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Oh, how nice! I've been meaning to get a new umbrella. Thank you, big brother.
—Sherry Polnareff to her brother, Stardust Crusaders Episode 21: Judgement, Part 1

Sherry Polnareff (シェリー・ポルナレフ, Sherī Porunarefu)[2] is a posthumous tertiary character featured in the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders.

She is the younger sister of Jean Pierre Polnareff and was killed by J. Geil in 1985, three years prior to the story. Polnareff temporarily allies himself with DIO in order to find the man who killed her and get his revenge.


Sherry is a young girl with long dark curly hair and wears a sweater. In the anime, she also wears a scarf and skirt.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Outfit(Red sweater)
(Light purple turtleneck sweater and light green scarf)


Although Sherry's personality is mostly unknown, the anime slightly expands on her by adding more flashbacks. She is shown to be caring and adores her older brother.[3] It has been implied that she (at least, her fake by Judgement) can have her feelings easily hurt, as when Polnareff lashes out in anger and says he hates her, she seems very upset.


Sherry and her friend on that day

Sherry lives in a small village in France with her brother.[1] In the anime, she is shown as a child happily running into Polnareff's arms. She cheerfully asks him to lift her higher and then spin her around.[3]

At some point when she and Polnareff are young, she feeds Polnareff's tropical fish to their cat and he becomes extremely angry with her, saying he hates her.[4]

One day, Sherry is headed to school and Polnareff gives her a new umbrella. Sherry thanks him for the gift and says she'll be back soon.[3] That evening, while on her way home with her friend, named Sophie in the Drama CD, they are confronted by a man with two right hands. The man suddenly slashes the chest of Sherry's friend before raping and murdering Sherry. Her classmate manages to escape alive, although nobody in the village believes her story aside from Polnareff, who figures the man must be a Stand user like him.[1]

Sherry's brother manages to avenge her by battling and ultimately killing J. Geil.[5]

Later, Polnareff asks Judgement to revive her after the Stand offers to grant him a wish. Instead, the Stand manifests a clay-imitaion that looks and sounds exactly like her, including having her memories. She suddenly attacks Polnareff when he lets his guard down and gets close enough.[4] The figure is ultimately destroyed when Judgement throws it at Magician's Red as a diversionary tactic.[6] In the anime, however, this fake Sherry is still alive. Polnareff catches the figure, and, accepting the death of his sister, impales the clay figure, killing it for good.

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  • In the English dub for the OVA, Sherry's lines are left in Japanese — voiced by her Japanese voice actress, Sayuri Kubo.
  • In Stardust Shooters, Sherry's silhouette uses the same sprite as Suzi Q and is internally labeled as "Shelly."


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