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My Stand can look at people's souls. It doesn't matter who they are, their souls don't lie.
—Telence, Chapter 236: D'Arby the Player, Part 10

Atum (アトゥム神, Atumu-shin, lit. "God Atum") is the Stand of Telence T. D'Arby, featured in the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders. It is the final member of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods, a group of Stands representing ancient Egyptian gods, that the Joestar group battles on their journey.

Atum is a humanoid Stand with mechanical features endowed with two abilities: to steal the souls of people who admit defeat to D'Arby in their heart, and to observe a person's mind to partially guess their intent.



Atum resembles a humanoid robot with Telence's athletic build, and, in a similar nature to The World and Cream, is decorated with heart motifs on its body. On its face are Telence's initials, along with what appears to resemble a breathing apparatus. The apparatus has two nozzles that periodically spray out steam. Its appearance is modeled after a military robot.[2] Araki expresses that the neat part of Atum's design is how it looks like it's half man and half puppet.[2]

This Stand represents the Egyptian god Atum.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Body(Baby Blue and light pink)
(Dark indigo joints, steel blue tubes, hot pink hearts)
Body(Light Gray)
(Dark Purple joints, dark gray tubes, pink hearts)
Eyes(Dark Teal)
Features(Pink joints, gold tubes, gray hearts)


Atum is, like Osiris, a threatening Stand to face because of its ability to steal souls and read minds. However, it is held back by Telence's over-reliance on its power. Thus, its user was easily defeated by Joseph and Jotaro.

Soul Steal

SC ep41 kakyoin soul.png
Much like his brother's Stand, Osiris, Atum's primary ability allows Telence to steal souls from someone who has recognized defeat[3] in a game, which Telence typically uses in video games.

Like Osiris, the victims must pledge their souls first, but Atum is subtle enough to partially grab hold of the soul from someone taken by surprise. In one instance, it was able to grip Jotaro's soul without being able to steal it when Telence guessed a punch correctly.[3] In theory, Atum is then free to attack the associated body part but was never seen doing so.[3]

Stolen souls are put inside specially-made dolls from Telence himself, and he, too, is free to gamble and release the souls under his control.[4]

Binary Soul Reading

Atum reads into Jotaro's soul

Atum's second ability enables Telence to read souls.[5]

In effect, he psychically asks a nearby person's souls a yes or no question which the soul is obliged to answer, unbeknownst to the one being read, allowing Telence to secretly guess someone's intent.[6]

Atum visualizes a person as if through an infrared detector when reading souls and if the person lies, the color of their aura changes, allowing him to determine that they are lying.[6] When Atum detects a "Yes", the subject's aura flares up; when it detects a "No", the subject's aura points vertically.[7][8] Telence is also free to examine several people at once[4] although he may forget about them.

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  • Araki started incorporating hearts into his designs around the time of Atum's creation, which eventually tied into Josuke's Stand, Crazy Diamond.[2]


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