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This page contains a list of characters who play major roles in assisting the protagonist.

"Primary characters" refer to major players in the story, appearing in numerous scenes throughout their respective part. They are treated as the focal point of the plotline and/or key subplots. (e.g. Joestar Group).

"Deuteragonists" refer to the second most important character behind the protagonist. They may have their own goals or narrate the story. Some scenes or arcs may be from their point of view and they receive character development throughout their journey.

Primary Allies in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

PolnareffAv.png PolnareffAvAnim3.png


KoichiAv.png KoichiAvAnim4.png


BrunoAv.png BrunoAvAnim.png

Gyro Zeppeli
Yasuho Hirose