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We don't need to say "I'll kill you"... because by the moment those words come into our minds... our target's already dead and the deed is done! That's why we don't use those words.
—Prosciutto, Chapter 486: Express Train to Florence, Part 1

Prosciutto (プロシュート, Puroshūto) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo, specifically the "Express Train to Florence" and "The Grateful Dead" story arcs.

Prosciutto is an assassin from La Squadra Esecuzioni, and alongside Pesci, battle Team Bucciarati inside a high-speed train to Florence. He is a Stand user and forcefully ages a whole train with his Stand, The Grateful Dead, to corner the protagonists.


Prosciutto anime.png

Prosciutto is a man of slim build, having short blond hair and keeping them braided into three short mats at the back of the head. His lower eyelashes are thicker than average, and his upper teeth are somewhat pronounced, being depicted with slight emphasis whenever he opens his mouth.

Prosciutto wears a black[3] two-piece suit with a spiderweb-like motif running along it, under which he wears a bright shirt. Prosciutto keeps a dark collar and a large stylized pendant around his neck.

In the Manga, Prosciutto is initially depicted as a silhouette until he reveals himself to Guido Mista in a surprise attack.[4] The TV Anime omits this, depicting Prosciutto as he normally appears.[5]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Main Outfit
(Black suit with purple web design, yellow shirt, dark red choker and a light steel blue pendant with a brown lace.)
Eyes(Dark Blue)
Main Outfit
(Dark Gray suit with light gray web design, yellow shirt. Bronze pendant with a purple lace.)
Eyes(Dark green)
Main Outfit
(Purple suit with beige web design, gold shirt. Violet pendant with brown lace.)
Main Outfit
(Dark indigo suit with white web design, gold shirt. Dark silver pendant with brown lace.)


I'm gonna ransack this place! They must be in here somewhere! Besides, this isn't a big deal, is it? We got tourist flights crashing every year anyway. Those are far worse than what's about to happen here!
—Prosciutto to Pesci about their mission, Chapter 488: The Grateful Dead, Part 1
Prosciutto shooting Mista in the head in cold blood

Prosciutto is a fairly straight-forward gangster. He is shown to always be focused on his mission and adhering to La Squadra's motto of holding one's ground, even mortally wounded, to the letter.[6] He puts this into practice and expects his underling(s) to also do the same. He doesn't tolerate any deviance of this attitude, especially when it's from his comrades and subordinates, and failing to adhere to the ideal such as in the case of Pesci on one occasion, would result in a brief beating being handed out as a reminder.[7] Prosciutto is usually very composed, meeting any obstacle with cold efficiency, and carrying out his objectives without hesitation.

The information below derives from the Golden Wind TV anime which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

Prosciutto calls out Formaggio for nearly botching an assassination attempt with an unneeded casualty, and reguraly demeans Pesci for being cowardly compared to the rest of his team.[8]

Concludes non-canon section.

Despite his serious and cold demeanor, he is also shown to have a somewhat caring side towards his comrades. As the superior of the assassin duo, Prosciutto frequently points out his fellow assassin Pesci's lack of confidence in his own abilities, and on multiple occasions tries to comfort and convince him of his own capabilities.[9] This reliance is not unfounded, however, as Bruno Bucciarati determines from his battle with Pesci that Pesci's abilities are actually more dangerous than Prosciutto's. While he is severe, Prosciutto is also able to recognize the valor of his foes. Thus, although he chastises Bucciarati during their fight for an error in judgement,[10] Prosciutto soon recognizes Bucciarati's resolve to sacrifice himself for his men and praises his ability as a capo.[11]

He also possesses a strong will, as shown when he suffers near-fatal wounds from being caught in the train's wheels and uses the last of his determination to keep his Stand's ability in effect for as long as possible.[12]



Main article: The Grateful Dead

Prosciutto uses his Stand, The Grateful Dead, to age people in a large area, discriminating between individuals via near-negligible differences in their body temperature.

The Grateful Dead (ザ・グレイトフル・デッド)Link to this section
Accelerated Aging



The Boss makes an example of Sorbet

Prosciutto was a member of La Squadra Esecuzioni, a team of nine assassins working within Passione. However, the team was frustrated they only received compensation for each kills while the rest of the gang was getting rich from the drug trade. One day their teammates Sorbet and Gelato disappeared while they were trying to investigate the Boss's past. They found Gelato choked on a gag in his house, with a piece of paper on which was written the word "punishment". Later, the team received the sectioned body parts of Sorbet encased in formaldehyde, showing the team the power of the Boss. They despaired of ever finding about the Boss. However, they then heard about Trish Una, and thought that she would be the key to discovering the Boss's Stand ability. The team rebelled and began searching for her. Just after Trish was taken in by Pericolo, La Squadra Esecuzioni ransacked Donatella and Trish's apartment in search for clues, missing a crucial picture of Donatella that was taken by the Boss himself.

The anime adaptation expands on his activities. The night Sorbet and Gelato disappeared, he was on an assignment with Melone, Pesci and Formaggio. Formaggio's method resulted in an unnecessary kill of the target's date and he called Formaggio out on this decision.

Vento Aureo

Prosciutto and Pesci's first appearance

At Naples train station, Prosciutto and Pesci find Bucciarati looking around on the platform. While Pesci expresses a wish to avenge his fallen comrades, Prosciutto chastises his junior for expressing empty threats and tells him that such words should only enter his mind after he's murdered his targets. Prosciutto and Pesci split to corner Bucciarati; Prosciutto walks on the platform while Pesci walks in the train to cover all possible ways of approach. Bucciarati grabs something and rushes inside the train, but Prosciutto loses his trace and Pesci has not seen anything out of the usual. Moreover, it seems only the driver is in the cabin. Unbeknownst to them, the team is hiding in a turtle named Coco Jumbo. Unbeknownst to Prosciutto, Trish and her bodyguards are now inside the boss's turtle, Coco Jumbo, whose Stand, Mr.President, creates a room inside its shell.

In order to flush the gang out, Prosciutto decides to use his Stand, The Grateful Dead, to age everyone on-board the train and then goes into hiding. This forces Guido Mista to emerge from the turtle to try and stop the aging. As Mista confronts Pesci, Prosciutto disguises himself as an old man and prevents Pesci from flying by grabbing him. When Mista is about to shoot Pesci, Prosciutto also distracts the gunman and then reveals himself, rapidly aging him and taking him out. Prosciutto reverts himself and yells at Pesci for the second time, scolding him for his cowardice. Showing him what a real hitman ought to be, Prosciutto takes Mista's gun and shoots him three times in the head.

Prosciutto dragged out of the speeding train

Recalling that Pesci has detected a suspect life form in the driver's cabin, Prosciutto decides to check inside of it. Pesci express self-doubt but Prosciutto reassures him and tells him that he must have confidence in his Stand. Pesci mentions that he was about to check under the seat and the duo does see recent droppings. Prosciutto breaks through the machinery and discovers Coco Jumbo. However, Bucciarati ambushes him from above the ceiling and Prosciutto is forced into a close-range fistfight. At first, Sticky Fingers proves itself more powerful. When Bucciarati positions himself to kick Pesci, Prosciutto attacks, thinking that the capo has made a bad move, but Bucciarati splits his head to avoid The Grateful Dead's fist and counter-attacks. However, Bucciarati is exerting himself and thus his body temperature rises. Thanks to The Grateful Dead, Prosciutto gains a physical advantage over Bucciarati, but the capo then grabs Prosciutto and throws himself off of the fast-moving train.

Prosciutto keeps The Grateful Dead active despite his injuries

Prosciutto is nonetheless saved by Pesci's Beach Boy, which manages to hook his hand. Bruno has grabbed hold of Prosciutto's leg. Prosciutto changes his mind and compliments Bucciarati on his skill and valor, but nonetheless tries to kick him out. Bucciarati is aged and throws both of Sticky Fingers's fists at Prosciutto. However, The Grateful Dead deflects them into Beach Boy's line, as Bucciarati predicted, and the damage is directed towards the assassin. Prosciutto's hand is zipped out; he thus lands into the machinery of the train and is heavily injured, but true to his word maintains The Grateful Dead. Encouraged by his example, Pesci carries on the fight.

Bruno Bucciarati looks at Prosciutto's corpse

Agonizing, Prosciutto witnesses Pesci and Bucciarati's battle and uses the distraction to call Melone and inform him of their location. He finally dies from his wounds soon after.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • We don't need to say "I'll kill you"... because by the moment those words come into our minds... our target's already dead and the deed is done! That's why we don't use those words. (「ブッ殺す」…そんな言葉は使う必要がねーんだ。なぜならオレやオレたちの仲間はその言葉を頭の中に思い浮かべた時には!実際に相手を殺っちまってもうすでに終わってるからだッ!だから使った事がねェーーーッ。, 'Bukkorosu'… son'na kotoba wa tsukau hitsuyō ga nē nda. Naze nara ore ya oretachi no nakama wa sono kotoba o atama no naka ni omoi ukabeta toki ni wa! Jissai ni aite o yatchimatte mō sudeni owatteru kara da! Dakara tsukatta koto ga neē.)
    —Prosciutto, Chapter 486: Express Train to Florence, Part 1
  • I'm gonna ransack this place! They must be in here somewhere! Besides, this isn't a big deal, is it? We got tourist flights crashing every year anyway. Those are far worse than what's about to happen here!
    —Prosciutto, Chapter 488: The Grateful Dead, Part 1
  • I'm angry at your spiritual weakness, Pesci. I can't blame you for getting shaken up when they shot up your ice! You'd start aging too, after all! (Even I agree that was a tough spot there.) But! If it were anyone else on our team, they wouldn't dispel their Stand when it was so close to grabbing the enemy by the throat! Not even if they got their arms blasted off or their legs ripped apart!
    —Prosciutto, Chapter 491: The Grateful Dead, Part 4
  • I'm gonna say it straight. Our team! We're nothing like those fools trying to pick up girls on the street or partying at the club. Those pathetic losers just scream and shout, going "I'll kill you! I'll kill you!" just to soothe their wounded egos. When we truly think "I'll kill you!" from the bottom of our hearts...! By that time, the deed has already been done! (そしてハッキリと言っておくぜ。オレたちチームはな!そこら辺のナンバ道路(ストリート)や仲よしクラブで「ぶっ殺す」「ぶっ殺す」って大口叩いて仲間と心をなぐさめあってるような負け犬どもとはわけが違うんだからな。「ぶっ殺す」と心の中で思ったならッ!その時スデに行動は終わっているんだッ!, Soshite hakkiri to itte oku ze. Oretachi chīmu wa na! Sokora hen no Nanba Sutorīto ya nakayoshi kurabu de 'bukkorosu' 'bukkorosu' tte ōguchi hataite nakama to kokoro o nagusame atteru yōna make inu domo to wa wake ga chigau n dakara na. `Bukkorosu' to kokoro no naka de omotta nara! Sono toki sudeni kōdō wa owatte iru nda!)
    —Prosciutto, Chapter 491: The Grateful Dead, Part 4
  • Glory... to you... Pesci... Kill him... Kill him, Pesci... watching... over you... (栄光は…おまえに…ある…ぞ…やれ…やるんだ…ペッシ…オレは…おまえを見守って…いるぜ…, Eikō wa… omae ni… aru… zo… yare… yaru nda… Pesci… ore wa… omae o mimamotte… iru ze…)
    —Prosciutto, Chapter 498: The Grateful Dead, Part 11



  • In a 2019 interview with VIZ Media, Hirohiko Araki stated that his favorite character from the Hitman Team is Prosciutto. He enjoys Prosciutto's brotherly banter with his junior, Pesci. He also thought it was fun how Prosciutto's Stand accelerated aging.[13]


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