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This is a list of unnamed characters found in various spin-offs of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. These characters played minor but varying roles throughout the storyline.



Wanted ManLink to this section
Child Murderer.jpg
Manga Debut: Deadman's Questions
This man was a child murderer and master of disguises, having been wanted for 15 years. He was a paranoiac, startled by the most minimal sound and constantly told himself not to worry because nobody could catch up with him. He eventually started to live with Yamaoka, one of his acquaintances. Yoshikage Kira was assigned to kill him but had a time limit to do so because this man's crime expired at midnight. Kira invaded his house and confronted the dog Rocky while picking up a knife. Kira made a pigeon out of the newspaper with his picture to startle the man, who shouted out of his window, "pigeons or police or whatever! Try to get me if you can!". Now that Kira had his permission, he entered his room and stabbed the man in his back. Kira left the man bleeding on the floor and called the woman living with him, telling her to call the police.
Shueisha EditorLink to this section
A Shueisha employee who met Boingo in Egypt while on vacation. The employee received the Tohth book and later photographed its pages when it only had the predictions shown during Stardust Crusaders (indicating it happened shortly after the end of Part 3).
UnicornLink to this section
A small unicorn who had escaped from the government and runs into Jolyne. The unicorn is entirely blue and has large robotic yellow eyes. The unicorn was found by Polpo and then thrown into a cage for experimentation by the government. It is implied Polpo mistreated it. The unicorn escaped its cage at an airport and meets Jolyne. It somehow fused with her scarf and then suddenly became an adult unicorn. It also has absorbed the flower motif of Jolyne's scarf. It ran away successfully, leaving Jolyne with hope.
Fujiko's ClientLink to this section
Fujiko Client.jpg
A female inmate at Green Dolphin Street Prison who appears and begs Fujiko Fujiyama for her commission; she is so addicted to Fujiko's art that she can't sleep and has started pulling her hair out of impatience. She also is desperate enough to pay Fujiko extra to get her fix of porn. She's commissioned a Spider-Man x Deadpool pairing.
Yoga Session GuardLink to this section
A guard from Green Dolphin Street Prison who is seen overseeing and conducting a yoga session for female prisoners. When prisoner FE040536 starts to act strangely during one session, the guard beats her with her stick but it only excites the prisoner.

Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak / Crazy Heartbreakers

Pet Sounds's OwnerLink to this section
Parrot Owner CDDH.jpg
Manga Debut: CDDH Chapter 1
An elderly woman living in Cairo who owns Pet Sounds. After her son was murdered, she took care of his birds. She asks Hol Horse to find the parrot after it goes missing, which he accepts.
Pet Shop's TrainerLink to this section
Pet Shop trainer CDDH.jpg
Manga Debut: CDDH Chapter 1
The original owner of Pet Shop and Pet Sounds. He used to train both birds until he was murdered after trying to escape DIO's grasp. According to the man's mother, he used to work with Hol Horse.[1] DIO used the man as an experiment to see how humans panic in fear since it had been over a century since DIO experienced that. Pet Shop first fired an icicle through the man's chest. DIO then stopped time and covered the ground in gasoline before Pet Shop dropped a lit match. Before the flames fully engulfed him, DIO provided momentary peace by having Pet Shop fire more icicles to put out some of the fire. When the ice thawed, the man burned in flames.[2]
Guide BoyLink to this section
Guide Boy CDDH.jpg
Manga Debut: CDDH Chapter 1
A young boy living in Cairo. He's posted himself in front of the area affected by Tenore Sax and tries to take advantage of Hol Horse when the latter cannot go through by telling him to pay so that he can guide him. Hol Horse gets rid of the kid by breaking some flower pots with his Stand and framing the boy, forcing him to flee from the wrath of the man who was watering the plants.
Plant Watering GuyLink to this section
Plant Watering Guy CDDH.jpg
Manga Debut: CDDH Chapter 1
An ordinary Cairo citizen. Hol Horse breaks his flower pots and frames a boy trying to scam him. He quickly becomes angry and threatens the boy, who runs away in a panic.
Yuya's AcquaintancesLink to this section
Yuya's Acquaintances.png
Manga Debut: CDDH Chapter 2
A gang of thugs acquainted with Yuya Fungami. The leader has no care for others and parks horizontally in the middle of the road, blocking the traffic. He complains about Yuya getting too cocky when an elderly lady walks up to him and asks if he can move his car. The thug furiously tosses his phone at the old lady, asserting that she made him miss part of an important call. However, Ryoko Kakyoin deflects the phone away with her bag, causing it to break when it hits the ground. The thug first assumes Ryoko might be one of Yuya's girlfriends, but the thug's girlfriend comments that Yuya only likes pretty girls.

The thug insults Ryoko's dangling hair, claiming Yuya wouldn't give the time of day to someone like that. Ryoko then smirks and asks if he is talking to the boy behind her, pointing out Josuke. Instantly, Josuke rapidly punches away the thug's car with Crazy Diamond and reshapes the roof of their car into a cage, trapping them while he continues kicking their car.

Possessed ChefsLink to this section
Manga Debut: CDDH Chapter 4
A group of female chefs who get controlled by Pet Sounds's Stand ability and relive the actions of women who sacrificed themselves as food for DIO.
Oingo and Boingo's ParentsLink to this section
Manga Debut: CDDH Chapter 6
Novel Debut: Crazy Heartbreakers Chapter 2 (Mentioned only)
The parents of Oingo and Boingo severely abused their children for being creepy. Oingo and Boingo are shown to be afraid of their father. After seeing Boingo's comic book, their father sells it for drinking money, but the book ends up returning to Boingo later. Oingo and Boingo run away from their parents when Boingo is 5 years old.
Ryoko's MotherLink to this section
Ryoko's Mother.png
Manga Debut: CDDH Chapter 8
The mother of Ryoko Kakyoin. At some point in 1989, she hugs Ryoko and informs her that her cousin Noriaki has passed away.
Ryoko's FatherLink to this section
Novel Debut: Crazy Heartbreakers Chapter 5: Disquietude (Mentioned only)
The father of Ryoko Kakyoin. Mitsue is his younger sister and the father of Noriaki Kakyoin is his brother. He allows Ryoko to stay in Morioh with Mitsue at her apartment. According to Mitsue, he's a stickler for rules.
Hol Horse's MotherLink to this section
Novel Debut: Crazy Heartbreakers Chapter 6: Double doubt (Mentioned only)
The mother of Hol Horse. She lived in a certain country in Eastern Europe, but passed away at a hospital giving birth to Hol Horse. It is unknown who Hol Horse's father was, but he also passed away before Hol Horse was born. Since his mother gave her life for him, Hol Horse dedicated his feelings of gratitude to her to all women.


The Genesis of Universe

Nomad BoyLink to this section
Novel Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Novel) Chapter 1
A boy living in a nomadic Saharan village located on an oasis. He finds the exhausted Jotaro, Polnareff, and Iggy after they escape from Absalom. He tells about them to the other villagers, who bring them to the oasis. When the barely conscious Jotaro first sees the boy, he thinks that it's merely a hallucination of The Little Prince. When the visitors depart to fight Absalom and Michal, he goes after them to give them back Polnareff’s passcase, which he had forgotten in the village. He, however, gets hit by Absalom’s Satanic Coupler and is then brought back to the village by Polnareff.
Village ElderLink to this section
Novel Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Novel) Chapter 1
The elder of a nomadic Saharan village. He welcomes Jotaro, Polnareff, and Iggy to the village. He gives medicine to the visitors, and tells them about Absalom and Michal's past. When they depart, he gives them some water and food. He is the only person in his village who is able to speak English, which he learned during the Second World War. When Absalom was a child, the elder attempted to quell his obsession with the civilized world. Although he's not particularly fond of civilization, he acknowledges its positive aspects. For instance, he uses aluminum dishes for their durability and convenience. He thinks that to be happy, one must ignore reality so as not to spoil the desires of the heart.

After the defeat of Absalom and Michal, he and the other villagers come to their rescue, armed with canes and pieces of wood. Upon seeing the aftermath of the fight, the elder decides that the Joestar group are the subjects of a devil called Ababasubombo. He says that Absalom and Michal are very precious to them, so he and the other villagers drive them off.

Absalom and Michal's ParentsLink to this section
Novel Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Novel) Chapter 1
Parents of Absalom and Michal, who live in a Saharan village away from civilization. When Absalom was 17, he convinced them to visit Cairo. On their trip, the bus that they were on stopped at a level crossing and was hit by a moving train, killing them on impact and severely injuring both of their children.
Monsters Attacking PolnareffLink to this section
Monsters Attacking Polnareff.png
Novel Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Novel) Chapter 2
Monsters created by The Genesis of Universe who attack Polnareff when he searches through Cairo. Among them are a monstrous demon, a giant with Tutankhamun's mask, an enormous Uraeus cobra, a multitude of mummies, and a stone colossus.
Roman CharioteerLink to this section
Novel Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Novel) Chapter 2
A Roman soldier riding a war chariot created by The Genesis of Universe. When Polnareff, after being continuously attacked by other creations of the Stand, prepares for another assault, he hears a horse-drawn carriage coming his way. It runs over his leg and, before Polnareff even comes to his senses, knocks him out. The Roman war chariots appeared in Egypt around 30 BC, when, under Octavius, Egypt becomes a part of the Roman Empire, ending the Ptolemaic dynasty.
42 JudgesLink to this section
42 Judges.png
Novel Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Novel) Chapter 2
42 judges who, along with the gates to the underworld and the scales, are summoned by The Genesis of Universe. They appear in an alley when Joseph and Avdol enter it and get quickly and painfully incinerated by Magician's Red. In Egyptian mythology, they, under the direction of Osiris, judged the souls of the dead at the entry to the underworld by weighing the person’s heart against a feather.
Crusader ArmyLink to this section
Crusader Army.png
Novel Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Novel) Chapter 2
An army of crusaders summoned by The Genesis of Universe to attack Joseph and Avdol. One of them charges at Joseph, who barely manages to dodge his sword and receives a gash on the cheek. The two successfully escape as Magician's Red cuts through the soldiers. They appeared in Egyptian history in 1166 when, during the crusades, the Christian army from Jerusalem arrived at the mouth of the Nile river.
SphinxLink to this section
Sphinx Novel.png
Novel Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Novel) Chapter 2
A sphinx summoned by The Genesis of Universe. She blocks the way of Joseph and Avdol when they try to escape from the crusader army. They escape by climbing an emergency ladder, leaving the the monster behind as she roars and scrathces the walls unable to reach them. The sphinx is half woman, half lion, 5 meters tall, and clad in bulky armor. In Egyptian mythology, she would stop travellers to ask them questions. Those who couldn't answer them correctly would be eaten.
Egyptian MarinesLink to this section
Novel Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Novel) Chapter 2
A troop of Egyptian soldiers on a ship created by The Genesis of Universe. When Joseph and Avdol escape from Ani to the fourth floor of a building, they appear sailing towards them through the sea inside a corridor. The two barely manage to avoid the attack.
Street VendorLink to this section
Novel Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Novel) Chapter 2
A street vendor in Cairo. When Jotaro asks him about Joseph's whereabouts, instead of answering directly, he tries to make Jotaro buy a bottle of perfume in exchange for the information while greatly exaggerating the value of the product. Jotaro caves in, so the vendor tells him about two travellers entering an alley.
Roman ArmyLink to this section
Roman Army.png
Novel Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Novel) Chapter 2
An army of Roman soldiers created by The Genesis of Universe. The Scribe Ani summons them when Joseph and Polnareff try to attack him. They begin raining arrows on the attackers. As the two futilely try to avoid them, they bump into an unseen wall and lose consciousness. Ani, satisfied, closes the book and the army behind him disappears. They were the forces of Antonius who defended Egypt against the Roman invasion.

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp

Sleep WatcherLink to this section
A mysterious individual headed to Morioh on a business trip. They enjoy watching people sleep, claiming that they can't help but to stare. They are staring at someone sitting beside them on the bus, who starts waking up. Even though they tell the person that they could continue sleeping, they start asking the passenger several questions, such as why they are going to Morioh and whether it is their first visit. They describe Morioh's unique features and strange facts such as how there is an abnormally high number of people in the town who go missing, particularly children. They also know of several strange stories from their work travels, and start telling the tale of a thief who stole art from a museum and couldn't be killed by bullets.
Kaoru's MotherLink to this section
A 26-year-old thin woman with pale skin whose son is Kaoru. She looks younger than she is, often mistaken to be a high school student or the older sister of Kaoru rather than his mother. She and Kaoru are both big fans of Pink Dark Boy. She is a paranoid and protective woman who is constantly worried about someone coming for herself and Kaoru after her husband passes away in 1997. Due to this, she constantly moves away with Kaoru from place to place without planning on the location beforehand, simply relying on her intuition.

She would always complain about her jobs in various towns, venting about how unpleasant her colleagues and bosses were. Whenever she needed money, she would call someone on a public phone as a last resort. One day, she snaps at Kaoru for not saying anything in response to her venting as if she was drunk; another day, she claims Kaoru is the only one who listens to her. Kaoru notices she looks exhausted, and also had a bruise on her arm which she tried hiding from him, claiming that she bumped into something at work.

On a winter night in around 1999 to 2000, she and Kaoru have no choice but to sleep at a bus stop and nearly freeze to death. She reveals to Kaoru about the mysterious pursuer coming for him in the future, though she claims not to know who it is. They are rescued by a lady who passes by them while driving, who allows them to stay at her house.

On June 1, 2000, she and Kaoru get off the bus at a random stop, not even knowing that the town's name is Morioh until they see the sign on the bus stop. They luckily find a real estate agency shortly after walking from the station. Kaoru's mother asks for a cheap apartment where she could move in immediately and where the landlord wouldn't ask too many details, which raises the agent's suspicions. He asks her to bring an adult guardian if she's a minor, angering her. She asserts her real age, so the agent reluctantly brings them to an apartment. Kaoru's mother assumes that it is an expensive building, but the agent assures her that the rate is affordable and meets her requirements.

Kaoru's mother signs the documents, not wanting to let the room go as they most likely wouldn't get a better deal. For the guarantor section, she writes the name of her late husband's stepfather; he was apparently a man she only met once during her husband's funeral, but was also the only one willing to help her out. Kaoru and his mother celebrate their new residence by eating a giant frozen pizza.

Not having beds or any furniture, the two sleep on sleeping bags for a while. However, they feel much more comfortable than they were before. On June 20, Kaoru accidentally bumps into a man, knocking over a case he was carrying which contained an expensive vase. Kaoru's mother arrives and confronts the man, apologizing and promising to pay for the damages. Regardless, the man continues insulting Kaoru and his mother. Josuke Higashikata arrives and restores the vase to normal, so Kaoru's mother takes the opportunity to leave along with Kaoru. Kaoru points out Josuke's Stand, but his mother pulls him away and dismisses his concerns as a misperception when they're back home.

Later, she notices Kaoru's happy and restless behavior, wondering whether he made any new friends. Upon hearing that it's Josuke, she worries that he is a delinquent and too old to be Kaoru's friend, but Kaoru asserts that Josuke is a good person. His mother decides to trust his judgement and starts talking about her day at work. Kaoru is relieved she seems to be doing okay.

On July 5, Kaoru meets an old man who implies Kaoru's father is still alive and that his mother is hiding expensive jewelry or artwork.

Morioh RealtorLink to this section
A real estate agent working in Morioh who is a middle-aged man wearing a suit. He assumes that Kaoru's mother is a minor, asking her to bring an adult guardian. He is reluctant to help her, but brings her to an apartment regardless after she asserts her age.
Apartment LandlordLink to this section
The landlord of an apartment in Morioh. He is a middle-aged man with a stern face and raspy voice. After Minako Okura and Satoru Nakae go missing, he replaces the doors and locks of Room 306, where the couple was staying. He asks Kaoru's mother a few questions and then leads her to the room. He then gives her the documents which she signs.
Kaoru's FatherLink to this section
Novel Debut: The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp Chapter 1 (Mentioned only)
The father of Kaoru. In 1997, he supposedly got into a car accident while driving with Kaoru sitting in the passenger seat. Kaoru recalls his father touching his head and looking sad, saying something which Kaoru could no longer remember. He shields Kaoru during the accident, but is critically injured. He is taken to a hospital where he immediately undergoes surgery, but passes away.

However, according to an old man that Kaoru later meets in Morioh in 2000, this is a lie that Kaoru was made to believe, implying his father is actually alive.

Kaoru's StepgrandfatherLink to this section
Novel Debut: The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp Chapter 1 (Mentioned only)
The stepfather of Kaoru's father, who meets his daughter-in-law for the first time at his stepson's funeral. He helps with the funeral and is apparently the only one willing to lend his name to help out Kaoru and his mother as her guarantor.
Vase TransporterLink to this section
A middle-aged man wearing a suit who is transporting an expensive vase in a wooden box to a client on June 20, 2000 in Morioh. Kaoru accidentally bumps into him at the shopping district, knocking down his box. As the box hits the ground, they hear the object inside shatter. The man first confirms that Kaoru isn't hurt and then angrily rants about Kaoru bumping into him. Kaoru's mother arrives and confronts the man, apologizing and promising to pay for the damages. Regardless, the man continues insulting Kaoru and his mother. Josuke arrives and picks up the box, telling the man to check the object inside it first before demanding compensation from them. The man is skeptical since he heard the vase shatter, but opens it anyways. Rather than being shattered, the vase is completely restored. Kaoru and the man are dumbfounded.

The man doesn't understand what happened but thanks Josuke anyways before calling his hair funny. This enrages Josuke, who suddenly punches the man through a nearby luxury boutique's window with Crazy Diamond.

Inquisitive Old ManLink to this section
Old Man Tulp Infobox.jpg
A thin elderly man with sparse hair and wrinkles, holding a wooden cane with a claw-like handle. He wears a short-sleeved white shirt, though in his artwork he is wearing a long-sleeved fur coat instead. He has gray, cracked lips, and a dry voice. His skin is a sallow color, showing hardly any signs of life. On July 5, 2000, he sits on a park bench beside Kaoru, striking up a mundane conversation such as about the weather. The old man asks whether Kaoru came to Morioh with his mother and father. Kaoru divulges his father passed away in a car accident. He then starts probing about Kaoru's mother, stating it must be tough taking care of a child alone and asking whether they can manage. Kaoru reveals that his mother contacts someone if things get tough, so she might have some hidden assets. He nods mechanically like an automated doll to each response.

The old man continues his cryptic interrogation, asking if Kaoru's mother has any expensive jewelry or gold artworks. He begins to exhibit unsettling behavior after this, unnerving Kaoru. He has an unblinking gaze, blood on his neck from scratching, and dirty skin. The man starts either talking to himself or to someone else, suggesting Kaoru's father is actually alive since he says Kaoru has been made to believe he died. He slowly continues talking menacingly, saying he'll find Kaoru no matter where he is. The man also wonders where Kaoru's mother is hiding something since she must have received it.

Kaoru becomes increasingly uncomfortable and attempts to leave, but the old man grabs his arm with a strong grip. Suddenly, a nurse arrives, gently ushering the old man away. The woman shakes him and he lets go of Kaoru, as if he had just woken up. Kaoru watches them leave, disappearing down the path. There is a hospital near the park, so Kaoru believes the man might be a patient from there.

Old Man's NurseLink to this section
A slender woman dressed in white, resembling a nurse. She gently shakes the old man who is grabbing onto Kaoru, telling him it's time to go back. Before leaving, she smiles at Kaoru. Kaoru assumes she works at a hospital near the park.

The Book ~jojo's bizarre adventure 4th another day~

Trinita's MotherLink to this section
Novel Debut: The Book jojo's bizarre adventure 4th another day Chapter 1: Kyrie (Mentioned only)
Not much is known about this cat except that she is Trinita's mother and Hanae Orikasa is her owner.


SPW TranslatorLink to this section
Novel Debut: OVER HEAVEN
A translator from the Speedwagon Foundation who worked on restoring and deciphering DIO's diary. He confesses that, although the foundation's goal was to find the information that may help them free Jotaro Kujo from his current comatose state, he was mainly motivated by his fascination with DIO.

The translator also comments on the difficulty of the foundation's request. The diary was not fully restored after being burned by Jotaro Kujo, even with the help of Josuke Higashikata, and its contents were hard to understand even for a specialist like him. Therefore, the translation may include various errors.

Iggy the Stray Dog

RPCS Team SpaniardLink to this section
Novel Debut: Iggy the Stray Dog Chapter 2
A large, Spanish, middle-aged man who works for Reliable Pest Control Service at New York. His face looks harsh enough to have been sculpted from stone. When trying to capture Iggy, he fires a tranquilizer dart at the dog but it somehow was hit out of the air before Iggy jumped on him, ripped out his hair, and farted on his face. He now has three scars across his left eye from Iggy's claws. The Spaniard has around four other members in his team for catching Iggy. He allows Avdol to watch them work, but initially asks him to stay out of their way. One of his team members, who Avdol refers to as "Rugger Man", argues that Avdol being with them would be bothersome, but the Spaniard calms him down. He takes Avdol away from the others, explaining his team's rudeness as them just being fed up after all the times the Boston Terrier escaped from them.

The Spaniard describes animal traps to Avdol and shows one of the posters they made of Iggy, offering reward money to anyone who reports sightings of the dog. When they receive a report of a new sighting, Avdol and the Spaniard head into a nearby grocery store, where the clerk explains how Iggy drooled all over a candy shelf. The team then traps Iggy into a corner at the pier. As the Spaniard prepares to shoot with his tranquilizer gun, Iggy simply looks bored and scratches his ear, aggravating the Spaniard who thought the dog is making a fool out of them. In reality, the team realizes that they aren't actually standing on a concrete pier, but rather a huge sand structure that Iggy had built to mimic the real one. As the sand starts sinking, Avdol and the team struggle to escape. Avdol realizes that it's quicksand and warns everyone that they'll sink more if they keep struggling. He advises them to stay calm, since if they remain still then they would float on top of the quicksand before it eventually disperses into the Harlem River, allowing them to swim to the shore. Avdol uses Magician's Red to create footholds, amazing the RPCS team when they see him run across water. Later, the Spaniard's team gives up on catching Iggy due to orders from their upper management. The Spaniard offers to treat Avdol to drinks if he manages to catch the dog.

After Avdol successfully catches Iggy, he meets with the Spaniard and his team members again before leaving New York. When the Spaniard asked how he accomplished this feat, Avdol bluntly responds that he used superpowers, making the group laugh.

Rugger ManLink to this section
Novel Debut: Iggy the Stray Dog Chapter 2
A large, strong, white man who smokes and works for Reliable Pest Control Service at New York. Avdol calls him "Rugger Man" (ラガーマン, Ragā Man) in his head because of the man looking like a rugby athlete. Rugger Man argues that Avdol being with them would be bothersome, but the Spaniard in his team calms him down.

When they receive a report of a new sighting of Iggy, Rugger Man carries a pole net and questions a homeless man as to whether he saw the dog. The homeless man points to a wall, which seemingly appears ordinary. Avdol investigates it by touching the bricks with his fingers, only for his arm to plunge straight through it. The brick wall collapses into a pile of sand, revealing a hidden alley. The employee follows Avdol into the alley, causing Iggy to summon his Stand. Iggy's Stand carries him and shoves the employee to the ground by jumping off his head. The team manages to trap Iggy into a corner at the pier. However, the team end up being caught in Iggy's quicksand and nearly sink until Avdol's advice lets them escape.

After Avdol successfully catches Iggy, he meets with the Spaniard and his team members again before leaving New York. Rugger Man laughs when Avdol claims he captured Iggy using superpowers.

Avdol's FatherLink to this section
Novel Debut: Iggy the Stray Dog Chapter 3 (Mentioned only)
Muhammad Avdol's father is a soldier and the second son from an ancient and noble family. He loses his life in the Six-Day War by throwing himself on a grenade without hesitation to shield a friend from the blast. All that remains of him is his arms, thrust out just before the explosion to push his friend out of harm's way. The man he saved later becomes a teacher and passes his knowledge on to many children.
Avdol's MotherLink to this section
Novel Debut: Iggy the Stray Dog Chapter 3 (Mentioned only)
Muhammad Avdol's mother is an astrologer who peddles her readings on a street corner. After her husband passes away, she raises her son on her own earnings and the survivor's pension from her husband. She also passes on her knowledge of fortune telling to her son. One day, Palestinian terrorists carry out an indiscriminate, senseless shooting in town. She gives her life to shield a little girl from bullets and is shot in the head and back. After growing up, the girl she saved becomes a nurse, working to save many lives.
Avdol's EmployerLink to this section
Novel Debut: Iggy the Stray Dog Chapter 3 (Flashback)
A wealthy, beautiful woman who recognizes Muhammad Avdol's fortune-telling skills and hires him as her personal assistant in 1985. Avdol thinks she has a loathsome personality. She orders Avdol to join her as her plus-one when she is headed to the United Kingdom for a party of elites. Her beauty and dress attracts the gazes of everyone around her in the party. Even Joseph Joestar tries to woo her with jokes, but she is unfazed.
Iggy's FamilyLink to this section
Novel Debut: Iggy the Stray Dog Chapter 3 (Mentioned only)
Iggy's parents and siblings are all normal dogs without any signs of possessing special abilities. They are owned by a breeder and Iggy is separated from them soon after his birth after being adopted by Mr. Electra.

El Aleph

Octavio's NetworkLink to this section
Novel Debut: El Aleph Chapter 1: I - Guatemala Arc (Mentioned only)
Octavio Luna Kan has a network of orphans, homeless people, and peddlers, who he relies on for gathering information and rumors.[3] They live in Antigua with him and help him find the killer, Fabio Ubuh. They later help him and Joaquín research who Fabio's smuggler was and where he is located. They travel to nearby villages to help retreive information.[4]
Fabio's FamilyLink to this section
Novel Debut: El Aleph Chapter 2: II - Guatemala Arc (Mentioned only)
The mother of Fabio Ubuh raised him and his younger brother and sister in Chichicastenango. During the Guatemalan Civil War, she offered refuge to guerrilla fighters. However, the same soldiers rounded her up along with Fabio's siblings in the town square and massacred them as a warning for the other Mayans.
Izahela's FamilyLink to this section
Novel Debut: El Aleph Chapter 3: III - Guatemala Arc (Mentioned only)
The father of Izahela Mena-Mena attempted to escape from Guatemala to Mexico with his daughter and son. They gave money to a smuggler, but was tricked by Fernando Alhorn and his men, who shot them with a Bow and Arrow instead. Izahela's father and little brother died as if they had been poisoned.
Alhorn's FamilyLink to this section
Novel Debut: El Aleph Chapter 4: IV - Peru Arc (Mentioned only)
Fernando Alhorn's father built a fortune off of the oil and mining industries. However, he died when Alhorn was 17. Alhorn also has two elder brothers, with the eldest inheriting the family business.
Dos Santos's FamilyLink to this section
Novel Debut: El Aleph Chapter 4: IV - Peru Arc
At some point, Dos Santos cut ties with his family members. They invite Fernando Alhorn into their home for unknown reasons. However, the man shoots the elderly couple, Dos Santos's parents, with the Bow and Arrow. He leaves their bodies laying in the living room. Alhorn also has Dos Santos's brother-in-law put his ear to his pregnant wife's stomach to hear their baby. He then shoots the man's head with an Arrow, piercing all the way through his head to his wife's stomach. Alhorn is disappointed that all three of them died without gaining abilities. He leaves their bodies laying on the side of a bed. Dos Santos feels grief and regret upon seeing their bodies.
Octavio's FamilyLink to this section
Novel Debut: El Aleph Chapter 5: V - Peru Arc (Mentioned only)
Octavio's father was a soldier who died on the battlefield by getting shot in the head when Octavio was a young child. At some point before Octavio had reached ten years old, his mother and brother passed away in a car accident. Octavio had also been sitting in the back seat but managed to survive.
Guardia Civil SoldiersLink to this section
Novel Debut: El Aleph Chapter 12: XII - Final Arc
A commander and his men from the Guardia Civil in Peru are dispatched for an unofficial paramilitary operation to infiltrate the Amazon rainforest where the Selva Cartel is operating. After twenty years of anti-guerrilla training and operations, the unit had become militaristic. They travel all the way there by patrol boat to the hard-to-reach area at around 4 AM. They are armed with rifles, automatic guns, hand grenades, tear gas, and special flash bombs. They also have monocular and binocular night vision devices hanging from their military helmets. They are all motivated to fight thinking they'll get a large bonus, medals, and promotions if they can stop the cartel's activities.

The troops are immediately massacred by the cartel's bodyguards. None of them comprehend what happened to them, as they are attacked by Stands and creatures from El Aleph. The members die in a variety of gruesome ways. For example, some are blown away, some fall foaming at the mouth, some burst into flames as if spontaneous combustion occurred, one loses all his teeth, one is slashed all over by an invisible blade, one's eardrums are burst by tinnitus, some have their heads crushed, some have their limbs torn off, and more. The troops are unable to advance or retreat, could not capture a single person, and could not execute their Plan B to set fire to the entire settlement.

One soldier attempts to escape, with his face smeared with dark blue mud. However, he is attacked by an extremely heavy lobster-like creature from El Aleph which jumps onto his back. Seeing the otherworldly creature's horrifying face causes him agony. As he dies, the soldier wishes to see the sunlight, but a bandanaed cartel member tells him that the sun will never appear since it is always night there. Days later, the corpses of the team members are found hanging by ropes from the trees in the surrounding jungle, torn apart by wild animals.

Selva Cartel ArmyLink to this section
Novel Debut: El Aleph Chapter 12: XII - Final Arc
The Selva Cartel's bodyguards consist of a diverse mix of ethnicities and are typically criminals, smugglers, Indigenismo followers, hitmen, drifters, or from guerrilla groups. Its members are Indios, mestizos, members of the Amazonian tribes such as the Jivaro and Huambisa, people who seem to appear Native American, and even some white people. They are all Stand users with a variety of different Stands. While battling, some of them emit unintelligible cries.[5]

The army stops Lisa Lisa, Sasha Loggins, J.D. Hernández, and the Rueda Squad from reaching the commune, asking if they're lost tourists. Noticing Sasha, they crudely ask her to stay with them. Others mock Lisa Lisa after noticing how old she is, wondering if they're planning on abandoning her there. Lisa Lisa claims that they're acquaintances of the boss of the cartel, which makes them cautious. One points out that an old woman who was able to get that deep into the jungle should have a Stand. They recall the orders they received which was to stop any intruders without having discussions, so they begin their attack. The first man to attack has a pigeon chest covered in scars, wielding a serpent with a sickle-like head that it uses to slash. Another man wears camouflage and has a Stand made of hundreds and thousands of intertwined detonating cords. A giant (originally just a mercenary in JOJO magazine) wears his Stand like armored plates.

Sasha manages to beat several of them with her birds, but they still kill and incapacitate many of the Speedwagon Foundation soldiers. Before they could kill Sasha, Joaquín appears and stops them.[6] Following his orders, the guards escort Lisa Lisa, Sasha, and Hernández to their boss, Octavio, keeping their hands and mouths bound.[7]

When Octavio summons El Aleph's creatures to devour everything, several of the bodyguards are either killed or flee.[8] After El Aleph is deactivated and sunlight returns, the Guardia Civil manages to crack down on the commune. The massive coca production sites are closed, and the surviving residents, farmers, and bodyguards disperse.[9]

Bandanaed Cartel MemberLink to this section
Novel Debut: El Aleph Chapter 12: XII - Final Arc
A white man wearing a bandana who works for the Selva Cartel. He has a tattoo which is a series of raised dots in a continuous pattern. It unravels from the shaved tail of his eyebrow like a snake and swirls on his cheek like a clock. He mocks the dying Guardia Civil soldiers for not knowing what happened to them. He tells a dying one that he would like to explain their tricks, but people who can't see Stands wouldn't understand anyways.

The member points out that in movies, groups typically let a living witness return to warn others that no one else should try to intrude, but that none of the intruders would be able to return this time. He also informs the dying soldier that the sun will never rise where they are.

Rueda Squad MembersLink to this section
Novel Debut: El Aleph Chapter 15: XV - Final Arc
Members of the Rueda Squad in the Speedwagon Foundation. They accompany Lisa Lisa, Sasha Loggins, and J.D. Hernández to the jungle where the Selva Cartel operates. Despite their elite training, they are not able to adjust to fighting Stand users and several of them die or are incapacitated.
Ayacucho RevolutionaryLink to this section
Novel Debut: El Aleph Chapter 16: XVI - Final Arc (Flashback)
A revolutionary from Ayacucho who follows Octavio and Joaquín while they are wandering, believing their eternal night ability will be a blessing for political upheaval in South America. He struggles against feeling drowsy while following them, but continues preaching. He feels that the economy is at the brink of collapse, racial discrimination against the majority indigenous population is rampant, and poverty and inequality are unbearable throughout South America. Joaquín and Octavio are reluctant, thinking a revolution would be too troublesome. However, the man convinces them as a fellow indigenous person by bringing up the clashes between guerrillas and the military, the rampaging police, the massacres of farmers, cross-border shooting victims, missing persons, and children dying from stray bullets. He claims they won't have to fight on the front lines, but just help earn funds. The orphans agree and head into the Amazon rainforest, where they become guardians of a commune cultivating coca leaves which are to be used as funds for the revolution. Eventually, the orphans take over management and form the Selva Cartel.

testimone di gangster

Squalo and Tizzano's LeaderLink to this section
The leader of a particular team in Passione, which Squalo and Tizzano were part of. He is an old-fashioned gangster who values violence and thinks it's the only way to run an organization. He always disliked Tizzano and didn't trust him. His team is assigned the task of freeing the 32 members of Passione who were arrested. The leader plans to have Squalo and Tizzano kill Pollo and Falco, but Tizzano disagrees with him. Instead, Tizzano offers to beat them in court. Although the leader hates Tizzano's suggestion, he pretends to agree with him and claims he trusts him. Later, the leader summons Squalo alone and orders him to kill Tizzano after the trial is over, regardless of the outcome.

However, Squalo plans to kill the leader instead once the trial ends. He reveals that the leader is a selfish man who was behind on his payments to Passione's top executives, so he planned to have Tizzano killed to show that his team is still working hard. Squalo presumably succeeds in killing him, as he and Tizzano are later promoted to the Boss's Unità Speciale group.

Corrupt Italian LawyerLink to this section
A corrupt lawyer working for Passione and defending 32 of their members who were prosecuted by Gilberto Falco. He only intervenes to try to discredit Pollo Albatero's testimony, notably wearing a ring belonging to Pollo's half-sister to put pressure on him.
32 DefendantsLink to this section
Thirty-two members of Passione who were caught as part of a drug trafficking operation by prosecutor Gilberto Falco and are being prosecuted for their crimes. They all denied being gangsters and Tizzano and Squalo manage to have them freed by ruining the trial.

There's No Love Like a Parent's

Amaretti's DetectiveLink to this section
Novel Debut: There's No Love Like a Parent's Chapter 1 (Mentioned only)
A detective hired by Amaretti Lucano to investigate Passione's casinos and members. He is caught when trying to determine which prison Polpo was incarcerated in at Naples. Passione interrogates him and discovers who hired him.
Amaretti's HousekeeperLink to this section
Novel Debut: There's No Love Like a Parent's Chapter 1
A housekeeper who frequents Amaretti Lucano's villa. Melone and Ghiaccio both consider her to be beautiful. She has velvety, glossy black hair which is elegantly arranged, and wears a black dress with a chic color scheme. While cleaning, she wears an apron. Her posture is extremely straight, and her demeanor shows that she has pride in her work.

Melone chooses her to be the mother of Baby Face after seeing that her health is perfect and that her horoscope shows that she would harm Amaretti. However, this causes Baby Face to rebel against Melone's orders because the Stand refuses to murder, claiming he loves people like his mother. Melone states this is because the housekeeper's personality is too good, being someone who wouldn't eat bread that fell on the ground for less than a few seconds, nor would she hurt a fly. On her breaks, she'd have chamomile tea while reading The Adventures of Pinocchio or The Gift of the Magi, and other times, the Bible or philosophical books. If she saw a kid in the neighborhood with a runny nose, she’d wipe it with an expensive handkerchief. While spying on her, Melone sees her return a fallen bird to its nest. He and Ghiaccio also see her pick up a dirty stray cat to treat it, not caring about its blood getting on her apron.

Secretly, the woman has an extremely sadistic side at night. Baby Face is terrified seeing her do severe things to Amaretti in bed, who is having an affair with her. Melone convinces Baby Face that this is just another way to express love, persuading Baby Face to also harm her and Amaretti to express his love so he can be like his mother. Baby Face complies and ends up killing them. Following Melone's orders, he disposes of their bodies and steals their shoes and money to make it look as if they eloped.

Other Works

StudentsLink to this section
4-koma Students.png
Two students who have just ended their friendship with each other. The green-haired student states he and the other student are through as friends. The blue-haired student asserts that he hopes he never has to see him again. Josuke Higashikata sees the ex-friends and tries to fix their friendship with his Crazy Diamond. Instead, they are both killed by its punch barrage.
Music TeacherLink to this section
He is a music teacher at Budogaoka High School ten years before Diamond is Unbreakable. He provided guidance to a piano player of notable talent to help her prepare for an upcoming competition. Later on he was working late at night, a few days after the student's suicide due to being unable to play the piano after an accident, when he started to hear a piano play. Sounding just like the way the student had played it, he went to investigate but the music suddenly ended with a loud crash. Then a nearby phone started ringing, he was frightened but still answered it and from the receiver he heard the sound of rainfall and then a female voice say "Let me play the piano."
Hazamada's CousinLink to this section
A student who went to Budogaoka High School ten years before Diamond is Unbreakable. At some point they had told Hazamada the story about the girl who had killed herself at the school and rumors that her ghost would show up at school during their time there.
SPW Field AgentsLink to this section
SPW Field Agents.png
Speedwagon Foundation agents deployed at the fight between Jotaro and DIO. They are equipped with jetpacks, UV guns, and goggles that allow the agents to see Stands and synchronize their vision with Jotaro’s.

After listening to the instructions from Joseph Joestar, who had just survived his confrontation with DIO, the agents are dropped into Cairo from a helicopter. After Jotaro and DIO's exchange of punches, an agent tries to shoot DIO but misses after he uses The World. The agent follows the two and finds DIO about to attack Jotaro with a road sign. The agent fires at DIO, who then immediately appears before them, with the agent unable to fire again due to the gun being out of charge. Jotaro intervenes and blocks DIO's attack with Star Platinum before punching him away. At the Cairo bridge, during the final standoff, Star Platinum lands a hit on The World, significantly injuring DIO. As the UV gun’s charge reaches 100%, the agent seizes the opportunity and fires at DIO, completely destroying his body. With the battle now over, Joseph and Jotaro express their gratitude towards the agent.

Dija's MouseLink to this section
Dija Maker Mouse.png
Dija Maker's pet mouse. It acts as the final trap the Joestar Group needed to overcome before defeating Dija. It is capable of detecting Stand users and also somehow has a way of killing any Stand user. It is not stated if the mouse itself is a Stand user or not.
Scatola's MotherLink to this section
Game Debut: Escape From JoJo's Bizarre Museum (Mentioned only)
Scatola's mother lived in Sardinia and loved her son when he was young. However, she no longer loved him after he had burned his face one day. While sleeping one night, Scatola's Stand ability had awakened, and she would become the first victim to his ability. Becoming trapped in a box now on display in the back of Scatola's storeroom.


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