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Jotaro, you're my kind of guy... I regret that I have to destroy you...
—Midler, Chapter 182: High Priestess, Part 4

Midler (ミドラー, Midorā) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders, specifically the "High Priestess" story arc.

Midler is the last of DIO's assassins the heroes encounter before entering Egypt. She is a Stand user, and her High Priestess attacks the group as they travel by submarine in the Red Sea.


Midler Appearance.png

Midler's appearance is mostly obscured within the story, however she is described as beautiful.[3] She appears as a woman of average height and build with a plain dress and long hair. Polnareff notes that her face is unbearable to look at since Jotaro broke all of her Stand's teeth.

In the Super Famicom game's instruction manual artwork, Midler has fair skin, blonde hair, and a teal dress.

Midler received a complete redesign for Heritage for the Future. She is a slim woman of average height wearing an outfit in the minimal style of a belly dancer. Her long hair is held together by a headscarf and five pins with a large star on each sticking out of the headscarf. A gemstone hangs on her forehead in addition to elaborate earrings consisting of several teardrop-shaped gemstones, each ending in one small orb. A veil covers her mouth. She wears a bikini-style bra with star-shaped cups, a fishnet-style band on her right arm, bracelets with frills, a loincloth, and high heels.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Yellow dress and wristband, cyan high heels)
Hair(Dark brown)
(Light blue dress, golden wristband, red high heels)
Hair(Blonde hair)
Outfit(Blue dress)
(Yellow headpiece with blue stars, yellow mouth-veil, blue bra, earrings, high-heels, bands, yellow and blue waist-wrap)


Midler is a ruthless mercenary of DIO who does not hesitate to kill the Joestar Group with High Priestess, both sinking their submarine and attempting to kill them directly with her Stand. She tends to laugh when she injures any of them.[4] She is clever with her Stand, nearly killing both Polnareff and Jotaro.[5][6]

Despite her brutality, Midler is romantic and flirtatious, as she flippantly laments that she has to kill Jotaro, who is her kind of guy. She even seems somewhat touched by Jotaro's lie that he likes her. However, she is easily angered by men who lie about being attracted to her.[6]



Main article: High Priestess

Midler's Stand is High Priestess, possessing mineral materials in order to form shapes large and complex with which she may attack. Due to its long-range, Midler was capable of using it from ashore, while it attacked the group on the ocean floor.

High Priestess (ハイプリエステス(女教皇))Link to this section
Mineral Possession & Reformation



Avdol describing Midler's background

Midler is a Stand User hired by DIO to kill the Joestar Group on their way to Egypt. Similar to other hired help like Devo the Cursed, she has a notable underground reputation as an assassin, as Muhammad Avdol was not only able to identify her, but also describe her Stand's ability and characteristics. Prior to engaging the crusaders, Midler had High Priestess travel through the water and enter their submarine through a hole in the wall.

Stardust Crusaders (1988)

High Priestess attacks

Midler intercepts the group during their passage through the Red Sea. Due to her Stand's extensive reach, she is able to position herself on the African coast as High Priestess invades their underwater submarine just above the coral reef. With the intent of sinking the vessel, Midler punctures a hole through its hull and disguises her Stand as one of the group's coffee mugs.[8]

High Priestess as the submarine door handle
High Priestess begins its assault by successfully chopping off Joseph Joestar's prosthetic hand before merging itself into the wall disguised as one of the submarine's gauges. Jotaro attempts to attack one of the gauges with Star Platinum, but during that time, Midler had already moved her Stand to a light fixture behind Noriaki Kakyoin, landing on a blow on his neck. As the ship continues to fill with water, Avdol rushes toward the door in an attempt to escape the room and seal Midler off, but is surprised when it's revealed the door handle is her Stand. Midler attempts to attack Avdol, but is momentarily subdued by Star Platinum who then attempts to crush High Priestess with its bare hands. The shapeshifting Stand morphs into a giant razor, forcing Star Platinum to let go and damages Jotaro in the process. Midler taunts the group through a series of laughs before disappearing into the hull of the submarine waiting to strike again.
High Priestess as Polnareff's scuba regulator

Just as the Joestar group attempts to exit the submarine, they discover that Midler had already disguised her Stand as Polnareff's scuba regulator and begins to attack him. Kakyoin and Joseph use their respective Stands to drag High Priestess out of Polnareff before it's able to do any notable damage. Midler retaliates by transforming her Stand into a harpoon gun, but is unable to follow through as the group had already exited the submarine and closed the hatch.

Midler defeated
Outside of the submarine, Midler morphs High Priestess into the surrounding ocean floor, eventually trapping the crusaders in her own Stand's mouth. As she stands on the beach thirty feet above them, Midler begins conversing with the group, revealing that she finds it a pity to kill them due to Jotaro being her type. The group attempts to charm her, but are unsuccessful as Midler proceeds to attack them with her Stand's tongue and pins Jotaro under its teeth. Midler claims that the teeth are harder than diamonds and tries to crush Jotaro with them, but instead has them punched out by Star Platinum.[5]
Midler's body
Seemingly knocked out from Star Platinum's barrage, Midler's convulsing body is found lying on the African shore after the group emerges from the water. Jean Pierre Polnareff goes to take a look at her face to see if she is attractive, but is immediately horrified by her lack of teeth, refusing to comment on her condition and telling the other group members not to take a look.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • You guys are so stupid! All of you didn't even realize that the entire seabed is full of minerals!
    —Midler, Chapter 182: High Priestess, Part 4
  • I am on the shore seven meters from here! But High Priestess will chew you to bits, so you will never see my face!
    —Midler, Chapter 182: High Priestess, Part 4
  • Jotaro, you're my kind of guy... I regret that I have to destroy you...
    —Midler, Chapter 182: High Priestess, Part 4
  • Shut up, you lying bastards! You don't mean any of that! I'll kill you all!
    —Midler, Chapter 182: High Priestess, Part 4
  • These teeth are as hard as diamonds! You'll never break them! I'll crush you first!
    —Midler, Chapter 182: High Priestess, Part 4

Creation and Development

Midler's name spelled as Shidler

Hirohiko Araki made High Priestess's user a woman, though he didn't make her very feminine so that "it would be more unexpected".[9]

In Weekly Shonen Jump 1990 Issue #33, Midler's name was spelled as "Shidler" (シドラー, Shidorā).

When Capcom produced Heritage for the Future, they wanted to use Midler. However, as her face was never shown, they asked Araki to redesign her into something like a belly-dancer. Since then, as shown in the JOJO A-GO!GO! artbook, this new look is now her standard appearance. Most of the art featured in-game of her is based on Yukako Yamagishi, from character portrait, close-up, and defeat sprites. In addition, some of Midler's lines are borrowed from Mariah; the most obvious example is "Unfortunately, you have to die." (残念だけど死んでもらうわ, Zan'nen dakedo shinde morau wa), used for Midler's appearance in the game.

Video Games

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (SFC)

Midler's sprite in JoJo for SFC

The events from the High Priestess arc appear in the game with some alterations. Midler appears as a stewardess on the flight to India; along with Mannish Boy & Death Thirteen. Her Stand takes on the shape of the restroom's doorknob.

Capcom Fighters (PS1/DC/Arcade)

Main article: Heritage for the Future ★ Midler

Midler appears as a playable character in the Capcom game. She was part of the original roster in JoJo's Venture, and is an Active Stand user. Midler was redesigned for the game, as she only appears briefly towards the end of her fight unconscious.

Midler is a very versatile character, with powerful super moves and spacing but lacks combo potential. As a playable character, Midler's Stand makes her a great medium-to-long-range fighter. While her normal attacks have a fairly good range, most of her attacks use High Priestess's ability to change into something, such as scissors, razor blades, harpoons, a tractor, cars, and an anvil.

Milder VS.png
Unique Attack (特殊技)
Stand Appearance Attack
(Qcf).png + S.png NORMAL
Special Move (必殺技)
Harpoon Shot
(Qcf).png + A1.png
Motor Head
(Qcb).png + A1.png
Iron Wild
(Dp).png + A1.png
Super Combo (スーパーコンボ)
Mega Harpoon Strike
(Qcf).png + A2.png
Motor Show
(Qcb).png + A2.png
Dinner Time
(Dp).png + A2.png
(Notes: Can double jump while in Stand Mode.)

Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS)

Despite not appearing in the game herself, Midler's Stand, High Priestess, appears as one of the several Metal Strikers available to choose. Its FINISH move is a regular scratch done on the defeated opponent's Metal Striker.



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