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JOJO-D or JoJo's Bizarre Adventure DIGITAL (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険DIGITAL) is the licensed brand name for the digitally released edition of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. Distributed under Shueisha's Jump Comics DIGITAL (ジャンプコミックスDIGITAL) product line, readers are able to digitally purchase or read volumes through online outlets such as Amazon's Kindle Store or Honto. Volumes may also be downloaded to mobile devices through Shueisha's own Jump Store app for iOS and Android.

Digital volumes are typically released in the original monochrome format the day the physical volume is released in Japan and later on in Shueisha's highly advertised Digital Colored Comics edition.[2]

Digital Colored Comics

DIGITAL COLORED COMICS refers to the Jump Comics product line of digitally colored JoJo's Bizarre Adventure volumes. The series adapts the majority of the manga with fully colored panels, ranging from Phantom Blood to JoJolion. All volumes up to Steel Ball Run have been published, with new volumes of JoJolion being released in batches with no clear schedule.

While some pages of the manga originally colored by Hirohiko Araki have been included in the volumes, the consistent color choices for the characters or objects are typically based on existing media and have not been confirmed as canon, as the author is known for coloring based on aesthetic calculation, rather than consistency.[3]


Digital Colored Volumes




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