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Why donate?

JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia is a well-used resource by both JoJo fans and those new to the series. However, it costs $480 a month to run the site, especially considering the site is only hosted by one person as well as the large amount of traffic requests and bandwidth the site uses.

Including monthly server costs, there are additional costs that all add up like yearly domain renewal and various back-end features. We're constantly buying several of the latest magazines each month to add the latest information and interviews to the site.

If you want to support us, feel free to donate either by PayPal, Patreon or Ko-fi. Thank you! We really appreciate any support.

Why is the server expensive?

Our server needs to have a reliable amount of CPU cores and enough RAM to be able to load all of the large images (like scans in the Art Gallery and numerous imagery Archive pages) for the high volume of traffic we receive. An alternative would be to resize all these images but we would prefer to provide you with the highest resolution rather than sacrificing quality.

Our supporters

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Rewards for donating

☆ You will get the Supporter role in our Discord server

☆ A badge that displays on your profile on the wiki (message Vish either on the wiki or on Discord for this)

☆ Your name (or Wiki username) displayed on the website's main page and on this page as our supporter

Alternate methods of helping us

We have an extension for Chrome and Firefox which will redirect all JoJo Fandom Wiki links to our Wiki. Using this may help the wiki show higher on Google.

We also have a Chrome extension that notifies you when a new article on JoJo News was published.