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The mountain lodge owner was the Stand user? (その(やま)()()(しゅ)(じん)がスタンド使(つか)い?Sono yamagoya no shujin ga Sutando Tsukai?)

The unnamed Mountain Lodge Owner (山小屋の主人 Yamagoya no Shujin) is a tertiary character featured in the sixth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean.

He is a Stand user who unknowingly wields Survivor. He was the original user of the Stand before it was given to Guccio by Whitesnake.


The man's appearance is never shown in detail. However, he seems to possess a slim build. He is noted to have foul body odor.


Little is known about the man's personality, as he's only mentioned. However, he becomes angry when a woman insults him for having foul body odor, to the point where his Stand, Survivor, is activated.



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The lodge owner's Stand can influence people's minds through small electric signals, causing them to become extremely aggressive. Those influenced by the stand begin fighting indiscriminately while also powered up.

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Ever since he was young, anyone who came near him frequently got into fights. His parents got into a fight that almost killed both of them in which they got divorced. His siblings all live separately from each other.[1] At a later point, he had set up a mountain lodge in the Lorraine region of France.[2]

In 1982, a group of hikers stayed at his lodge the night before going on a trip in the mountains. One of the women in the group insulted him for having a foul body odor. His anger towards the woman triggered his Stand ability, which he has no control over, and sent a small electric signal down his nerve system and into the wet ground to the group of six. This caused the hikers to massacre each other the next morning.[2]

During a meeting between Enrico Pucci and DIO in 1988, Pucci asks DIO what he believes is the "weakest" Stand ability. DIO explains that the weakest would probably be Survivor and tells the story of six hikers that brutally murdered each other due to the indirect influence of the Stand from the lodge owner they got into a fight with earlier.[3]

At an unknown point, Pucci had extracted Survivor from the lodge owner with Whitesnake after asking DIO if he could store it on a DISC, believing it might be useful someday.[4]

Stone Ocean (2011-2012)

During the events of Stone Ocean, Pucci gave the ability to Guccio to use due to his similar background to the lodge owner, as both caused people around them to fight constantly since they were children.[5]

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