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My Stand "Ebony Devil" activates when I'm injured! And it grows more powerful the more hatred I have for my opponent!
—Devo, Chapter 133: Devil, Part 1

Ebony Devil (エボニーデビル(悪魔) Ebonī Debiru) is the Stand of Devo the Cursed, featured in the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders. It activates once its User is damaged and will grow in power based on the User's hatred for the attacker. The Stand will then enter a nearby physical object, such as a doll, allowing its User to control it remotely.


The Devil

Ebony Devil's base design is based on the ancient Sardinian dolls known as "bronzetti", specifically "The Warrior", a small, bronze statue. It has filiform limbs, an alien head with four eyes and two long horns. It also has two disks in front of its chest and holds a dagger in its hand.

The doll it possesses is stated by Araki to resemble an African shaman and is distinctive and primal in appearance.[1]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

(Ebony Devil)
Body(Metal gray)


(Beige body with a gray face and red stripes)
Eyes(Light brown)
(Gray beige cloth with brown vine patterns, light brown pants and gray shoes)
(Gray pins, a white feather and golden earrings)

(Ebony Devil)
Body(Light red)


(Black (right eye); Red sclera and white iris (left eye))
(White cloth with red stripes on top and blue stripes on pants)

(Ebony Devil)


Outfit(Saffron cloth and purple shoes)
(Blue pins, a light blue feather and a gray razor)

(Ebony Devil)
Eyes(Light green)
Saber(Metal gray blade and gold cross-guard)


Hair(Brick red)
(Light orange and saffron hat with a turquoise band)
(Dull yellow robe with an orange collar and dark red vine patterns, dark yellow pants with dark maroon shoes)
(Brick red pins, a light green feather and earrings and a dark brown belt)


Ebony Devil is operated remotely, relying on its user's sadistic personality to kill its target. The doll it possesses was inspired by Chucky from the film Child's Play, as well as other horror movies.[1] The Stand-possessed doll acts maniacal and vulgar, frequently laughing while trapping its opponent and devising new torture methods.

It represents the tarot card The Devil, which symbolizes confusion and misfortune.[2]


Ebony Devil is risky in that Devo must be injured by his targets first in order for the Stand to work. However, when set up, it can then ambush its victim and proves to be elusive.

Hatred Amplification

Ebony Devil possesses a doll

Ebony Devil's power activates once Devo is hit by his foe. It then grows more powerful depending on the hatred Devo feels towards his enemy relative to the amount of damage he's received.[2]

Ebony Devil can then transfer itself to something physical in order to attack, preferably a doll in its unique appearance.[3] It will begin to attack its foe, starting quietly and escaping its opponent's notice, before causing more and more misfortune as necessary.[4]

Much like other remote Stands, Devo can control the doll from a distance and can see through its eyes.[1] In addition, any damage reflected on the possessed object is reflected on Devo; when Jean Pierre Polnareff stabbed the doll, the user was killed.[4]

Chapters / Episodes

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  • SC Episode 8: Devil (Death)



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