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The hunters and the hunted! A lonesome battle in the wilderness!! (追う者と追われる者!荒野の孤独な戦い!!, Oumono to owarerumono! Kōya no kodoku na tatakai!!)

Outlaw Man (アウトロー・マン, Autorō Man) is a Japanese shonen manga one-shot written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. It was included in a January 10, 1982 special issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.[3]

The bunkoban, aizoban, and digital editions of Gorgeous Irene feature Outlaw Man as their final chapter. As the original manuscript was lost, the one-shot had to be digitally scanned from the issue it originally appeared in.


Somewhere in America during the pioneering era, an outlaw is pursued by the Pinkerton National Detective Agency after he is given a bounty. He rides through the desert, his right hand injured from a previous encounter with the agency. Nearby, a bird is seen narrowly escaping a lunging snake.

The outlaw finds a Gap-Toothed Man hanging from a tree, but realizes that the man was faking his death to ambush him. The outlaw man shoots his enemy down from the tree before he can kill him with his hidden revolver. The gap-toothed man is punished by the detective agency; when he is spit upon, the man pulls out his gun only to be stabbed under the pretense of self-defense.

Although the outlaw manages to escape without leaving any footprints on the ground and travels through the river to not leave any scent behind, the detective agency manages to find traces of his escape and continues to chase after him. The man's beloved horse, Cameron, is eventually shot by the detectives, forcing the outlaw to put the horse out of its misery and flee. Just as he seems to be cornered, the outlaw tricks his pursuers by making them think a rabbit in a bush was him. The outlaw shoots the rocks behind the ones the detectives are hiding behind, ricocheting the bullets and hitting all of his enemies. As the outlaw walks away, bereft of his horse and further injured from the battle, an eagle hovers overhead with a snake tightly gripped in its talons.


Outlaw Man (Character)

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I've never traveled to the U.S. or done shooting on horseback before. I'm sure I will someday!

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Outlaw Man
Due to the loss of the original manuscript, this work has never been reprinted before.



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