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Like an astute observer, trying to note every event that happened below... it was circling the sky.

Petsounds (ペットサウンズ Pettosaunzu) is a primary antagonist featured in Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak, a spinoff manga of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

It is a mysterious bird that was raised together with Pet Shop. In 1999, Petsounds is stolen from its cage in Cairo, Egypt and ends up in Morioh, Japan. The parrot is a Stand user with a currently unnamed Stand.


Petsounds is large with a strong, curved beak and clawed feet. It wears a falconry hood covering its eyes with small gems, adorned with bells and feathers on top. It also wears a long striped scarf around its neck.


Petsounds would frequently circle the skies of Egypt observing people below. It is targeting Hol Horse for unknown reasons, possibly because it does not want to be captured by him. It was trained to hunt like Pet Shop and thus can be ruthless, forcing an innocent victim to run over several pedestrians on the street using its Stand ability.[1]



Petsounds's Stand is capable of recording events in punched cards and inserting them into someone's body. The victim's body is then forced to reenact the event, essentially parroting what happened.



A photo of the parrot with its trainer and Pet Shop

Petsounds was raised and trained by a bird trainer, alongside a falcon named Pet Shop. Its trainer attempted to escape from DIO's grasp and was murdered. After that, it was raised by its owner's mother.[1] However, it is revealed that Petsounds was also trained by DIO.[2]

Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak

In March 1999, Petsounds is stolen by a mysterious person from its cage in Egypt and is taken to Morioh, Japan. While Hol Horse is searching for the parrot and Boingo around Budogaoka, the parrot uses its Stand on a man driving, forcing him to reenact the scene of Wilson Phillips running over pedestrians on the sidewalk. Hol Horse is also affected by the ability and starts hearing DIO's voice from the event. The car almost crashes into Hol Horse until Josuke intervenes.[1] Meanwhile, the parrot watches Josuke and Hol Horse from afar, perched atop a tree branch.[3]

The parrot follows Hol Horse to the Budogaoka Police Station, standing on top of nearby power lines. It activates its Stand on Hol Horse, inserting punched cards into his body. Hol Horse's body is then forced to reenact the scene of him about to shoot DIO from ten years ago, except this time he points Emperor to the back of the police inspector's head.[4]

After Hol Horse manages to escape from the attack and leave the police station, the parrot targets several pastry chefs, making them reenact the actions of women who sacrificed themselves to be DIO's food. The women attack Hol Horse, as the parrot and a mysterious figure spy on him from afar.[5]


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  • In Chapter 127 of the manga, throughout the flashback detailing how Polnareff met DIO, DIO has a cockatoo on his shoulder. This bird doesn't appear again outside of this flashback, but potentially Petsounds is meant to be the same bird. For the anime, the cockatoo is omitted from the flashback altogether in the fifth episode and instead replaced with Pet Shop.


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