Stone Ocean - Chapter 5

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Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 2 (囚人番号FE40536空条徐倫 その②, Shūjin Bangō Efu Ī 40536 Kūjō Jorīn Sono 2), originally Pi-chan the Parrot (インコのピーちゃん, Inko no Pī-chan) in the WSJ release, is the fifth chapter of Stone Ocean and the five hundred ninety-ninth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jolyne lies in her bed, unable to sleep. She thinks about the amulet from her father, as well as Gwess's parrot that could take off its head and sprout arms. Jolyne opens her eyes to see Gwess staring at her. She is startled, but Gwess apologizes for her behavior the previous night. Gwess hands the pendant over to Jolyne, allowing her to open it, but not to keep it, and tells her there was never anything inside it. Jolyne accepts Gwess's apology, and the two become friends.

Jolyne goes to eat breakfast, but finds out her pants are soaking wet. In the cafeteria, Jolyne finds out that all the food is sold out. The prison allows prisoners to sleep in as late as they want, and as such prisoners who sleep in will miss breakfast. She sees Gwess throw away her trash, and notices that she had two breakfasts. Jolyne figures out that Gwess had gotten her pants wet in order to steal her breakfast. In the trash, Jolyne notices a picture of her parents, the one that was in the amulet.

Elsewhere in the prison, Gwess plays with her pet bird. She commands the bird to say "I love you" and gives it treats when it succeeds. Next, she commands the bird to fly to her finger. The bird successfully jumps to the finger, but angers Gwess when it says "whoa." Gwess scolds the bird, but gets distracted. Jolyne uses her ability to switch the bird out for a banana. Jolyne realizes that her cellmate must have received an ability from the amulet, and examines the bird. When she looks inside the bird, tiny severed limbs of a human fall out.


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Author's Comment

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I appeared on stage at Jump Festa. I was continually nervous. I honestly believe that manga artists should not appear in front of people.



  • In 2020, Hirohiko Araki altered the inking on one of the female inmates in this chapter, and the banana she is eating was redrawn into a sandwich to avoid allusions to racial caricatures and blackface. This change was published in Shueisha's reprinted tankobons of volume 1 in Japan, Ivrea's Spanish release, and VIZ Media's digital chapter in 2022 and volume release in 2023.


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