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Fate follows the path of justice!! (「正義の道」を歩む事こそ 「運命」なんだ‼)
Emporio Alnino, Stone Ocean Wafer Set 3

What a Wonderful World (ホワット・ア・ワンダフル・ワールド, Howatto a Wandafuru Wārudo) is the thirty-eighth and final episode of Stone Ocean, as well as the one-hundred-ninetieth episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. The episode covers the rest of Chapter 156 to Chapter 158 of the original manga.

Emporio, the only survivor of Pucci's attack, finds himself in Green Dolphin Street Prison. Made in Heaven has allowed all living beings to cross over into a new universe, bestowing them with foreknowledge of their own destinies. Pucci prepares to eliminate Emporio, his only remaining enemy, only to unwittingly change both of their fates.


Emporio finds himself back in Green Dolphin St. Prison.

Emporio finds himself in Green Dolphin Street Prison again. Inside the visitation room, he hears Jolyne and Jotaro's voices. When he peeks inside, they are revealed to be pale imitations of the real Joestars. Emporio sees a bloodied Pucci mutter that they are back in November 30, 2011, and enters the room to beat the lookalikes. He explains that time did not rewind but accelerated so fast that they went beyond the end of the universe. Essentially, the end of the previous universe brought about this new one where the original souls of Jolyne, Jotaro, Anasui, and Ermes did not exist. However, Emporio managed to survive. This irks Pucci and he unveils Made in Heaven to attack him.

Pucci tracking Emporio relentlessly.

Because of the commotion, the Joestar lookalikes flee the room and Emporio notes that the same thing happened as before, just not without the originals. Pucci is also aware of this, and knows that he will be hiding back at the ghost room. With everyone's fates seemingly predetermined, Emporio runs away and waits for two guards to trip as before. To his surprise, one of them seem to be aware that they will trip again. The priest reappears and pushes the two away, reminding the boy of his destiny. Emporio remembers that the moment a universe is born, it infinitely expands until it hits a point of singularity where it contracts on itself. Everyone merely went through Earth's history at a fast speed that they are simply back in 2011, just without those who had died during the acceleration. Alone again, he is forced to run away while Pucci follows behind, explaining that future events are already predicted. This is the power of Made in Heaven.

Without his ghost gun and with Pucci knowing the ghost room, Emporio runs to the opposite direction in an attempt to override his previous actions but accidentally steps on a mop which hits his face, sending him to fall in front of the ghost room. Pucci contemplates on sparing him, but fate dictates that he will successfully break out with or without Jolyne. Because they remain in prison, he has the power to change this opposing force. He then slowed time beforehand just to eliminate him once and for all.

Emporio acquires Weather Report.

Remembering Jolyne and her words, Emporio gains a new resolve through teary eyes. When Made in Heaven aims to punch him, they are sucked into the ghost room where he suddenly reveals that he had stored Weather Report's Stand DISC all along, and that he used Pucci to insert the DISC into his head. He further explains that before Weather Report died, his stored Stand DISC was given to Jolyne which she gave to him before her death. Because only Pucci can change fates, Emporio has successfully escaped his predetermined actions from the original universe by taking advantage of the former's attack.

Despite this, Pucci says that Weather was an expert of his Stand whilst Emporio cannot easily master it by just inserting it in his head. He aims his hand towards the boy when the veins on his hand appear to bulge, and he is thrown on top of a piano. Emporio begins to bleed through his eyes. He explains to Pucci that he used Weather Report's Stand to saturate the oxygen in the room over forty percent, which is highly toxic to organisms in its pure form. However, it was not all of his doing, but the Stand's too — this Weather Report was the original one that Pucci had sealed away, whose power was awakened through Heavy Weather. The Stand crushes Pucci's face down with its fist and he pleads for Emporio to stop it. He negotiates that because they haven't reached Cape Canaveral yet, then Made in Heaven is still incomplete. If he dies, his accomplishments will be reversed. No one will be able to read and prepare for the future.

Pucci is killed before the new universe completes its cycle.

Emporio tells him that his babble about fate is exactly what caused his downfall. He was already defeated by fate through Jolyne, F.F., Weather Report, Anasui, Ermes, and even Jotaro. Without knowing or preparing for the future, their resolve still led to Emporio in the new universe. Walking the path of justice is fate itself — despite all of Pucci's plans, he was the unprepared one after all. Weather Report finally finishes the priest, and the universe is reborn once more.

Emporio meets Irene, a reincarnation of Jolyne.

Afterwards, Emporio appears at a gas station where he overhears a woman's voice. He is surprised to see that the woman who exits a bus is a lookalike of Ermes, and she is asking if he had spare change to exchange for her fifty dollars. Behind her, the driver throws out her belongings, and she blames Emporio for taking up her time. Sighing, she assumes that the bus driver must have mistaken her for a Green Dolphin inmate. Nearby, a man calls out for them. He appears to be a lookalike of Anasui. He offers to take them anywhere as long as they give him money for gas, but the Ermes lookalike says that her sister advises her not to go with strangers. However, the sky begins to rain, signaling an incoming storm.

The spirit of the heroes lives on.

The window of the Anasui lookalike's car lowers to reveal what looked like Jolyne. She invites him to hop in and introduces herself as Irene and her boyfriend as Anakiss. Apparently, they were driving to see her father and ask for his permission to give them the blessing to marry. The Ermes lookalike, Eldis, accepts the offer but says that she will give no more than ten dollars, and that she must be dropped off at Cape Canaveral. Irene removes her jacket and wraps it around Emporio, asking for his name. He sees the Joestar birthmark over her shoulder. Clutching her jacket, he begins to tear up as he is reminded of Jolyne and finally introduces himself: "My name is Emporio."

Before they leave, they spot a hitchhiker. Although Anakiss says two is enough, Irene convinces him to pick him up because of the storm. Emporio recognizes the figure as Weather Report. As the car drives away into the distance, the clouds reveal the original Jolyne, Jotaro, Ermes, F.F., Anasui, and Weather Report.


Enrico Pucci
Jolyne's Doppelgänger
(1st appearance)
Jotaro's Doppelgänger
(1st appearance)
(Mentioned only)
(1st appearance)
(1st appearance)
(1st appearance)
Alternate Weather
(1st appearance)
Jolyne Cujoh
Jotaro Kujo


Script (脚本)
小林 靖子
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
Katsuichi Nakayama
Mamoru Kurosawa
中山 勝一
黒 沢守
Episode Director (演出)
加藤 敏幸
鈴木 健一
Animation Director (作画監督)
張 益
三浦 春樹
柴田 和紀
鄧 佳湄
津曲 大介
山崎 菜奈
石川 健太郎
小島 えり
宝谷 幸稔
Assistant Animation Director (作画監督補)
Tomoyuki Makabe
眞壁 智之
Key Animation (原画)
Eita Toyoshima
Kentaro Ishikawa
Nao Naito
Yasuhiro Saiki
Sakura Shiba
Eri Yonemoto
Momo Nagayama
Miyuki Kawano
Nobuhiro Nagata
Mihoko Ogawa
Yuichi Nakazawa
Masami Goto
Ryota Iwai
Kouta Kitahara
Madoka Katto
Koichi Takai
Hiroaki Shimizu
Kenji Nishikawa
Masaru Sano
Nobuo Takahashi
Masaaki Sakurai
Manabu Imura
Kei Hyoudou
Hideaki Tsukioka
Mayumi Oda
豊島 英太
石川 健太郎
内藤 直
才木 康寛
柴 さくら
米本 えり
永山 もも
河野 美由紀
長田 信博
大川 美穂子
中澤 勇一
後藤 雅己
岩井 亮太
北原 広太
甲藤 円
高井 浩一
清水 博明
西川 憲二
佐野 勝
高橋 伸郎
桜井 正明
井村 学
兵頭 敬
月岡 英明
小田 真弓
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
David Production
Sakura Shiba
Eri Kamata
Rie Ishiwatari
​Mina Inagaki
柴 さくら
鎌田 英理
石渡 理衣
​稲垣 美奈

Deng Jiamei
Nana Yamazaki
Kazunori Shibata
Miyuki Kawano
Kazumi Nakatsu
Tomoyoshi Murayama
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Tae Inotsume
Kotaro Okazaki
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Nana Kanmera
鄧 佳湄
山崎 菜奈
柴田 和紀
河野 美由紀
中津 和美
村山 友良
村木 麻保良
猪爪 多恵
岡崎 耕太郎
金内 恵美里
佐藤 夕香
尾沢 あとり
森川 寛子
小野塚 有紀
古和田 真弓
田中 千恵
宮田 瑞生
福島 友子
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阿部 咲夜
今西 美沙希
勘米良 南奈

Kino Production

Midori Saito
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斎藤 みどり
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Fast Snail Animation (無錫極速蝸牛動畫)

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Shanghai Phantom (上海樊特姆動画)

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翁 朝偉
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許 多

White Fox
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In-between Animation Inspection (動画チェック)
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溝口 さつき

Inspection Assistance

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In-between Animation (動画)
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Shanghai Phantom
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Iris Media
Fast Snail Animation
iris media
Design Cooperation (デザイン協力)
Daisuke Tsumagari
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IKIF+, Inc.
IKIF+, Inc.
CG Animator
Hiroyuki Sato
Shotaro Namekata
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佐藤 博行
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3D Modeling (3Dモデリング)
CG Modeling
Yoshiki Sato
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渡部 里奈
Digital Works (デジタルワークス)
2D Works
Kanako Yamada
山田 可奈子


Stone Ocean Episode 38: What a Wonderful World
Start End Title OST Description

New Moon Gravity
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Emporio discovers Jolyne and Jotaro's doppelgängers/in this universe, all of Pucci's enemies are dead...
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
...except for Emporio!
Heaven's falling down
Heaven's falling down
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
People in this universe are able to sense their own fates
The End Of The Universe
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Emporio realizes the world has experienced an entire universal cycle
Clock Works
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Pucci begins to chase Emporio/Pucci explains the reason for attaining "heaven"
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Pucci must defeat Emporio or he will lose to him at Cape Canaveral
Desperate Struggle
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Emporio's memories of Jolyne strenghten his resolve
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Pucci tries to kill Emporio as he enters the ghost room
Fight to Antagonize
Stardust Crusaders (World)
Pucci inserts Weather Report's DISC into Emporio
Pale Snake
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Pucci restarts the acceleration of time but suddenly starts bleeding
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Weather Report has filled the room with pure oxygen
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Pucci begs for his life
Stardust Crusaders
Stardust Crusaders (Departure)
Emporio defeats Pucci
What a Wonderful World
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
The universe resets again/Emporio encounters Eldis and Anakiss
Distant Dreamer
Distant Dreamer
Emporio meets Irene

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Jotaro's Doppelgänger has extra dialogue.
  • The conversation between Pucci and Emporio is extended.
  • The scene where Emporio is caught by the guards is shortened.
  • Added a scene where Emporio further explains the nature of Made in Heaven's consequences.
  • Pucci's speech is extended.
  • The two guards are shoved by Pucci instead of being tripped by Emporio.
  • Added flashback of Jolyne when Emporio prepares to fight Pucci when entering the ghost room.
  • Emporio's final speech before killing Pucci is extended with a final objection to Pucci's philosophy.
  • Ermes's counterpart in the new universe has a name, Eldis.
  • F.F. is now added in the final scene of the main characters in the sky.

In Other Languages

Language Title Translation
Japan Japanese ホワット・ア・ワンダフル・ワールド What a Wonderful World
United States of America English It's a Wonderful World
Israel Hebrew זה עולם נפלא It's a Wonderful World
Poland Polish Wspaniały świat A Wonderful World



  • When the episode was released, the German dub was out of sync. It has since been fixed.
  • The sound effect typically used for the Ripple can be heard during Emporio's speech at 17:06.
  • Kenichi Suzuki stated that they chose Jotaro's theme, "Stardust Crusaders", to play when Emporio defeated Pucci for the viewers to feel relief by the explosive counterattack after all the dread that accumulated in the last episodes.[1]
  • Coincidentally, the episode aired in Japan on the 20th anniversary of the release of Stone Ocean's final chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump.


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