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Celebrate us. (釈福しろ)
Narciso Anasui, Stone Ocean Wafer Set 2

Ultra Security House Unit (ウルトラセキュリティ懲罰房, Urutora Sekyuriti Chōbatsubō) is the fifteenth episode of Stone Ocean and the one-hundred-sixty-seventh episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. The episode covers from Chapter 58 to Chapter 60, and a flashback from Chapter 61 of the original manga.

F.F. worries about Jolyne and enlists the mysterious convict Narciso Anasui to help her break Jolyne out. Meanwhile in the Ultra Security House Unit, the guards have gone mad and begin to fight each other.


Whitesnake told Sports Maxx to revive one of DIO's bones.

In a flashback, Sports Maxx and Whitesnake converse about the concept of souls. Whitesnake suggests that the number of souls that exist are always constant, no matter if the amount of living creatures decline. The Stand then asks Maxx a theory: what if a person can possess thousands of souls simultaneously? Uninterested, Maxx simply dismisses the idea, saying that it is an interesting concept nonetheless. Whitesnake asks Maxx to use his power to modify the bone of DIO and perhaps resurrect its original owner. Maxx is unsure, saying that a single piece of bone is not enough to revive someone but Whitesnake threatens to take away his power. Defeated, Maxx says he has already revived it, and Whitesnake looks down to see a hole in his hand. Pucci screams from behind a pillar as his hand bleeds out with the bone gone. Maxx feels the presence of the bone heading towards the Ultra Security Punishment Ward. Whitesnake understands that DIO's plan has been put in motion and decides to follow the trail of the bone. At the end of the memory, the DISC ejects from Emporio Alnino.

Nearby, F.F. also tells him that Jolyne has consulted the DISC, letting Emporio realize that Jolyne went to the punishment ward on purpose. F.F. wants to help Jolyne but Weather Report and Ermes Costello are in the infirmary for now. Emporio describes the Ultra Security House Unit, an isolated building situated 520 away from the women's ward on the southern section of the men's exercise ground. Emporio adds that they will have to sneak through the prison's security because there is no other way to go to the punishment ward. She glances at the other prisoner who's been hanging in the ghost room with them and suggests that he helps her, but Emporio has little hopes about "Anasui" helping them.

Narciso Anasui accepts to help F.F. save Jolyne.

F.F. tries to ask Anasui for help though he seems to ignore her. Emporio reveals that he's a murderer. Anasui, Emporio tells, has always been obsessed with the idea of taking things apart since childhood, and he was condemned for the murder of her girlfriend and a lover, which he "took apart" too. Surprisingly, Anasui was declared sane and thrown in prison. Even Emporio worries about what Anasui would do without Weather Report to keep him calm.

F.F. glances at Anasui, who has his back turned and is reading a book. Unsure about Anasui, she thinks about forcing him to help her and deploys her gun finger, readying herself to aim at him and even shoot him if need be. Surprisingly, as soon as she approaches, Anasui agrees to help F.F. find Jolyne. He immediately goes out, to Emporio's suspicion. The kid asks him what he is after and Anasui thus reveals that he's fallen in love with Jolyne. He thus plans on becoming Jolyne's protector and eventually marrying her, to F.F. and Emporio's confusion. In exchange for his help, Anasui tells F.F. to help him seduce Jolyne.

Anasui rushes towards an iron gate and summons his Stand, Diver Down. Diver Down violently kicks the gate, alerting guards on the other side who rush in with armor and guns. However, as soon as they open the gate to punish the troublemaker, a leg violently kicks the guards, taking them out. It is revealed that Diver Down can make objects store its power and release it at an opportune moment.

The origins of Survivor.

A flashback shows a young Pucci together with DIO, discussing Stand abilities. Out of curiosity, Pucci asked DIO what was the weakest Stand ability he's ever seen. DIO answered that everybody had strengths and weaknesses in their characters and that concepts of weak or strong Stands didn't exist, which causes Pucci to say his question was foolish. Nonetheless, DIO tells Pucci that the weakest Stand he knew of was Survivor, although it was difficult to handle. DIO told Pucci the story of a group of hikers who went to the middle of the French mountains in 1982. They all died there and it was discovered that they seemed to have killed each other in an extremely violent fistfight. DIO learned that they had met a man earlier whom they slighted, and that man simply activated his Stand Survivor. Survivor could emit a weak electric signal that travelled through the water on the ground and affected the brains of the hikers, making them go berserk. DIO deemed the ability useless because it couldn't distinguish between friend and foe, but Pucci was nonetheless interested and stored the ability in a DISC.

In her cell, Jolyne watches a group of cockroaches and ants eat a mushroom and deems that the ones growing under her bed are safe for consumption. She has only eaten a few when she hears the guards yelling from the other side of the door announcing that it is time to "shower". When the door opens, Jolyne hides behind her bed, to the joy of one of the guards who has bet with his partner that she would do it. For her part, Jolyne is sneakily deploying a string to search the ward and find DIO's Bone. The guards proceed to roughly hose Jolyne, spreading water all over the cell and it is shown that the whole punishment ward is covered in puddles.

Survivor makes the guards and the other inmates go berserk.

One of the guards, named Sonny Likir, accidentally sprays his partner and apologizes. The sprayed man, named Viviano Westwood, then knocks his arm against the guard's shoulder. The argument quickly degenerates into a fistfight where the friends copiously insult each other. Even when they seem to regain their senses and try to make peace, it only gives Likir the chance to violently sucker punch his friend so violently the flesh tears away from his knuckles and Westwood's cheek is torn off, revealing his teeth. Surprisingly Westwood only relishes the prospect of a fight. It is shown that they can somehow see through their opponent's body and admire each other's muscles. Jolyne is astonished to see the guards going berserk and leaving the cell door open as they fight and sees Westwood breaking his friend's leg. She realizes that this must be some sort of Stand attack. We then see Enrico Pucci in his office reading the Bible and revealing that he's sent no less than four Stand users after Jolyne to the punishment ward. At the same time, Westwood has gone mad and opened all the cells to challenge the inmates.


Sports Maxx
Jotaro Kujo
(Mentioned only)
Weather Report
(Mentioned only)
Narciso Anasui
(1st full appearance)
Anasui's Ex-Girlfriend and her Lover
(1st appearance) (Flashback) (Death)
Group of Hikers
(1st appearance) (Flashback) (Death)
Mountain Investigation Team
(1st appearance) (Flashback)
Mountain Lodge Owner
(1st appearance) (Flashback)
Sonny Likir
(1st appearance)
D an G
(1st appearance)
Ultra Security House Unit Prisoners
(1st full appearance)
Limp Bizkit
(Flashback) (Ability only)
Diver Down
(1st appearance)
(1st appearance)


Script (脚本)
Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
ふでやす かずゆき
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
Jiro Fujimoto
Mamoru Kurosawa
藤本 ジ朗
黒沢 守
Episode Director (演出)
Sho Sugawara
原菅 尚
Chief Animation Director (総作画監督)
石本 峻一
Animation Director (作画監督)
石本 峻一
徳田 夢之介
大梶 博之
Assistant Animation Director (作画監督補)
Yuu Fukuoka
福岡 ゆう
Mechanical Animation Director (メカ作画監督)
宝谷 幸稔
Key Animation (原画)
Kazuhiro Miwa
Hiroyuki Ohkaji
Mamoru Kurosawa
Hideyuki Morioka
Yasutoshi Iwasaki
Yuta Shinohara
Sakura Shiba
Yukitoshi Houtani
Haruka Tanaka
Yu Fukuoka
Masashi Nomura
Naoki Hisatsune
Yuko Danki
Tomoko Hamanaka
Ryota Iwai
Miho Tanaka
Masamichi Ishiyama
Katsuyuki Tsubouchi
Takahiro Okawa
Shunichi Ishimoto
Reki Taki
三輪 和宏
大梶 博之
黒沢 守
守岡 英行
岩崎 安利
篠原 佑太
柴 さくら
宝谷 幸稔
田中 春香
福岡 ゆう
野村 雅史
久恒 直樹
談議 祐子
濱中 朋子
岩井 亮太
たなか みほ
石山 正修
坪内 克幸
大川 貴大
石本 峻一
滝 れーき
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
David Production
Sakura Shiba
Eiri​ Kaneda​
Rie Ishiwatari
Shunichi Ishimoto
柴 さくら
鎌田 英里
石渡 理衣
石本 峻一

Mayumi Kowada
Midori Matsumoto
古和田 真弓
松本 緑
In-between Animation Inspection (動画チェック)
伊東 大輝
石本 峻一
Inspection Assistance
David Production
Yuta Hasegawa
Sakiho Yajima
長谷川 雄太
矢島 幸歩
In-between Animation (動画)
David Production
Satsuki Mizoguchi
溝口 さつき

Keiko Abu
Miki Asai
Naoyuki Yagi
阿武 恵子
浅井 美紀
八木 尚之

Bandai Namco Pictures Osaka

Zhen Nong Kitabayashi
Shun Sato
Yurina Sawaki
Minami Nasu
Tsukiba Fukuhara
北林 真侬
佐藤 瞬
佐脇 優里菜
那須 美南
福原 月樺

Asahi Production

Huan Wang
Ririka Kojima
Yuta Ogikubo
王 歓
小島 李々花
荻久保 悠太

Studio Hibari Osaka

Aika Oshima
Moe Musashi
Ayaka Iwai
Yuko Kameoka
大島 愛加
城下 萌
岩井 彩華
亀岡 裕子

Project No.9
project No.9
Design Cooperation (デザイン協力)
Yuki Morishita
森下 勇輝
IKIF+, Inc.
IKIF+, Inc.
CG Animator
Nobuyuki Shiogama
Hiroyuki Sato
Kiyoshi Hara
Kengo Nakatani
佐藤 博行
原 聖
中谷 謙吾
3D Modeling (3Dモデリング)
CG Modeling
Yoshiki Sato
Tatsuki Ishida
Atsuhiko Ikezoe
Yukana​ Mori
佐藤 良樹
石田 龍樹
池添 敦彦
森 悠哉
Digital Works (デジタルワークス)
2D Works
Kanako Yamada
山田 可奈子
Eyecatch Illustration (アイキャッチ原画)
石本 峻一


Stone Ocean Episode 15: Ultra Security House Unit
Start End Title OST Description

Pale Snake
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Flashback: Pucci and Sports Maxx discuss DIO's bone
Dark Rebirth
Stardust Crusaders (Departure)
The bone is in the Ultra Security House Unit
Tense Air
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
F.F. and Emporio discuss the current situation
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Emporio explains Anasui's past
Creep on
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
F.F. is determined to get Anasui's assistance
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Anasui suddenly obliges to help
Desperate Situation
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Diver Down and its ability revealed
Eye Catching (Inst Ver.)
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Past Pucci and DIO discuss the weakest Stand
Dark Rebirth
Stardust Crusaders (Departure)
DIO explains Survivor
Powerful Enemy
Stardust Crusaders (Destination)
How Survivor's ability works
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Jolyne's thread searching for the bone
Electric Potential
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Survivor's effects on the prison guards
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Pucci aware of Jolyne's plan
9 Glory Gods
Stardust Crusaders (Destination)
Prisoner fight club!
Distant Dreamer
Distant Dreamer

Manga/Anime Differences

  • The episode starts with the conversation between Whitesnake and Sports Maxx and carries on from there.
    • A few comments about Whitesnake telling Sports Maxx to pay close attention are removed.
    • Whitesnake downgrades his comment about a single human possessing "millions" of souls to just "hundreds of thousands"
    • Instead of just thinking it to himself, Whitesnake says out loud that the bone belongs to Dio.
  • Emporio doesn't mention that one of Jolyne's objectives is to get her Father's memories back alongside getting the bone.
  • The discussion of where the Ultra Security Unit is and how to reach it is moved to before Anasui's proper introduction.
    • Several things from the discussion are cut, including mentions about how it's intended for people who either need protection from others, or are extremely violent.
  • Removed scene of F.F. being surprised to learn that Anasui is male.
  • F.F. asks Emporio if Anasui is a Stand user instead of Anasui directly.
  • Emporio doesn't mention that Anasui would dissasemble toys, clocks, and phones.
  • Removed another line of dialogue where F.F. wonders if Anasui is really a man.
    • F.F. also doesn't wonder about what kind of stand he has.
  • Added short exchange between F.F. and Emporio after seeing Anasui use Diver Down.
  • Flashback between Dio and Pucci is moved to here.
    • A new scene is added with the group of hikers, showing them with a dog of the Saint Bernard breed.
    • Removed dialogue about how the Lodge Owner's life had been ruined by his Stand, causing constant fights and his parents to get divorced.
  • When Westwood punches Sonny Likir in the shoulder, it pans down to show Survivor on the ground sending an electrical impulse up his leg.
  • Added another shot of Survivor on the ground as Westwood pounds the button to open all the cell doors.
  • Added a scene showing all the prisoners leaving their cells, among them, Kenzou, D an G, and the Little Prisoner.

In Other Languages

Language Title Translation
Japan Japanese ウルトラセキュリティ懲罰房 Ultra Security House Unit
United States of America English Ultra Security House Unit
Israel Hebrew יחידת דיור אולטרה-מאובטחת Ultra-Secure Housing Unit
Poland Polish Oddział podwyższonego bezpieczeństwa High-Security Unit



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