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Highway Star, Part 2 (ハイウェイ・スター その2 Haiwei Sutā Sono 2)[1] is the twenty-ninth episode of Diamond is Unbreakable and the one hundred third episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. It covers Chapter 387 through Chapter 391 of the manga.

Josuke is chased by the Stand Highway Star and must ride on a motorcycle across Morioh to evade it. As he needs to find the user, he calls Koichi for help.


Highway Star pursues Josuke

On the run from Highway Star, Josuke devises a plan to contact Koichi to determine who and where the enemy Stand's user is. After learning that Highway Star can teleport, Josuke abandons his initial plan of using a payphone and instead steals a cellphone to contact Koichi. During their call, Koichi remembers a news story about a drunk driving accident in the tunnel where Highway Star first appeared; after some contemplation, Josuke comes to the conclusion that this John Doe must be the Stand user, and Highway Star is his means of speeding up his recovery. Josuke heads to the hospital where the user is at while continuing to evade Highway Star through various convoluted means.

Meanwhile, Yoshihiro expresses joy at the viability of Highway Star, despite its user being a crippled accident victim. Kira flies around giddily, though he admits that it would've been more satisfying to see Josuke die.

Highway Star's user, Yuya Fungami, is confined to a hospital bed

Koichi reaches the hospital but is unable to find out anything about John Doe because visiting hours are over. Desperate for information, Koichi sends out Echoes ACT3 to increase the mass of and tip over several expensive medicine bottles. The administrator ends up at Koichi's mercy and is forced to tell him that the man he is looking for is Yuya Fungami in Room 525, just in time for Josuke to come crashing in. Hearing this new information, Josuke rushes into the elevator, with Highway Star in hot pursuit. Since ACT3 is able to stop only one of the enemy Stand's feet at a time, it eventually catches up with Josuke and starts feeding off of him. However, Josuke still has enough strength to make it into the room, where he sees Yuya being spoiled by three of his fangirls.

Crazy Diamond delivers multiple punches to Yuya's face

Josuke is angrily reprimanded by the girls and talked down to by Yuya, who demonstrates his enhanced sense of smell by pointing out a rotten peach, detecting which girl is on her period, and smelling the adrenaline caused by someone's anger. Yuya tries to determine which of his fangirls is the angry one, only to learn that it's actually Josuke, who'd been drinking from Yuya's IV bag to replenish himself. Josuke reveals that he has enough strength for Crazy Diamond to punch faster than Highway Star can run, and forces Yuya to release Rohan before preparing to beat the smug thug up. Yuya and co. point out that it would be cowardly for Josuke to attack a crippled man, at which point Josuke reveals that Crazy Diamond already healed him. Josuke beats Yuya senseless and throws him into the fountain right outside the hospital entrance, prolonging his stay; the narrator explains that Yuya is now unable to use Highway Star or else Josuke will kick his ass. Back at the tunnel, Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to heal Rohan, who condescendingly states that he would've preferred dying. Koichi takes his dog Police out for a walk to end the day, while back at the Kosaku household, Shinobu notices a stray British Blue cat that wandered into their basement.


Yuya Fungami
(1st full appearance)
(1st appearance)
Akira (Minor Character)
(1st appearance)
(1st appearance) (Voice only)
Akemi, Yoshie, and Reiko
(1st appearance)
(1st appearance)


Script (脚本)
Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
ふでやす かずゆき
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
Yoriyasu Kogawa
古川 順康
Episode Director (演出)
Hikaru Murata
村田 光
Chief Animation Director (総作画監督)
石本 峻一
Animation Director (作画監督)
芦谷 耕平
木下 由衣
千葉山 夏恵
仲敷 沙織
渡邊 葉瑠
横山 謙次
大高 雄太
西位 輝実
石本 峻一
馬場 充子
Action Animation Director (アクションディレクター)
三室 健太
山田 まさし
才木 康寛
Action Animation Director Cooperation (アクション作画監督協力)
光田 史亮
Mechanical Animation Director (メカ作画監督)
滝 れーき
宝谷 幸稔
棚沢 隆
Key Animation (原画)
Yoko Uchida
Yu Matsuo
Yuichi Nakazawa
Nozomi Tachibana
Masashi Yamada
Hajime Tadokoro
Teruyo Kato
Manabu Imura
Yui Kinoshita
Natsue Chibayama
Mahora Muraki
Aiko Sonobe
Kohei Ashiya
Rie Arakawa
Shunryo Yamamura
Sae Akama
Ryo Yamauchi
Takashi Hirabayashi
内田 陽子
松尾 優
中澤 勇一
立花 希望
山田 まさし
田所 はじめ
加藤 照代
井村 学
木下 由衣
千葉山 夏恵
村木 麻保良
薗部 あい子
芦谷 耕平
荒川 理恵
山村 俊了
赤間 紗枝
山内 遼
平林 考
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
Shuhei Fukuda
Masami Gohda
Yuri Yamamura
Sayaka Anesaki
Eriko Miwa
Miho Sekimoto
Takashi Tanazawa
Emiko Kataoka
Nana Yamazaki
Rinka Wada
Yumika Ichimura
Mitsuko Baba
Mapo Sama
Koki Miyazaki
Sakuya Abe
Tomoko Segawa
White Line
Asashi Production
Studio CL
Doga Kobo
Triple A
福田 周平
合田 真さ美
山村 有理
姉崎 早也花
三輪 えり子
関本 美穂
棚沢 隆
片岡 恵美子
山崎 菜奈
和田 凛花
市村 友美佳
馬場 充子
狭間 麻婆
宮崎 公輝
阿部 咲夜
瀬川 とも子
White Line

Triple A
In-between Animation (動画)
Digital In-Between Animation
David Production
Yusaku Nagahama
Rie Takahashi
Mai Oshima
Yuta Shinohara
Nana Nomiya
Daiki Ito
長濱 佑作
高橋 梨恵
大島 舞
篠原 佑太
野宮 菜那
伊東 大輝

Studio CL
White Line
Asahi Production
Triple A
White Line

Triple A
Design Cooperation (デザイン協力)
Yoko Uchida
内田 陽子
Digital Works (デジタルワークス)
David Production
Eyecatch Illustration (アイキャッチ原画)
鬼窪 浩久


Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 29: Highway Star, Part 2
Start End Title OST Description

Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Night Morioh Cho~
Josuke pursued by Highway Star/Where is the User?
On Pursuit
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Nightwalk~
Josuke cannot make a proper phone call
Great Days
Great Days
Crime Scene Express
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Daydream~
Josuke calls Koichi/The port
Looming Crisis
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Morning Morioh Cho~
Josuke stuck near the ocean
The Trap Has Been Set
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Nightwalk~
Yoshihiro gloats
Looming Crisis
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Morning Morioh Cho~
A drainage pipe was the escape route
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Daydream~
The motorcycle is out of gas
Bizarre Premonitions
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Daydream~
Koichi asks a nurse for the enemy's name
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Night Morioh Cho~
"Let's kill da hoe"
Diamond is Unbreakable -Main Theme-
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Morning Morioh Cho~
Josuke arrives at the hospital
On Pursuit
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Nightwalk~
Highway Star manages to reach Josuke
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Morning Morioh Cho~
Yuya Fungami on his hospital bed
Doze Meeting
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Morning Morioh Cho~
Yuya and his three girlfriends
Diamond is Unbreakable ~ Stand Activated ~
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Night Morioh Cho~
Josuke is mad
Diamond is Unbreakable -Main Theme-
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Morning Morioh Cho~
Josuke defeats Yuya
A Town Protected by Love
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Night Morioh Cho~
Aftermath of the battle
Peaceful Street Corner
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Morning Morioh Cho~
Josuke and Rohan do not get along
A New Courage
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Night Morioh Cho~
Shinobu sees a cat
I Want You
I Want You
Diamond is Unbreakable -Main Theme-
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Morning Morioh Cho~
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Manga/Anime Differences

  • Removed Josuke saying he sucks at math and shortened his calculations to determine the distance he'll be from Highway Star. Also moved his calculations to be after Highway Star catches up to him at the payphone, rather than before.
  • Changed Koichi's hair to what they are like in his fight against Sheer Heart Attack. Removed the Adidas brand logo from Koichi's clothes.
  • Removed Koichi's family member saying they're using the restroom and telling Koichi to pick up the phone, with Koichi complaining that they just told him to walk the dog.
  • Removed the panels of Koichi asking if Josuke can head towards his house. Josuke replies back that he can't pull a U-turn at 60 km/h because he'll crash, and he doesn't know the streets around him very well either.
  • Removed the narrator explaining how motorcycles normally don't have a gasoline gauge, and how Josuke doesn't realize the shortage of gas because he is inexperienced.
  • Removed the nurse asking if Koichi is a family member of Yuya, and a line of her mocking Koichi that they have an ear specialist upstairs if he needs one.
  • Added scene of Josuke healing Rohan at the tunnel with Rohan still being mad at him, and included Jotaro in the scene as well. In the manga, what happened was only narrated.
  • Added scene of Koichi walking his dog after everything was over. In the manga, it was only narrated as well.
  • Added scene of Shinobu finding Tama in her basement before the events of Chapter 392, which is covered in the following episode.

In other languages

Language Title Translation
Japan Japanese ハイウェイ・スター その2 Highway Star, Part 2
United States of America English Highway Go Go, Part 2
Spain Spanish Highway Go Go - Segunda parte Highway Go Go - Part 2
Brazil Portuguese Highway Star - Parte 2 Highway Star - Part 2
France French Highway Star, Partie 2 Highway Star, Part 2
Germany German Highway Go Go, Teil 2 Highway Go Go, Part 1
Israel Hebrew הייווי סטאר, חלק 2 Highway Star, Part 2
Flag of the Arab League Arabic نجم الطريق السّريع، الجزء 2 Highway Star, Part 2
Italy Italian Highway Go Go, Parte 2 Highway Go Go, Part 2
Poland Polish Highway Go Go: część 2 Highway Go Go: part 2


Drawing a moving motorcycle by hand is very exhausting. And while I wasn't directly involved in drawing it, the faces on the other animators… phew. I thought the storyboard was bad enough, but it was even worse when I saw the sheer amount of key frames the animation directors had. Better be prepared when you’re dealing with a car chase scene. (laughs).

When Highway Star absorbs its victim’s nutrients, they become a little transparent, leaving their skeleton exposed. We achieved this effect by messing around with the layers display. It's actually simpler than it looks. The skeleton’s appearance does give the impression that one’s energy is being sucked away. Yet another visual trick we owe to Mr. Araki.

Just after Fungami’s defeat, we added an original scene between Josuke and Rohan. It's essentially the conclusion of the feud between these two going back to episode 27. It was inevitable that this particular story would come to an end. It apparently pleased the fans, so I’m reassured.
Naokatsu Tsuda, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries




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