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Dragona! There's a gym on the other side of the street! Wanna go there with me?
—Paco Laburantes challenging Dragona Joestar to a fight, TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism

Paco Laburantes (パコ・ラブランテス Pako Raburantesu) is a primary ally featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

Paco is a gangster working in the same gang as Jodio and Dragona Joestar. They are assigned to the same team in order to steal a diamond belonging to Rohan Kishibe. Paco is a Stand User possessing The Hustle, which allows him to grab objects with his muscles anywhere on his body.


Paco is a 19-year-old teenager with an athletic build. Despite his youth, he has rugged features making him look more mature. A piece of his left ear is chewed off.[1] He has semi-long light hair finishing in a square cut on the neck. His hair is mostly covered by his cap, which bears a stylized plate with "P∆CO" engraved on it. Paco has distinctive dark marks and spots below his eyes that extend vertically to his chin, and also has a chain of triangles split into dark and bright halves tattooed on his arms from his hands up to his shoulders.

Paco does not wear a shirt but instead wears a harness comprising two wide straps with several grommets that cross each other over his solar plexus. On the strap crossing over his right pectoral is a large brooch-like object resembling a melting ice cream cone stylized to spell out his name "PACO". He also wears plain trousers with "P∆CO" engraved on the belt buckle, as well as several straps at the waist and above his knees. Finally, he wears wristbands and has a necklace.

Jodio notes that Paco used to be sort of chubby but lost the weight and became more muscular two years prior to the start of the story.[1]


Paco Laburantes is an aloof teenager who will speak up if push comes to shove. Paco stays quiet unless in pain or when he deems it necessary. He often critiques Usagi Alohaoe[3][4], be it when he's introduced to the team by Meryl, when he arrives with the group's car late and when they arrive late to Rohan Kishibe's villa. When Usagi begins talking about color codenames, Paco tells him to shut up[4]. Despite Paco and Jodio working together very often, they only see each other as co-workers.[5] Paco states he has only began to like Jodio after Jodio helps him escape the police[6]. Paco also seems to be able to keep his composure under pain, as Dragona had to almost tear off his ear for him to beg for her to stop.[7] Upon seeing Usagi's enthusiasm, he recognizes it and claims Usagi is a drug-addict.[3] Despite dobuting Usagi, Paco is still loyal enough to believe in Meryl's vouching for Usagi.[3]

Paco is described by Jodio as an inveterate petty thief and kleptomaniac. He is a young man who lives a life of crime, just like Jodio and Dragona. Despite being 19, he is still in high school, implying a lack of academic skills.[5] Paco is seemingly defined by his activity as a thief to Jodio. Jodio also describes him as someone who loves stealing more than playing video games or eating spam onigiris (spam being considered a delicacy in Hawaii).[8]

Paco can also be violent; although he is intimidated when Dragona scolds him for stealing from a client, he then challenges Dragona to a fight.[7]



Main article: The Hustle

Paco's Stand The Hustle allows him to bulge his muscles to grab objects and attach them to his skin.

The Hustle (THEハッスル)Link to this section
Prehensile Muscles



Paco lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. He suffered from domestic violence and in one incident, his dad bit off a piece of his left ear. At some point, Paco joined a gang in his neighborhood. Despite being 19, he is still in high school as he was held back for a year.[1]

The JOJOLands

At school while riding his electric scooter, Paco covertly tells a customer that he could find the drugs he ordered deep inside the rain gutter. Later that day, Jodio, Dragona, and Paco are summoned by their boss, Meryl Mei Qi, to the fashion boutique named Iko Iko. Paco attempts to steal from one of the customers but Dragona stops him by grabbing his ear. Meryl makes an announcement to close the shop and then orders the three gang members to turn off their phones before showing them her own phone. On the screen is a natural blue 24 carats diamond worth 6 million dollars. It's owned by a Japanese tourist who owns a villa on the Island of Hawaii and plans to stay there for around 12 more days. Their group will be getting a 2% split all together, while Meryl gets an 18% cut after they sell it on the black market. She also informs them that they will be going as a team of four. The student who Jodio and Paco sold drugs to at school in the morning arrives as their fourth member, as Meryl guarantees that he will be useful to them.[1]

During another drug deal with a supposed college student, Paco drives by and tells her that she just stepped on the drugs hidden under some leaves and drives away. After recovering the drugs, the woman pulls out her gun and declares that it was a drug bust and that they are being arrested. DEA agents tackle Paco off his scooter and Jodio is thrown to the ground. Jodio then uses November Rain's ability to destroy the evidence of the drug exchange and makes the police flee, impressing Paco. Both of them safely get away.

The Heist

After the group arrives at the Kona Airport in Hawaii, Dragona scolds Usagi for being late and not providing a car. Usagi reassures the group about the mission by stating that he knows a safe car rental that does not have tracking devices or cameras. In the end, they trust him due to the recommendation from Meryl Mei Qi and depart, with Paco driving their rental. After arriving at the villa of the japanese tourist and getting briefed, Paco starts devising a plan on how to get the diamond. Paco decides the group will strike when the owner comes out to the pool and steal the diamond from the master bedroom in 15 minutes or less. Dragona instructs the group to put their earphones and masks on, and not to say each other's names on the radio. As they approach the estate, Usagi tells Dragona to wish to have the camera installed on the side of the house. This activates Usagi's Stand, The Matte Kudasai, which copies the camera. He uses the cameras to create two distinct videos, making the recorded evidence useless. The group continues on its way in.[2]



  • Father: Paco has a strained relationship with his father, who bit off a piece of Paco's ear at one point.[1]


  • Jodio Joestar: Although they work together, Jodio does not consider Paco as his friend.[1] Paco starts to appreciate Jodio after seeing his ability in action.[2]
  • Dragona Joestar: Dragona and Paco seem to fight often. When Paco tries to steal from customers at Iko Iko, Dragona reprimands him and threatens to wrap his ear around his head. Paco also challenges Dragona to fight afterwards, though Dragona refuses.[1]


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