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Everything here has a natural "flow". Now "flow" is a metaphor, but if you don't fight it, you'll definitely reach your goal.
—Norisuke Higashikata IV, JoJolion Chapter 33: Josuke! Go to the Higashikata Fruit Parlor

Norisuke Higashikata IV (4代目 東方 憲助, Yondaime Higashikata Norisuke), born Josuke Higashikata (東方 常助, Higashikata Jōsuke), is a primary ally featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion.

Norisuke is the current head of the Higashikata family, three generations after Norisuke Higashikata I, and owner of the Higashikata Fruit Company. In hopes of helping his beloved family find a cure for the Rock Disease, he adopts Josuke Higashikata and tries to help him uncover his past.

Norisuke is a Stand user and can track specific smells through his King Nothing.


Norisuke is a post-middle-aged man of average to above-average height and average build. He has light, shoulder-length hair with spheres along its length in increasing size, and stubble or a light beard.

He wears a tan puffer vest, with a light turtleneck jumper, light pants, and a belt with a buckle in the shape of a heart.

Norisuke occasionally wears glasses to read small text.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Hair(Blond and lime)
(Light Brown vest over sky blue clothes with black belt and shoes.)
Hair(Platinum Blond)
(Lime Green and hot pink vest over light tan clothes with black belt and shoe.)


Norisuke first gives the impression of being a laid-back and happy old man. He greets Josuke with a smile and then en route to his house, describes himself as a "yanki", a subculture of delinquency that was popular in the 80's and 90's in Japan,[2] before laughing openly in the presence of Josuke and Yasuho. He maintains an ability to joke. During quiet moments, Norisuke consistently demonstrates a genial and enthusiastic side to him, for instance proudly showing his fruit shop to Josuke[4] or happily performing morning exercises.[5]

Norisuke loves his children, sometimes to the point of spoiling them rotten (see right)

Soon after Josuke is adopted within his family, Norisuke ominously warns Josuke that "[his] word is the law" in the Higashikata family home, in a rather traditional demonstration of paternal authority.[6] However Norisuke proves that he isn't evil by helping Josuke in his quest for identity, although he confesses that he only helps him out of interest. Norisuke seems to indulge Joshu excessively, giving him pocket money for Joshu to spend on frivolities and only suggesting that he earns his own money.[7] In fact, Norisuke believes in walking a "right path", which includes the need to be good.[8] Even when Tsurugi's life is on the line and the Locacaca presents itself as a prime opportunity to save his grandson, Norisuke still take the time to verify whether Jobin is walking the right path and confirms that his son had to kill Ojiro in order to keep the fruit.[9]

Norisuke has a deep love for his family and can be quite insular. He looks over all of them and loves them, working with Josuke in order to retrieve the cure he thinks Kira had for the Rock Disease and being sorry for Holy's state as she is a relative. Norisuke is particularly close to his eldest son Jobin and his daughter Daiya while considering Joshu a problem child without scolding him too severely. Norisuke sees his children as still being innocent; he warns Yasuho not to tempt his son Joshu. He also refuses to believe Jobin could be involved in the Locacaca fruit traffic until it becomes clear.[10] He also becomes angry, swearing to kill Josuke, after witnessing what appears to be a romantic affair between Josuke and Daiya, though he calms, happy to "keep Josuke a slave and prevent him from retrieving his memories".[11] When he is introduced to Tamaki Damo, Norisuke is revealed that he cannot bear the thought of his daughter having sex with someone.[12] Also, when Damo questions him on Kira's whereabouts and threatens to kill Hato, his daughter, he agrees to talk in exchange that Damo returns his children to normal and not kill his children.[13] On the other hand, Norisuke is hostile toward Kaato, his ex-wife, presumably because her crime was a stain on the Higashikata Family's honor. He notably cut all contact with her and refuses to give her a cent for her so-called sacrifice.[14]

Norisuke intends on preserving the gentle appeal of his company even if it means not growing as a business

While he does love his family more than anything, he seems to have grown fond of Josuke as he helps protect him and search for information about him. When Damo tortures him to find information on Josefumi's whereabouts, Norisuke knows Josuke is his target but refuses to tell even with the possibility that he will be killed. In addition, when forced by Damo to rat out on Josuke or have his family killed, he is forced to choose his family but sincerely apologizes to Josuke for not being able to protect him, showing he still cares for him as an ally.[13]

Norisuke is quite passionate about fruits and holds fruits in high regard, citing that fruits and flowers are the only things that one gifts during both good and bad times, suggesting that they have a universal appeal.[15] Norisuke is proud of his high-quality fruits, some according to him symbolizing victory and growth[16] and is also proud of his successful business strategy. That said, Norisuke is also content with his current station and shows some humility in being content with his current, admittedly already high social status, contrasting Jobin's own ambitions.[17]

Kaato notes that Norisuke has a subconscious tic of touching his chin whenever he has something to hide.[18]



Main article: King Nothing

King Nothing is Norisuke's long-range Stand composed of jigsaw puzzle pieces. It is able to track targets by memorizing their smell and then copying their movements by remodeling itself.

King Nothing (キング・ナッシング)Link to this section



Norisuke as a child.

Norisuke was affected by the Rock Disease at the age of eleven in winter 1963.[19] As part of a superstition practiced by the Higashikata family, Norisuke dressed up as a girl in order to alleviate the illness.[20] His mother eventually saved him from the disease by taking his place through equivalent exchange.[19]

During his life, Norisuke had married Kaato and had four children with her: Jobin, Hato, Joshu and Daiya. When Kaato was put in prison for murder, Norisuke filed for divorce to preserve his family's reputation and made every effort to hide Kaato's existence from his children. He also inherited the Higashikata Fruit Company and became its head in 1993.[3] Norisuke was highly successful to the point his business became the second most profitable fruit company in Japan.[3]

In 1994, Norisuke attended the funeral of Rai Mamezuku's father. He helped a young Mamezuku get rid of some acquaintances who kept pestering him and then hugged him. When Mamezuku explained that he saw strange insects attacking his orchard's trees, Norisuke refuted the claim as he checked the land and saw no insect. Ironically, Norisuke saw the hospital director from behind in the crowd of the funeral but quickly lost interest to remind Mamezuku of his future.[21]

Three years later, he met with the now 17-year-old Mamezuku in 1997 and bought some of his strawberries grown on a mountain slope. Impressed by their quality, Norisuke hired him as the company's plant appraiser but kept his existence a secret.[22]

During his life, Norisuke refused to expand his business beyond selling luxurious high-class fruits, to Jobin's frustration.[23]

At one point before the beginning of JoJolion, Norisuke heard of Yoshikage Kira's effort to find a cure for the Rock Disease. Although he was interested, Norisuke didn't contact Yoshikage to know more about it.

JoJolion (2011)

Meeting Josuke

Norisuke adopts Josuke and brings him to his house

After Josuke's initial efforts to discover his identity end in failure, Norisuke comes to the forefront and adopts Josuke within his family, in the hopes Josuke regains his memories and reveals the secret of the cure. Norisuke gives Josuke a warm welcome and even initiates a commemorative family photo to celebrate the moment only for Norisuke to be reminded that Jobin is absent thus he cancels the photo for now. In private, Norisuke warns Josuke to heed his orders. He initially instructs his new ward him to take care of Daiya. However, when he walks in on Josuke and his Daiya in an intimate situation, he is enraged and promises to kill Josuke later. He is shown know of Daiya's Stand, California King Bed as he expects Josuke to be under Daiya's control but is surprised when it seems that Josuke is the dominant one in their relationship.

He later quells a confrontation between Josuke and Joshu, asking Joshu to get along, before bribing him. When Josuke requests to go to high school, Norisuke also accepts to have Josuke begin procedures to be registered.

Confrontation against Yotsuyu Yagiyama

Main article: Norisuke Higashikata, Tsurugi Higashikata, and Yotsuyu Yagiyama
Main article: "I Am a Rock" (story arc)
Josuke and Norisuke clear the misunderstandings between them

One day, Norisuke sees Josuke heading for the orchard and comes to him. He is nonetheless surprised when Josuke outright tells him that he is following Tsurugi and that he finds the Higashikatas highly suspicious. Josuke asks Norisuke whether he killed Yoshikage Kira and a shocked Norisuke denies the accusation, stating that he needs Josuke to regain his memories to find another cure for the family that he is sympathetic to Kira's family, including Holy Joestar-Kira as the two bloodlines share the same Rock Disease. Norisuke keeps Equivalent Exchange of his terrain private, but reveals a glimpse of King Nothing to calm Josuke.

Moments later, someone touches Josuke and dozens of rolling pots appear, converging on them, more precisely Josuke who is being crushed by the pots. Norisuke then tries to help Josuke by dragging him out of the Pot's reach. Josuke uses his soap bubbles to steal the weight of the shards attached to him and escapes this attack. The two take this brief moment to plan their next move; either progress towards the hatch and risk a trap or flee and abandon the unconscious Yasuho which Josuke refuses to do. While analyzing the enemy's Stand Josuke and Norisuke both feel the sensation of being touched again. This time hundreds of chestnuts advance on the pair and threaten to pierce their skin. However, Tsurugi has locked the hatch to the basement and tells Norisuke to let Josuke die. Josuke robs the chestnuts of their moisture and cause them to collapse, giving Norisuke enough time to force the hatch open and break the chained inner handle with a rock. Once the two enter and seal the bunker they find themselves out of their opponent's effective radius.

Norisuke discovers the Rock Humans

In the basement, Tsurugi justifies himself by saying that Yotsuyu Yagiyama, an architect who once designed their house, has met him and shows him the healing power of a mysterious fruit. However, Norisuke denies that any fruit could have this power. Josuke finds Yasuho asleep in the room Tsurugi left her in. Tsurugi lets slip that there is another way into the cellar aside from the trap door, and they find that Yagiyama has used it to spirit Yasuho away. Josuke madly tries to follow, but Norisuke reveals his King Nothing, to follow Yagiyama through Yasuho's scent. Josuke and Norisuke begin to chase after him, but Tsurugi warns them that since they know nothing about Yagiyama, going outside is suicide, but Norisuke states that they can't let anyone bust into the Higashikata's land and do whatever they want. The two follow King Nothing to the coast, where they find Yasuho and Yotsuyu, turned into rock. Norisuke holds Yasuho and observes the end of the fight between Josuke and Yotsuyu, assisting when Josuke tackles Yotsuyu into the sea and tells him to drop nets in the water so that he can tie Yotsuyu. Yotsuyu eventually dies, refusing to reveal his secrets.

Josuke comes out of the water with Yotsuyu's rock corpse and confirms that the fruit exists. They do find a piece of the fruit in the basement, as well as tame the dog that Yotsuyu had used the fruit on. Tsurugi dubs him Iwasuke. Norisuke has King Nothing memorize the scent of the fruit and heads to the Higashikata Fruit Parlor to find out about it in the parlor's records of exotic fruits. However, Jobin has returned from his trip. Norisuke is overjoyed to see his son again and heads back to the house. Unbeknownst to him, King Nothing detects the scent of the fruit on Jobin's handkerchief. Josuke decides to investigate Jobin separately.

Tamaki Damo's Attack

Main article: Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home (story arc)
Main article: Vitamin C and Killer Queen (story arc)

One day, Hato comes home with her boyfriend. Norisuke and the rest of the family are flabbergasted to see that the man in question is rather ugly, being short, overweight, adorning a horseshoe mustache and wearing a tracksuit. The boyfriend introduces himself as Tamaki Damo, manager of a cleaning store and 23 years old. Norisuke tries to change to subject of conversation and asks how Hato and Tamaki got acquainted with each other, wiping some handprints on the window. Hato explains that when she was doing a photo shoot in a studio next to Damo's shop, one of the necklace broke. Damo picked up all the pieces and repaired it, offering the necklace to Hato. Moreover Damo managed to write the sentence "I Love You" on the necklace, and Hato was seduced by the incredibly romantic gesture. Still, Norisuke cannot bear it when Hato casually says how intimate they are already. Unbeknownst to Norisuke, the entire family is being liquefied by Damo's ability, Vitamin C, in other rooms of the house.

Norisuke is liquefied and tortured by Damo

Damo approaches Hato and kindly asks her to go to the foyer and get back the fax. When Norisuke drinks his champagne, the bubbles distort his skin greatly and as he melts, Damo reveals his true self. Switching his behavior for a dominative one, Damo reveals that he's come to the Higashikata estate to solve "three" problems. Revealing his Stand, Damo explains that he's firstly investigating the disappearance of an architect, two twin brothers and a security guard, eliminating the responsible party if necessary. While Damo proceeds to toy with the softened Norisuke, he asks him about Yoshikage Kira; Norisuke tries to play dumb, to no avail. Damo tortures Norisuke and cuts off his hand to show that he is serious. After a while, Norisuke relents and tells that Josuke must be responsible for the deaths of Damo's subordinates. Josuke is powerless but manages to transport Hato out of the house with his bubbles. Hato is thus free to use her Walking Heart to fight Damo from out of the house. Damo attempts to burn Norisuke in the chimney to bait her, but he is still defeated and subsequently killed by Josuke.


Main article: Milagroman (story arc)

Two weeks before Kaato Higashikata is released from prison, Joshu asks Norisuke for money. Norisuke suggests that Joshu finds himself a job but Joshu insists and Norisuke hands him money, disappointed.

Kaato's Return

Main article: Dolomite's Blue Lagoon (story arc)
Kaato reintroduces herself to her family

At the Higashikata's, Josuke has returned and Norisuke begins his morning breathing exercises while Daiya leaves a DVD box on the couch. Daiya mentions the DVD, which is from the exercise guru Miki Ryousuke, and Norisuke goes pick it up, Kaato finally giving it to him. It takes a while for everyone to properly register that a strange woman is sitting on their couch, but when Norisuke understands the situation, he panics and trips away from Kaato. Kaato, berating Norisuke for having never mentioned her, comments on how Daiya, Joshu and Hato have grown, exposing herself as their mother. Norisuke rebukes Kaato, saying that Kaato should have called to tell him that she was freed, but Kaato justifies herself that she wanted to see her children as soon as possible after 15 years in prison. Finally, Hato explains that she murdered a child. Unfazed by the revelation of her crime, Kaato demands that she has compensation for her time in prison. Daiya, curious about Kaato, is told by her mother to come hug her, but Joshu pushes a chair and makes Kaato trip. Joshu then begins to antagonize Kaato, then tricks her into undressing herself, exposing his skepticism about Kaato's relationship with the family. Kaato's cards fall over, causing a curious Joshu to pick them up, but a chair suddenly appears from one of them, impaling Joshu in the jaw. Furious, Kaato scolds Joshu for underestimating her and is outraged that her love for her family isn't returned. Kaato leaves offended while Jobin enters the family room and nonchalantly reveals that he was the one to let her in. While Jobin examines his breakfast, Norisuke is worried about what Jobin could be up to.

The New Locacaca

Norisuke confronts Kaato

Josuke has learned about his identity and has switched his goals to saving Holy Joestar-Kira his mother. Josuke asks Norisuke for help to find the fruit, and also reveals his suspicions about Jobin being an accomplice of the Rock Humans. Although Norisuke refuses to believe Jobin is involved, he reveals Rai Mamezuku's whereabouts, and points Josuke to him for help. Norisuke them sees Kaato sunbathing in the garden and confronts her, stating that he will give nothing to her and orders her to leave.

Norisuke is knocked out by Jobin after exposing his son's crimes

Norisuke takes a backseat to the action, but learns of the consequences of the struggle for the new Locacaca through the news, seeing that Josuke and Mamezuku are chased by the police and that Ojiro Sasame and Maako Kitani have died. When Tsurugi's Rock Disease truly triggers and his body is threatened by the illness, Norisuke expects to sacrifice himself in the Wall Eyes. On the day of the harvest, a string of events result in the Higashikata Family catching Jobin and Mitsuba trying to drown Paisley Park in the toilet. Norisuke immediately saves Paisley Park, and hears Yasuho pleading to let her Stand go into a power outlet to escape. Norisuke demands to know what is going on, leading to Jobin explaining himself. Jobin reveals how he's obtained the new Locacaca, and claims that his plan is the right path for the sake of the family. While Norisuke wants to follow his son, he wants to confirm if Jobin's plan is the right thing for his family. He summons King Nothing and investigates a faint smell on the fruits, and his Stand materializes Ojiro Sasame trying to steal the pot. A clear connection between Jobin, the fruit and Ojiro's death is made. Shocked, Norisuke also sees Yasuho agonizing outside. When he turns his head to clear his suspicions, Norisuke sees Speed King. Jobin induces a heat stroke in Norisuke, while also asking for forgiveness. Norisuke collapses, cradled by his tearful son. Joshu, Hato, and Daiya become devastated and despaired as well, crying out his name, but Jobin silences them, telling them to follow his orders.

Norisuke saved from Wonder of U

Later, the Higashikata family is caught up when the user behind the Stand Wonder of U, Toru, infiltrates the estate. Kaato appears in the house to pay a visit. Seeing Jobin dead, Kaato keeps her promise to Jobin and performs an equivalent exchange with Toru and Tsurugi. The exchange is successful - Toru completely disintegrates into the air and Tsurugi recovers, although Kaato is revealed to have been stabbed during when she crushed the branch due to Wonder of U's ability. With the curse broken, a recovered Tsurugi attends to Norisuke. He notes that Jobin ensured that his burns from Speed King were minor.[24] However, in a last resort to cause calamity, Wonder of U crawls towards the incapacitated Norisuke. Josuke Higashikata appears and uses his Soft & Wet: Go Beyond to shoot another invisible bubble towards Norisuke, which passes through him and destroys the Stand for good. With the Higashikata family somehow reunited along with Josuke and Yasuho, an ambulance arrives in the estate.

Norisuke remains in the hospital's care, and gets discharged at some point later.



  • Josuke Higashikata: Norisuke initially adopted Josuke until he can remember his true identity. Mutually suspicious; Josuke's natural curiosity as to his origins and Norisuke's intentions carries him beyond the boundaries set for him by the Higashikata patriarch as condition to his residence at the family home, which Norisuke appears to have offered under ulterior motives. He reveals that he knows Josuke has some link to Yoshikage Kira who had information on how to cure the family and for that reason adopted Josuke in hopes of acquiring that information. Norisuke later reveals himself as an ally, and the two hold a mutual trust for one another. Norisuke still places his family above all else, but seems to have grown to care for Josuke as family and even a possible surrogate son (one main example being when Damo tortures Norisuke to get information about Josefumi and Kira from him. While he knows Josuke is somehow involved, he does not rat on him until Damo threatens to kill his family. Even during this, Norisuke breaks down crying and sincerely apologizes to Josuke for not being able to protect him, showing the depth of his care).
  • Jobin Higashikata: Norisuke is close towards Jobin, though he disapproves of his ambitions to expand the Higashikata Fruit Company into a luxurious business that sells high-class fruits. He even calls off the welcoming photo for Josuke, insisting that he cannot take a family photo without his eldest son. However, following Kaato's arrival to the Higashikata household, Norisuke becomes highly suspicious of Jobin.
  • Hato Higashikata: Norisuke's second child and his eldest daughter. When Hato introduces her boyfriend Damo to the Higashikata family, Norisuke is initially hesitant in accepting him, but he nonetheless supports her decision as her happiness is what matters most to him.
  • Joshu Higashikata: Norisuke's third child. Norisuke considers Joshu as a problem child and often scolds him for his attitude. Like his other children, Norisuke spoils Joshu by giving him money, though Joshu exploits this all the time.[25]
  • Daiya Higashikata: Norisuke is particularly close to his youngest daughter. He is protective towards her, even requesting his newly adopted son Josuke to look after her. He also becomes angry, swearing to kill Josuke, after witnessing what appears to be a romantic affair between Josuke and Daiya, though he calms, happy to "keep Josuke a slave and prevent him from retrieving his memories".


  • Rai Mamezuku: Norisuke met Mamezuku when he came to buy his own grown strawberries. Impressed by their quality, he employed Mamezuku as his personal secret plant appraiser to evaluate the commercial values of his plants. During Mamezuku's father's funeral, Norisuke assisted the young Mamezuku and hugged him. Norisuke holds Mamezuku in high regard that he even advised Josuke to find Mamezuku as he knew that his skills would be of the utmost help to him.


  • Kaato Higashikata: Norisuke is highly mistrusting of his ex-wife. After Kaato was convicted for the murder of a child, he immediately filed for divorce in order to preserve the Higashikata family's reputation. Since then, he had ensured to hide Kaato's existence from his children. During Kaato's return to the Higashikata household, he remains hostile towards her, and dismisses her after she demands compensation money from him.


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Quote.png Quotes
  • Ya know, Yankis. Yankis love fluffy things, like cute stuffed animals and sheepskin rugs and stuff. Jerseys with towel textures, they definitely don't like hard-textured heroes. And though you didn't say anything about it, I noticed you took off your shoes when you got in the car, didn't you? Yankis consider shoes to be off-limits in cars... cars are holy ground to them. Speaking of which, I've got my shoes off, too! The truth is, I'm also a yanki! Wahahahaha!!
    —Norisuke Higashikata to Josuke Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 7: Josuke, Go to the Higashikata Family
  • The Higashikata Family would like to pay back this country and this land through public service.
    —Norisuke Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 7: Josuke, Go to the Higashikata Family
  • I did say we were taking you in as a public service, but... let me be frank about this... There's no such thing as a free lunch, right? Am I right? You're gonna have eating and drinking expenses as well as utilities... and who's gonna pay that? Me... It's not all free. That's just being realistic, right? So in this house, what I say goes. Understand?
    —Norisuke Higashikata to Josuke, JoJolion Chapter 7: Josuke, Go to the Higashikata Family
  • My ability is a long-distance Stand. But I'm not saying anything more... trust me... this is private too.
  • You wouldn't tell somebody in your own family where you hide your porno DVDs, right...? You don't go showing other people your asshole. Stands are the same way. (自分の家族にもエロDVDの隠し場所は言わないだろう…?他人に自分のケツの穴を見せたりしない 「スタンド」はそういうものだ……, Jibun no kazoku ni mo ero Dī Bī Dī no kakushibasho wa iwanai darō...? Tanin ni jibun no ketsu no ana o mise tari shinai. 'Sutando' wa sō iu mono da...)
  • I'm not mad at you. Eventually, you're going to get sick... I understand that that makes you feel stressed! But have courage! You are the 6th generation eldest son of the Higashikata Family... you have to overcome this trial! Be a man. I swear I'll protect you...
    —Norisuke Higashikata to Tsurugi, JoJolion Chapter 30: King Nothing
  • His dick! The guy's dick! Did you see it when it broke off? [...] The dick is extremely important. Like, how do these things have sex? Huh?! Do they have females at all...? That sort of thing. Is it mating season right now? Do they do it, or don't they? Do they do it with humans or not? There's a whole lot we could learn from that, but now, geeeeez... We don't even know if Yotsuyu was a man or a woman! Do you get what I'm saying?
    —Norisuke Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 32: "I Am a Rock", Part 2
  • There are tons of things in this world you can get for a healthy friend or as a present for a celebration... but when something unfortunate happens, or when someone is ill, you only ever send them flowers and fruits. Fruit is special.
    —Norisuke Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 33: Josuke! Go to the Higashikata Fruit Parlor
  • Basically what I'm trying to say is... everything here has a natural flow. Now "flow" is a metaphor but if you don't fight it, you'll definitely reach your goal.
    —Norisuke Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 33: Josuke! Go to the Higashikata Fruit Parlor
  • I'm not mad, Daiya. I'm doing 'deep breathing'! I'm exercising... You watch videos like this all the time, don't you?!
    —Norisuke Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 58: Dawn of the Higashikata Family
  • That branch definitely belongs to you, Josuke. You need the right path for the equivalent exchange.
    —Norisuke Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 59: Dolomite's Blue Lagoon, Part 1
  • The only thing people give as gifts in good times and bad are 'flowers' and 'fruits'. They're special things nothing else can compare to, and because we sell good products, our customers have faith in us... Unless that fruit is nearby and eye-catching, it all falls apart.
    —Norisuke Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 72: North of the Higashikata House. The Orchard
  • The 'curse'?... Jobin. For a long time now... We haven't really seen eye to eye. Our perspectives on managing the fruit parlor and Tsurugi's illness are vastly different. My way of thinking is far more old fashioned. Perhaps I was wrong not to recognize the values, benefits, and techniques of the new era. But if you're saying you can break the 'curse'... Then you may be 'right'. In that case, I'll go along with what you say, my eldest son.
    —Norisuke Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 95: The Wonder of You, Part 12


Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

Norisuke appears as the shopkeeper in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, where you can buy additional costumes, colors, dual combo poses, victory poses, and extra dialogue. He is also in the background in the Higashikata House stage.




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