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Hop in, tyke! You can trust me. I'm Irene. And he's Anakiss.
—Irene, Stone Ocean Chapter 158: What a Wonderful World

Irene (アイリン, Airin) is a tertiary character featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

Resembling Jolyne Cujoh, she meets Emporio after the universe is reset by Made in Heaven.


Irene is a young woman bearing many striking similarities to Jolyne Cujoh as well as the star birthmark on her shoulder like the rest of the Joestar family. Unlike Jolyne, she has longer hair, and a softer outfit consisting of a light, turtle-necked sweater cut above the navel, patterned by several heart-shaped gaps or holes, bandeau bra with a spiderweb pattern and a crest. She also no longer has her counterpart's butterfly tattoo.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, chartreuse lipstick)
(Black with blue highlights and chartreuse braid and bangs)
Eyes(Lime Green)
(Bright orange turtleneck sweater, blue bandeau bra (with a white spiderweb pattern) and pants, chartreuse waistband and crest.)
Skin(Fair, olive lipstick and eyeshadow)
Hair(Green with blonde braid and bangs)
Eyes(Sea Green)
Nails(Light Green)
(Orange turtleneck sweater, dark aquamarine bra (with a beige spiderweb pattern) and pants.)
Skin(Fair, lime lipstick)
(Black with sky blue highlights and lime braid and bangs)
Eyes(Moss Green)
(Biege turtleneck sweater and waistband, magenta bandeau bra and dark blue pants)


In her brief introduction, Irene appears to be friendly and rather carefree, having offered a ride she shares with her boyfriend, Anakiss, to multiple strangers (Emporio and Eldis); along with asking Anakiss to give a hitchhiker a ride despite his objections.

She shares an intimate relationship with her boyfriend and plans to get married under paternal approval; implying that contrary to Jolyne, she seems to have a better relationship with her father. Like Jolyne, she also adopts a motherly attitude to Emporio.



After killing Jolyne Cujoh, Pucci uses Made in Heaven's ability to accelerate time until the universe reaches a new beginning. Suddenly transported back to the prison, Emporio looks for Jolyne again only to find a doppelgänger in her place. Pucci explains that this is because once a person dies, their soul can never be reborn into the new world. However, after defeating Pucci, Emporio finds a woman named Irene who seems to have inherited Jolyne's soul but with different memories.[2]

Stone Ocean

Irene comforts Emporio

Irene and her boyfriend Anakiss are at a gas station next to Green Dolphin Street Prison when it starts raining. While sitting in the car, Irene sees Emporio and offers to give him a ride. She reveals that she and Anakiss are on their way to see her father to get his approval for their marriage. Anakiss also offers to give a ride to Eldis in exchange for gas and food money. Emporio trembles upon seeing people resemble his deceased friends so Irene gets out of the car and comforts him, taking off her jacket to wrap it around a sobbing Emporio. Emporio notices the Star Birthmark on Irene's shoulder and tells her his name, with tears in his eyes. The group drives off, but not before Irene tells Anakiss to stop the car to give a ride to a hitchhiker walking on the side of the road.

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  • Hop in, tyke! You can trust me. I'm Irene. And he's Anakiss. (乗りなよぼうや 怪しいものじゃあないわ あたしはアイリン 彼の名はアナキスよ)
    —Irene, Stone Ocean Chapter 158: What a Wonderful World

Video Games

All-Star Battle (PS3)

Irene's voice and lines appear during the final text-based cut scenes of the Stone Ocean STORY MODE, sharing her voice actress, Miyuki Sawashiro, with Jolyne. The text consists of her conversation with Emporio where she introduces herself and offers him a ride (reenacting the the original story line).

Irene's outfit also appears as Jolyne's third alternate costume.

Eyes of Heaven

Like the previous game, Irene's lines are referenced in the game and her outfit appears as one of Jolyne's alternate costumes.



  • Irene's name is the same as Irene Rapona from one of Araki's first works, Gorgeous Irene. In an interview, Araki states that there isn't any deep meaning or relationship between the two Irenes, and he was merely having fun.[1]


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