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The Joestar Mansion (ジョースター邸, Jōsutā-tei) is the residence of the eponymous Joestar Family and Dio Brando, featured in the first part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Phantom Blood.

The mansion had been the residence of British aristocrats for generations, but is burned down as a consequence of the fight between Jonathan Joestar and Dio.

It is located at 225 Baker Street East in the manga,[1] and 221B Baker Street East in the anime.[3]


Statue of the Goddess of Love

The Joestar Mansion is a three-story building made out of bricks in typical Victorian fashion, resembling manors in the Queen Anne style of architecture. It is flanked by two lesser buildings of unknown use. The residence is surrounded by a brick wall. The main entrance is led up to by parallel sets of stairs. The doors open to a great hall with a recognizable chessboard-pattern tiling from which one set of stairs leads to the upper levels. The rooms include a bedroom for each resident, a dining room and a library.

The mansion is luxuriously decorated with carpets and sets of weapons and suits of armor. Its most distinctive decoration is a Statue of the Goddess of Love in the main hall, which served to impale Dio and imprison him in the burning mansion. The anime added a fountain to the exterior. An incinerator is situated in the back of the mansion, which was notoriously exploited by Dio to kill Jonathan's dog, Danny.

After Dio rejects his humanity, Jonathan sets fire to the Joestar Mansion, burning it to the ground in the hopes that it would kill the vampire.

The information below derives from a source which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

Lisa Lisa's mansion, as seen in the anime.

In the anime adaptation, it is shown that George Joestar II, Elizabeth Joestar and their baby Joseph used to live in a mansion which is quite similar to the Joestar Mansion.


Residents of the Joestar Mansion

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Main article: JORGE JOESTAR (Novel)
The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.
The Joestar Mansion rebuilt

The Joestar Mansion appears in the novel JORGE JOESTAR. Lisa Lisa briefly visits the ruins of the mansion. When Erina Joestar, George and Penelope de la Rosa move to England, Erina has the mansion rebuilt with the help of Robert E. O. Speedwagon and the three all go live there. The novel adds that the mansion's town is named "Wastewood".

In 1920, George Joestar and Elizabeth "Lisa Lisa" Straizo get married and the wedding is organized at the mansion. When Penelope creates a "locked room" over England, the mansion becomes a refuge for Erina, Lisa Lisa, Joseph and Penelope, with Penelope's Wound protecting the building from zombies.

Video Games

Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)

Joestar Mansion appears in chapters 3, 4, 6 & 7 in the Phantom Blood PS2 game's Story Mode, which cover Jonathan's revenge on Dio for kissing Erina, Jonathan's discovery of Dario's letter, Dio's transformation into a Vampire, and the mansion burning down.
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A Fight I Cannot Lose
(負けられない戦い Makerarenai Tatakai)
Jonathan Joestar (13) vs. Dio Brando (14)
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 02

Jonathan reflects on how his life has fallen to pieces since Dio arrived at his house. He pets Danny, grateful that the dog will remain with him no matter what Dio does. Suddenly, Jonathan sees a girl looking at him from behind a nearby tree; she runs away, leaving a basket of grapes on one of the branches. Jonathan recognizes her as the girl he defended a mere few days ago, and invites her to come see him again soon. The two of them begin to spend time together, and quickly fall in love. One evening, Erina is abruptly confronted by Dio, who notes that she must be the reason behind Jonathan's recent happiness. Dio grabs Erina and forcibly kisses her, causing the two youths accompanying him to awe at Dio's boldness. In tears, Erina washes her face in a puddle of muddy water, causing Dio to become enraged by her act of defiance and slap her. Scolding himself for letting a girl anger him, he and his goons leave. Upon learning of what happened between Dio and Erina via rumor, Jonathan rushes into the mansion and shouts Dio's name. Dio correctly guesses that Jonathan has come to take revenge for Erina, and turns to confront the furious youth.

Jonathan manages to headbutt Dio in the face. Dio is stunned by the unexpected hit, and Jonathan furiously pummels him, yelling that he will not stop until Dio cries. As Jonathan concludes his attack, some of Dio's blood splatters onto the Stone Mask hanging on a nearby wall, activating the mask's bone-like protrusions. Jonathan notices the mask's behavior, but his attention quickly returns to the fight. To Jonathan's surprise, Dio cries and wonders how Jonathan could hurt him. Before the fight can continue, George Joestar intervenes and scolds Jonathan for beating Dio while he was defenseless. Both Jonathan and Dio are sent to their rooms, with promises of a later punishment. The mask returns to its previous inactive state, unnoticed in the commotion. Seven years pass, and the mask waits in silence.
A Letter from the Past
(過去からの手紙 Kako kara no Tegami)
Jonathan Joestar (20) vs. Dio Brando (21)
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 03

At the Joestar mansion, Jonathan and Dio visit their father, who has become very ill recently. What at first appeared to be a common cold has developed into a harsher, unknown illness. Despite his condition, George congratulates Jonathan and Dio on their recent rugby victory, expressing pride in his two sons and their accomplishments. That night, Jonathan performs an experiment on the Stone Mask: pricking his left index finger with a knife, he lets his blood drip onto the Stone Mask. Just as it did seven years ago, the mask sprouts sharp protrusions before quickly returning to its normal state. While reminiscing about his mother and her reasons for buying the mask, Jonathan accidentally knocks over a case containing the letter sent by Dario Brando seven years ago. Curious about Dario's last thoughts, Jonathan reads the letter. To his shock, Jonathan realizes that the symptoms of the fatal sickness that Dario described are identical to those that are currently afflicting George.

Jonathan confronts Dio regarding the medicine he plans to give George, announcing his plans to have the medicine investigated. Dio denies Jonathan's claim and threatens him with the dissolution of their friendship. Jonathan promises to return the medicine and not mention his misgivings again if Dio swears his innocence on his father's honor. As Jonathan expected, Dio refuses to make such a vow, enraged at the thought of someone like Dario having any honor.

Jonathan twists Dio's arm, astonishing Dio with his newfound strength. Jonathan proclaims his resolve to protect his family, lifts Dio above his head, and throws him through a railing using only one hand. Realizing that he and Dio were never truly friends, Jonathan says that he will have the medicine analyzed and send Dio to jail. Dio barely contains his murderous urges; knowing it will take Jonathan at least three days to find any trace of the Eastern poison he used, Dio plans to finish off Jonathan before he is caught.
Transcend Humanity!
(人間を超越する! Ningen o Chōetsu Suru!)
Jonathan Joestar (Spear) vs. Police Zombies (x2) with Dio Brando (Vampire)
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 05

Dio returns to the Joestar mansion, deciding that he would rather fight Jonathan than run away. He is met by Jonathan, who plainly states that he has proof of Dio's treachery and has already given his father an antidote for his poisoning. To Jonathan's astonishment, Dio offers to turn himself in, seemingly regretful of the crimes he committed as a result of his upbringing. However, Speedwagon appears from the shadows and reintroduces himself, having followed Jonathan out of concern. Speedwagon claims to be able to tell good and bad people apart by smell alone; remarking on Dio's putrid smell, he argues that Dio had been evil since the day he was born. Speedwagon reveals an apprehended Wang Chan, and a nearby curtain drops to reveal George Joestar and several police officers. Dio asks that Jonathan be the one to cuff him. As Jonathan approaches him to apply the handcuffs, Dio remarks that human abilities are greatly limited.

Suddenly, Dio brandishes the Stone Mask and announces his intention to reject humanity. Jonathan, fixated on the mask, fails to notice Dio's knife lunging toward him. However, George jumps in front of his son and takes the blow. Dio dons the mask and activates it with George's blood. The police fire upon Dio, who laughs maniacally as his body is knocked out of a nearby window. George peacefully bids farewell to his son as he passes away; as Speedwagon admires their nobility, he almost fails to notice that Dio's body has disappeared. Dio suddenly reappears and slaughters the policemen, having successfully become a Vampire. Seeing the destruction wrought by the now-inhuman Dio, a terrified but determined Jonathan laments his role in discovering the mask's abilities. Jonathan takes a spear from a nearby suit of armor and prepares to fight the vampire head-on.

Dio gloats about his new power and assured victory, but finds that Jonathan and Speedwagon have both disappeared. After a quick assessment of the foyer, Dio finds their hiding place behind a curtain. However, the two heroes light the curtain on fire and drape it over Dio, causing him to fall back. Despite his burns from the fire, however, Dio's skin heals rapidly enough to negate the damage, causing the two to fear that he may indeed have become immortal.
Settling the Youth with Dio!
(ディオとの青春に決着! Dio to no Seishun ni Kecchaku!)
Jonathan Joestar (Mansion) vs. Dio Brando (Shirtless)
Unlock Criteria: Clear Chapter 06

Jonathan tells Speedwagon to flee the mansion, which has caught fire, as he climbs to the second floor of the foyer and dares Dio to follow him. Amused by Jonathan's will to save his friend, Dio decides that he will use Jonathan's blood to heal his burns and save Speedwagon for later. He follows Jonathan to the second floor by walking up the wall and jamming his feet into it with each step. With all parties aware of Jonathan's inability to escape, Jonathan leads Dio to the mansion's roof for their final confrontation.

Jonathan charges at Dio as the floor gives out beneath them. Jonathan reflects on how he has lost everything but his own life, and expresses that he is more than willing to die to stop Dio's ambitions. Dio, confident in his immortal body, nonetheless worries that the flames on the first floor can overpower his healing capabilities. To escape Jonathan's grasp and his own death, Dio breaks both of Jonathan’s arms. Yet Jonathan refuses to let go, despite his broken arms and burns. Asking his father's soul to give him strength, Jonathan impales Dio on the statue of the Joestar guardian deity, the goddess of love. Dio is unable to remove himself from the statue, causing him to burn in the fire. Speedwagon continues to watch the mansion burn from the outside. Mourning the cruel fate of Jonathan Joestar, Speedwagon is shocked to see Jonathan's unconscious body thrown out of the burning building through a window. Jonathan has miraculously survived the battle and defeated Dio.

Three days after the battle with Dio, Speedwagon decides to visit Jonathan in the hospital to offer his emotional support. He is stopped at the door to Jonathan's room by an unknown woman. Despite his attempts to argue, the woman refuses to let him in, saying that Jonathan is not accepting visitors at the time and that her care is enough. As the door is closed on him, Speedwagon takes offense at the woman's words and stubbornly resolves to come back later. Taking it upon himself to sneak into the hospital after visiting hours, Speedwagon sees a light streaming from the slightly-opened door. The woman who dismissed Speedwagon earlier is still tending to Jonathan's wounds, and Speedwagon is further shocked to see her hands cracked and callused from continuously cooling Jonathan's burns. Jonathan finally regains consciousness and, like Speedwagon, is perplexed by the woman tending to him. Though Jonathan thinks it impossible at first, the woman reveals herself to be his childhood sweetheart, Erina Pendleton. Speedwagon realizes that the two have known each other for some time and decides to leave the reuniting couple alone. Meanwhile, at the remains of the Joestar mansion, Wang Chan sifts through the rubble for valuables. He comes across the Stone Mask, but a hand emerges from the debris and grabs his wrist before he is able to grab it. As the hand grabs the dealer's wrist and drains his blood, Dio's charred face peers out from beneath the rubble.

Eyes of Heaven (Various)

Phantom Blood
Joestar Mansion EoH.png

Joestar Mansion (ジョースター邸, Jōsutā-tei)

  • Stage Gimmick 1: Zombies may grab any combatant near a broken window, inflicting damage and leaving the victim open to attacks.
  • Stage Gimmick 2: Throughout the match, fire will slowly break out within the mansion, inflicting gradual damage on those caught in the blaze.
  • Situation Finish: The defeated combatant is thrown onto the statue of the goddess of love, recreating Dio's first defeat.




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