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Any Stand that Avdol hits head-on...finds itself melted in the crossfire!

Magician's Red (マジシャンズレッド(魔術師の赤), Majishanzu Reddo) is the Stand of Muhammad Avdol, featured in the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders.

Magician's Red is a humanoid Stand whose appearance is that of a bird-human hybrid, with the ability to produce and manipulate fire in various ways.


Magician's Red Appearance.png

Magician's Red appears as a humanoid figure with an avian head modeled after a phoenix.[1] It has a heavily muscular upper body and its feathered legs are sometimes covered in burning flames. Its arms have claws instead of nails and it wears dark bracelets on both of its wrists. The Stand was originally barefooted, but after Avdol's return, it wears Arabian shoes.

In the OVA, Magician's Red sports thick patches of feathers around its wrists instead of bracelets. The feathers on its head also sprout further down its neck and it has a shorter beak.

Its design was inspired by the renegade god Horus, from Enki Bilal's Nikopol Trilogy. Magician's Red was given a bird-like head so that the heroes' silhouettes wouldn't look too similar to one another when they're side by side.[1]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Body(Orange, dark red feathers, yellow beak)
Eyes(Light yellow)
(Salmon skin, crimson feathers, yellow-orange beak, light brown feet)
Body(Light Orange, red feathers, yellow beak)
(Light yellow sclera and olive Green iris)
Accessories(Maroon boots)
(Dark orange, crimson feathers, light orange beak)
Eyes(Blood Red)
Body(Salmon, brown feathers, tan beak)
Accessories(Gold bracelets)
Body(Orange, blue feathers, yellow beak)
Eyes(Peacock blue)
Accessories(Red and gold boots)
(Salmon, red/yellow feathers, yellow beak)
Accessories(Dark red and gold boots)


The Magician

It does not show any personality, having a constant aggressive demeanor while listening without fail to its user. However, Avdol claims that his Stand does not forgive anyone, even enemy Stand users.

Magician's Red is based on the first card in the Major Arcana tarot deck, The Magician, which represents new beginnings and the unification of the physical and spiritual worlds.


The cold wind made the traveler pull his coat tighter, but the heat forced him to admit defeat.

Magician's Red is a Close-Range[2] with the ability to freely manipulate fire. It is also physically powerful[2] as a single kick from it was able to shatter Judgement's armor, whereas Silver Chariot couldn't.[3] Avdol prefers open spaces in order to bring out the true power of Magician's Red.

Magician's Red's signature ability is to freely generate and control fire. Avdol utilizes several techniques with his ability.


Magician's Red creating fire

Magician's Red's signature ability is to freely generate and control fire. The resulting flames are intense enough to evaporate metal projectiles mid-air and slice railroad tracks. Moreover, Magician's Red's flames are not ordinary flames, but flames that can be freely manipulated by Avdol. With a thought, the fortuneteller can redirect his flames mid-air, give them any shape, control how intense their destructive power is, and even remotely detonate his flames, instantly incinerating any burning targets.

As the flames are the product of a Stand, they are invisible to non-Stand users despite still having the same properties as normal fire; non-Stand users merely feel the heat and see the generated heat waves.[4] Additionally, Magician's Red's fire does not appear to produce smoke, as long as the flames haven't landed on a target and set the target itself on fire.

Despite their supernatural properties, it was also shown that Magician's Red's flames are vulnerable to water and can be extinguished when doused with it.[4]


Cross Fire Hurricane(クロスファイヤーハリケーン Kurosu Faiyā Harikēn)Link to this section
Magician's Red can fire a few salvos of the Crossfire Hurricane, a spectacular attack that sends forth a barrage of flaming ankhs from its mouth in a great storm.[5] There is a variation simply called "Crossfire" in the Capcom fighting game, where a single flame ankh is shot out as a projectile. In All-Star Battle, Avdol's attack is named Cross Fire Hurricane Variation ((クロス)(ファイヤー)(ハリケーン)・バリエーション, Kurosu Faiyā Harikēn Bariēshon) as he manipulates the trajectory of his flame ankhs.
Cross Fire Hurricane Special(C(クロス)F(ファイヤー)H(ハリケーン)S(スペシャル) Kurosu Faiyā Harikēn Supesharu)Link to this section
Crossfire special.gif
One variation of the Crossfire Hurricane, which splits the ankhs to cover a wider area.[6] When coupled with Cross Fire Hurricane Variation, Avdol is able to perform more complex maneuvers and sneak attacks by manipulating individual ankhs.

Red Bind(赤い荒縄(レッドバインド) Reddo Baindo, lit. "Red Rough Rope")Link to this section
MagicianR POWA.gif
Magician's Red can use its flame to tie his opponent, like a rope. With this, Avdol is even capable of imprisoning his enemy's arms and legs to the wall, as well as their neck. By putting a flame too close to the opponent's face, it eventually burns the oxygen around them to the point of suffocating them.[4]
Life Detector(生物探知機 Seibutsu Tanchi-ki)Link to this section
Magician red detector.gif
Magician's Red can produce a "heat radar", a cruciform mass of psychic flame pointing in six directions: up and down, left and right, forward and backward. The flames are amassed at the tips of the radars and will detect movements, breathing and Stand energy in a 15-meter radius. If the radar detects someone, the flames of the corresponding direction will grow, indicating the location of his heat source based on a compass rose. However, Cream can remain hidden from the radar by virtue of essentially being in another dimension.[7]

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Creation and Development

Magician's Red was a difficult Stand for Araki to depict due to its perpetual manipulation of fire. He notes that while fire is a common power in other manga and movies, it's only capable of destruction and can "break the balance" when used too loosely. As a result, fire and poison are two abilities that he'd like to avoid using again.[8]




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