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This character is commonly or otherwise referred to as "Sports Max".
Listen... I'm gonna go ahead and suck your brains out, right now... And even if I rip out all the shit in your stomach and fill your empty skull with it, I won't be satisfied!!
—Sports Maxx to Ermes

Sports Maxx (スポーツ・マックス Supōtsu Makkusu) is a minor antagonist featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean, specifically the "Kiss of Love & Revenge" story arc.

Sports Maxx is an inmate at Green Dolphin Street Prison and a gangster, as well as a Stand User wielding Limp Bizkit. He cooperates with Whitesnake to complete the latter's plan, and is Ermes Costello's arch-enemy, as he murdered her sister Gloria.


Sports Maxx is a man of average to above-average height and medium build.

He has short, sparse hair in soft spikes; and eyebrows in the shape of large, light circles, tapering into short tails. After transforming into a Zombie, his skin becomes paler and his features become more gaunt.

He wears a long, light coat and light pants, both patterned by a dark paisley design.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin (Fair, violet lipstick)
Hair (Yellow)
Eyes (Blue)
(Violet shirt and pants with black paisley pattern, second blue shirt, orange GD st Jail text on the back)


Sports Maxx has displayed the behavior of a violent mafia member prior to entering Green Dolphin Street Prison. He takes drugs and goes to the prison's prostitutes for pleasure. After entering the prison, however, he takes up a more respectable façade, sculpting a bird and visiting the graveyard to place flowers. He also visits the chapel regularly, though it is more to help Pucci. Fittingly enough his hobby is taxidermy.



Main article: Limp Bizkit

Maxx originally could only control the reanimated corpses of people and animals around him. However, after dying himself, his Stand preserved his body and spirit by allowing himself to exist as an undead zombie. This allowed Maxx to dismember his body without pain or injury while also giving him superhuman strength.

Limp Bizkit (リンプ・ビズキット)Link to this section



Maxx seeing Ermes after he's committed murder

Sports Maxx is a car dealer by profession but is in fact a vicious member of the mafia, having committed over forty counts of various crimes. He murdered a man outside Gloria Costello's restaurant. He saw a girl running into the distance and missed another, who then had to call the police to protect her sister. He proceeded to have Gloria murdered before dumping her body into a gutter, escaping the police who needed a testimony.

Ermes Costello discovered Maxx's involvement in the murder and seeks revenge for the murder of her sister. Shortly after, Maxx is arrested but is only found guilty of tax evasion and extortion, for which he is sentenced five years at Green Dolphin Street Prison.

Maxx accustoms himself to the life in prison and builds his own schedule. He then meets Enrico Pucci and acquaints himself with Whitesnake, agreeing to helping him. At an unknown time frame, he is given the Stand Limp Bizkit by Pucci, who notices his potential for evil. When Whitesnake hands him a human bone, Maxx worriedly activates its power on the bone. The bone suddenly tears through Whitesnake's hand and vanishes, but Maxx feels it moving around near the maximum security ward.

Stone Ocean

Ermes assassinates Maxx

One day at the workshop, Maxx sees the photo of Gloria Costello. Intrigued, he takes it and it doing so activates Ermes Costello's trap. When he takes the photo, Maxx peels off a sticker and makes the pipe and its hidden duplicate merge together, trapping Maxx. To seal the deal, Ermes creates another duplicate to cover the hole left by the merging and turns the pipe into a coffin for Maxx. Maxx then activates his Limp Bizkit. An alligator's Zombie breaks the pipe and allows "him" to escape through a hole. Leaving the workshop, Maxx doesn't remember what has happened.

Confused, Maxx barely remembers his mission and decides to let off some steam with a prostitute. However, the people around him act strange and ignore him. In the cemetery, Maxx searches an inmate who was knocked out during the confusion and finds his drug syringe but when he injects it, his body oozes with sewage. Maxx thus realizes his death and understands that his current longing is a longing for brains. He swears revenge on Gloria Costello's sister.

Ermes beats Maxx

When Jolyne, Ermes and F.F. arrive, Sports Maxx summons a mob of invisible zombies. With the zombie of the prostitute he killed earlier, Maxx manages to take out Jolyne and focuses his attention on Ermes. He sics the zombies on Ermes so that they devour her and he can bite off her head from behind. However, Ermes splits her head with the stickers, protecting the original, and attacks. Maxx reveals that he's detached his head to throw off Ermes and overwhelms her thanks to his invisibility. However, as Ermes collapses and Maxx leaps to deal the finishing blow, the piece that he bit off burst out of his body. Ermes has peeled off the sticker on her head and lets the piece of head fly out of Maxx to see his current position. This allows Ermes to violently beat him up with Kiss. Maxx tries to flee but Ermes has put another sticker on his head, allowing her to track him. Ermes finishes off Maxx. The gangster is pummeled to the point that his Stand and memory DISCS are ejected. Without Limp Bizkit to preserve his zombified state, Maxx crumbles into mush and ceases to exist.

Maxx later returns briefly in the form of a memory through use of Under World to further explain the nature of it to Ermes.


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Quote.png Quotes
Limp Bizkit, the one who emerges from the dark... return with me... the one who indulges in the dark... Limp Bizkit....
—Sports Maxx, SO Chapter 52: Kiss of Love and Revenge, Part 2
I...! I wasn't thirsty...! I want to eat!! I wanted to eat! To satisfy this appetite..! Brains...!
—Sports Maxx, SO Chapter 55: Kiss of Love and Revenge, Part 5
Listen... I'm gonna go ahead and sucks your brains out right now... and even if I rip out all the shit you've got in your stomach and fill your empty skill with it, I won't be satisfied!!
—Sports Maxx, SO Chapter 57: Kiss of Love and Revenge, Part 7

Video Games

Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

Sports Maxx appears as a stage gimmick in the stage Green Dolphin Street Prison. He uses Limp Bizkit to release an invisible alligator that attacks anyone in its way. The alligator has its own health bar, and can be fought and defeated.


  • Sports Maxx, though through the use of his Stand and not a Vampire, is the first zombie to be featured in the series since Stardust Crusaders.



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