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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ファントムブラッド) is an upcoming live-action musical adaptation of Phantom Blood scheduled for February 2024. The musical will be performed at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo, Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater Hitaru in Sapporo, and the Hyogo Performing Arts Center in Nishinomiya, Japan.

Tsuneyasu Motoyoshi is in charge of the script, Ney Hasegawa, director of the Fujiyama Anette theater company, is in charge of directing the musical, and Dove Attia is in charge of the music.[2]


The story revolves around the mysterious Stone Mask excavated from Mexico and follows the adventurous tale of the fateful destinies of two young men. Set in England in the 19th century, Jonathan Joestar, nicknamed "JoJo", is the only son of the noble Joestar family. His father, Sir Joestar, raises him under strict yet warm guidance to become a "true gentleman". The Joestar household adopts Dio Brando, who was born and raised in the slums, believing that Dio's deceased father, Dario Brando, had saved Sir Joestar's life. Sir Joestar raises the two as equals, and they grow up strong.

However, Dio schemes to take everything from JoJo; his beloved dog Danny, his friends, his first love Erina Pendleton, and even the Joestar family's wealth. Realizing Dio's evil intentions, JoJo heads to the slums of London, Ogre Street. With the help of his new ally Robert E. O. Speedwagon, they drag Wang Chan back to the Joestar mansion because of his involvement in Dio's conspiracy. In a desperate situation, Dio harnesses the power of the mysterious Stone Mask, displayed in the Joestar house, to gain immense strength.

To counter the overpowering Dio, JoJo endures the rigorous training of Will A. Zeppeli to master the "Ripple Technique". Both of them set out on a journey with Speedwagon to settle the score with Dio. Meanwhile, Dio, with the likes of Jack the Ripper and legendary knights under his command, builds an evil empire and awaits JoJo's arrival.[1]


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Imperial Theater, Tokyo
February 6, 2024 – February 28, 2024
Hokkaido Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater Hitaru
March 26, 2024 – March 30, 2024
Hyogo Prefecture Hyogo Performing Arts Center KOBELCO Large Hall
April 9, 2024 – April 14, 2024

Cast Comments

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Link to this sectionYuya Matsushita (Jonathan Joestar)
I'm truly honored to have been given the opportunity to play the role of Jonathan Joestar in the globally renowned and historic work JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which marks the beginning of the story. I’m really looking forward to being part of the significant challenge of turning JoJo into a musical, alongside a wonderful cast and creators. It’s also my first time performing at the Imperial Theater, so I’m fired up! I hope you will look forward to it.
Link to this sectionShotaro Arisawa (Jonathan Joestar)
Nice to meet you. I'm Shotaro Arisawa, playing the role of Jonathan Joestar. Just saying the name gives me chills. I truly feel the weight of taking on such a historic role. As this is the premiere, I can't help but look forward to working with the strong team of creators, led by director Ney Hasegawa, and the cast members to bring this world to life. I hope we can fully harness the potential of JoJo and create a production that surpasses everyone's expectations. Let's meet at the Imperial Theater in February.
Link to this sectionMamoru Miyano (Dio Brando)
I never dreamed I'd be involved with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in this way, and I can't hide my surprise and joy. Moreover, I'm truly honored to play the charismatic Dio Brando from the JoJo series. I've always loved Part 1 and revisited the original work countless times. I aim to capture Dio's overwhelming presence, his terrifying nature, and the delicate emotions that lie deep within his madness. With the unique possibilities of a musical, we'll unfold a JoJo world like no one has ever seen before. Please look forward to it!
Link to this sectionMiisha Shimizu (Erina Pendleton)
I am honored to play the role of Erina Pendleton. My name is Miisha Shimizu. I never dreamed I'd be performing in the globally popular JoJo as Erina. I grew up watching the anime with my older brother, so it's a series very close to my heart. I'm committed to giving it my all in my portrayal. Thank you for your support.
Link to this sectionYOUNG DAIS (Robert E. O. Speedwagon)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, beloved by fans worldwide across generations, is being adapted into a musical, and it's none other than the indispensable Part, Phantom Blood. At this point, you can sense the anticipation, right? Alongside Mr. Ney Hasegawa and the production team, I'll passionately perform as Speedwagon, aiming to surpass all your expectations and concerns. Don't miss it!
Link to this sectionYoshihisa Higashiyama (Will A. Zeppeli)
From the time of its initial serialization, I've been one of those captivated by the charm of the characters and its unique world. I had always thought that if it were ever adapted to the stage, I'd definitely go see it, and if allowed, I'd love to be a part of it. Now, I'm honored to be performing as Zeppeli, and I feel a deep sense of gratitude and responsibility. While staying true to the original as a fan, I hope to bring my unique charm to this production and contribute in every way I can.
Link to this sectionYusuke Hirose (Will A. Zeppeli)
I'm honored to be taking on the role of Will A. Zeppeli. My name is Yusuke Hirose. The origin story of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a series loved across generations, is being turned into a musical for the first time. I'm truly honored to be part of this beginning and to take on this challenge alongside a wonderful cast and creative team. I'm already nervous, but I'll approach this role with gratitude and responsibility, giving it my all.
Link to this sectionYamato Kochi (Jack the Ripper)
I've enjoyed JoJo's Bizarre Adventure since my middle school days. Standing on its stage is beyond a dream come true, and it still hasn't fully sunk in. I can't even count how many times I've been encouraged and inspired by quotes emanating from the characters' philosophies. With an extraordinary sense of excitement and fear, I'll give my all to fully dive into the incredibly beautiful, dangerous, and mysterious world of adventure that Araki-sensei has created.
Link to this sectionJumpei Shimada (Wang Chan)
I believed that one day there would be a stage adaptation and have been eagerly waiting for this day for nearly 10 years since I started acting. JoJo is that much a part of my blood and oxygen. It has been both a mental and physical sustenance in all my artistic endeavors! I'm convinced that the reason I can participate in this work is due to a very bizarre yet somewhat inevitable form of gravity. If I hadn't made that choice back then, if I had continued doing this, or if I had no choice but to give up on that... all those things are what led me here today. I want to take pride in the life I've lived.
Link to this sectionKong Kuwata (Dario Brando)
In 1987, when the serialization started, I was 26 years old. I'm an impatient person who can't wait a week, so I was never hooked on weekly manga. After being cast, I read from the first chapter onward and felt, "As Dio's father, I apologize to the entire Joestar family for raising such a son." It made me realize how crucial one's upbringing environment is. However, I'll wholeheartedly portray the worst and most foolish father, keeping the belief that "one person's misfortune makes another person happy" close to my heart. Wahahahaha!
Link to this sectionTetsuya Bessho (George Joestar I)
Being a gentleman, having the dignity and culture of a Joestar! What is chivalry?! Love for my son! The whims of fate! I'm thrilled to be a part of this! And I was even more excited during the costume shoot! I want to build up the dynamism of creating an original musical with my creative colleagues, feeling the passionate gaze and expectations of both the enthusiastic original fans and those who love musicals. I can't sleep from the excitement already!




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