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D'Arby the Gambler (ダービー・ザ・ギャンブラー, Dābī za Gyanburā) is the tenth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OVA. It adapts Chapter 211 through Chapter 216 of the manga.


The companions search the huge Egyptian capital of Cairo, showing everyone they meet the photo of a mysterious building where they think DIO resides. Polnareff, Avdol and Iggy cannot learn anything and meet with the rests of the rest of the group in a café, in which Joseph calls the Speedwagon Foundation and learns that Holy doesn't have long.

As they leave the café, one of the clients recognizes the building. The man is shown to be a gambling addict who wants the group to gamble the information: he asks them to choose which of two pieces of meat a nearby cat will take first. Polnareff angrily accepts to gamble and wager his soul. He loses and the gambler thus takes his soul with his Stand, Osiris. Presenting himself as Daniel J. D'Arby, the man turns Polnareff's soul into a poker chip. However, the group cannot attack him for fear of killing Polnareff for good.

Joseph then challenges D'Arby to another game. Filling a glass with alcohol, Joseph tells D'Arby that they will put coins in the glass in turn and whoever makes the glass leak loses. D'Arby checks the glass and accepts the challenge, he thus confidently puts five coins at the same time. Joseph tries to cheat, but D'Arby has already hidden a piece of chocolate under the glass to make Joseph miscalculate the amount of liquid. Joseph is cornered and loses his soul.

Jotaro then challenges D'Arby to a game of poker. On their first hand, Jotaro catches D'Arby trying to cheat at the dealing and breaks his finger. D'Arby decides to play seriously and splits Joseph and Polnareff into six chips each. Jotaro loses the next hand and half his soul. On the second hand, Jotaro doesn't bother to check his cards and declares his confidence. Ensues a psychological battle in which Jotaro shows off Star Platinum's speed, confidently wagers the souls of his remaining companions with confidence and ultimately gambles his mother's soul, demanding that D'Arby reveals the secret of DIO's Stand in exchange. Destabilized, D'Arby is pushed into folding and turns mad from the pressure. Joseph and Polnareff are revived, although it is revealed that Jotaro had a worthless hand all this time.


Daniel J. D'Arby
(1st appearance) (Retired)
Dio Brando
(1st appearance)


Script (脚本)
北久保 弘之
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
Koji Masunari
ますなり こうじ
Episode Director (演出)
Koji Masunari
ますなり こうじ
Animation Director (作画監督)
岸田 隆宏
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン)
羽山 淳一
Animation Director Cooperation (作画監督協力)
Zero-G Room
Key Animation (原画)
Takahiro Kishida
Kazuya Takeda
Yasuhiro Irie
Toshiharu Murata
Akira Kano
Masashi Yanagaishita
Toshinari Yamashita
Takuya Saito
Kazuya Tsurumaki
Kunihiro Abe
Shiho Takeuchi
Keiichi Ishikura
Eiji Suganuma
Haruo Ogawara
Masanori Kiryu
Shin Matsuo
Toshiyuki Tsuru
Shunji Suzuki
Nobuyuki Kitajima
Hiroaki Gohda
Hidenori Matsubara
Koudai Iwata
岸田 隆宏
武田 一也
入江 泰浩
村田 俊治
加野 晃
柳下 雅司
山下 敏成
斉藤 卓也
鶴巻 和哉
安部 邦博
竹内 志保
石倉 敬一
菅沼 栄治
大河原 晴男
桐生 雅則
松尾 慎
都留 稔幸
鈴木 俊二
北島 信幸
合田 浩章
松原 秀典
岩田 幸大
In-between Animation Inspection (動画チェック)
Takanobu Nagaoka
Yasuhiro Irie
Hiroshi Shirakawa
Ryoji Enomoto
長岡 孝喜
矢口 卓志
白川 宏
榎本 良二
In-between Animation (動画)
Yuichiro Miyake
Kousei Iwase
Masayuki Kawasaki
Hirotaka Marufuji
Mikio Ogawa
Hideko Hinata
Hironori Sawada
Yoshinori Wakana
Rie Sezaki
Hiromi Kubota
Akihiko Mori
Shinichiro Kawanishi
Takayuki Sato
Tokyo Animation Center
Lee Production
Han Young
Seoul Kids
Hana Production
三宅 雄一郎
岩瀬 弘征
川崎 政幸
丸藤 広貴
小川 幹雄
日向 秀子
澤田 博範
若菜 宜典
瀬崎 利恵
久保田 弘美
森 明彦
川西 紳一郎
佐藤 貴之


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10 (OVA): D'Arby the Gambler
Start End Title OST Description

DIO's Dervish
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Original Soundtrack Vol. 2
The Bar
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Original Soundtrack Vol. 2
Seeking Dio's House
D'Arby's Waltz
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Original Soundtrack Vol. 2
D'Arby steals Polnareff's soul and forces the heroes to bet
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Original Soundtrack Vol. 2
How D'Arby outsmarted Joseph/Jotaro challenges D'Arby
The Poker Game
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Original Soundtrack Vol. 2
D'Arby plays poker with soul chips
JoJo's Final Bet
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Original Soundtrack Vol. 2
Jotaro and D'Arby's last round
DIO's Theme
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Original Soundtrack Vol. 1

Manga/OVA Differences

  • A scene of Polnareff asking Cairenes about DIO's Mansion is added.
  • A scene of Joseph inquiring about Holy's Stand is added.
  • Joseph is shown explaining that DIO is blocking his visions, explaining the imprecision of Joseph's divinations.
  • A scene of D'Arby's payroll boy running away is added.
  • When asked about the location of DIO's Mansion by Avdol, a mentally broken down D'arby exclaims that it's near an old "Whore House".



LD/VHS/DVD (1993 & 2000)



  • This episode's animation director, Takahiro Kishida, is one of the few animators to have worked on both the 1993 OVA series and the TV Anime (as well as the Baoh OVA). Much like other series where he is credited as Character Designer, the art style of the characters in this episode have a close resemblance to the manga due to his supervision.



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