattern as his belts. Underneath the coat is a jumper of sorts over a stiff high-collared shirt; a buckled strap also runs diagonally across his chest. His hat has a metallic "J" emblem added to his earlier palm, now enclosed by a heart.

His second outfit, first worn during the Let's Go Hunting! story arc, features a style reminiscent of his school uniform with an upturned coat collar and a single fitted shirt. His hat's emblems are replaced with a dolphin and sun, while his coat features a metallic emblem of two dolphins forming a heart on the right shoulder and a set square with the trademark palm symbol on the left.

His final outfit features a coat with a similar style to the second outfit, but has the tessellated cuffs that were present in the first. Underneath, Jotaro wears a small, open, lapel-less waistcoat patterned with alternating circles and crosses over a black turtleneck with the palm emblem on the neck. His hat has a row of black Venus symbols (♀) with an arrow at the bottom of the cross, that way, making them resemble anchors, along with another palm emblem. His two belts are no longer patterned, but the bottom has a small pouch attached to it, also sporting the palm emblem.

Vento Aureo

Jotaro part 5.png

In Part 5, Jotaro maintains his classic hat in the same light color now with a noticeably much larger rip at the back of his hat, resulting in an even more unnatural blend of his hair and hat. A circular pendant with the iconic hand symbol frequently shown on his hat is seen attached to a belt that seemingly wraps around, comes from within the hat and ends at the metallic lining of his visor.

His light coat appears much more form fitting with its large collars adorned with metallic "J" symbols. It has rounded diagonal slits across the sides and only the top button is buttoned. Underneath Jotaro's coat is a dark turtleneck shirt with another hand symbol on his neck. The shirt displays two bright stripes intersecting with each other and his sleeves are rolled up. Jotaro's two vibrant belts are worn orderly and he has long pant legs appearing slightly pushed up above his shoes.

Stone Ocean

Jotaro Stone Ocean Anime Profile.png

In Part 6, Jotaro again wears a dark overcoat; this time of more detail. Lines ring the top and the base of his collar; joining to run the length of the coat's opening. The surface of his collar bears two star pins, with one on the inside, along with a small chain piercing the left. Two lines run the top of the shoulders, with two more radiating from his collar to their sides. Two zips lie between the chest and the stomach. The sides of the shoulders bear large stars, beginning a light stripe reaching his cuffs (also bearing a star) that reads "JOJO", repeatedly. A line runs from the armpit to the end of the coat.

He wears a light under-shirt, printed at the chest with a large star. His shoes and pants are of a piece in a snakeskin texture. He wears a single leather belt, studded in two rows, folded behind itself after the buckle.

Jotaro's torn, blending cap is also again dark. The visor is square, with a subtle arch. A light gold bar at its joint maintains a gold palm emblem like his original. Two lines run the top of the visor, while a widened star spans the front of the crown, its topmost point running onto the top.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Hair(Black with blue highlights)
Eyes(Light Blue)
(Blue gakuran and hat over a purple shirt, with golden chain and pins. Green/yellow and yellow/red belts. Grayish purple shoes.)
Skin(Slightly Tan)
Hair(Black with blue highlights)
(Magenta-trimmed blue gakuran and hat over a red shirt, with bronze chain and purple pins. Green and yellow belts. Dark brown shoes.)
(Black gakuran and hat over a greenish gray shirt, with golden chain and pins. Jade green/red and red/yellow belts. Black shoes.)
Skin(Slightly Tan)
Eyes(Dark Blue)
(Dark Blue gakuran and hat over a purple shirt, with golden chain and pins.)
Skin(Slightly Tan)
(Blue gakuran and hat over a pink shirt, with golden chain, pins and belts. Dark pink shoes)
Hair(Black with cyan highlights)
(Teal gakuran and hat over a fuschia shirt, with golden chain and pins. Aqua/gold and indigo/gold belts. Indigo shoes.)
(Dark brown-gray gakuran and hat over an olive shirt, with golden chain and pins. Teal/red and red/yellow belts. Black shoes.)
Hair(Dark Blue)
(Dark Blue gakuran and hat over a purple shirt, with golden chain and pins. Cyan/yellow and indigo/yellow belts. Black tinted-indigo shoes.)
(Black gakuran and hat over a greenish gray shirt, with golden chain and pins. Jade green/red and yellow/red belts. Dark gray shoes)

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
First Outfit
(White outfit and hat over a white shirt, with golden pins. Light purple/yellow sleeves and brown/yellow belts.)
Second Outfit
(White outfit and hat over a white shirt, with golden pins. Light purple/black shoes.)
Third Outfit
(White outfit and hat over a black turtleneck shirt and light purple vest, with gold pins. Light purple/yellow sleeves and black belts.)
Skin(Slightly Tan)
First Outfit
(White outfit and hat over a purple shirt with green collars, with golden pins. Light purple/yellow sleeves. Purple/green and purple/yellow belts)
Second Outfit
(Light Gray outfit and hat over a pink shirt, with copper pins. Pink sleeves and purple/yellow belt. Brown and green backpack)
Third Outfit
(White outfit and hat over a black turtleneck shirt and light purple vest, with gold pins. Light purple/yellow sleeves and purple/yellow belts)
(White outfit and hat over a gray shirt with gold pins. Black belts and shoes.)
(White-tinted violet outfit and hat over a black turtleneck shirt and lavender vest, with gold pins. Light purple/yellow sleeves and gray belts.)

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(White outfit and hat with golden-trimmed white symbols and buttons adorning coat, white undershirt with black collar)
(White outfit and hat with gold/bronze symbols and buttons adorning coat, purple striped blue-gray undershirt, teal sleeves, stripes, and shoes.)

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Hair(Black with purple highlights)
Eyes(Dark Blue)
(Golden-trimmed purple coat and hat over a white shirt, green/gold stars and light brown pants.)
Hair(Black with purple highlights)
(Golden-trimmed purple coat and hat over a white shirt, green/gold stars and light brown pants.)


Stardust Crusaders

I beat the crap out of more people than I have to, some are still in the hospital. There's plenty of teachers who got on my bad side and never came back to class. And hey, I make it a policy not to pay the check if I didn't like the meal. But even a guy like me can spot evil when he sees it...
—Jotaro to Noriaki Kakyoin, Chapter 119: Noriaki Kakyoin, Part 2

Jotaro is introduced as a rough, violent delinquent, but he has a gentle heart and is loyal to those he likes. He is highly perceptive, intelligent and quick-witted while keeping a perpetually cool, slightly neutral or disinterested attitude. He has a habit of muttering "Gimme a break..." (やれやれだぜ, Yare Yare Daze) to himself to express annoyance toward the ordeals and other events that happen close to him, to the point it has become his signature catchphrase.

Hirohiko Araki was inspired by Clint Eastwood when creating Jotaro. Like Eastwood in some films, Jotaro doesn't run, his movements are minimal, and he's a quiet individual.[19] Jotaro's trademark pose where he points his finger was inspired by Eastwood pointing his .44 Magnum and Jotaro's catchphrase was also inspired by lines that Eastwood had in some roles.[18]

Jotaro's nerves of steel destabilize D'Arby

Jotaro's most noticeable trait is his seemingly aloof nature. He is often satisfied with expressing himself in short phrases. He thinks anyone can tell his emotions just by looking at him, and believes that further effort in portraying how he feels would be a waste of time, making others tend to perceive Jotaro as callous.[9] Related to this, Jotaro is an extremely cool individual, able to keep his composure in even the direst situations. The best example of his coolness would be against Daniel J. D'Arby, playing a dangerous game of poker during which he successfully bluffs the expert poker player into folding even if he didn't know what cards he had and wagered the souls of every companion and ally involved.[20] While he was shown to be mildly anxious when something unanticipated happens, Jotaro almost never goes as far as to lose his composure.

Displaying a rare combination of rage and grief over Joseph's death

Jotaro is both fierce and gentle, showing these traits in various scenes, from the fight with N'Doul to the encounter with the D'Arby Brothers. One shining example is how he spared Noriaki Kakyoin instead of killing him outright, even putting his own life on the line just to save the young man from DIO's deadly slavery. Despite refusing to show it explicitly, Jotaro loves his mother and respects his grandfather Joseph. Jotaro's impetus for going to Egypt is Holy's life being put in danger by DIO's Stand,[21] and he flew into an uncharacteristic rage when the vampire desecrated the corpse of his grandfather, before apologizing to Joseph's spirit (who had previously warned Jotaro not to succumb to anger).[22]

Shaking hands with Kakyoin, a rare manifestation of friendship from Jotaro's part

During his journey to Egypt, Jotaro attached himself to his companions, and through several small gestures expressed his friendship towards them, culminating with a hug with a departing Polnareff.[23] Signs of him loosening up were also shown where he occasionally (but not often) smiles, such as when the group made fun of ZZ, and at one point he even laughs alongside Kakyoin and Polnareff upon discovering the Sun's weakness.[24] Jotaro also has a soft spot for children and is noticeably more tolerant and protective toward them. When Merlai Anne accompanies them on his journey, he never yells at her and even protects her from enemy Stand users, and also watches over her in a similar fashion to an older brother despite being visibly annoyed by her antics. When he takes an ice pop from a young boy, he tells the boy that he will buy him a new one.[25]

Jotaro prepares to give a DIO-controlled Kakyoin justice

Jotaro hates people who hurt women or children in a fight, even if the woman or child in question is evil, and will be especially violent toward them;[26][27] one example of this is his beating of Steely Dan, which was partially motivated by Steely Dan killing Enya the Hag, and trying to use a little girl as a hostage when he was nearly defeated. However, Jotaro doesn't show mercy to evil women and will if need be severely beat them, such as when Midler attacked him and he busted her teeth through her Stand.[28] Furthermore, nagging girls chasing him (both at his school and throughout his journey) annoy Jotaro, who ignores or rudely drives them away, particularly when they begin to fuss or bicker.[29]

Jotaro is introduced calling his mom a "bitch"

Moreover, Jotaro is blunt and foul-mouthed, having no problem being insolent towards his mother or any other authority figure.[5] The teenager favors witty one-liners, often ridiculing whoever is the target of his quips and offering absurd reasons for his feats. For instance, he took the time to tell DIO the reason he lost was that the vampire "pissed him off".[30] Nonetheless, Jotaro has shown a modicum of respect to the occasional enemy Stand user, praising N'Doul for having been formidable enough to manage to knock his hat off his head and commit suicide to help DIO, then listening to his speech about his devotion and finally burying his corpse in the desert.[31] Moreover, he noted how Daniel J. D'Arby was dangerous and compared him favorably to Telence, stating that Daniel would have spotted an obvious ploy which tricked Telence.[32]

Jotaro is interested in a large range of subjects, such as sumo or the TV series Columbo, from which he claims to have acquired his deductive skills.[33] Several hobbies indicate that he has an intellectual side, which would result in him becoming an Oceanographer by Part 6. Ironically, Jotaro is one of the few who can appreciate Calcutta's atmosphere, which shocks Joseph.

Jotaro also has a quirky, particular fashion taste and attachment to his clothes, from refusing to cut off parts of his pants when the school nurse asked him to, to buying clothes[27] to replace the ones that were destroyed after his fight with ZZ with exact replicas as pointed out by Joseph.[34] When he first trades blows with DIO, he specifically points out how the fight tore a hole in his apparently very expensive pants.[35] He also has an attachment to his hat.

Araki stated that Jotaro fits his image of a hero to a tee, being a loner and an unappreciated symbol of justice. He doesn't bother with making friends and does the right thing without looking for compensation or attention from others.[18]

Diamond is Unbreakable

In Diamond is Unbreakable, Jotaro becomes the leader and mentor of Part 4's Joestar Group, as well as a person they could rally behind. Koichi and Josuke comment that his company is calming to them, with respect to the consistent threat exerted by emerging Stand users. Having matured, Jotaro isn't as foul-mouthed as he was, although he is still blunt and retains his annoyance towards girls making a fuss. Even if he is less foul-mouthed and aggressive, he is still merciless to those who anger him and is said to be scary by Koichi due to how quiet he is.

Although his aloofness is still present, it has diminished somewhat over the years; meeting Tomoko Higashikata whilst looking for Josuke shortly after her father is killed by Anjuro, he tolerates her sudden clinginess when she mistakes him for Joseph, and offers some consolation for her father's death. He also admits to Koichi that he was glad to meet him, albeit privately.

Stone Ocean

In Stone Ocean, Jotaro displays his typical serious attitude, but this is also paired with a passionate paternal protectiveness for his daughter Jolyne, although his past neglect has worsened their relationship. Another instance of his diminished stoic attitude, he tells his daughter that he loves and cherishes her, which would motivate Jolyne throughout their adventure.

After he is "revived", Anasui, one of Jolyne's companions who is enthralled by her, asks Jotaro to approve his proposal to marry. Reacting first as though he spoke meaninglessly when Jotaro sees Jolyne lean against Anasui's chest, he pulls her into his arms, protectively; leaving Jolyne clueless as to their interaction.

During the final fight against Pucci, Jotaro's love for his family cost him both his own life and the safety of his universe as he throws away a chance to attack Pucci to save his daughter, Jolyne, from being murdered by a large volley of knives thrown directly at her neck.



Star Platinum

Main article: Star Platinum

One of the strongest Stands in the series, Star Platinum possesses superhuman senses, strength, stamina, accuracy and speed. Like other physically-powerful (or Close-Range) Stands, Star Platinum suffers from a narrow range of activity; active only within a 2-3 meter radius from Jotaro.

It is the same type of Stand as to DIO's The World, and, as it turns out, can likewise be used to stop time, an ability revealed at the very end of his fight with DIO.

Star Platinum (スタープラチナ(星の白金))Link to this section

The Tarot card The Star, after which it is named, symbolizes hope, above all.

Star Platinum: The World

Main article: Star Platinum: The World

During the final battle with DIO, Star Platinum awakens the ability to stop time.

This is the highest form to which Jotaro is shown to develop his Stand. Star Platinum: The World can stop time for as long as 5 seconds. It's duration seems to fluctuate on how constantly Jotaro uses the ability.[36]


Jotaro's natural battle sense and flexible thinking makes him extremely proficient at using his Stand, which is facilitated by how powerful it is in the first place. At its most basic usage, Star Platinum will punch through almost any obstacle Jotaro encounters, but he can also be very imaginative when applying its physical prowess, such as stretching Star Platinum's limbs for extra range or using its lungs to neutralize Justice.

Jotaro launching himself off the ground with Star Platinum

Jotaro frequently exploits his Stand's superhuman attributes to augment his own capabilities. He is able to use Star Platinum's enhanced eyesight to see far-away objects himself and, much like other Stand users, can block attacks aimed at him with his Stand. Jotaro will often defend himself by channeling Star Platinum from inside his body, which also allows him to use its enhanced strength to launch himself into the air. This jumping technique is introduced during the fight with N'Doul, and utilized throughout Jotaro's final face-off with DIO. He is also shown floating in the air while facing DIO, though it's unclear if this is an exaggeration of the aforementioned jumping technique or an actual ability to fly.

Due to its short duration, Jotaro only stops time with parsimony. He mainly uses it for defense, utilizing the extra time to defend an ally or avoid attacks, and has only occasionally used time stop for offense.

Familial Bond Link to this section
As a part of the Joestar Family, Jotaro bears the Star Birthmark and a connection to the supernatural. According to Avdol, the bond shared between DIO and the Joestar family has awakened their spiritual power. In Jotaro's case, he developed Star Platinum, and is capable of sensing DIO's presence.[37]

Later, in Stone Ocean, Jotaro and his daughter, Jolyne, share a particuraly strong connection. Notably, a wound Jotaro carves into his arm appears on Jolyne's. When Enrico Pucci bears the Birthmark, Jotaro is capable of sensing his presence much like DIO decades prior.

Personal Skills

  • Intelligence: Jotaro is an adept tactician, using a mix of straightforward brute force and unexpected tricks to prevail. Thanks to Star Platinum's tremendous strength, Jotaro can either force his way out of any tough situation or use unexpected feats of strength such as tunneling his way toward an enemy or using his lung capacity to neutralize a fog Stand. Jotaro has occasionally used the environment to his advantage, filling his clothes with thick books when expecting DIO to use projectiles against him, or taking full advantage of The Fool's glider to approach N'Doul.
Jotaro's intelligence saves him from DIO's knives

The years have only increased his wits, and in Part 4 and 6, Jotaro demonstrates a methodical and vigilant sense of observation, watching his environment to anticipate the enemy's moves and attacks, and having a good grasp of the general mechanics of Stands to better identify a Stand's weaknesses.

Jotaro is notably good at psychological warfare and using calm judgment in dire situations. He is an accomplished bluffer, capable of using his adversary's own vigilance against the formidable Star Platinum to psych them out, demonstrated when he forced D'Arby to fold in a game of poker he had all but won or tricked DIO into underestimating Star Platinum's ability to move in the stopped time. He also provoked Forever into entering the range of Star Platinum to defeat him.

  • Knowledge: It is implied that Jotaro has accumulated a considerable amount of varied knowledge. At the beginning of Part 3, in his cell, in order to understand his Stand, he had collected a number of books on the theme of the paranormal. In Part 4, it is revealed that he specialized in Ocean Exploration; and he briefs Josuke skillfully for the task of hunting two Stand-wielding rats. In Part 6, Jotaro is able to discern the exact kind of bone Emporio gave Jolyne just by looking at it.
  • Strength: While not nearing the levels of superhuman strength possessed by his Stand, Jotaro himself is still notably strong, and has been for a long time; even when de-aged by Sethan, he was able to deliver a painful punch against a full-grown man. He is also shown to have a high pain tolerance, having Star Platinum be punched in the face by The World and not flinching. Moreover, he slammed onto the pavement after being stabbed with knives, and was punched several times by The World and kicked into a sign, breaking several bones.
  • Toughness: Jotaro is naturally confident and intolerant to suggestions that he should defer in any way, backed up by his own strength as well as that of his Stand.
  • Cigarette Trick: Jotaro is supposedly able to hold up to five lit cigarettes in his mouth, lit side inwards, and drink juice without putting them out. Oingo failed to replicate this technique. However, this trick could be false.
  • Bluffing: During both the Telence T. D'Arby and Daniel J. D'Arby arcs, Jotaro won through an impressive ability to bluff, as seen by his refusal to look at his cards when playing poker with D'Arby the Elder, and having the confidence to rely on Joseph Joestar to pick up on his signal by announcing his pitch against D'Arby the Younger.

Secret Technique

The Joestar family's "Secret Technique", running away, is usually utilized as a last resort. It is used by Jotaro in the series during his fight against Rubber Soul.[25]


Jotaro's relationship with people is usually straight forward, due to his type of personality. He usually tends to keep his emotions to himself, as he believes people can read his emotions simply by observing him. Simply put, if anyone hasn't made him angry, he is usually satisfied with those around him.


  • Jolyne Cujoh: Jotaro's only child. Jotaro, due to his many excursions, was an absentee father for much of Jolyne's childhood and well into her adolescence. As such, she grew to resent him though at times also craving his attention. His divorce only made matters worse, Jolyne practically disowning him and refusing to mention him until he visited her in prison. Jotaro, however, greatly cherished Jolyne, taking her safety above all else during Stone Ocean and being fully aware of his failures as a father. Eventually they began to patch their relationship up, Jolyne finally understanding why Jotaro was absent constantly and what exactly he was fighting for. In the fight against Pucci and Made in Heaven, his love for his daughter gets the best of him as he tries to save her from several knives while simultaneously killing Pucci. In his final moments, his daughter mentions how she always knew he'd come to save her.
  • Jotaro's Wife: Jotaro's Ex-Wife. While not a lot is specified about her and Jotaro's relationship, it seems he cared for her to the point of keeping his distance from her and Jolyne in order to protect them from the many dangers he faced.
  • Joseph Joestar: Jotaro doesn't usually share his grandfather's humor, and the two have very different personalities. Despite their differences, they seem to get along fairly well, and can share a laugh or two once in a while, and they were able to bond much more during their travel to Egypt in order to save Holy. When Joseph was infected by Steely Dan's Lovers, Jotaro allowed himself to be humiliated to protect Joseph from Steely Dan and repaid his enemy a thousandfold. They were able to work well together against Telence D'Arby purely through shared familial intuition, and when DIO desecrated Joseph's corpse, Jotaro was enraged enough to attack DIO head on despite knowing the serious risk. While he was annoyed about Joseph's affair with Josuke's mother, he still cared for his grandfather especially in his advanced age and decided to protect Josuke's mother in place of Joseph, showing his respect for Joseph's feelings. He also showed a rare smile when he saw Josuke and Joseph getting along.
  • Suzi Q: Although they've never communicated in the manga, the anime included a scene of Jotaro talking to his grandmother on the phone. He respects her and assures her that there's nothing to worry about when Joseph couldn't talk to her. Suzi states that she was really happy to hear her grandson's voice after so long. She's heard that Jotaro became wild lately but she knows deep down that he's a sweet child who truly cares for his family.
  • Josuke Higashikata: The two have a mentor-protégé relationship. Although Josuke is younger than him, Jotaro is his nephew. When they first met, Josuke had assaulted Jotaro for mentioning his hair in a negative tone (despite Jotaro not intending to insult Josuke), but as the series progressed, the two became allies and have helped each other out a number of times against the various enemy Stands appearing in Morioh. Jotaro respects Josuke's ability and gentleness while being annoyed by his temper, and fully trusted him during their fight against Bug-Eaten.
  • Sadao Kujo: As a famous jazz musician, Sadao left his family to go on tour, and has never actually been seen in the series. It is unknown as to how long he has been gone, but there hasn't been any indication that Jotaro holds a grudge against him for this.
  • Holy Kujo:
    Despite his attitude, Jotaro shows concern for Holy's well-being
    As Jotaro's mother, Jotaro greatly cares for her. In his childhood, Jotaro loved to play ball with her, but at his current age, his attitude has changed up to a point where he rebukes her affection, calls her annoying, and casually insults her. Regardless, the two take care of each other, and Holy is unfazed by Jotaro's rough exterior as she knows his true feelings. When she had fallen ill due to her Stand taking over her body, Jotaro had asked Joseph what they had to do to cure her. It was because of his concern for his mother's life that he set off to Egypt to fight DIO.
  • Giorno Giovanna: While they have never formally met, Jotaro investigated Giorno due to his connections to both DIO and the Joestar family. Having found out Giorno's relation with DIO, Jotaro avoided meeting him in person, and trusted Koichi to judge him in his stead.


A photograph of Jotaro's friends circa 1988-1989
  • Muhammad Avdol: His first initial meeting with Avdol was not very friendly, but after Jotaro begins to truly understand Star Platinum and Stands, they quickly become allies. During the journey Avdol takes the role of the mentor, providing the rest of the group information on enemies such as Gray Fly, Devo the Cursed, and Midler. Jotaro would later mourn his death with Polnareff and Joseph.
  • Noriaki Kakyoin: Like with Avdol, Jotaro's relationship with Kakyoin begins with a fight. After defeating him, Jotaro takes Kakyoin to his house to remove DIO's flesh bud and release him from DIO's control. Jotaro and Kakyoin later develop a strong friendship, discovering a mutual interest in sumo, and Kakyoin being one of the few people Jotaro smiles at. Kakyoin sacrificed his life to give Jotaro an advantage against Dio and Jotaro mourns his death along with Joseph and Polnareff. In the JOJONIUM special interviews, Araki comments that without their power, Jotaro and Kakyoin probably wouldn't have become friends.
  • Jean Pierre Polnareff: After joining the group during their journey to Egypt, Polnareff gradually becomes good friends with everyone. Jotaro becomes friendlier with Polnareff, having no problem teaming up with him, and displaying his friendship openly with him. Jotaro also respects Polnareff as a fighter, commenting that his Silver Chariot Star Platinum can hold back against when Anubis possesses Polnareff. At the end of part 3, Joseph and Polnareff along with Jotaro mourn for the loss of their friends. Before going their separate ways, the group embraces one last time; promising to meet each other again sometime in the future. Jotaro's only comment to Polnareff was a friendly insult, mentioning that he'd never be able to forget his ugly face.
  • Merlai Anne: Jotaro treated the runaway girl as a burden and annoyance, but kept protecting her from enemies such as fake Captain Tennile and Forever. Anne had a crush on Jotaro because he was handsome.
  • Iggy: Jotaro meets Iggy prior the fight with N'Doul, but their relationship begins badly as Iggy is uncooperative in the fight and Jotaro throws him into N'Doul. As revenge, Iggy pranks Jotaro. Iggy, although not vocal about it, is a very prideful stand user, even believing that The Fool is stronger than Star Platinum. After the battle with DIO, Jotaro and Joseph acknowledge his death, alongside the other fallen crusaders.
  • Koichi Hirose: After witnessing Koichi's bravery during the events in Morioh, particularly fighting Kira's Sheer Heart Attack while Jotaro was unconscious, he has come to respect and trust him a lot. This bond later influences Jotaro to choose him to investigate Giorno Giovanna for his bloodline link with both the Joestars and DIO.
  • Okuyasu Nijimura: Although the two had little interaction, Okuyasu seems to see Jotaro as a mentor figure. However, he does ignore Jotaro's advice and goes after Red Hot Chili Pepper on his own. Jotaro is exasperated by his temper and lack of intelligence but sees him as an ally nonetheless.
  • Rohan Kishibe: Jotaro and Rohan are allies in the battle against Yoshikage Kira. Rohan states that the two aren't close[38] but they seem to have mutual respect for each other, as Rohan has Jotaro's phone number in his phone book.[39] Rohan also tries heading to Morioh Grand Hotel thinking Jotaro could help him deal with Cheap Trick.[38]


Jotaro fighting the archenemy of the Joestar Family, DIO
  • DIO: Before their meeting, but having heard of each other, DIO and Jotaro were enemies. While DIO simply thought of Jotaro as a powerful Stand user, Jotaro didn't think much of the former but was at least intrigued that he was charismatic enough to gain the loyalty of other powerful Stand users like N'Doul. During their clash, DIO viewed Jotaro as much of a threat as Jonathan was, if not more, going to extremes to outwit and ensure his death. While Jonathan was an opponent DIO respected, Jotaro was an opponent DIO feared because Jotaro could move in the stopped time. After DIO had apparently killed his grandfather, Joseph, right in front of him, Jotaro's hatred for DIO intensified to where, for the first time, Jotaro was visibly enraged and acted on anger. After a short but grueling fight with the Vampire, Jotaro finally managed to outwit and kill DIO. His battle with him affected Jotaro so much, he nearly attacked the fully revived Joseph when he jokingly claimed to be DIO possessing his body.
  • Enrico Pucci: Pucci harbored a grudge against Jotaro for having killed DIO. However, Jotaro was unaware of Pucci's existence until the end of Stone Ocean. Pucci took his revenge by stealing both Jotaro's memories and Stand to let his lifeless corpse rot away, but nonetheless knew he was a dangerous Stand user, thus took every precaution against him. Pucci ultimately killed Jotaro in Florida.
  • Yoshikage Kira: The first time Jotaro would encounter Kira was near the Centipede shoe shop after Jotaro was heavily wounded by Sheer Heart Attack. Kira underestimated Jotaro due to the poor state he was in, only to get pummeled by Star Platinum for his trouble. Kira noted how dangerous Jotaro was and took the care to avoid confronting him again.
  • Daniel J. D'Arby: Daniel J. D'Arby's combination of skill in gambling and Stand power managed to impress Jotaro, even making him nervous at points. Jotaro went as far as saying that D'Arby was the most dangerous Stand user they've met yet. Through a combination of intimidation and sheer luck, Jotaro managed to bluff D'Arby and send him into shock. After meeting Daniel's brother Telence, Jotaro would acknowledge Daniel as the superior gambler, stating that Daniel would have seen through the trick he used against Telence.
  • N'Doul: While the two were enemies, Jotaro grew to respect N'Doul as a fighter during their fight, noting that N'Doul managed to knock away his hat, an impressive feat according to Jotaro. Jotaro was impressed by N'Doul's loyalty to DIO and buried him out of respect when he died.
  • Steely Dan: Because Steely Dan killed Enya, an old albeit powerful woman in cold blood, and then used his temporary position of power to continuously humiliate Jotaro, the latter developed a great grudge toward Steely Dan. When Steely Dan took a child hostage, Jotaro, not only content from breaking his limbs, delivered a particularly brutal pummeling as revenge.
  • Anubis: Jotaro comments that Anubis, a Stand relying on a simple powerful ability, notably a speed that rivaled that of Star Platinum, instead of a trick made it particularly dangerous. Anubis attempted to kill Jotaro several times with several host bodies including Polnareff. Jotaro smashed Anubis in half. Anubis possessed a child and attempted to stab Jotaro before Iggy tripped him.
  • Enya: Jotaro was one of Enya's primary targets as he was one of the most powerful Stand users opposing her master DIO, yet she was wary of Jotaro's power and intellect. For his part, Jotaro didn't think much of Enya. Jotaro was still shocked when he saw Enya dying on DIO's order yet still remaining loyal.
  • Anjuro Katagiri: Due to his attempted murder of Josuke's mother and successful murder of his grandfather, Anjuro was an enemy of Jotaro's. Anjuro, being a notoriously brutal murderer and recent Stand user, disgusted Jotaro and was one of the reasons Jotaro personally went to Morioh to stop him.
  • Akira Otoishi: Because Jotaro was investigating Stand users, Otoishi saw him as a threat and tried to kill him. When Josuke got in his way, Otoishi decided to kill Joseph instead, only to be stopped by Okuyasu. When Otoishi is arrested, Jotaro threatens to hunt him down if he escapes from prison. Jotaro would later interrogate Otoishi, who would reveal he shot a rat with the Arrow (but hid that he shot 2 rats, Bug-Eaten and Not Bug-Eaten).
  • Johngalli A.: Johngalli A. bore a grudge against Jotaro for having killed DIO. While there is little interaction between the two, the fact he framed Jolyne for murder and attempted to kill her and him made them enemies.

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  • OVER HEAVEN Chapter 12 (Mentioned only)
  • OVER HEAVEN Chapter 16 (Mentioned only)
  • OVER HEAVEN Chapter 17 (Mentioned only)
  • OVER HEAVEN Chapter 21 (Mentioned only)
  • OVER HEAVEN Chapter 50 (Mentioned only)
  • OVER HEAVEN Chapter 62 (Mentioned only)
  • OVER HEAVEN Chapter 64 (Mentioned only)
  • OVER HEAVEN Chapter 65 (Mentioned only)
  • OVER HEAVEN Chapter 71 (Mentioned only)
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  • OVER HEAVEN Chapter 78 (Mentioned only)

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Quote.png Quotes
Show AllEnglishJapaneseRomaji
  • Gimme a break... (やれやれだぜ)
  • Shut up! You're pissing me off, lady!
    —Jotaro Kujo's first line, Chapter 114: Jotaro Kujo, Part 1
  • It's nice to meet one like me, but if you keep this up... you die. (同じ悪霊持ちとは親しみがわくが このまま 続けるとテメエ… 死ぬぞ)
    —Jotaro Kujo to Avdol, Chapter 117: The Man with the Star Birthmark
  • No one ever said Jotaro Kujo was a nice guy. I beat the crap out of more people than I have to, some are still in the hospital. There's plenty of teachers who got on my bad side and never came back to class. And, hey I make it a policy not to pay the check if I didn't like the meal. But even a guy like me can spot evil when he sees it... Evil means to use the weak for your own gain and then stomp on them when it's over! And that's what you've done! To a woman and a doctor, even! And your Stand gets to hide from the victims, the law, the consequences! That's why I'll be your judge!
    —Jotaro Kujo to a brainwashed Kakyoin, Chapter 119: Noriaki Kakyoin, Part 2
  • The only one who's getting a swift watery death... is you.
    —Jotaro Kujo to the Imposter Captain Tennille, Chapter 128: Dark Blue Moon, Part 2
  • I'm asking you... in what style do you want to be served? Sashimi? Fish fillet? Maybe fish paste? I'll do as you order.
    —Jotaro Kujo provoking the Imposter Captain Tennille, Chapter 129: Dark Blue Moon, Part 3
  • Hmph, are you mad? Did I hurt that pride of yours? No..! That's impossible since orangutans don't have any pride!
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 132: Strength, Part 3
  • You sure did a lot of smack back there, huh? Luckily, I'm the kind of guy who takes that stuff to heart. ORA!
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 138: Yellow Temperance, Part 3
  • Good grief... Haven't you realized it yet? You were lucky up to this point, the worst you've suffered was a broken nose and now your luck has ran out!
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 139: Yellow Temperance, Part 4
  • Didn't you say that there weren't paths left to take? You were wrong. A path is something that you make yourself. That's why I, Jotaro Kujo, will now show you how to build your own path! Oraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraora!!!!
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 153: Wheel of Fortune, Part 4
  • Gimme a break... there's no need to run away. Before that old hag takes another breath, I'll defeat that Stand.
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 159: Justice, Part 6
  • Seems the fog this hag loved so much has come over her own head.
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 159: Justice, Part 6
  • You can't pay back what you owe with money! (てめーのつけは金では払えねーぜ!)
    —Jotaro to Steely Dan, Chapter 165: Lovers, Part 6
  • Jotaro Kujo's going to beat you down soon enough. (てめーはこの空条承太郎がじきじきにブチのめす)
  • Good grief... Well those were pretty strong teeth, but I still busted through them. I guess your "diamond hard" teeth were a little low on calcium.
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 182: High Priestess, Part 4
  • Good grief. Don't go underestimating a kid like me. Oraoraoraoraoraoraora!!
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 209: "Sethan" Alessi, Part 5
  • Yes, we are friends. Friends of justice, that is.
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 247: DIO's World, Part 1
  • Son of a bitch. Things are starting to get interesting.
    —Jotaro Kujo when exposed to DIO's Stand power, Chapter 249: DIO's World, Part 3
  • I can't kick your ass unless I come closer. (近づかなきゃ てめーをブチのめせないんでな)
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 256: DIO's World, Part 10
  • So it's the same type of Stand as Star Platinum. (俺のスタープラチナと同じタイプをスタンドなら)
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 256: DIO's World, Part 10
  • You sure made me work my ass off for this... you can't stop time if I crush your skull first, DIO!
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 261: DIO's World, Part 15
  • How does it feel, DIO? Having your worst enemy stand behind you while you can't do a thing about it... Imagine a guy who can only hold his breath underwater for a minute. He comes to the surface at one minute and... yank! Someone grabs his leg and drags him underwater again... Does it feel kind of like that?
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 264: DIO's World, Part 18
  • Look at you. You're pathetic. I have zero sympathy for your sorry ass. But. If I kill you while you're helpless, that'll leave a bad taste in my mouth. How long will it take for you to heal? Three seconds? Four seconds? As soon as you heal, Star Platinum will split your head open all over the street! So heal!
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 264: DIO's World, Part 18
  • If this was a wild west gun duel, this would be the part where they say "draw."
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 264: DIO's World, Part 18
  • There's only one reason you lost, DIO... just one simple reason. You pissed me off. (てめーの敗因はたったひとつだぜ…DIO…たったひとつの単純(シンプル)な答えだ…「てめーはおれを怒らせた」。)
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 264: DIO's World, Part 18
  • Impossible? This journey has been full of impossible things... I'm tired of hearing about what's impossible or useless.
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 265: The Faraway Journey, Farewell Friends

Quote.png Quotes
  • Josuke Higashikata, born in 1983. Your mother's name is Tomoko, she was 21 at the time studying at the university in Tokyo. You've lived here since you were born. In 1987 when you were 4, you had a severe fever due to an unknown illness for 50 days. You almost died. You father's name is... (hmph, this is harder than I thought) Joseph Joestar!
    —Jotaro Kujo to Josuke Higashikata, Chapter 266: Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata, Part 1
  • The dumb old bastard, saying "I love only my wife" like a saint. What the hell, and I finally find your son, you fickle... Sorry I said too much. My name is Jotaro Kujo, I'm officially your nephew.
  • Humans thrive on the destruction of others... but among them there's you, and your power is the kindest and most generous ability one could ever have. However, you can't bring back life once it has ended. No Stand can do that.
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 270: Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo, Part 2
  • Focus on staying calm before you worry about speed.
    —Jotaro Kujo
  • Josuke, I'm going hunting. Come with me.
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 325: Let's Go Hunting!, Part 1
  • Give me a break... It looks like we have to continue our hunt with the intent to kill.
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 325: Let's Go Hunting!, Part 1
  • Observe the situation, I mean... Don't just look, scan. Don't just hear, listen. Or else, we won't make it out alive.
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 355: Sheer Heart Attack, Part 2
  • I don't like uncooperative people. I suppose I'll just have to beat you into dust.
    —Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 355: Sheer Heart Attack, Part 2
  • Nice watch. Too bad you won't be able to tell time on it after I break it. Break your face, that is.
    —Jotaro Kujo to Yoshikage Kira, Chapter 362: Sheer Heart Attack, Part 9
  • Give me a break. Now that I can see it up close, your watch looks like crap. But you don't have to worry about that. After all, I'm about to make it look even worse. Your face, that is. ORAORAORAORAORAORAORA!!
    —Jotaro Kujo to Yoshikage Kira, Chapter 362: Sheer Heart Attack, Part 9
  • Go on, say something to him... Give him a snappy one-liner!
    —Jotaro Kujo to Josuke, Chapter 367: Atom Heart Father, Part 3

Quote.png Quotes
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Jotaro Kujo (空条 承太郎)Link to this section
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Kūjō Jōtarō
Japan Japanese
Jotaro Cujoh
Used in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (PS1 Game) loading screens and once in Netflix's closed captions subtitles in the Stone Ocean anime.
Greece Greek
Κούτζο Τζόταρο (Jotaro Kujo)
Used in Greek Netflix subtitles.
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Джотаро Куджо (Jotaro Kujo)
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Jōtarō Kūjō
Used in the Polish J.P.Fantastica release.
China Chinese
空條承太郎 (Jotaro Kujo)
Used in Traditional Chinese Netflix subtitles.
South Korea Korean
쿠죠 죠타로 (Jotaro Kujo)
Used in Korean Netflix subtitles.
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جوتارو كوجو (Jotaro Kujo)
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ג'וטארו קוג'ו (Jotaro Kujo)
Used in Hebrew Netflix subtitles.
Flag of Thailand Thai
คูโจ โจทาโร่ (Jotaro Kujo)
Used in Thai Netflix subtitles.


  • Araki stated that Jotaro has become big enough to function as a synonym for JoJo as a whole. He based subsequent JoJo's on Jotaro's visual design and differentiated them from there.[18]
  • In Araki's top ten favorite characters in 2000, Jotaro ranked in 8th place.[40]
  • Jotaro's appreciation of the TV series Columbo originates from Araki's own love for the series, as he loved the differing perspectives it gave him on what is "really correct" in the world.[41]


  1. 41 by end of Stone Ocean
  2. When Part 3 originally took place from 1987-1988, Jotaro's birthyear was stated as 1970 in JoJo 6251, JOJO A-GO!GO!, and JOJOVELLER - STANDS, p.8.
  3. Previously an "Ocean Explorer" (海洋冒険家) in Part 4 and a "Marine Life Researcher" (海洋生物研究者) in the anime adaptation.
  4. The anime omitted Jolyne mentioning that her parents are divorced in SO Episode 3.


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