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I'll be the one who will protect my sister! Sis! "Tomorrow" is right now! (ねーちゃんを守るのはこのおいらだ!ねーちゃん!あしたっていまさッ!, Ne-chan o mamoru no wa kono oirada! Ne-chan! Ashita tte ima-sa!)

Poco (ポコ, Poko) is a secondary ally featured in the first part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Phantom Blood.

Poco is a young boy used as bait by Dio Brando to lure Jonathan and the others into a trap. He eventually joins them on their quest in order to save his sister and proves useful during the fight with Tarkus.


Poco is a young British boy of understandably short stature. He has short wavy hair and freckles. His attire consists of a light, collared shirt with rolled up sleeves and a pair of pants held up by suspenders. He is shown wearing a straw-hat during his introduction and for most of the story he is lacking footwear. At Jonathan and Erina's departure to America, he dons a dress jacket and bow tie.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(White button-up shirt, blue pants with brown suspenders.)
First Outfit
(White button-up shirt, black pants with brown suspenders.)
Second Outfit
(Dark brown suit, white undershirt and dark green bowtie.)
(White button-up shirt, light blue overalls.)


Poco is introduced as a mischievous and cowardly boy who steals the group's supplies. As their journey goes on, when Jonathan is losing against Tarkus, Poco is shown to be willing to risk his life to help the group despite Speedwagon’s disagreement.

He also worries about his sister when she is taken captive by Dio.



Slapped by his sister

Poco was a cowardly boy who was bullied by other kids, and his sister protected him. When confronted by her about when he was going to fight back and not depend on her anymore, Poco answered that he would do this "tomorrow", which caused her to slap him.[3] When Dio took shelter in Windknight's Lot, he brainwashed Poco to lure Jonathan into a trap.

Phantom Blood

On their way to Dio's castle, Jonathan's group encounters Poco, who is introduced as a pickpocket who steals the group's supplies. In reality, he was under Dio's mind control, and Poco quickly finds himself in danger from Dio's zombies.[1] While he is able to get away from the group quickly, he is ultimately dragged back into the graveyard by two bullies who don't believe his story. Luckily, though his bullies are killed, he is saved from Tarkus by Jonathan.[4]

While attempting to find shelter for Poco, Jonathan is trapped in the Chamber of the Two-Headed Dragon and forced to fight in the Chain Neck Deathmatch against Tarkus. Speedwagon notices that a child could fit through the windows in the chamber, but Zeppeli dissuades him from asking the child to help. However, Poco climbs into the hole anyway, believing that his town and everyone he loves will be killed if Jonathan fails. Poco suffers a kick from Tarkus but manages to open the door, allowing Zeppeli and Speedwagon to come to Jonathan's aid.[3]

Reunited with sister

After Tarkus's defeat and Zeppeli's death, the group reaches the town itself, where Poco is accosted by a livid Mr. Adams and warned that his sister will punish him for being out too late. However, Mr. Adams reveals himself to be a Zombie as soon as the group turns their back, only to be swiftly defeated by Jonathan.[5] The group reaches Poco's home, where Poco's father informs him that his sister has gone out to seek him, causing Poco to fear for her safety. He accompanies the group to Dio's castle, reuniting with his sister after Doobie's defeat.[2] Though Page, Jones, Plant, and Bornnam surround the two, they are protected by Straizo, who quickly destroys the four zombies.[6] After the battle's end, he appears with his sister and the other characters on the port to wish Jonathan and Erina a good honeymoon.[7]

Chapters / Episodes


Quote.png Quotes
  • Th-They’ll kill every last one of us! I’ve gotta get home, lock myself in and hide… o-or else… they’ll enlist every on of us kids and grown-ups in their ranks!
    —Poco, Chapter 31: The Knights' Ruins
  • Are… Are you guys human? Or angels that came down from heaven?!
    —Poco to Jonathan and the others, Chapter 32: The Medieval Knights' Training Ground for Murder
  • Oh, man… I wet my pants… I-I can’t do this anymore… I can’t be here with these guys! These guys have brought a calamity upon our town…!
  • I'll be the one who will protect my sister! Sis! "Tomorrow" is right now! (ねーちゃんを守るのはこのおいらだ!ねーちゃん!あしたっていまさッ!, Ne-chan o mamoru no wa kono oirada! Ne-chan! Ashita tte ima-sa!)
  • But why is he crying? He beat the bad guy!

Video Games

Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)

Poco is not a playable character, but he does appear in cutscenes reflecting the original story. After stealing from Jonathan and the others while hypnotized, he later becomes an ally. The game includes Poco's flashback to being bullied and arguing with his sister, as well as his discovery of his sister's disappearance and reunion with her. His final appearance, like in the original story, is at a dock with the rest of Jonathan's friends, seeing him off on his honeymoon voyage.

Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS)

Main article: Stardust Shooters ★ Poco
SS Poco Story1.png

Poco appears as a character in Stardust Shooters with one equippable SR unit. His unit cannot be set as a member of the team, but his ability can be used when equipped to another unit.

Unit Coin SR.png
Unit Poco.png
Unit Frame SR White.png
SS Rarity SR.png
SS Class White.png
A boy from Windknight's Lot. He is hypnotized by Dio Brando and attempted to escape with Jonathan's bag before being saved by his Ripple.
How to Obtain
  • Strategy! The Ripple Baron's Training Battle Event
Unit Ability White.png
Tomorrow is now!
When the unit equipped with this Ability appears on the field, there's a 30% chance for the enemies' weak point to face towards the allied unit they're closest to!
Cost: 1
Unit Icon SP.png



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