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A list of tasks that need to be done on the wiki.

Pages that need editing

These pages don't appear on Google and need to be edited. Either their intro, appearance, and/or personality sections should be rewritten. If nothing can be changed, replace their images with different versions or add new images to their gallery.



Manga/Other Media

  • None



  • Though a number of late JoJolion chapters appear, it can be assumed that a majority or at least a large of number of Chapter pages don't pop up in the Google search feed. Simply rewriting the summaries will suffice.

Pages Without Citations

Pages that lack citations of any kind (see housekeeping section for a guideline in citing references).

Voice Actors


These voice actors are missing biographies:

JP: None

EN: Matthew Mercer

PT-BR: None

SP: Manuel Campuzano

DE: Vincent Fallow, Tim Knauer, Peter Sura, Uwe Thomsen


A couple of characters are missing their international voice actors in their infoboxes. These need to be added.



  • Policy: Add {{Fairuse}} and {{AnimeFairuse}} to images that need it.
  • Rename files that have non-descriptive filenames such as "Vlcsnap" or many numbers.
  • Consider deleting near-duplicate images
  • Check for / phase out (delete) scanlated images
  • Add chapter/episode source in the images
  • Replace black and white manga images with coloured scans
  • Replace images from TV version of the anime with Blu-ray version



  • Cleanup grammar on all pages
  • Replace game redirects (e.g. [[All-Star Battle|All-Star Battle]]) to the games short name, in this case {{ASB}}. Be aware, that Pitter-Patter Pop ({{PPP}}) and Diamond Records ({{DR}}) will result in a template for these games, not a redirect



  • Create/Edit Arc Pages
    • Add summaries to arc pages (Recheck all summaries for accuracy)
  • Finish chapter summaries
    • Part 1-8 (Done)
    • Part 9 to update as it goes
  • Finish translating Author's Note quotes


  • Finish episode summaries (Encourage/allow succinctness)
    • Season 1-4 Done
    • Season 5 to update as it goes


  • Summarize histories for all characters; headings linked to Arc pages in which events occur
  • Add references/cite sources - e.g. <ref>{{Ch|Chapter 111}}</ref>
  • Add Major Battles section to characters
  • Finish the color scheme sections using ColorSchemes (Not Done)
  • Add images to galleries. A lot of characters have very few images.
    • Take images from the Art Gallery and put them in the corresponding character galleries.
  • Expand articles for drama CDs (Possible English transcripts?) and video games (some characters have blank video game sections or lack of info)
  • Finish writing Relationships for some characters
  • Indicate English Voice Actors for Minor Characters and Unnamed Characters from season 1-5.


  • Check each Stand page for clarity, succinctness, proper citations and summaries


  • In general, translate pages to other languages if you know how to
    • Creating drafts in your user sandbox is optimal
  • Update gallery pages to match with their original English pages


  • Add merchandise as it is released
  • Many interviews require English translations