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SPOILER WARNING: Part 1-9 spoiler details may follow.
Danny grave c005.png

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is often noted for the amount of casualties and fatalities that occurs throughout the series. The following is a comprehensive list of the deceased (either physically or mentally) from Phantom Blood to The JOJOLands, as well as any other JoJo-related media.

Please note that this list consists primarily of canonical deaths; the deaths of characters from one-shots or light novels not written by Hirohiko Araki listed below may or may not be considered canon.

Phantom Blood

Character Image Cause of Death Source

PB Roundabout-1.png
Stabbed in the heart by the Aztec Chief as a sacrifice for a ritual. Chapter 1

Aztec Sacrifice.png Blood absorbed by the vampiric Aztec Chief, after agreeing to become his life force. Chapter 1

Aztec Ruins.png At some point, this cannibalistic tribe disappears from history. Only their ruins are shown. Chapter 1

Darnley Explosion.png Died in an explosion caused by reasons unknown to history. Chapter 27
Episode 5

Mary dead.png
Mary's head.png
Beheaded by an executioner following the orders of Elizabeth I in 1565. Chapter 27
Episode 5

Bruf mad.png
Beheaded in 1565 by Elizabeth I's executioner. Three centuries later, he is revived as a zombie by Dio Brando. Chapter 27
Episode 5

Tark mad.png
Executed in 1565 by Elizabeth I's executioner. Three centuries later, he is revived as a zombie by Dio Brando. Chapter 27
Episode 5

Becomes a vampire and is killed by the light from the morning sun. Chapter 20
Episode 4

NoPicAvailable.png According to Dio, Dario "worked her to death". Chapter 1
Episode 1
(Mentioned only)

Carriage Accident.png
Dies in a carriage accident in 1868, as the carriage slips off the cliff due to the rain. Chapter 1
Episode 1

Carriage Driver death manga.png
Carriage Driver anime death.png
Impaled on a wooden debris after a carriage accident. Chapter 1
Episode 1

Dario tomb.png
Poisoned in 1880 by his son, Dio Brando. Chapter 1
Episode 1

Danny in flames.png
Unknowingly burnt alive by the Joestar family butler, when Dio traps him in a box put in the incinerator. Chapter 5
Episode 1

Dio kills the first vagrant by forcing his companion into stabbing him. The second vagrant turns into a vampire and is killed by the sunlight. #1: Chapter 9
Episode 2
#2: Chapter 10
Episode 2

George dying.png
Is mortally stabbed by Dio while protecting his son Jonathan. Chapter 12
Episode 3

His head is torn off by Dio after the latter becomes a vampire Chapter 12
Episode 3

Dio drains one of the officers of his blood, and kills the rest of the officers by flinging the body at them. Chapter 13
Episode 3

Jonathan stabs the zombie in the head with a spear and decapitates him. Chapter 14
Episode 3

Jack killing.png
Jack the Ripper kills her by slicing her neck with a knife. Chapter 18
Episode 2

Eliminated as a zombie by Jonathan, who sends Sendo Ripple Overdrive through a brick wall where Jack was hiding. Chapter 23
Episode 4

Zeppeli uses the Sunlight Yellow Overdrive to karate chop one of them in the face. The body is sent flying into three more zombies, killing them. Speedwagon crushes one in the head using his sledgehammer. Jonathan decapitates the final one with Zoom Punch. Chapter 25
Episode 5

Bruf happy2.png
Disintegrated by Jonathan's Ripple. Chapter 30
Episode 6

PocoBulliesDeath.png Tarkus grabs the two bullies by their feet, crushes them and wrings them together to extract and drink their blood. Chapter 31

Will die.png
Sliced in half by the chains of Tarkus. He survives long enough to transfer his life energy to Jonathan. Chapter 35
Episode 7

Jonathan disintegrates him with two Ripple-charged punches. Chapter 35
Episode 7

Dies when Jonathan rips his tongue out and then stomps on his head. Chapter 36
Episode 7

Eaten by his mother after she is transformed into a zombie. Chapter 36
Episode 7

Dio kicks the chimera into the air and stomps on it, killing it. Chapter 37
Episode 8

Led to a quick death after Jonathan catches his snakes and charges them with the Ripple. Doobie's snakes betray their master and bite him, causing the Ripple to be injected throughout his body. Chapter 37
Episode 8

Jonathan kills one by grabbing its head and smashing it into the bars of a window, slicing its head open from the impact. Straizo, Tonpetty and Robert E. O. Speedwagon kill the remaining offscreen, and two are killed by Dio's eye beams. Chapter 38
Episode 8

Dio freezes Dire's body and shatters it. The head lives long enough for a final attack. Chapter 38
Episode 8

Straizo traps them with a falling chandelier and melts them by transmitting the Ripple into it. Chapter 39
Episode 8

Styx is shot in the head via a booby trap installed in Dio's coffin. Chapter 42
Episode 9

Lisa Lisa's Mother.png
A zombie attacks her with an axe and she falls down the stairs, dying while carrying her baby in her arms. Chapter 43
Episode 9

Wang Chan Head Explode.jpg
Jonathan crushes Wang Chan's head and sends a Ripple throughout his body. The corpse flies into the ship's machinery, causing the ship to explode. Chapter 43
Episode 9

They are engulfed by the ship's explosion and burn to ashes. Chapter 44
Episode 9

Jonathan dead.png
Jonathan's Death (Anime).png
Shot in the throat by Dio's "Space Ripper Stingy Eyes", dies from his wounds afterward. He survives long enough to save Erina, a baby and to catch Dio. Chapter 44
Episode 9

Battle Tendency

Character Image Cause of Death Source

With the exception of Kars, Esidisi, Wamuu, and Santana, the entire clan is killed by Kars. Chapter 112
Episode 26

BT Roundabout-2.png
A corpse discovered by the Speedwagon Foundation. It is unknown how it died. Chapter 45

They are killed by Kars, Wamuu and Esidisi. Chapter 64
Episode 14
(Mentioned only)
Chapter 104
Episode 23

Bloodsucking Zombie Imposter.png
Murdered by his superior officer in the British Air Force during World War I. Said officer was a zombie. Chapter 108
Episode 24

After he kills George Joestar II, Lisa Lisa avenges her husband by killing the zombie with the Ripple. Chapter 108
Episode 24

NoPicAvailable.png Passed away while Mario was still a part of the family. Chapter 89
Episode 20
(Mentioned only)

E20 Mario Zeppeli absorbed close-up.png
Killed by one of the Pillar Men's traps. When Caesar accidentally activates it, Mario pushes him aside. Spears thrust out of the wall, hook Mario then pull him into the wall, where he is to be eaten by the Pillar Men. Chapter 89
Episode 20

Presumably die in a plane crash while attempting to kidnap Robert E. O. Speedwagon. Chapter 46
Episode 10

Murdered by Straizo. Chapter 46
Episode 10

Murdered by Straizo. Chapter 46
Episode 10

Straizo kill.png
Kills himself in his battle with Joseph Joestar by overloading his own vampire body with the Ripple. Chapter 52
Episode 11

NoPicAvailable.png Stroheim orders for everyone except one courageous boy to be killed in order to use their blood for awakening Santana. Chapter 53
Episode 11

Santana eats the Vampire by fully absorbing it into his body. Chapter 54
Episode 12

Santana dives into the soldier's head through his eyes, then tears himself out of the man's body. Chapter 57
Episode 12

They attempt to shoot Santana's body host with their machine guns but Santana fires the bullets back at them through his fingers and they all die. Chapter 57
Episode 12

Their hands are fused together by Wamuu. Wamuu then touches their officer's head and drains the life force of everyone at the same time. Chapter 64
Episode 14

His hands are fused together with the hands of all the other Nazis by Wamuu. Wamuu then touches the officer's head and drains the life force of everyone at the same time. Chapter 64
Episode 14

Wamuu passes by him, which devours half of his body. Caesar euthanizes him with the Ripple. Chapter 66
Episode 14

Esidisi impales the former with his foot. Posthumously, Esidisi injects his scalding blood in Loggins, making it boil and simmer from the inside-out. Chapter 76
Episode 17

Evaporates from sunlight exposure after being forced out of Suzi Q's body by Joseph and Caesar's Ripple. Prior to this, Joseph destroyed his body during their battle and reduced him to a brain. Chapter 82
Episode 18

Kars slices a car they are driving in half, along with the driver's hands and half of the steering wheel. The car flips off the road and explodes, killing the two. Chapter 83
Episode 18

Kars slices across the cabin they were in and swiftly decapitates all of the soldiers. Chapter 84
Episode 18

Caesar's Grave.png
Mortally wounded with a point-blank "Divine Sandstorm" from Wamuu, then crushed by a piece of the ceiling. Survives long enough to steal the cure for Wamuu's Wedding Ring of Death. Chapter 92
Episode 20

Quickly destroyed by Lisa Lisa, who casually walks by him as her scarf transfers Ripple energy throughout his body. Chapter 94
Episode 21

Joseph charges the Ripple into his tongue, melting his face apart. Chapter 96

Wamuu fires a crossbow and obliterates the head of one of Joseph's horses. Chapter 101
Episode 22

Wamuu worn down by Joseph's Ripple attacks and his Atmospheric Rift, then Joseph manages to throw oil and burning tissue in Wamuu, making him explode. Wamuu survives for a short while as a head then dies. Chapter 104
Episode 23

Kars's Double.png
A vampire that was killed by Lisa Lisa. His disguise as Kars deceives Lisa Lisa, allowing Kars to stab her in the back. Chapter 105
Episode 23

Lisa Lisa kills some while Wamuu kills the others out of respect for Joseph. Kars stabs the three with his blade and drains their blood. The remaining vampires are finally killed by ultraviolet lights from Stroheim, the Speedwagon Foundation Special Technology Fighting Team, Stroheim's ultraviolet army and later by the sun itself as it rose. Chapter 106

One of them is killed by Kars's squirrel. Chapter 109
Episode 25

NoPicAvailable.png Dies in 1943 during the Battle Of Stalingrad, as mentioned in the epilogue. Chapter 113
Episode 26
(Mentioned only)

ErinaPassesAway.PNG Dies peacefully in 1950 at the age of 81 during the epilogue, surrounded by her family and friends. Chapter 113
(Mentioned only)
Episode 26

NoPicAvailable.png Dies in 1952 of a heart attack at the age of 89 during the epilogue. Chapter 113
Episode 26
(Mentioned only)

Stardust Crusaders

Character Image Cause of Death Source

NoPicAvailable.png He creates the sword which the Stand Anubis is bound with around the 1480s. After he dies, Anubis is left without a user and begins to search for users on its own. Chapter 198
SC Episode 29
(Mentioned only)

SherryDeath.png She's raped and murdered by J. Geil in 1984. Chapter 127
(Mentioned only)
SC Episode 5

He dies after Kakyoin destroys his Stand. However, he manages to kill the plane's pilots before dying and taunts the group that they'll never get to DIO. Chapter 124
SC Episode 4

NoPicAvailable.png He's killed by his imposter in Hong Kong shortly before the arrival of the Joestar Group, with his body being thrown into the sea. Chapter 128
SC Episode 6
(Mentioned only)

He sinks to the bottom of the ocean after having half of his Stand's head ripped off, inflicting similar damage to himself. Chapter 129
SC Episode 6





The first one:
A hook from Strength pierces him through the back of his head and hangs him.

The others:
They are massacred by Forever.

One (the first):
Chapter 130
SC Episode 7
The others:
Chapter 131
SC Episode 7

ED Doll kills waiter.png
Killed by Ebony Devil in doll form when it slices his face off with a blade. Chapter 134
SC Episode 8

Devo dead.png
He is killed after Polnareff destroys his Stand, Ebony Devil. His body is found punctured with several holes in a toilet stall. Chapter 135
SC Episode 8

He gets wrapped by Yellow Temperance. His owner attempts to free him by pulling his leash, which ends up decapitating him. Chapter 138
SC Episode 9

Harikushisashi no Kei.png
He's stabbed to death by Polnareff's Silver Chariot. After stabbing J. Geil's tongue and tossing him into the air, his body is left hanging upside down by a gate. In the OVA, he is instead punched into a barbed fence. Chapter 145
SC Episode 11

His face is torn with a scalpel by Empress, when he tempts to cut the 'excrescence'. Chapter 147
SC Episode 12

She explodes after Joseph kills her Stand Empress, revealing her true appearance. Chapter 149
SC Episode 12

She's assassinated by Steely Dan, who triggers a spore lodged inside of her by DIO. Chapter 161
SC Episode 16

He dies involved in the precipitation of the helicopter caused by Geb.
His head gets torn from the body by Geb hidden in the bottle, when Joseph attempts to offer him water.
Chapter 184
SC Episode 25

NDoul suicide.png
He commits suicide by using Geb to strike through his head, correctly anticipating that he would be interrogated by Jotaro. Chapter 188
SC Episode 26

MangaArtistDeath.jpg He is thrown out of the bus onto a utility pole and killed from his neck being impaled on it, just as Tohth predicted. Chapter 189
SC Episode 26

His chest is accidentally lacerated by Chaka possessed by Anubis. Chapter 193
SC Episode 28

They are accidentally killed by his friend's son. He is stabbed in the head when Chaka is possessed by Anubis. Chapter 193
SC Episode 28

Pet Shop decapitates the two dogs. The owner of the dogs finds their dead remains being eaten by Pet Shop. Chapter 222
SC Episode 38

After he manages to find the lair of DIO, he is crushed by a huge ice stalactite created by Horus, and dies. Chapter 222
SC Episode 38

Pet Shop death.png
He dies when Iggy bites his beak shut as he is charging an ice attack from his mouth. His beak shatters, and the sheer energy stored makes his head explode. Chapter 226
SC Episode 39

Avdol's death.png
Cream kills Avdol.png
Avdol's body is erased by Vanilla Ice's Stand, Cream. In the OVA, Avdol is killed and vaporised by Vanilla Ice. Chapter 239
SC Episode 42

Iggy dies.png
Iggy's death.png
Violently kicked by Vanilla Ice, which gravely wounds him. He spends the last of his strength to save Polnareff and dies from extreme over-exhaustion. In the OVA, Iggy's lower body is erased by Cream and he is kicked to death by Vanilla Ice. Chapter 244
SC Episode 44

Vanilla Ice (un)dying loyalty.png
Vanilla Ice death.png
Vanilla decapitates.png
Vanilla ice death anime.png
He cuts his head off to prove his loyalty to DIO but is brought back to life as a vampire, although he is unaware of it. Polnareff pushes him into some sunlight coming through a window with Silver Chariot, disintegrating him. In the OVA, Vanilla Ice remains human. Silver Chariot slices the upper half of his head clean off. First death:
Chapter 238
SC Episode 42
Second death:
Chapter 245
SC Episode 44

CairoPedestriansDeath.jpg They are ran over by Wilson Phillips as he is forced to do so by DIO. Chapter 251
SC Episode 45

DIO violently throws him at Joseph's truck. It is unknown if he died beforehand or if he dies from the impact. Chapter 252
SC Episode 45

Kakyoin Death.png
Is punched through in the abdomen by The World and sent into a water tank. Survives long enough to figure out DIO's ability and give Joseph a hint. Chapter 254
SC Episode 46

MarbleStoreClerckDeath.jpg DIO asks her to bring back his severed leg to him then drinks her blood to heal himself. Chapter 258
SC Episode 47

DIO's death.png
DIO's death Anime.png
Star Platinum punches The World's leg to deflect its kick. The resulting force and impact cause The World and DIO's bodies to explode. Afterwards, his corpse is left in the desert to disintegrate by the morning sun. Chapter 264
SC Episode 48


Forevers Death OVA.gif Cut in half by Silver Chariot. His death is exclusive to the OVA adaptation. SC Episode 3 (OVA)

Diamond is Unbreakable

Character Image Cause of Death Source

NoPicAvailable.png They are killed by Yoshikage Kira on August 13, 1983. Chapter 331
DU Episode 17

NoPicAvailable.png His throat is slashed by Yoshikage Kira, and his corpse is hung on a clothes hook. His soul ends up in Ghost Girl's Alley. Chapter 331
DU Episode 17

NoPicAvailable.png She is stabbed in the back by Yoshikage Kira. Like Arnold, her soul ends up in Ghost Girl's Alley as well. Chapter 331
DU Episode 17

NijimuraMotherDeath.png She dies in 1986 from a disease, causing her husband to become depressed and be frequently violent towards his children. Chapter 282
DU Episode 5

Bulldog Manga Death.png
Bulldog Anime Death.png
Killed by Anjuro Katagiri as he violenly bit its snout off. Chapter 269
DU Episode 2

Dog Owner Death.png
Dog Owner Death Anime.png
Murdered by Anjuro Katagiri. Angelo spit his dead dog's blood into his mouth with Aqua Necklace materializing in it, making it then burst out of his ears. Chapter 269
DU Episode 2

Ryohei's death.png
He dies from internal bleeding after mistakenly drinking a bottle which contained Anjuro Katagiri's Stand, Aqua Necklace disguised as whiskey. Chapter 270
DU Episode 2

Keicho's death anime.png
Red Hot Chili Pepper attacks Okuyasu but Keicho shoves him aside. Red Hot Chili Pepper pulls him into an electrical outlet and he dies, electrocuted on the wires of a utility pole. In the live-action movie, Keicho is killed by Sheer Heart Attack. Chapter 283
DU Episode 5

It's killed by Josuke before it could eat the human couple (merged into a cube of flesh) in the fridge. Chapter 327
DU Episode 16

Mushikui's death .png
It's killed by Josuke who uses Crazy Diamond to flick a bullet through its chest. Chapter 329
DU Episode 16

Fatty's death.jpg
Shigechi's death anime.png
Touches a doorknob turned into a bomb by Killer Queen and is disintegrated. Chapter 346
DU Episode 22

He's killed by Kira's Sheer Heart Attack, which first explodes his hand off and then drives into his mouth. It explodes again and bursts his body in the process. Chapter 354
DU Episode 22

Kosaku Infobox Manga.png
Kosaku Infobox Anime.png
He's found dead in the beauty salon Cinderella with a hole in his abdomen. Kira also has Aya take out his face and fingerprints so that Kira can steal his face and identity. Chapter 364
DU Episode 24

Aya's death.png
She was made into a bomb by Killer Queen and is blown up before she can tell Josuke and the others information about Kira's identity. Chapter 364
DU Episode 24

DiU 392 Tama's death.png
Tama's Death.png
It's killed after falling on glass broken by Shinobu Kawajiri during an attempt to scare away the cat. It is later revived in the form of Stray Cat. Chapter 392
DU Episode 30

Kira touches him and makes him blow up, disintegrating him entirety with the exception of his ears. Chapter 410
DU Episode 34

Kira disintegrates her whole body (save for her hand) with a controlled detonation from Killer Queen. Chapter 410
DU Episode 34

Masazo's death.png
Masazo's Death Anime.png
Killed by Cheap Trick's power when Rohan sees Masazo's back. His corpse turned into a small husk. Chapter 413
DU Episode 33

Cheap Trick hell.png
Is tricked by Rohan in Ghost Girl's Alley and the malicious spirits take him away. As this happens, Rohan uses Heaven's Door to command Cheap Trick to go to Hell (although whether or not Hell exists is unknown even to Rohan himself). Chapter 417
DU Episode 34

Kira transforms Rio's underpants into a bomb and leaves them hanging from a twig. The neighbor of Rio touches her underwear and explodes. Chapter 431
DU Episode 38


He originally dies before the events of Part 4 due to cancer. In the final battle, Josuke baits Kira into detonating a bomb right next to Yoshihiro's photograph. Thus, he ceases to exist after the photo burns up. Chapter 433
DU Episode 38

Kira death.png
Kira's death.png
An ambulance ironically backs over his body, which seemingly crushes his head. Reimi tricks Kira's ghost in the Ghost Alley and Kira is dragged away by the swarm of hands. In the one shot Deadman's Questions, Kira exists as a amnesiac ghost who is just a vagabond. Chapter 437
DU Episode 39

Reimi Ascends c439.png

Reimi ascends to heaven.png
His soul is ascended to heaven, after Yoshikage Kira's demise. Chapter 439
DU Episode 39

Reimi Ascends c439.png

Reimi ascends to heaven.png
Her soul is ascended to heaven alongside Arnold's, after Yoshikage Kira's demise. Chapter 439
DU Episode 39


DU Ep 1-31.png Murdered by Anjuro Katagiri. DU Episode 1

Drama CD

NoPicAvailable.png She commits suicide in 1989 by jumping out of the window of the music room in Budogaoka High School. Her soul now haunts the school. Drama CD Vol. 1: A Ghost Story from Budogaoka High


Character Image Cause of Death Source

Death yamashita.png Is murdered by Anjuro Katagiri in his own home with his wife tied up beside him. Anjuro murdered him by stabbing him in the neck with a fork JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable - Chapter 1 (film)

Death hirata.png He and Masaya Yoshizawa are by a fountain when Aqua Necklace attacks Hirata by entering his mouth and rupturing his internal organs. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable - Chapter 1 (film)

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