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One step! It seems that I am one step ahead of you.
—Wekapipo, Steel Ball Run Chapter 54: Wrecking Ball, Part 4

Wekapipo (ウェカピポ) is a secondary antagonist, and later a secondary ally, featured in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run. Introduced as an antagonist in the "Wrecking Ball" story arc, he then becomes an ally to Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli.

Wekapipo is an exiled Neapolitan and a practitioner of the Spin. After serving as a royal guard for the Kingdom of Naples, he entered the service of Funny Valentine, later working against him to protect Lucy and Steven Steel.


Wekapipo is most notable for his bizarre haircut, which consists of a series of shaved grid lines and squares of short hair. He enters the story sporting a mustache, which he later shaves off. He is often shown wearing a light-colored jacket and pants covered with paired overlapping polka dots. He sports pants of the same design.[4]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Yellow jacket and pants with dark orange and blue dots, orange gloves and tie.)
Past Outfit
(White jacket with dark orange and yellow dots.)


Wekapipo is a remarkably stern and serious individual, focusing on whatever goal he has and tolerating little the hijinks of Magent Magent.

Wekapipo would do anything to protect his sister

During his youth, Wekapipo was entirely devoted to his sister. He had gone out of his way to force a divorce after learning that her husband beat her. The news of her supposed death made him seemingly depressed and he has since then had a bleak outlook on life.[5]

Wekapipo is a cold and somber man, constantly focusing on an objective and coldly working towards it. During a fight, he's been noted to pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of his enemy and methodically suppress each of their advantages. Wekapipo does not tolerate his partner distracting him from their mission and repeatedly tells him to stop fooling around, be it chit-chatting or gloating in a fight.[6] Having the sole ambition of obtaining a comfortable life, he wouldn't hesitate to betray Funny Valentine nor prepare to work against Gyro Zeppeli, aiming to join the winning side.[7]

Wekapipo possesses an honorable side, being respectful of the prowess of the Zeppeli Family's Spin, and acts accordingly.[8] Moreover, he agreed to temporarily help Gyro and Johnny after they revealed that the Zeppelis have been taking care of his sister. Upon being defeated, he tried to kill himself in order to escape the dishonor a loss would bring him before Valentine,[9] although he implied that he would die for it at Valentine's hands nonetheless.


Wrecking Ball

Main article: Steel Ball

As a former royal guard member, Wekapipo possesses a unique type of steel ball that is normally wielded by the imperial guard serving the royal family.

Wrecking Ball(レッキング・ボール(壊れゆく鉄球) Rekkingu Bōru Kowareyuku Tekkyū) Link to this section
Wrecking Ball.png
Wrecking Ball is similar in size to the Zeppeli family's steel balls. Smaller balls called satellites are attached to the ball that can separate and strike on their own. Even if the satellites do not hit their target, the shockwaves caused by the satellite will induce hemispatial neglect (左半身失調, hidarihanmi shitchō, lit. "left-half ataxia"), causing the victim to lose all sense of feeling in their left side.



Wekapipo discovers his sister is being beaten

Wekapipo hails from the Kingdom of Naples; his only family was his dear little sister. Wekapipo became one of the royal guards and learned to use the Spin with his Wrecking Balls. He rose to become one of the elite guards, working directly for the royal family. When his sister was 17 (and he was 24), Wekapipo arranged for her to marry the son of a wealthy financial commissioner, assuring her wealth. Incidentally, the husband was a friend of his in the guard. However, six months later, Wekapipo visited his sister. He found her sobbing in a corner, her face swollen because of her husband's beating. Furious, Wekapipo wanted to seek the husband and his sister begged him to stop as this was a matter between husband and wife and it was her fault. Wekapipo's little sister accidentally knocked over a vase and Wekapipo realized that she was blind in one eye.

Wekapipo duels his brother-in-law and is exiled from Naples for it

Wekapipo blamed himself for his sister's woe and decided to annul the marriage. Pulling a few strings, Wekapipo managed to secure permission from the Church to have the marriage annulled, helped by the fact that his sister didn't have a child yet. Wekapipo was prepared to lose his position but something worse happened. His brother-in-law confronted him and beat him up, furious at the humiliation of having the Church permit the annulation of his marriage. Wekapipo begged the husband to divorce her and had to listen to him say his sister was only good enough in bed when he beat her. The husband decided to take Wekapipo's life in a duel. The next day, Wekapipo went to the duel and they fought using their Steel Balls. In the first exchange, Wekapipo avoided the husband's satellite while his satellite blew the brother-in-law's eye, killing him. However, the witnesses that the husband had brought with him attacked. Wekapipo was stunned with a Steel Ball to the gut and the head of the witnesses said that, because the husband's father was an influential figure in the kingdom, he would be "erased". Despite Wekapipo's protestations, the man, revealed to be Gregorio Zeppeli, condemned him to exile, forcing him to leave his nearly blind sister to nearly fend off for herself. Cursing the executioner, Wekapipo was knocked out and forced to leave the Kingdom of Naples.

Wekapipo entered Funny Valentine's service. Learning of his sister's death, Wekapipo focused on his new job with nothing else in life to look forward to.

Steel Ball Run

Fighting Gyro and Johnny

Wekapipo is paired with Magent Magent

Wekapipo is dispatched alongside Magent Magent. The two stand guard in a vantage point overlooking the frozen strait between Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. Magent tries to converse, mentioning the newly invented airplanes, and then attempts a joke. However, Wekapipo doesn't let himself be distracted by Magent's antics and his gloom frustrates Magent. Knowing about a wolf who's the host of the new Corpse Part, Wekapipo and Magent wait for Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli to appear. Wekapipo advises Magent not to take the Spin lightly.

The pair see Johnny and Gyro and approach to attack. Wekapipo throws his Steel Ball. Gyro throws his own Steel Ball to stop it, but Wekapipo's Ball shoots the small beads embedded in it at the duo. The left-side ataxia sets in for Johnny and Gyro; Magent Magent goes to their left on his sled and tries to shoot, but Johnny turns to the right until he sees Magent and shoots him. Magent shoots thus unveiling his Stand 20th Century BOY, which makes him invulnerable as long as he's sitting or kneeling. Gyro also throws a Steel Ball but Magent remains impervious to the Spin. Moreover, Gyro's left hand is wounded because of Magent's shots. Wekapipo notices the wolf and throws two Balls at Gyro. When Gyro tries to counter them, his Balls are pushed aside and Gyro understands Wekapipo's strategy. By attacking them on the water and attacking his hands, Wekapipo has isolated Gyro in a battlefield where he cannot closely observe nature to create a perfect Spin, thus depowering him greatly. Johnny stops the satellites of the second ball, allowing Magent to shoot the wolf. Then, a stray satellite flies towards and Gyro is forced to shield Johnny with his other hand, damaging it and preventing Gyro from faking the Golden Rectangle with his hands. Wekapipo induces the left-side ataxia again and Magent disappears from the heroes' sight. Gyro only manages to grab one Steel Ball before the effects fully kick in. He throws his Ball in the general direction of Magent and does hit his shoulder. Gyro ducks to avoid two bullets to the head but receives one in the gut. Gyro uses the bullet as a weapon and throws it at Magent, who deflects the bullet upward. Despite Wekapipo's warning, Magent drops his guard and the bullet then falls. It pierces Magent's face and takes him out.

Wekapipo duels Gyro Zeppeli

Wekapipo remains. Gyro subsequently manages to take back his Balls. However, Wekapipo is still more powerful than them. During the next throw, Gyro decides to directly attack Wekapipo, trusting Johnny to shoot down the enemy's Ball. This allows Gyro to run towards the wolf (and the Corpse Parts of which it is the host) which can serve as a reference for the perfect Spin. However, Wekapipo protects himself from Gyro's Spin by spinning a Ball in his hand, hardening his body to resist Gyro's ball. Wekapipo then throws his other Ball, which Gyro must counter. The satellites then shoot the ice, hiding the wolf and the Legs underwater. The left-side ataxia begins again and Gyro has only one Ball. Confident, Wekapipo throws both of his Balls. However, Gyro then throws his one Ball at Wekapipo's own and destroys both. It is revealed that luckily, it suddenly started snowing and Gyro was able to create a perfect Spin by using the snowflakes as a reference. Wekapipo suspects a plan on Gyro's part but the executioner tells that it was merely a stroke of luck. Wekapipo is defeated and tries to commit suicide, but Gyro stops him. Gyro then explains that Wekapipo's sister is in the care of the Zeppeli Family, thus Wekapipo accepts to help them find Lucy Steel.

Guarding Steven Steel

Wekapipo fights Magent

Wekapipo reappears in Philadelphia. At first, he hears about Lucy Steel's death and verifies her tombstone. He reports it to Gyro Zeppeli but Gyro is skeptical and suspects that Hot Pants and her Cream Starter were involved somehow. Gyro tells Wekapipo that Lucy is still probably near the President; Wekapipo continues his mission to seek and protect Lucy but doesn't want to attack the President. Gyro advises Wekapipo to seek Steven Steel.

When Wekapipo finds Steel in his coach, the old man has been shot. Magent tries to ambush Wekapipo, hidden on the coach,f and tries to shoot. However, the horses are startled and Wekapipo sees Magent's shadow. Magent shoots and Wekapipo throws a Wrecking Ball through the roof, grazing each other. The satellites fly towards Magent, who protects himself with 20th Century BOY. With Magent immobilized, Wekapipo climbs on the coach whose horses start to gallop. Wekapipo tries to stab Wekapipo in the face with a knife, but it breaks. He then tries to smash his head with a direct throw to the skull but 20th Century BOY makes Magent invulnerable. Wekapipo realizes that Magent must have heard about Lucy and sought Steel to have money and revenge. Looking at Steel's items, he sees that Steven has found that Lucy is disguised as the first lady, Scarlet Valentine. The coach approaches Independence Hall and a squad of guards approach to order him to stop. Using his left side ataxia, Wekapipo eludes the guards and plans on getting rid of Magent first.

Near the Delaware river, Wekapipo sees a dinosaur slip out of Magent's coat. Suspicious, he then sees smoke coming out of Magent's coat, opens it, and sees that Magent has lit a bunch of dynamite sticks. He throws a Steel Ball at Steel Ball to harden his body and uses his other ball to induce left-side ataxia on the horses, making them turn right and throw both Wekapipo and Magent in the water. The explosion still sends shrapnel at Wekapipo, who is hurt and in the water. Magent cancels his Stand and takes out his gun, preparing to shoot the Neapolitan. Magent gloats, stating that he always takes his revenge. However, Magent is suddenly tied by cables. The Ball Wekapipo had used on the horse had pulled cables around the tire axle and tied Magent, pulling him underwater. With Magent neutralized for good, Wekapipo can go out of the water. However, Magent realizes that Diego too now must have heard about Lucy Steel with his dinosaur.


Diego & Wekapipo shoot alternate iterations of Johnny

Wekapipo follows Diego near Independence Hall, intending on allying with him and help him fight the President the moment Valentine goes after Diego's Left Eye. In the streets, he incidentally bumps against D-I-S-C-O. After taking a turn, Wekapipo suddenly loses traces of Diego but sees a gun lying nearby. A figure appears from under a flag and attacks Wekapipo. Wekapipo throws his Steel Ball and induces the left-side ataxia. Wekapipo uses this opportunity to take the gun and shoot at the figure but realizes that he's just shot Johnny Joestar. Horrified, Wekapipo sees Johnny aiming at him and has no choice but to shoot again but Johnny escapes into the sewers. A couple of little girls see him from a park and Wekapipo retreats, tossing the gun. Confused, Wekapipo sees Diego approach him.

Wekapipo's death

Diego asks Wekapipo if he's seen him shoot Johnny but this Wekapipo hasn't. Sensing Valentine approaching, Diego deploys his dinosaurs to seek him and tells Wekapipo that they must ally themselves now. However, Wekapipo hesitates because it seems Diego lured him into a trap. Somehow, Valentine decimates the dinosaurs and Diego, to gain Wekapipo's trust before it is too late, tells him that he too shot Johnny. The two understand that they both shot a Johnny Joestar and that the President's ability is involved. Sensing bits of dinosaurs falling near him, Diego looks up and sees Valentine and his Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap attacking him. Wekapipo intervenes and hits Valentine with a Steel Ball but the President's face is preserved, the zone of the impact replaced by a hole. Valentine attacks but Diego turns into a dinosaur, evading D4C's strikes easily. Diego slams Valentine against the wall but the President suddenly disappears. Valentine somehow reemerges from Diego's back and attacks. With his Wrecking Ball, Wekapipo induces a left side ataxia in Valentine. Tossing a pebble at Valentine, Diego confirms Valentine is vulnerable and leaps to attack but Valentine then takes a flag and covers himself with it, disappearing again. Sensing Valentine, Diego tries to lift the flag to see what's under it and finds Valentine. Valentine grabs him and forces him into the flag. Confused, Wekapipo then sees Diego write on the ground with his spur, telling Wekapipo to approach. Wekapipo approaches the flag and Diego drags him both into it. The portal between worlds reopens, and Wekapipo meets his counterpart. They collide and explode in a bunch of cubes. Wekapipo's life ends there.

Video Games

All-Star Battle (PS3)

Wekapipo appears as a random support character in Campaign mode. By using a portion of the player's energy gauge, Wekapipo uses his Wrecking Ball to disable the HH gauge of whoever the player fights next.

All-Star Battle R (Various)

Unlock Condition: Win in the Johnny Joestar vs. Funny Valentine All-Star Battle Mode Boss Battle

A former Neapolitan Imperial Guard. Plots to kill Gyro and company with Magnet Magent, but fails. Protects Lucy after this, but is used by Valentine in their fight to free Diego, and is then killed.


Wekapipo is featured in All-Star Battle R with a list of Tag Lines (プレイヤーカード名言, Pureiyā Kādo Meigen). They are unlocked by completing ASBR Secret Mission.png 280 Secret Missions in All-Star Battle Mode.

Quote.png Medal Speech.png Tag Lines
Show AllEnglishJapaneseRomaji
  • The Wrecking Ball of the Neapolitan Imperial Guard--Sinistral Ataxia! (ネアポリス護衛鉄球―『左半身失調』!)
  • You've been chosen. A "power" somewhere chose you. (君は選ばれたんだ…「何かの力」があんたの方を選んだ…)
  • That's better. Now I feel... clean. (これでオレの気分もけっこう………清らかだ)



Quote.png Quotes
Show AllEnglishJapaneseRomaji
  • If things were so convenient, then anyone could be standing where we are now. Someone else would have this job.
    —Wekapipo, Steel Ball Run Chapter 51: Wrecking Ball, Part 1
  • I will faithfully complete this assignment and receive my money and my residence, and live a peaceful life in this country. That is all.
    —Wekapipo, Steel Ball Run Chapter 51: Wrecking Ball, Part 1
  • The Zeppelis... The strength of their Steel Balls is the use of the golden rectangle. We must surpass that power!
    —Wekapipo, Steel Ball Run Chapter 51: Wrecking Ball, Part 1
  • That's not it, either... Have respect for the Zeppelis' Steel Balls.
    —Wekapipo, Steel Ball Run Chapter 51: Wrecking Ball, Part 1
  • Be more modest! (謙虚にふるまえッ!)
    —Wekapipo, Steel Ball Run Chapter 53: Wrecking Ball, Part 3
  • One step! It seems that I am one step ahead of you.
    —Wekapipo, Steel Ball Run Chapter 54: Wrecking Ball, Part 4
  • You were chosen... some power chose you as the victor. (君は選ばれたんだ…「何かの力」があんたの方を選んだ…)
  • It whispered that you would be the one to continue on your journey... The snow falling was a miracle that was bound to happen. Not a coincidence.
    —Wekapipo, Steel Ball Run Chapter 54: Wrecking Ball, Part 4
  • You were chosen... It was a miracle...
    —Wekapipo, Steel Ball Run Chapter 54: Wrecking Ball, Part 4
  • Now... There is nowhere left for me on this earth. No... there was never anywhere for me to go in the first place. I should be satisfied to just be able to protect a greater good... by my nature, that is all I’ve ever been able to do...
    —Wekapipo, Steel Ball Run Chapter 69: D4C, Part 4




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