Stone Ocean - Chapter 58

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For information on the 'Ultra Security House Unit' location, See Green Dolphin Street Prison.

Ultra Security House Unit (ウルトラセキュリティ懲罰房 Urutora Sekyuriti Chōbatsubō), originally The Memories of the "Bone" (「骨」の記憶 'Hone' no Kioku) in the WSJ release, is the fifty-eighth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred fifty-second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Due to the many unexplained injuries and deaths occurring around her, Jolyne is sent to the Ultra Security House Unit within the prison; she only gets one meal and one shower, and all of her privileges have been restricted. She is thrown into her new cell: a small box containing a bed and a hole in the ground for a toilet, with her one meal consisting of a bug infested loaf of bread. The other inmates become riled up, knowing there is a woman near them.

Jolyne strengthens herself mentally, focusing on her mission to save her father. In the prison chapel, Whitesnake discusses philosophy with Maxx; he explains that when the human population increases, the rest of the world's life decreases proportionately. He asks Maxx how it feels to harness the power of the dead, then presents to him a bone in order to revive it. Maxx says he's unsure if he can revive something from just a piece of the corpse, but Whitesnake threatens to take back his Stand Disc if he doesn't. Maxx explains that he already revived it.

Whitesnake looks down to see a hole in his hand. Pucci screams from behind a pillar as his hand bleeds out. Whitesnake demands Maxx to find the bone, then recants that statement, wanting to observe what the bone does. Maxx feels that it's heading towards the Ultra Security Punishment Ward. Being the end of the memory, the memory disc ejects from Emporio. F.F. tells him that Jolyne has already seen the disc, implying she purposely got sent to the punishment ward in order to find the bone.

F.F. figures that Whitesnake will try to kill Jolyne in the punishment ward, and asks Emporio to help save her. Emporio says it's impossible; even if Weather wasn't in the infirmary, there's no way he could get into the ward. At the grande piano stands a long haired man named Anasui. However, Emporio claims that he would never help.


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