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I'm becoming rich no matter what it takes!
—Jodio Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure

Jodio Joestar (ジョディオ・ジョースター, Jodio Jōsutā) is the main protagonist of the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands, and the ninth JoJo of the series.

Jodio is a small-time gangster living in Honolulu, Hawaii, with his older brother Dragona and his mother Barbara Ann Joestar. He is a Stand user who wields November Rain, allowing him to create localized drops of rain that can crush his opponents.


Jodio Appearance.png

Jodio is a 15-year-old boy. He has light skin and light-colored hair with long jagged bangs partially obscuring both of his eyes and an undercut at the back. His hair is asymmetrical, as the right side is braided with a star-shaped ornamental hair clip attached, and the left side is cut just below his eye. He wears a large "JO" shaped earring that hangs from his left ear.

His outfit consists of a light shirt with small sleeves under dark overalls that double as a hoodie. The light shirt has been shown to have the word "NOVEMBER" written on the front collar. The hoodie has a heart emblem with wings at the center of the chest, under which a belt is fastened around the torso, similar to a life preserver. The emblem is marked by an hourglass symbol with both triangles split into a dark and a bright half. The pantlegs are split under the knee, giving them a similar appearance to bell-bottoms, both also studded in a vertical column besides the slit. Jodio wears assorted fingerless gloves, some of which bear the same hourglass symbol as his heart emblem. He has an armband on each arm also shaped like two triangles. The overalls exposes most of his back. There are light-colored, small arch-shaped shoulder pads, attached to the overalls. Jodio also wears dark plain dress shoes.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Fair, bright orange lipstick, green earring)
Hair(Gray, olive green hair clip)
Eyes(Emerald Green)
(Green heart with white and black hourglass, yellow wings)
(Navy blue with yellow and orange trims, magenta shoulder pads, gold studs and cyan pant undersides.)
Remaining Outfit
(Gray shirt, purple belt with magenta buckle, navy blue gloves and dark purple shoes.)


Jodio threatening police officers

Jodio Joestar is a taciturn teenager with a materialistic outlook who lives a life of petty crime as a small-time hoodlum in Hawaii.

In his childhood, Jodio was diagnosed as possibly having antisocial personality disorder. A test revealed several traits such as impulsiveness and an inability to feel remorse.[3] As a matter of fact, his personality generally aligns with the diagnosis, he is a rather reserved and solitary boy. Apart from his family, he doesn't seem to have any close friends. In fact, he explicitly declares that he isn't going to school to make friends.[4] Though, he still seems to think of himself as fairly likeable and sociable.[5]

Jodio is uninterested in studying[4] and his greatest ambition is to become rich.[6] He started as a gofer at the age of 11,[7] which he continues to be at the age of 15, simply transporting goods from one place to another. Jodio himself says he treated his job diligently and was always discreet, not speaking more than he needed to, which earned him recognition and trust in the criminal world.[7] Jodio is callous about committing crime, stealing cars[8] and dealing drugs at school.[4] While he stays quiet most of the time, he is irritable and prone to violence; such as when he brutalizes policemen when his family is threatened.[9] His narration is also somewhat familiar and self-aware and he recognizes that his goal to become "filthy rich" can sound conceited.[10] Jodio has a lot of affection for his family which manifests as a protective instinct. He will run to his sibling's aid and he also explains that he is protecting his mother and ensuring her social status via his links with the criminal community of Hawaii.[11]

Jodio is also somewhat aware of the existence of what he calls "mechanisms", some general principles that one should follow and can exploit to gain an advantage. For instance, he presents how the "trust" (as well as popularity) that he enjoys among his peers makes it so he and his family are loved, respected, and protected to contrast to an unpopular kid who is getting bullied by his classmates.[12] Thus, in Jodio's mind, knowing and following those mechanisms could allow one to win, even if one had enemies. He nonetheless nuances his idea by saying that those mechanisms can sometimes be destroyed or taken.[6]

Jodio happens to read Rohan Kishibe's work and watches his anime online.[13]



Main article: November Rain

Jodio wields November Rain, a Stand that is able to create small drops of rain that are heavy enough to completely flatten an adult man into the ground.

November Rain (11月の雨)Link to this section



11-year-old Jodio recruited to be a gofer

Jodio is the grandson of Joseph Joestar and Suzi Q, and the son of Barbara Ann Joestar and an unnamed man. His family lived in Atlantic City but they moved to Honolulu before his parents separated for unknown reasons. When he was 11 years old, he was recruited into a criminal organization by someone from the neighborhood to become a gofer for them. His job involved transporting things and handing them over to others in exchange for money. By carrying out this job efficiently and not speaking any more than he had to, he gained recognition and trust within the gang, though he is still of low rank as their roles are based on seniority.

As a 15-year-old teenager, he goes to McKinley High School, where the boss of his gang is the school's principal. At one point, Jodio had to take a psychological test and it diagnosed him as possibly having antisocial personality disorder.[3] His mother was outraged but Jodio quietly accepted the result and promised to "be careful", although he privately resented being called "antisocial".

One day, Jodio and his older brother Dragona go on a job to smuggle drugs in surfboards. They steal a pickup truck and Dragona creates a fake driver's license using his Stand.[1]

The JOJOLands

Selling Drugs in O'ahu

Jodio about to pummel the officer with raindrops

Jodio sits in the passenger seat of the pickup truck while Dragona drives, blasting Dua Lipa's music. They are suddenly stopped by police officers. One of the cops gets annoyed at Dragona questioning him and forces Dragona out of the car. He molests him under the pretense of "searching him" until Jodio decides to intervene. Jodio steps out of the car and demands the officer take his hands off his big brother, threatening to kill him otherwise. The officers point their guns at Jodio but he summons his Stand, causing rain droplets to pin the officer behind him to the ground, flattening him. Just before the other officer fires at Jodio, Dragona uses his Stand to slide the officer's eyes to the back of his head, throwing off his aim. Finally, Jodio attacks the officer with rain drops as well, crushing him. He continuously stomps on the cop before Dragona stops him, calming him down so that Jodio doesn't kill the man.

Jodio then burns the officers' body cameras and dashboard camera along with their car, so that the officers would have no evidence and won't be able to go after them. Moreover, Dragona uses his Stand to change the numbers on the truck's license plate and gets rid of their fake license before they head to their gang's rendezvous point. One of the gang members praises them for doing well but reprimands them for being late. He also asks them if they heard about a police car being burned down but Jodio and Dragona pretend to be ignorant. They walk until they get to a major road and then call an Uber to go home.

Jodio receives his new mission and allies

While Jodio is headed to school on the bus, his upperclassman Usagi Alohaoe asks him if he brought the stuff he wanted. Suddenly, Jodio pushes him off the seat and makes a scene, asking if Usagi is messing with him. Usagi is confused, but as they leave the bus, Jodio calls him over and apologizes. He takes the money from the boy's pocket and gives him directions of where to go to get the drugs.

Later that day, Jodio, Dragona, and Paco are summoned by their boss, Meryl Mei Qi, to the fashion boutique named Iko Iko. Meryl orders everyone to turn off their phones before showing them her own phone. On the screen is a natural blue 24 carats diamond worth 6 million dollars. It's owned by a Japanese tourist who owns a villa on the Island of Hawaii and plans to stay there for around 12 more days. Their group will be getting a 2% split all together, while Meryl gets an 18% cut after they sell it on the black market. She also informs them that they will be going as a team of four. The student who they sold drugs to at school in the morning arrives as their fourth member, as Meryl guarantees that he will be useful to them.[1]

Before the heist, Jodio and Paco want to complete another drug sale and a college student contacts them to buy drugs at a park. Jodio meets with the student but quickly suspects that she's an undercover police officer. The woman dismisses him, claiming that if she were a police officer, then she would have to confirm it if Jodio asked her the question. Jodio asks her and she lies. Immediately after the transaction is complete, she reveals herself as an undercover DEA agent and arrests Jodio as another group of officers arrest Paco. The DEA agent gloats, explaining that she only needs the drug as physical proof to arrest him. Jodio is manhandled by the duo of police officers from before who molested Dragona, and one of the officers threatens to molest him. Angered, Jodio uses November Rain to destroy the bag of drugs, forcing the police to let him go afterwards since they no longer have evidence.

The Heist

The day of the heist, Jodio, Dragona and Paco fly together to Hawaii Island and wait for Usagi at the airport. Usagi is late and makes light of his tardiness. However, he does the role he was assigned and brings the group to a car rental business where the group can rent a car. Usagi assures that the car will leave no trace of them because the company doesn't track the renter's whereabouts with onboard cameras or GPS recorders.

The group thus drives around Hawaii to the villa of said Japanese tourist and Jodio goes to scout the place first. He notes that the tourist is in the villa but also spots some drinks on the table of the balcony, as well as a towel, suggesting that the tourist will go swim in the pool for a moment. This gives the group the opportunity to sneak in and quickly steal the diamond. On the way, Usagi reveals his Stand THE MATTEKUDASAI which morphs into a second security camera to produce a modified recording of the group with disguised faces when they trespass into the property. Jodio watches the pool and suddenly recognizes Rohan Kishibe, a famous manga artist.[14] Jodio immediately hides behind a chair and reaches for manga artist's iPad. He looks at the Pink Dark Boy drawings in awe, but also notes that Rohan is still someone who brings a diamond worth 6 million dollars with him on a vacation. Meanwhile, Dragona successfully picks the lock of the front door, and Jodio tells them that there are no problems so far as long as the three do not come close to the windows by the poolside. so the trio heads inside the mansion.[15]

Jodio continues to browse through Rohan's iPad, seeing multiple pictures of volcanoes and lava - assuming them to be references for the manga artist - as well as pictures of Bakin, his dog. With Bakin presumably in Japan being taken care of by someone else, Jodio realizes that the cat wandering around the mansion may not be Rohan's pet but a stray. Suddenly, Rohan leaves the pool and Jodio hurriedly returns the iPad and pages Dragona. He reports that Rohan will soon be coming inside, so the three must leave immediately since they can return another time for the diamond. He also notices that the stray cat seems to be leading Rohan inside. After Dragona, Paco, and Usagi ignoring Jodio's warning, he has no choice but to summon November Rain to temporarily distract the manga artist, using the rain drops to drip a nearby cactus's spine onto Rohan's finger, pricking him. He soon sees the cat enter the house. Noticing Rohan examine his surrounding, Jodio then realizes that he is also a Stand user.[15] He warns Dragona through their transceiver that Rohan has entered the house and has figured out the situation. However, Dragona receives the message too late due to being distracted by a Stand attack. Thus, Rohan is able to attack the group and learns by reading their bio of Jodio's presence.[16]

Jodio manages to neutralize Rohan and acquires a strange piece of lava.

While Rohan is busy fighting Paco and Usagi, Jodio takes the opportunity to sneak inside the house. He discovers the lava samples in Rohan's safe and deduces that Rohan is in Hawaii to study its volcanoes. Realizing that these samples must be valuable to Rohan, he decides to take them. As Rohan confronts Dragona, Jodio uses November Rain to cause a downpour in the living room, targeting the floor beneath a carpet to make it collapse. Caught off guard, Rohan falls into the hole created by the rain. Jodio then swiftly appears behind him, tying his neck to a decorative fence and binding his hands. Once Jodio unties Paco and Usagi, they threaten to retaliate against Rohan, fueled by their anger. However, Jodio prevents any further confrontation, explaining that he respects Rohan and wants to maintain the day as a great one. Dragona, however, alerts Jodio to the fact that Rohan is aware of their identities, making an airport escape impossible. Moreover, Dragona mentions how he can't steal the diamond, causing confusion within the group. Adding to their disarray, Rohan points out that they would have been safer if he had been the one to capture them since they are being followed. Despite this, Jodio remains undeterred.

Jodio picks up Rohan's phone and instructs him to call off the police and claim that the earlier burglary report was a mistake. Rohan refuses, reasoning that it would be pointless as a patrol car will check the situation regardless. Unfazed, Jodio playfully taps the phone on his head and proceeds to share his earlier encounter by the pool. He reveals how his admiration for Rohan's work led him to inspect Rohan's iPad, where he discovered photos of the lava samples that Rohan kept in his safe. To underscore his point, Jodio presents a small tray containing two Lava Rocks, which he assumes are valuable to Rohan. Upon hearing this, Rohan is taken aback.

Jodio threatens to destroy the remaining lava sample and toss it into the ocean if their retreat to O'ahu is obstructed, forcing Rohan to cooperate. He even crushes one of the samples for emphasis, causing Rohan to panic. The rest of the gang is curious about the lava's value, but Jodio admits he is unsure; he only knows that it serves as useful leverage against Rohan. With one final plea for cooperation, Jodio leaves Rohan a pair of scissors and the cellphone, while Dragona instructs Paco to seize the diamond. Once Paco nonchalantly grabs the diamond, the group departs, with Rohan requesting a private word with Jodio. Rohan commends Jodio as a worthy adversary and urges him to protect the remaining lava sample, hinting that it may be the last of its kind. He unveils a secret: if the lava is handled carefully, it holds the potential to make Jodio extremely wealthy due to a hidden "mechanism." Intrigued but suspicious, Jodio probes further, but Rohan remains cryptic. Expecting a future encounter, Rohan wishes Jodio a safe journey and advises him to keep the lava's secrets to himself, distrusting Jodio's companions. Having absorbed this new information, Jodio silently exits the house.

Reuniting with his gang, Jodio reassures them that the police situation is under control. He instructs them to head through the jungle, back to the car, and return home. Usagi asks Jodio to appraise a drawing he stole from Rohan, making Jodio jealous since Usagi won't give it to him. Unbeknownst to the group, a trio of stray cats stealthily watches from the rooftop of Rohan's villa, and as the gang leaves, the cats trail behind them.[17]

Jungle Warfare

In the jungle, Jodio still privately wonders what is going on with the lava. He asks himself why Rohan has entrusted the Lava Rock to him and what the implications are. Wondering whether Rohan wants him to do something specific with the lava, Jodio doesn't plan on doing anything with it unless it makes him money. Suddenly, Paco trips on a root, forcing the group to stop. Dragona sees that the diamond has fallen on the ground, which surprises Paco who is sure that he put the gem in his backpack and zipped it. Then, Jodio also sees the precious artwork Usagi had stolen earlier near him beneath some leaves. Somehow, the drawing has left Usagi's backpack. Dragona also remembers how several bank notes that Paco had stolen mysteriously fell out of his pocket earlier and realizes that this is not a matter of being careless or any trick on Rohan's part, but rather it seems that precious items are drawn towards the Lava Rock. Since Jodio was holding the Lava Rock, Dragona tells him to pick up the diamond, assuming it wouldn't fall again.

However, when Jodio approaches the diamond, he touches a wire that was hidden in the grass. It coils around his ankle and lifts him up, leaving him dangling upside down from a tree. Surprised, Jodio drops the Lava Rock. Moreover, he glimpses a silhouette of the stray cats lurking around, hidden by the vegetation. The rest of the group is just as surprised as Jodio to see the wire attack continue even after they left the house. Jodio warns his companions about an animal lurking around and Usagi suspects the stray cat he's seen at Rohan's villa. The wire digs into Jodio's leg and he is unable to break free. Thus, Dragona approaches to help him. However, two other wires stealthily approach Dragona from behind, bind to each other, and then pierce his stomach. Paco rushes to Dragona's aid but when he grabs Dragona, the wires start to sew themselves into his arm, binding him and Dragona together.

Jodio fighting a trio of cats.

Jodio sees more wires flying towards them from upwind and warns his companions. Worse, it seems that Usagi has taken all the goods and fled. As the wires approach Paco and Dragona, Jodio, still dangling from the tree, estimates the distances between him, the branch from which he's hanging, and the tree trunk. Satisfied, he tells Paco and Dragona to get under him and then summons November Rain. November Rain creates a rain right underneath it which pushes the floating wires onto the ground and disintegrates them while Jodio shields Paco and Dragona. Jodio tries to swing towards the tree but fails to grab onto the bark.[18]

As the trio struggles against the wire onslaught, Paco uses THE Hustle to remove the wire from Jodio's ankle. Jodio's November Rain manages to fend off one cat, but the remaining two ensnare them in a net made of wires, which is revealed to come from their fur. Just as the situation seems dire, Usagi intervenes by crashing the rental car into the tree. He reveals he had fed the cats expensive caviar he stole from Rohan's villa. Usagi has Dragona ask THE MATTEKUDASAI to transform into a net and lures the cats toward him. He then drops the Lava Rock he was holding, causing the cats to fall down since they would be drawn toward the Rock due to its properties. After Usagi cleverly captures the two felines, Jodio reflects on the mysterious nature of the Lava Rock and suspects that something had been observing Rohan even before their arrival at Rohan's villa.[19]

Testing the Lava Rock

Jodio attacked by the fake Paco

Jodio's group winds down after escaping from the jungle. Two adult women flirt with Jodio, asking if he wants to go to the beach with them, but Dragona calls him away so that they can go to a cafe. Dragona lends Usagi $20 so he can do an experiment to test the Lava Rock's ability to attract valuables. Usagi places the Rock on top of the bill while they talk for a few minutes, then marks the bill with a symbol using a pen before throwing the cash to the ground. A man steals the bill and uses it to pay for food, but the money eventually returns to the group after Paco gets a refund from a shop, confirming the Lava Rock's power. Dragona then suggests a test at a luxury watch store, Diamotch, so they can fully figure out how the Lava Rock's powers work before boarding the plane. Jodio stays behind with Paco, who leaves to get them chicken burritos. When he returns, they receive a morbid warning in their food bag: decapitated heads of the three cats they fought earlier. Jodio surmises that the cats' owner had been watching Rohan's villa the whole time and was stalking the group afterward, aiming to retrieve the Lava Rock.[20]

Jodio incidentally receives a phone call from his mother Barbara Ann Joestar who asks where he is. He pretends he is simply hanging out with Dragona and denies being with Paco. After he hangs up, Jodio resumes trying to make sense of the situation. Neither Jodio nor Paco can guess who would send the package. Eventually, Paco theorizes the sender must be a ruthless person who owned the Lava Rock and suggests it would be best to relinquish the lava rock. However, Jodio refuses. Firstly, Jodio explains that if the sender has been watching Rohan, then they must not have known about the lava's properties and must not actually own the rock. Secondly, Jodio is determined to leave Hawai'i with the rock, feeling that between criminals, there's no point hoping for the other party to be reasonable. Suddenly, a second Paco comes back. At this moment, the first "Paco" sheds their disguise and attacks Jodio with a knife, cutting his neck.[21]

THE Hustle

Paco pushes Jodio aside and uses THE Hustle on Jodio's neck so that he only receives a glancing wound. After Paco fends off the enemy, Jodio is able to put a band-aid on his neck. Dragona and Usagi exit the store while enjoying a bit of alcohol from Rohan's house. They celebrate their success and await one expensive wristwatch to come back to them. Although Paco warns them about an enemy hiding nearby, Dragona and Usagi are distracted when they see the watch they targeted in another woman's possession. Dragona sees a bird fly toward him carrying the watch, but it is actually an illusion as the foe is transformed into the bird and the sky. He steals the Lava Rock and also stabs Dragona in the neck. As Dragona collapses, the enemy disappears again. Jodio makes it rain around him, and manages to wound the enemy on the leg.[22]

The assailant pins Jodio underwater

Dragona pulls the wound onto a bottle, saving himself. The group spots a blood trail and thus are able to follow the enemy. During the chase, Paco warns that the enemy's skin has a rough texture. The trail leads to a car, whose owner, Leo, antagonizes the group for blocking his path. Jodio opens one of the car's doors and suddenly feels the sandy texture. The enemy reveals himself, fused with the door. Jodio kicks the woman sitting in the passenger side away but the enemy retaliates with a slash of his knife, breaking the door's window. Leo interrupts the fight and berates the gang for harming his girlfriend and car, allowing the enemy to disappear again. Although the blood trail is gone, they see the watch bound to the Lava Rock sliding towards the sea, and are able to use their diamond as a compass to pinpoint the general direction of the enemy. They follow the diamond's cue to the shore, where Jodio plans on cornering the enemy and force him to manifest himself.

They walk down to a pier, where the assailant fuses with a splash of the water and ambushes Paco from behind. Jodio saves Paco by grabbing onto the enemy and dragging him into the water. Getting angry, the enemy turns around and tries to press his blade on Jodio's neck, but Jodio summons November Rain and activates his power. The heavy rain breaks the blade and forces the enemy underwater, but November Rain's ability cannot penetrate deeper than the surface of the water. The enemy tries to stab him in the stomach, leading Jodio to block the attack with his arms, but it pins him down to the sea. Usagi helps him by kicking an inflatable raft into the range of November Rain's attack. The rain makes the raft sink, and Jodio is able to breathe in the bubbles of air leaking from the boat. Thus, he's able to reverse the situation and it is now him who's pinning the enemy in the water with him.[23] However, Paco changes his mind and decides to make an ally out of their assailant.

Thus, the fight concludes and the group plus the man, named Charmingman, make an uneasy truce. At the airport, Jodio finds himself sitting in front of Charmingman and asks him what kind of music he listens to. When Charmingman answers by listing Sia, H.E.R., and SZA, Jodio finds it amusing that he's only listening to artists with three letter names. Paco interrupts the chatter and asks for more information about Charmingman, who reveals his backstory and how he knows about the Lava Rock. As everyone boards the plane back to O'ahu, Charmingman warns Jodio that the rock will not make them rich, but doesn't elaborate much.

Back at O'ahu, Jodio and the rest make their report to Meryl Mei Qi and bring her the diamond. Although they stole more than Meryl Mei instructed, she remains satisfied of the heist and hands the group their payment for the job. Meryl Mei puts the diamond in a safe but then asks what they were doing for more than six hours on the island, since none of her contacts reported that there was a robbery. The group hesitates to explain everything, but Dragona points out that the diamond is back in Meryl Mei's hands. Meryl suddenly has an idea.[24]

Upcoming Legacy

Jodio describes himself as a boy who will go on to become filthy rich in the subtropical islands.[1]



  • Dragona Joestar: Jodio's older brother. The two have a close relationship, working together to earn money and protect their mother. When Dragona is harassed by a police officer, Jodio angrily beats the man, leaving him half-dead. Dragona feels glad that Jodio did that for him and hugs him after.[1]
  • Barbara Ann Joestar: The mother of Jodio and Dragona, who raises them alone. Jodio and Dragona love her and ensure her social safety by helping her behind the scenes with their gang work.[1]


  • Paco Laburantes: Although they work together, Jodio does not consider Paco as his friend.[1] Paco starts to appreciate Jodio after seeing his ability in action.[14]
  • Usagi Alohaoe: Usagi is in a higher grade than Jodio at their high school. Jodio is surprised when Meryl Mei Qi added him to the heist team but he trusts Meryl's word that Usagi is a good kid.[1] Usagi is impressed with Jodio being on the same wavelength as him and asks if they can be good friends someday, but Jodio refuses.[20]


  • Rohan Kishibe: Jodio is an ardent fan of Rohan Kishibe and his work.[14][15] He diligently follows Rohan's series, Pink Dark Boy, lauding his unique approach as heavenly. Jodio deeply respects Rohan, going as far as to prevent his gang members from harming him. After being outmaneuvered by Jodio, Rohan develops a mutual respect for him. He encourages Jodio to pursue his ambitions but also cautions him not to trust his gang blindly.[17]



Quote.png Quotes
  • It's probably because you were jamming out to Dua Lipa too hard.
    —Jodio Joestar's first line, The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure
  • Get your hands... off of big bro right now. Got me? Right now... or... you're dead meat.
    —Jodio Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure
  • Everyone loves our mother. So mother is able to commute to the airport safely every day. That's because we brothers protect her.
    —Jodio Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure
  • Mechanisms have power but they're invisible to the eyes.
    —Jodio Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure
  • Mechanisms. Mechanisms of trust have power. Even if we don't obey the power called law in this town, trust keeps one safe.
    —Jodio Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure
  • This is the story of me getting filthy rich. Sound like I'm exaggerating? Do I sound immodest and conceited to you? Becoming filthy rich means being able to earn lots of money.
    —Jodio Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure
  • The pinnacle of mechanisms, that's something I can't see yet. But those mechanisms will come to appear before us as forms and shapes.
    —Jodio Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 1: Departure
  • It's best not to say anything unnecessary. Besides, what does it matter? Those who can't see it never will.
    —Jodio Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 2: South King Street
  • Could someone like me ever be happy? I mean, I think I probably could. If I just work for it... But the reality of the world is that there are hidden, unfair places where I'll meet scum like those guys. It makes me wanna lose my mind.
    —Jodio Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 2: South King Street
  • This guy is the real deal huh? He's actually swimming right in front of me right now. And this is Pink Dark Boy. It's a half-drawn manuscript. Wheeeew! I'm so nervous my hands are shaking! Just being able to see artwork like this is enough to make my day.
  • Hello? Can you all hear me...? We're in trouble. He's one who can see them.
  • Don't lay another hand on him! He's a mangaka! He may be a rich guy, but he's a special rich guy! I respect him. And I believe today's gonna turn out to be a great one.
    —Jodio Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 5: "Rise Up"
  • I'm a fan of yours, sensei. I read your stuff all the time. It really speaks to me in a way, y'know. Because I respect you so much I sorta get it. Like, the approach... or your stance towards manga. Or, like, philosophy? Like something that came down from the heavens... I understand. That four circles short work of yours, sensei, that was so good!
    —Jodio Joestar to Rohan Kishibe, The JOJOLands Chapter 5: "Rise Up"



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