Stone Ocean - Chapter 34

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Debt Collector Marilyn Manson, Part 1 (取り立て人マリリン・マンソン その①, Toritatenin Maririn Manson Sono 1), originally The Game of Catch Begins (キャッチボール開始, Kyacchibōru Kaishi) in the WSJ release, is the thirty-fourth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred twenty-eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


In the prison courtyard, Foo Fighters, now known by the abbreviated name of F.F., watches another prisoner playing catch. Intrigued by the sport, F.F. searches for a baseball. Ermes asks Jolyne about Jotaro's Stand DISC, and she responds that only F.F. knows where it is. As they talk, another inmate starts to drink from F.F.'s cup. F.F. tells him to stop, but, believing F.F. to be Atroe, he ignores her request. F.F. uses her Stand power to force the water out of the prisoner, dislocating his jaw. After regaining her cup, F.F. continues her game of catch with Jolyne.

Inside the prison, Father Enrico Pucci speaks with the inmate Miraschon. She tells him that she has realized her wrong doings, and that she has changed for the better, thanks to the priest. Pucci asks her if she knows the difference between man and animal, but gets distracted by eating a pair of cherries while leaving the seeds intact. Remembering what he was talking about, Pucci explains that the difference between man and animal is that man has the desire to go to heaven, a concept animals cannot fathom. Pucci tells her that he will put in a good word for Miraschon with the warden. Miraschon tries to thank him, but, as she does so, Pucci slams her face into his desk. Pucci takes back the cross she stole, using Whitesnake to insert two DISCs into her.

Back in the courtyard, Jolyne tries to help F.F. throw a baseball properly. F.F. throws it wildly, and it goes directly to Miraschon's head. Jolyne catches it right before it makes contact, only for Miraschon to elbows her in the side. She then makes a bet to give Jolyne a hundred dollars if she can catch the ball a hundred times.


Foo Fighters
(In Atroe's body)
(1st appearance)
Enrico Pucci
(1st full appearance)



  • In the original Weekly Shonen Jump publication and tankoban release of this chapter, Jolyne says Foo Fighters looks like an "okama" (オカマ), a Japanese slang for male homosexual or transvestite, when throwing the baseball. In the bunkoban release, the word is replaced with "gay" (ゲイ, gei).[3]


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