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Death Thirteen, Part 5 (死神13(デスサーティーン) その⑤, Desu Sātīn Sono 5), originally An Overwhelming Victory (余裕ある勝利, Yoyū Aru Shōri) in the WSJ release, is the fifty-ninth chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the one hundred seventy-second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


The group awaken in Death Thirteen's amusement park, questioning their sudden change in location. As Joseph realizes that Kakyoin has disappeared, Polnareff regains his memories regarding Death Thirteen and notifies the others that Kakyoin was right about the baby being a Stand user and enemy, warning them to not simply disregard the situation as a dream as he did before. Meanwhile, Mannish Boy taunts the group in their sleep, saying how they won't be able to escape Death Thirteen's world with no one to wake them up.

Polnareff gets up to search for and apologize to Kakyoin, but Joseph notices that Polnareff's hair has now grown to a comical size, pointing it out. Polnareff's hair continues to grow out of control, and wraps around two nearby poles, trapping him. Jotaro's gold chain moves on its own and wraps itself around his neck, beginning to choke him. Also, Joseph's prosthetic hand grows in size, pinning him to the ground from its weight. Around them, a nearby postbox and flowers begin laughing, somehow given life, and Polnareff exclaims that there are no rules in this Dream World, questioning how it could be possible to fight back.

Suddenly, Death Thirteen is seen gliding towards the group, and Jotaro summons Star Platinum in defense, only to have it turn on him, revealing to be a 'fake' conjured by Death Thirteen. It explains that Stands cannot be summoned in his dream world due to the Stand having contained them in an unusable state. However, it also point out that if they had their Stands out before falling asleep, they would still be able to use them inside the dream world.

Before Death Thirteen is able to attack, Hierophant Green appears from behind the enemy Stand and begins to choke it. As a result, the others are freed, and they point towards Kakyoin who is sitting inside a nearby teacup ride. He reveals that he summonmed Hierophant Green before being knocked out, and that he will punish Death Thirteen.


Star Platinum
(Death Thirteen's ability)
Silver Chariot
(Death Thirteen's ability)

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I think I wanna get into diving, but I tend to be a little too claustrophobic and anxious for it.



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