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I can freeze anything in the universe! That's what makes White Album so perfect! Even roaring train engines, even the raging seas will come to a grinding halt at my command! None can defy my whims!
—Ghiaccio about White Album, Chapter 512: White Album, Part 4

Ghiaccio (ギアッチョ Giatcho) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo, specifically the "White Album" story arc.

Ghiaccio is a member of La Squadra Esecuzioni who chases Giorno Giovanna and Guido Mista near Venice with his cryogenic ice-generating Stand, White Album.


Anime Ghiaccio.png

Ghiaccio is a man of below-average height and slim to medium build.

His light hair clings to his head in a low number of large spirals, and he wears a pair of thick-rimmed glasses with round hinges marked with a "W" that are distinct to look at while in his full-body Stand suit.[3] Ghiaccio also keeps a blouse buttoned at the side of the chest and a band patterned pants. In the manga, he wears brown leather fingerless gloves, while the anime attaches them to his suit and makes them white. 

Ghiaccio wears his Stand, a light-colored, full-body suit, for the majority of his feature.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Hair(Light Blue)
(White tinted-blue blouse with blue buttons, brown gloves, and black/blue pants. Red glasses and maroon shoes.)
(Aqua blouse with gold buttons, purple gloves, and black/white pants. Red glasses and indigo shoes.)
Hair(Light Blue)
(White blouse with navy blue buttons, white gloves, and black/white pants. Magenta glasses and red shoes.)


It's Italian, you goddamn bastards! Speak fucking Italian! Fuck, that pisses me off! You stupid motherfuckers!
—Ghiaccio, Chapter 509: White Album, Part 1

Ghiaccio is a crass and irritable assassin, obsessed with idioms and pursuing his mission.

Wielding the dangerously powerful ice-based Stand, White Album, Ghiaccio is confident in his abilities and becomes incredibly irritated when challenged. Unlike the rest of his teammates, Ghiaccio openly confronts Giorno and Mista alone (having assumed the rest of the team was nearby too) and even openly monologues his plans out loud.[4] Conversely, when the two of them fight back, Ghiaccio doesn't hesitate to taunt them or ridicule their attempts, such as when he tells Mista to jump into the water to see whether he can really outpace White Album's freezing ability.[5] Ghiaccio still commends Mista for putting up such a fight, and states that he's earned his respect.[6]

Ghiaccio is furious foreigners don't call Venice "Venezia".

Although he is prideful, Ghiaccio is conscious about his weaknesses and has devised plans to alleviate his need to have an air hole on White Album. If the need presents itself, Ghiaccio is able to freeze the air to counter against projectiles and cover the air hole.[7] Moreover, Ghiaccio is a quick-thinker, able to change the dynamic of a battle in his favor. For instance, when he is nearly impaled on a spike, Ghiaccio uses his own flowing blood to create pillars and support himself.[8]

He has a fixation with language, expressing annoyance at the confusing wording of various metaphors as well as how foreign languages do not respect Italian words, such as spelling "Venice" in English instead of "Venezia".[9] During these fits of anger, Ghiaccio becomes so unnerved he begins to sweat out of wrath and freaks out by punching anything nearby or dramatically waving his arm.[10]



Main article: White Album

Ghiaccio's Stand is White Album. It acts as an almost impenetrable full-body suit with ice skate-like blades on its feet. It also has the power to almost instantly freeze objects and the air around him.

Ghiaccio is able to activate the second phase of his Stand, known as White Album Gently Weeps. During Gently Weeps' duration, Ghiaccio produces temperatures around roughly -210 degrees Celsius, impressively close to the point of absolute zero.

White Album (ホワイト・アルバム)Link to this section



The Boss makes an example of Sorbet

Ghiaccio was a member of La Squadra Esecuzioni, a team of nine assassins working within Passione. However, the team was frustrated they only received compensation for each kill while the rest of the gang was getting rich from the drug trade. One day their teammates Sorbet and Gelato disappeared while they were trying to investigate the Boss's past. They found Gelato choked on a gag in his house, with a piece of paper on which was written the word "punishment". Later, the team received the sectioned body parts of Sorbet encased in formaldehyde, showing the team the power of the Boss. They despaired of ever finding about the Boss. However, they then heard about Trish Una, and thought that she would be the key to discovering the Boss's Stand ability. The team rebelled and began searching for her. Just after Trish was taken in by Pericolo, La Squadra Esecuzioni ransacked Donatella and Trish's apartment in search for clues, missing a crucial picture of Donatella that was taken by the Boss himself.

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.
"We're the best there is in this whole damn organization!"

The anime adaptation expands a bit on Ghiacchio's past. Two years prior to the events of Vento Aureo, Ghiacchio was already part of La Squadra Esecuzioni. He tells Melone that he considers them to be the best group in Passione, and thinks the group should be paid more.

Vento Aureo

Contacted by Melone, who reveals that Team Bucciarati is on a parking lot south of Rome, Ghiaccio drives over to their supposed location and discovers he is too late to confront the group. Swearing to find the group no matter what, he briefly gets angrily at the nonsensical expression used to say this. At the same time, he hears Melone being killed on the phone. Regardless, Risotto Nero later runs some computer analysis on Pericolo's items and discovers that Bucciarati's group is headed toward Venice.

Ghiaccio fighting Giorno Giovanna and Guido Mista.

Ghiacchio finds Giorno and Mista manages to sneakily jump on their car's roof, hiding for a while. Using White Album, he surrounds himself in a thick, bulletproof layer of ice and begins to lower the temperature of the car. By the time Giorno and Mista notice, Mista's face is stuck to the window because of the cold. Ghiacchio makes himself known and Mista shoots, but Ghiaccio is protected by his ice. He even manages to trap some of Sex Pistols. Ghiaccio then goes on a rant, demanding that foreigners call Venice by its proper Italian name, "Venezia". Ghiaccio remains confident but then Giorno and Mista combine their abilities. Mista shoots bullets touched by Gold Experience and the bullets turn into roots, breaking through the ice and making Ghiaccio fall onto the road.

Ghiacchio pursues the heroes with his White Album

However, Ghiaccio then summons White Album as a suit around him and begins to skate to catch up to the car. Ghiaccio's armor is also bulletproof but then Sex Pistols slip bullets into his skate blade, making him trip. Ghiaccio freezes the trail of humidity left by the car and pulls himself towards it. When Mista prepares to unload his gun again, Ghiaccio opens the trunk, crawls through it and grabs Mista to freeze his firing hand and break it. Interrupted by a pummeling from Gold Experience, Ghiaccio's armor is merely cracked. Desperate, Giorno drives into the sea, telling Mista to escape to their objective. However, Ghiaccio creates a long stretch of ice in an instant, taunting Mista and daring him to swim. As Ghiaccio freezes the car again, Mista has Giorno create tundra grass and makes a board out of it, sliding on the ice to reach his objective. Ghiaccio is forced to cancel his ice for the moment and swims towards Mista.

Ghiaccio punches the water and traps Mista in ice, but Giorno and Mista work together again. They manage to drive a great screw into Ghiaccio's helmet and Mista shoots further into it, making the hitman sink for a moment. When Ghiaccio resurfaces, Mista mysteriously shoots some fishes, making Ghiaccio turn his head; Mista then shoots a bullet into the airhole on the back of his neck. However, Ghiaccio reveals his technique: White Album Gently Weeps. He freezes part of the air solid and makes the bullet bounces back at Mista.

Shootout against Mista

Ghiaccio reaches the ground and searches the area. He eventually finds an OA disc inside of the lion statue near Santa Lucia station. Ghiaccio approaches Mista to fight him but then Giorno sprays some of his blood in their direction, making the weaknesses in Gently Weep's barrier appear. Mista uses rebounds and hits inside of Ghiaccio's neck again, but Ghiaccio reveals another layer of protection. He has sealed his airhole and stored frozen air inside of his suit, allowing him to breathe. The bullets bounces back at Mista, but the gunman covers his helmet with blood. Mista unloads his gun in Ghiaccio's face. Ghiaccio trips on a spike created when Mista's bullet hit a metal lamppost, and Ghiaccio understands the danger. Mista repeatedly shoots Ghiaccio in the face, pushing him further into the spike but then Ghiaccio freezes his blood solid, reinforcing the support. Sure of his victory, Ghiaccio makes a last bullet rebound into Mista's forehead.

Giorno intervenes to save Mista and kill Ghiaccio

However, the bullet wound heals. Giorno appears and finishes off Ghiaccio by having Gold Experience repeatedly kick him into the spike. Ghiaccio's throat is impaled and the hitman dies.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • I've gotta find them... Listen around and "dig up the roots and leaves"... "Dig up the roots and leaves"... I understand the "dig up the roots" part... I totally get it, because the roots are beneath the soil... But what the hell does the "dig up the leaves" part mean?! How can leaves be dug out? This phrase is super frustrating! If you dig a leaf, it will move to the back side! If you can dig it, it's not called digging! Goddammit! (ヤツらを探し出すために……………………『根掘り 葉掘り聞き回る』の…『根掘り葉掘り』……ってよォ~~~~~『根を掘る』ってのは わかる………スゲーよくわかる 根っこは土の中に埋っとるからな…だが「葉掘り」って部分はどういう事だああ~~~~~っ!?葉っぱが掘れるかっつーのナメやがって この言葉ァ超イラつくぜぇ~~~~ッ!!葉っぱ掘ったら裏側へやぶれちまうじゃあねーか!掘れるもんなら掘ってみやがれってんだ!チクショーーーッYatsu ra o sagashidasu tame ni... "Nehorihahori kiki mawaru" no... "Nehorihahori"... tte yo... "Ne o horu" tte no wa wakaru... Sugē yoku wakaru nekko wa tsuchi no naka ni umattorukarana... Daga 'hahori' tte bubun wa dō iu koto da!? Happa ga horeru kattsu no nameyagatte! Kono koto ba chō iratsuku ze! Happa hottara uragawa e yabure chimau jane ka! Horeru mon'nara hotte miya gare tte nda! Chikusho)
    —Ghiaccio, Chapter 507: Head to Venice!
  • What does the "digging up the leaves" part mean? Don't play smart with me! Shit, shit! (葉掘りってどういう事だッ!ナメやがって クソッ!クソッ!Hahori tte dō iu koto da! Nameyagatte! Kuso! Kuso!)
  • In English, they say it like "pair-is", while everyone says it like "pa-ree" like in French. But Venezia is called "Venice" in English. Like "The Merchant of Venice" and "Death in Venice"... (英語では「パリスPARIS」っていうんだが みんなはフランス語どおり「パリ」って発売して呼ぶ でも「ヴェネツィア」はみんな「ベニス」って英語で呼ぶんだよォ~~~ 「ベニスの商人」とか「ベニスに死す」とかよォーーーEi-go de wa 'Parisu' tte iu ndaga. Minna wa Furansu-go dōri 'Pari' tte hatsubai shite yobu. Demo 'Venetsia' wa min'na 'Benisu' tte Ei-go de yobu nda yo~ 'Benisu no Shōnin' toka 'Benisu ni Shisu' toka yo)
    —Ghiaccio, Chapter 509: White Album, Part 1
  • Why isn't the title "Death in Venezia"!? (なんで『ヴェネツィアに死す』ってタイトルじゃあねえーんだよォォォォォォォーーッNande "Venetsia ni Shisu" tte taitoru jā nendayoooooo)
  • Are you okay with thaaaaat, huh? I'm not okay with it at all! (それって納得いくかァ~~~~~ おい?オレはぜーんぜん納得いかねぇ……Sore tte nattoku iku ka~ Oi? Ore wa zenzen nattoku ika ne...)
  • Are you mocking me?! Say it in Italian! In Italian! (なめてんのかァーーーーーッ このオレをッ!イタリア語で呼べ!イタリア語で!Nameten no ka! Kono ore o! Itaria-go de yobe! Itaria-go de!)
  • Goddammit! How irritating! Don't be fooling around! Idiots! (チクショオーーー ムカつくんだよ!コケにしやがって!ボケがッ!Chikushōoooo! Mukatsuku nda yo! Koke ni shiyagatte! Boke ga!)
  • You won't escape... whatever is at the station is coming home with me, Ghiaccio.
    —Ghiaccio, Chapter 509: White Album, Part 1
  • You're wasting your ammo. My ability White Album uses cryogenic temperature to freeze the moisture in the air into a suit of armor. I can use it to skate around, and it's strong enough to stop bullets!
    —Ghiaccio, Chapter 510: White Album, Part 2
  • Extremely low temperature is a world of stillness... (超低温は「静止の世界」だ……Chō teion wa 'seishi no sekai' da...)
  • There is nothing that can move in the cryogenic world. Everything is stopped! (低温世界で動ける物質はなにもなくなる 全てを止められる!Teion sekai de ugokeru busshitsu wa nani mo nakunaru. Subete o tomerareru!)
  • I can even stop a roaring train! I can even stop a raging sea! (爆走する機関車だろうと止められる!荒巻く海だろうと止められる!Bakusō suru kikan-sha darou to tomerareru! Aramaku umi darou to tomerareru!)
  • White Album Gently Weeps! I've already set up a wall of frozen air!
    —Ghiaccio, Chapter 513: White Album, Part 5
  • Is that all the resolve you got!? This is it, Mista!!
    —Ghiaccio, Chapter 514: White Album, Part 6
  • What the hell?! (なんだって?!Nan datte?!)
    —Ghiaccio's last words, Chapter 515: White Album, Part 7



The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

In the light novel JORGE JOESTAR, an iteration of Ghiaccio lives in the 37th universe, appearing similarly to his original universe counterpart. He is not actually mentioned in the novel by name but he is drawn in an illustration.

Ghiaccio and others jumping into Morioh

Nero Nero Island, where the base of Passione is located, suddenly grows legs and starts moving through the ocean headed toward Morioh. Some ordinary citizens panic and attempt to escape at the island's harbor. Ghiaccio, Cioccolata (Universe 37), Secco (Universe 37), Prosciutto (Universe 37), Pesci (Universe 37), and Melone (Universe 37) ambush and murder them. Secco's Evil Dead conceals the harbor, making their actions invisible to those within the island, such as Bruno Bucciarati (Universe 37). One man manages to escape and tries waving desperately toward Morioh for help before he is killed as well.

The Mafia members move the bodies out of sight by dropping the bodies in the water between the boats, or by tossing them into the tall grass by the side of the road to the harbor. Nero Nero Island suddenly crashes into the barrier surrounding Morioh and flips upward. Its propulsion causes it to tear through the barrier and lands into Morioh Harbor. Cioccolata and the others start firing bullets and rocket launchers at random civilians and houses in Morioh, attempting to shoot Jorge Joestar as well when he runs by underneath them. The mafia members then jump off the island and head to Budogaoka gymnasium with several weapons.[12]



  • One of Ghiaccio's rants includes his annoyance at the Japanese phrase, nehorihahori (根掘り葉掘り), meaning "thoroughly". The phrase is defined by its first half, nehori (根掘り), which translates literally to "root digging", the implication being that something is not done "thoroughly" until the roots are pulled out. The nonsensical second half of the phrase, hahori (葉掘り), meaning "leaf digging," is added to create a euphonious Japanese wordplay (i.e. "digging up the roots and leaves") and is generally not taken literally like Ghiaccio is doing.
    • In Crunchyroll's official subtitles for the anime, Ghiacchio's rant is instead directed towards the phrase "taking a leaf out of someone's book", in which "leaf" refers to a sheet of paper, rather than an actual plant leaf. Similarly to the Japanese version of his rant, Ghiacchio's anger still stems from him taking a piece of figurative language literally, while preserving the reference to leaves. Finally, in the English dub of Golden Wind, Ghiaccio instead rants about the expression "think outside of the box".
    • The French dub has Ghiaccio rant about the expression "remuer ciel et terre", which literally translates to "(to) move heaven and earth", and is an idiom for "making every effort" or "using all sorts of means to achieve the goal one has in mind."
    • In the VIZ media release, Ghiaccio instead rants about the phrase "elbow grease", much like the other localizations, Ghiaccio is taking the idiom literally, and finds it to be nonsensical.
  • Ghiaccio's voice actor in All-Star Battle, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, later voiced Prosciutto, another member of La Squadra Esecuzioni in the TV anime.
  • In a 2018 poll on the official app for scary Part 5 characters, Ghiaccio won seventh place. He also won second place in a 2019 poll for enemies with the most impressive defeats.


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