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George was one of the first brave pilots to fly.

George Joestar II (ジョージ・ジョースターⅡ世, Jōji Jōsutā Nisei) is a posthumous tertiary character featured in the second part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Battle Tendency.

He is the son of Jonathan and Erina Joestar, husband of Lisa Lisa, and father of Joseph Joestar. George is a pilot in the Royal Air Force during World War I, who discovers that his superior officer is actually a zombie.

George is also the main protagonist of the odd numbered chapters in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR, written by Otaro Maijo.


George II Araki Render.png

George resembles his father Jonathan and his son Joseph. He has thick eyebrows and short, refined hair although it is covered by his cap. He is seen wearing either a Royal Air Force service dress uniform or a flight suit.

In JORGE JOESTAR, he has straight neck-length hair with long bangs covering his forehead when he is eleven years old. As he grows older, he cuts his hair shorter and has a messy top with faded sides.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Eyes(Moderate blue)
(Green uniform, cream straps, gray-yellow shirt, dark green hat, and white gloves)
(Navy suit, gray-yellow buttons, and white shirt)


Not much is known about George before his death. However, he had displayed courage and bravery when he attempted to confront his zombie superior until he was eventually caught and killed.

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.
The only way to stop being scared was to start being brave. I was a boy, and couldn't keep relying on a girl my whole life.
—George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 1: Tsukumojuku

In JORGE JOESTAR, George is initially cowardly during his childhood and relies mostly on Lisa Lisa to protect him from his bully, Antonio Torres. However, he also displays a sense of self-actualization. Knowing he cannot rely on Lisa Lisa for his whole life, he begins to stand up for himself after a face-off with Antonio's father, and more so when both Lisa Lisa and his best friend Tsukumojuku Kato part ways with him.[1]

George becomes braver and more mature later on, being able to face the clown from Penelope de la Rosa's Wound ability without any second thoughts just to save Penelope and her ex-boyfriend.[5] When he moves back to England with Penelope and his mother, he distances himself from his peers even more after being bullied, although he is open towards those who share interests with him such as the Motorize siblings and Jim Graham. Even if he is aloof, George does not shy away from expressing his feelings and even going to extremes just to reassure his love for Lisa Lisa when she was in Switzerland.[8]

As a skilled fighter and a war veteran, he is knowledgeable with planes and automobiles as well as in battle tactics.[7] Having an experience of being Tsukumojuku's partner in solving cases, he is capable of deducing valuable information in crimes with his intelligence.[9]

Compared to his 37th universe counterpart, George is more serious and handles any situation straightforwardly. As a selfless person, he puts other people's needs before his own, especially with his family, such as when he refuses to die on his wedding day when the 920,000 Antonios invade England in fear of making Lisa Lisa worry about him.[8]


According to Speedwagon, George had the potential to become a Ripple master much like his father and son, though he was never given any training to properly use it so he was an ordinary man.[10]


George is a capable fighter pilot, being one of the first to fly an aircraft during World War I. He is considered a hero of the Royal Flying Corps.[10]

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

In JORGE JOESTAR, George develops an interest in building planes at a young age. With the help of Steven and Kenton Motorize, he remodels the scraps of one of their old planes into a new plane named Star Shooter. However, it isn't actually strong enough to support his weight so he can't fly it. George mentions if he weighed only 100 grams then it would be capable of flying with him riding on it.[6]

When he grows older, George makes modifications to a seaplane in the Royal Flying Corps and also names it Star Shooter.

Star Shooter (スターシューター)Link to this section
Star Shooter.png

George and his friend Jim Graham were the only pilots in the Royal Flying Corps who were capable of taking off and landing on a ship at harbor from the deck of an aircraft carrier sailing across the ocean. While fighting enemy forces, George would perform impulsive tactics such as piling bombs in the empty seat next to him and then tossing them out of the plane to blow up enemy ships.[11]



In JORGE JOESTAR, George has a Beyond named Trinity, which is shared with Jorge Joestar from the 37th universe and Dio Brando. By believing that he provides context as the main character of the story, his Beyond lets him act with courage. When he uses it, Tsukumojuku Kato takes him to where he needs to be.

Trinity (三位一体(さんみいったい))Link to this section
Destiny Manipulation


As a trained soldier, George is a skilled marksman. With his pistol, he easily targets bombs that Jim tosses out of the plane in order to create a large explosion.[11] He manages to shoot down over 23 zombie pilots while flying his plane.[8] Later, Vinegar Doppio converts a part of George's skull into a phone. George points a gun to his head and precisely clips off about two millimeters from the part of his skull that was transformed.[12]



Giving Elizabeth some flowers

George Joestar II was born in 1889, just months after his father died at the hands of Dio Brando. His mother, Erina, was pregnant during her honeymoon with Jonathan and raised George primarily by herself. He and the child that Erina saved from the ship, Elizabeth, fell in love with each other while growing up. George eventually married Elizabeth. Together, they had a son named Joseph Joestar in 1920.

Hero of the Royal Flying Corps

George became a pilot for the British Air Force during World War I. During his service, he discovered that one of his superior officers was a zombie that had been created by Dio and had been living secretly in darkness for years. George went to confront him, but unfortunately, was not trained properly in the art of Ripple and died in the battle. His death was covered as a flying accident. Lisa Lisa mourned his death, causing her to leave the house and kill the officer with the Ripple.[10]

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The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.
Eleven-year-old George

George was born in La Palma, part of the Canary Islands in Spain. As a foreigner, George was constantly bullied by his Spaniard classmates, notably Antonio Torres and his gang of friends. Elizabeth would constantly have to save him by beating up Antonio.


Childhood in La Palma

Antonio punching George

One day, George cries at home as Antonio and his gang just tried to shove dog waste in George's mouth as he was on his way home from school. Erina gives him a stern talk, letting him know that Lisa Lisa will be leaving them to go live in Italy with her adopted father Straizo, when she turns twelve. While George refuses to accept it at first, a strong speech from Erina and seeing Lisa Lisa cry for the first time convinces him to be brave. He becomes determined to stand up to his bullies and beat them up on his own. The next morning, George tries to avoid Antonio's gang so he goes to school very early and hides in a storage room. He soon discovers his plan was for naught, as when he goes to class, he is immediately interrogated by Julio Gonzales, one of his bullies. Antonio was murdered that morning, and Julio was accusing either George or Lisa Lisa to be the suspect because both of them had left their house early, and Lisa Lisa wasn't at school yet. As Julio continues to harass George, their teacher, Mr. Fernandes, enters the room and tells Julio and the other bullies of George to be ashamed of themselves.

Tsukumojuku Kato, George's only Asian classmate, announces that he solved the case and shows a sheet of Antonio's skin, made by his mother, Maria Torres. George ponders whether the real Antonio is still alive and Tsukumojuku opens the door, telling the person standing there to enter. Although the person looked like Antonio, George could tell he was actually dead.

George about to fall into the Ripple Overdrive

Lisa Lisa steps out of Antonio's skin and introduces herself to the class. She says the person who murdered Antonio is nearby, and Lisa Lisa had worn his skin to lure the murderer to the police. George notices that the hallway had turned dark and gloomy. Lisa Lisa, George, and Tsukumojuku walk down the hall and are confronted by a man who looks like Antonio, standing on the ceiling. The man's name is Alejandro Torres, and he asks if they've seen his son. Alejandro had already eaten Antonio in the morning but then heard he went to school afterwards. Lisa Lisa argues with the man and he decides to kill her, but is destroyed by Lisa Lisa's Indigo Blue Overdrive. As an attempt to be brave, George unexpectedly runs in front of her at that moment to Lisa Lisa's surprise, and is also knocked out by the attack. George wakes up the next morning on his bed and talks to Straizo, who explains that the remains of Antonio and Alejandro had been cleaned up, and other monsters on the island were destroyed. George asks if he has a power like Lisa Lisa's, but realizes he doesn't want it because he would be too scared to fight. Straizo cheers him up, and says he was brave enough to act in the fight against Alejandro.

Saying goodbye to Elizabeth

Tsukumojuku soon comes to visit George and the two become best friends. Tsukumojuku talks about how he had a Beyond, but it abandoned him. George just thinks he's delusional. When it is time for Lisa Lisa to leave, she jokes about marrying George and they both say they love each other. For the next four years, Tsukumojuku and George go on detective adventures and solve many mysteries. When he turns 15, Tsukumojuku has to go back to Japan and George cries a lot about being alone. George declares that he would come to Japan in the future and they could go solve more mysteries. However, two months later, the boat Tsukumojuku had left on is found at the bottom of the sea by the army.[1]

George worries about Tsukumojuku presumably being dead since he is missing. Assuming his days of adventure are now over, George begins taking school more seriously so he can become intelligent like Tsukumojuku. He starts small by reading novels. He begins to start liking science after enjoying science fantasy novels, so Erina decides she should hire a tutor for him. Thinking Penelope de la Rosa would be a good tutor, George goes to her house. Penelope is a girl older than George who he and Tsukumojuku met on their last case. She helped them catch Javier Cortes, as she was one of his victims. Due to her pathological fear of clowns, she was so afraid after her dreams that she stopped going to school and never left her house. Penelope refuses to open the door when George arrives at her house, because seeing him reminded her of the clown in her dreams. However, the next night, Penelope comes to see George looking very upset, yelling that Javier is back.

Penelope crying in George's arms
Destroying the clown

Penelope collapses in George's arms and panics while George tries calming her down. George invites Penelope inside only to realize that the door of his house is suddenly locked. He wonders why Erina would shut them out, until Erina tells George to run because a clown is inside. George kicks the door down and directly sees the clown for himself. He swings a chair at it causing the clown to vanish by shattering into pieces. Erina tells George to calm down, realizing that Penelope is the one who was creating the clown somehow, as a means of protecting herself. The clown suddenly returns, locking them inside by wedging a heavy table under the doorknob. George realizes that the clown has a long white thread dangling from its hip, leading all the way to Penelope's dress. George calmly moves aside the table and exits the house, calming Penelope down. He realizes that her power is the same as what Antonio and Javier had. Eventually the thread from Penelope's dress snaps, causing a doll in a noose to drop behind the door. George explains to Penelope that she created all of this.

Later, George tries explaining Penelope's power to her mother but her mother thinks Penelope is possessed by the devil. Erina decides to let Penelope live with them and hires her to work in the La Palma office of Erina's trading company, as well as to be George's tutor.

One day in February, six months after Penelope moved in with the Joestars, she asks George to accompany her to work out of paranoia that someone was following her. Penelope's abusive ex-boyfriend, Edvard Noriega, greets her on their way to work. While Edvard tells a story of what happened to him, Penelope goes berserk with emotions and creates a locked room from the ground, trapping Edvard with a clown inside. George decides to name her power a Wound based on its origin.

"MURDER" carved on his stomach

Penelope is about to kill Edvard but George tries to stop her from becoming a murderer. He forces a hole into the locked room by ripping into the grass and dirt walls. Edvard was hanging from a noose attached to the ceiling, and suddenly George is hanged by a grass rope as well. He panics as he nearly chokes to death, before he realizes that the point of a locked room is to make murder look like suicide. If he somehow leaves evidence behind that it is actually a murder, it would break the purpose of a locked room. He pulls a knife from his back pocket and stabs his belly, writing out "MURDER". Before George loses consciousness, the clown reads the message and disappears, destroying the locked room as well. George throws up several times but is relieved to see that Edvard is still alive. Penelope grabs George and cries, apologizing at the same time.

George with Lisa Lisa, Straizo, and Penelope

At the hospital, the doctor tells George that he dug too deep and the word "murder" would remain upside down on his belly forever. Lisa Lisa suddenly appears in the room and asks George if he's still being bullied. She doesn't believe that George would do it to himself. Penelope says that it's her fault, apologizing once more. The two women get off on bad terms after Lisa Lisa tries introducing herself, leading to George interrupting before Penelope would summon a locked room again. The three walk back home and find Straizo and Erina inside sipping tea. Lisa Lisa tells Erina that it's time to tell George the truth about his father. Erina then describes the life of Jonathan and Dio Brando, leading to Jonathan's eventual death on their honeymoon. Lisa Lisa questions if Erina had actually brought Dio Brando's head to the island. Although George says Lisa Lisa is being ridiculous, Erina breaks her silence by saying it wasn't Dio's head but rather her husband's, Jonathan's. Her statement makes George scared of his mother for the first time.[5]

Learning about Jonathan and Dio

George, Erina, Lisa Lisa, Straizo, and Penelope head to a secret room in the basement. George looks at his father's severed head, feeling as if Jonathan still looks alive. Penelope and Straizo head back upstairs as Erina tells the story of how Dio tortured her in the coffin until she was saved by a fisherman and reached the Canary Islands. As they go upstairs, Penelope hugs Jorge, crying that the Canary Islands is a scary place. Seventy people had just perished in La Palma's church, including George's doctor who they had spoken to earlier. Lisa Lisa mentions that everyone who died had seen the Mothman and covered the walls of the church with drawings of it before they set the church on fire. Deducing that these incidents happened because of their presence on the island, Erina decides that she and George should move to England with Penelope.[13]

Youth in Wastewood

In the town of Wastewood

George moves to England with Erina and Penelope. He claims that the English people are unpleasant and naturally look down on everyone else while pretending to be gentlemen, believing that the Spaniards back on the Canary Islands were far better despite them being cocky and violent. George transferred to Jonathan's old school, Hugh Hudson High, and is still bullied. George's classmates are amused about him being a fallen aristocrat, and are also jealous about his mother's economic success. George usually ignores them until someone insults his mother, leading to a fist fight. George eventually refuses to engage with his bullies any more, whereas Penelope is furious and starts summoning locked room clowns on his bullies. George reminisces about his time with Tsukumojuku and wishes to make another friend.

Saved by Steven

George usually wanders to steep cliffs along the coast to watch the sea, since it's where no one he knows would bother him. One day, he meets the Motorize siblings there. He notices them carrying a large object with huge wings, resembling a bird, by the cliff's edge. The girl went inside it, and then her brother suddenly pushed the object off the cliff along with his sister. George quickly jumped off the cliff trying to save her, only to see that the 'bird' just rose above him with the girl still inside it. Both George and the girl are shocked to see each other, and George curses his impulsiveness, bracing himself for his impact with the water. Suddenly, George is grabbed by the boy from the top of the cliff and they fly along the surface of the ocean. George sees that the boy has wings on his back, covered in blood. The boy asks if George is hurt but wonders what he was thinking since he should have seen the glider. The girl laughs hysterically saying that George almost gave her a heart attack, and then blows a kiss at him since George was worried about her. George watches the girl fly in her glider and becomes jealous, wanting his own. The boy tells George that everyone will be flying one soon enough and explains the science behind the gliders. George apologizes after noticing that the boy's wings must have been painful, realizing that it is similar to Penelope's Wound ability. George learns that the boy's name is Steven and his sister is named Kenton.

Steven and Kenton give George a ride back to their house in their wagon. George finally introduces himself to them and they're surprised to learn that he's a Joestar. Their grandfather was a friend of George's grandfather, George Joestar I. Kenton asks if George knows a girl named Darlington but George declines, learning that Darlington is actually in his class and is their little sister. Darlington greets George once he arrives at their manor's shed and brings tea to her siblings. She sulks when George claims that he doesn't remember her in his class, but quickly asks their butler Faraday to bring tea to George as well. She notices Steven's wings and gets angry with George because it takes three weeks for his back to become normal again. Kenton teases Darlington for having a crush on George and then Faraday later serves them tea, which George thought was delicious. Steven asks George if he wants to hang out with them and build planes after school if he's interested, causing George to become extremely excited about the opportunity.

Kenton teasing George

George plans to retrieve a sunken glider at the bottom of the cliff so he can make it his own and rebuild it. Since Steven had his wings out, he does most of the work getting the glider up while George loads its pieces into their wagon. They unload the pieces at the Joestar mansion, and Steven offers to help but George is intent on learning how to build it himself. In school, George starts talking about novels with Darlington. Kenton later tells George that Darlington keeps borrowing books from their dad's library as an excuse to keep talking with him. However, George's reply leads Kenton to believe that George is already in love with someone else. Kenton teases him while George is embarrassed and internally struggles with the thought of being in love with Lisa Lisa. That night, George finishes putting together his glider but notices the top right wing looked as if it had claw marks. Kenton had thought she hit a seabird when she crashed that glider in the past, but George wonders if it was actually something else. George heads to the Motorize manor the next day when Darlington suddenly asks if he's in love with anybody. She claims that she's in love with William Cardinal, a boy two years older than them who is smart and will be a doctor someday. Darlington then states that Cardinal thinks that George is odd because of his opinion on a novel. George tells Darlington to use her own words if she wants to criticize him rather than saying what Cardinal thinks about him. Darlington apologizes but says he can leave their house then, and George agrees. As he is about to leave, Faraday tells George that a friend of his was just there searching for him. He was a young boy who looked like he was in middle school and spoke Spanish at first. Faraday brings George to another room.

Shocked to see Lisa Lisa

George is astonished to see Tsukumojuku floating there. Tsukumojuku explains there was some meaning for him to arrive there, and either George desired to see him again or something needed Tsukumojuku to be there for George's benefit. Tsukumojuku says that he is not actually there, but is currently in Japan, in the year 2012, with another detective named Jorge Joestar. George's Beyond was making this miracle happen. Tsukumojuku grabs George's hand before saying that they'll meet again once more, and then George is suddenly teleported to a dark area, holding a girl's hand instead.

Teleported to Rome

Gorilla Spider

George had somehow reunited with Lisa Lisa in an underground temple in Rome where nobody had set foot in for over a thousand years, as Lisa Lisa was trying to retrieve the Red Stone of Aja with Straizo and the other Ripple warriors. However, Lisa Lisa got separated from them. Lisa Lisa and George talk about George's new life in England and she hopes he isn't being bullied again. After talking about airplanes and how much fun George was having, Lisa Lisa went quiet. Suddenly, they hear a strange noise behind them like a monstrous creature moving against the ground. George realizes that Tsukumojuku brought George there because Lisa Lisa needed him, as she was afraid.

Lisa Lisa with the Aja

George describes the creature as a Gorilla Spider, as if twenty gorillas were fused into one. George realizes that the monster was formed from Lisa Lisa's emotions and tries to calm her down. She wonders if George is actually real or if she is just imagining him as well and then kisses him, but accidentally uses the Ripple on her lips. George is shocked but is relieved that the gorilla spider had gone away. In the darkness, Lisa Lisa feels the terrain with her Ripple and helps George walk through the temple. The two laugh at each other and kiss again. Eventually, they find a torch in a giant treasure chamber, filled with massive jewels, armor, and weapons. Lisa Lisa finds the Aja affixed to a pendant and has George put it around her neck. She tells George to promise not to tell anyone that she has it, as she has to protect the stone with her life. She hides the pendant inside her clothes and they leave. Finally, the couple exits the temple and reunite with Straizo. Straizo and the others are all shocked to see George.

They all head back to the secret base of the Ripple warriors, where George calls home. Penelope answers and tells him that Kenton is dead. George's airplane was at the scene and Kenton had told Steven that George invited her to the cliff beforehand. Shocked, George wonders if it was an accident. However, Erina fights back her tears to explain that Kenton was found with several stab wounds from a knife that bore the Joestar crest, and asks if George could explain what happened to the police and Steven.[6]

George in Prison

George arrested

For supposedly murdering Kenton, George is arrested instantly once he arrives home from Rome. Her father, Ben Motorize, pushes the blame onto George and strong-arms his friends in the justice department to charge George as an adult at age 16 with first degree murder. Penelope and Erina visit George in jail. While they are concerned at first, they are relieved once they find out George isn't too upset. After the guard brings George back to his cell, Lisa Lisa transmits her Ripple through the ground, inhibiting the guard's thoughts. The guard ends up following his normal routine of putting George back into the cell, locking the door, and then leaving, but his mind couldn't comprehend seeing Lisa Lisa or why there was a refrigerator in the cell. George was unaffected by the Ripple because Lisa Lisa gave him socks made from Satiporoja Beetles. Lisa Lisa had been secretly hiding in George's cell to keep him company. She brings him food, cleans the place, and teaches him things. At night, Lisa Lisa leaves and George thinks about Kenton.

Lisa Lisa hiding in his cell

Six days later, George is visited by Steven. George is worried to see him but Lisa Lisa convinces him to go. Steven says that he believes George isn't the murderer and he had tried to convince his father but Ben wouldn't listen. Before he leaves, Steven expresses hope that he could fly together with George someday. Days pass, and Erina tries her best to free George but he remains in jail. Kenton's death was too mysterious and George had an alibi of somehow being in Rome during that time. When George explained that he was in an underground temple, the Italian police went to go search for it. It was actually not officially discovered, and so the Italian government plans to give George an award if he is proven innocent, although George turns it down. The police doesn't know what to do about George's statement, as they have Faraday's testimony and proof of George being in Rome. Moreover, George had no motive to kill Kenton and the timing of the murder did not match up with where George was. According to the police's report, George picked up a knife from home, flew his Star Shooter glider to the Motorize manor, spoke with Darlington, snuck out of the house, flew his glider to the cliffs, and then stabbed Kenton to death. George denies this but the police already finished their report, and so he is allowed to return home. Lisa Lisa and George say their goodbyes to each other, as she has to head back to Straizo for work.

The Royal Automobile Club

Rover 8 car

Back at home, George thinks about Tsukumojuku Kato and ponders about the future due to Japan's war with Russia. Later, George has to have a jury trial because of him pleading innocent. He can't go to school while the trial is going on, so Penelope becomes his tutor once again. Since he has more free time, George asks to get his driver's license. George would normally have to wait one more year before he could get his license, but Erina didn't care much and let George do as he pleased. George asks the man who drives Erina to work to teach him how to drive. He gets the hang of it quickly and eventually buys a car, a Rover 8. However, George then immediately takes it apart to see how it works. Since he didn't have a teacher like how he had Steven when he was making planes, he ends up breaking the car. Thus, he takes the car to an automotive garage in London and meets a college student named John Moore-Brabazon.

Ford T car

John is a private mechanic to a man named Charles Rolls, and George is shocked to learn that John owns all seven cars in the garage. George grows fascinated watching John's handiwork, until John yells at George to stop staring at him. The two get into a fight when John throws a wrench at George's car leading to George attempting to run John over. John runs out of the shop and jumps into a working eighth car he had parked out front and drives away. They start a car chase through the industrial district, although it isn't much of a contest since John's car is twice as fast as George's. John drives in circles around George, insulting him and calling him childish names while George begins to cry. John laughs and then challenges George to a race through all of London. They startle horses and pedestrians along the way and start getting pursued by mounted police but manage to escape, heading back to the garage. The other mechanics are worried, but soon they all start laughing leading to John and George becoming friends.

George joins the Royal Automobile Club where John is a member. As George is John's only younger friend, John quite likes him and often gets George into trouble. John says it doesn't matter if George killed Kenton Motorize or not, because soon all men will go to war and become killers.[7]

1907: Post-Graduation

George graduates

Two years pass and George graduates from Hugh Hudson High School in 1907 while still being under suspicion for Kenton's murder. Penelope and Erina plead for George to go to college but he refuses. George finally starts beating John in RAC races. Later, John calls George to let him know that his boss wants to start working on planes next. Getting invested in airplanes once more made George want to speak with Steven again. As George couldn't just go to the Motorize home, he asks his mother what she knows. Erina reveals that Steven left home and is working in France somewhere, but she doesn't know anything else. Penelope angrily tells George not to get involved with planes as nothing good will come from it, and then she lectures him to not let his friends control his actions.

A few days later, Darlington visits the Joestar mansion. She apologizes for her sudden visit, but George leads her outside where they could talk, worried that Penelope might see her. Darlington asks if George remembers William Cardinal and then expresses regret over insulting George when she was younger. Darlington asks for George's permission to say what was on her mind for the past two years and George confusedly agrees. Darlington then goes on a rant about how Cardinal is a better man than George and that George has a way of getting all the girls around him but doesn't pay attention to them, and he also doesn't realize that he's leading them on. They awkwardly walk back to the house in silence until Penelope loudly exclaims what Darlington thinks she's doing at their house. Darlington explains that she came there because her father found new evidence for George's guilt and says that George should look into the possibility of a plea bargain.

Penelope's locked room

Furious, Penelope begins summoning her locked room clown to kill Darlington, but George traps himself with her inside the walls. Darlington continues explaining that they found two witnesses: herself and Penelope. Both women saw George's plane fly away from the house but they kept quiet for George's sake. While Penelope might deny everything on the witness stand, the police also found alternative proof. When Penelope saw George's plane flying, she wrote a note congratulating George for his first successful flight. Frustrated that George wouldn't leave Darlington's side, Penelope leaves and goes back to her room. Darlington says goodbye, telling George to seriously consider the plea bargain as it is his best chance.

About to give up

George doesn't know what to say when he sees Penelope crying in her room. As he thinks about accepting the plea bargain, Erina lectures George to not give up. Giving up would mean ruining the reputation of their family and their companies, as well as betraying the faith of his family and friends. Erina's words rekindle George's resolve and he becomes determined to find the real killer. Penelope offers to help, revealing that she had been investigating the murder for the last two years. At first Jorge wonders whether Tsukumojuku is the one who flew Star Shooter, but knew his friend would never murder Kenton. George and Penelope then head to the cliffs where Kenton died. George starts wondering whether Steven is the one who murdered Kenton.

Three days later, George discusses his theory about Steven to Darlington but she says that he has no proof. George threatens that he'll go find Steven and force him to confess if they're going to keep trying to frame him. Before leaving the Motorize manor, George asks Faraday about the boy who came to see him two years ago. While George saw the Japanese boy Tsukumojuku Kato, Faraday instead saw a terrifying Spaniard kid who had no eyes. He was too terrified to tell anyone.[7]

1908-1914: George the Pilot

George as a pilot

In 1908, George is cleared of all suspicion and joins the Royal Aero Club.[7] He starts hearing rumors from pilots who have seen strange things like gremlins on their flights, and blamed those creatures on any airborne mechanical failures they had. They are small, skinny, and have no eyes, reminding George of how Faraday described the Spanish child he saw. George's friend, Jim Graham, also sees one clinging to his plane, Simone. George starts taking a camera with him into his cockpit so he can take a picture and then verify with Faraday later. In 1912, George takes a photo of a mysterious plane's silhouette, which he later realizes is Steven Motorize's Motorizing plane. He had only seen the schematics for it when they were younger, before it was actually built. George wonders what Steven is doing in England since he was apparently in France. He asks his French pilot friends about Steven, but nobody there had heard of him. Curious, George decides to go visit the Motorize home for the first time in five years.

Darlington's story

George interrogates Darlington about Steven's plane and she's surprised to learn that George had become confident. She hesitates for a long while and then deflects the topic, asking if George thinks it's possible for the dead to come back to life. George knew it was somewhat possible by becoming a zombie, but lies and says it isn't. Darlington agrees with him but says that there are cultural and religious precedents of resurrection which several people believe. She tells George of how Ben and Steven learned everything about Jonathan, Dio, zombies, and the Ripple warriors. Darlington teases George for being in love with Lisa Lisa, ultimately understanding why George never showed interest in herself or other girls.

Saying goodbye to Darlington

Getting back on topic, Darlington pleads for George's help because Steven and Ben have gone too far in their desperate attempts to bring back Kenton, wanting to revive her as a zombie. George says he'll contact Lisa Lisa and assures Darlington that her group is composed of trustworthy people who would help Ben and Steven change their minds. Darlington cries and thanks George. He considers hugging her but decides it would be best not to. Just then, William Cardinal arrives at the door and Darlington introduces him to George as her fiancé. George becomes jealous after seeing that Cardinal is rather handsome with an impressive build compared to his own. The two have an awkward handshake after George congratulates them on their engagement and then they say nothing to each other. Darlington invites George to their wedding but George declines thinking he wouldn't feel welcome there because of his history with the Motorize family, and Cardinal confirms by saying George is correct. Cardinal tells George to never visit their home again, as he tends to be a bad influence there. George and Darlington say goodbye to each other, but George notices how weak and depressed Darlington appeared as soon as Cardinal arrived.

George punching Frank

George manages to get in touch with Lisa Lisa and informs her about the Motorize family situation. Lisa Lisa convinces him that the Motorize men are being watched so everything will be fine, and Steven having his own airplane design will come in handy for the upcoming war. Shortly after that, George joins the Royal Naval Air Service. Several countries got involved in the war and George would have to fight as well. George is initially partnered with a navigator named Frank Dimarest, but the man keeps blaming George that it is George's fault he was out there risking his life. As soon as they land, George punches him and fires him, although Frank is grateful for that. George piles bombs in Frank's empty seat and uses them to bombard enemy ships from the air. George prefers that strategy than fighting them head on which would cause lots of casualties, but Jim disagrees with him, believing they should follow their orders. The two end up having a big fight.[11]

1915: Attack of the Zombies

George and the "Gremlin"

Jim tosses bombs while George shoots them

One day while flying his Star Shooter, George's plane is suddenly shot from the side. George wonders if Jim suddenly snapped and betrayed him, but then looks to his right to see an enemy German Albatros fighter plane headed towards him. They shoot again, breaking Jim's Simone in half with several machine gun bullets. Jim falls toward the ocean but George manages to catch him in his plane. Jim throws a bomb toward the Albatros from the back seat of George's plane, and then George shoots the bomb with his pistol, causing a massive explosion. Two more Albatros planes come after them, and Jim throws another bomb preparing to shoot it with his own pistol. However, the two Albatros planes shoot straight into the bomb and blow themselves up instead. Jim and George laugh at how lucky they were, but their fuel suddenly runs out and they are forced to make an emergency landing.

A gremlin shows itself

A gremlin reveals himself between the plane's propeller blades, with petrol running down his chin like drool after sucking the fuel all out of the plane. He announces that he'll kill George and his family and does a shrill laugh. George manages to take a photograph of it, but the gremlin then dives into Jim's mouth. Just then, Jim starts convulsing and groaning. He shoves his hands deep into his mouth, pulling out his tongue, flesh, parts of his ribs, and his internal organs. Disgusted at the horrific scene he just witnessed, George cries and vomits all over the plane's cockpit. George considers whether he should just fall to his death along with Jim but then his mind instantly clears and he becomes determined to survive. George manages to ignore Jim, hoping to be able to help him after they land. He lands the plane successfully on the water, but Jim had already died. Alone while drifting in the sea, George thinks of Erina's experience, but then decides there's no point comparing their experiences. He becomes confident that he would survive and waits for Lisa Lisa to come get him.

Rescued by Lisa Lisa and Steven

George falls asleep and he eventually wakes up from the sound of an airplane engine. Lisa Lisa arrived with Steven and his Motorizing plane. She leaps down, running across the water to ask if George is okay. George and Steven awkwardly gaze at each other. George couldn't decide whether he was angry for being framed for Kenton's murder or if he was happy to see Steven again. Lisa Lisa hugs George, explaining that the Ripple master Tonpetty predicted George would crash in the morning and told her the location of where he would be stranded in the North Sea. Steven was the only pilot nearby who could fly her there so they rushed to find him. George suddenly becomes jealous of the thought of Lisa Lisa and Steven getting close, but Lisa Lisa reassures him with a kiss on the cheek. Steven breaks the silence between him and George, explaining that he had tried finding Kenton's real murderer to prove that George was innocent. However, Steven became a suspect three years later. He asserts that he did not kill Kenton, and that it was a Spanish midget with no eyes who actually did. George questions Steven about his plans to bring Kenton back to life, but Steven confirms that he changed his mind after Lisa Lisa showed him a real zombie.

The trio climb into the Motorizing and head to France, leaving the Star Shooter behind. Steven flies the plane, while George sits behind him with Lisa Lisa on his lap. Although the two are embarrassed, they start talking to distract themselves. George tells them about the rumors of the gremlins and how Faraday had seen one in 1905, just before Kenton was murdered. Lisa Lisa realizes that it must have followed George from the Canary Islands. They finally reach France and the Ripple masters take the trio to their secret underground lair. George meets Tonpetty for the first time. Tonpetty reveals that George had entered his dreams several times and that it is an honor to meet Jonathan Joestar's son in person. He claims that George has inherited Jonathan's courage, although George denies it. Tonpetty continues encouraging him and George attempts to be respectful, saying he'll do his best.

Cardinal answers the phone

He borrows a phone from them and contacts the English Naval Air Service. On the other end, William Cardinal answers, revealing that he is now the officer in charge of George's unit in the RNAS. He angrily yells at George asking where he is and why he abandoned his injured companion, Jim, then ran off on his own. He insults George for playing dumb, who is confused about Jim seemingly being alive. Thinking George is mocking him, Cardinal hands the phone over to Jim, who promises to testify that George is a spy and the he'll kill George the next time he sees him. While George is still confused, Lisa Lisa shows George the photograph he took of the gremlin, explaining that it's his old childhood bully, Antonio Torres.

George faints

Lisa Lisa realizes that Antonio's discarded skin had lived on as a zombie. Since fifteen years have passed, she calculates that there must be 16,384 (2¹⁴) clones of Antonio by now if all of them constantly cloned themselves every year. They also determine that not all of the gremlins that pilots have reported seeing were Antonio, since their descriptions didn't fully match up. Some descriptions of gremlins were short whereas others had different features. They were making up stories based on their fear and then their planes would get damaged just like they imagined, like how Lisa Lisa previously imagined the Gorilla Spider in Rome's temple. They recall how the Mothman incident was a similar occurrence of mass hysteria. Remembering those horrifying drawings and the blood from the burning bodies, as well as the realization that scared pilots will be attacked by an eyeless Antonio Torres from now on, George faints.[11]

Battle in London

Base under attack

George and Lisa Lisa theorize about Antonio and how he could operate in daylight by hiding inside human bodies like Jim's. They worry about his capability of quickly creating zombies all over the world. Straizo asks how they can fight zombies inside fighter planes, but Lisa Lisa assures him that George will shoot all the zombies down. Just then, a Ripple warrior informs them that English zombies are attacking their base. Steven leads George and Lisa Lisa to two of his Motorizing planes. They get into one and Steven hops into the other. As they fly out of the cave, they notice at least a dozen English Air Force planes flying above them, dropping bombs onto the base.

Zombie Antonio attacks

George and Steven engage in aerial warfare with the zombies, shooting them all down with their plane's machine guns. George feels bittersweet over shooting the zombies as they were his old friends, but he is glad to avenge them by killing each Antonio. As Lisa Lisa praises George's skills, another Antonio appears, angry that George grew up into an adult before he did. Lisa Lisa suddenly declares that she and George should get married after this war, before grabbing Antonio and turning him into dust.

After killing over twenty-three zombies, George realizes that the battle is feeling too easy so it must be a diversion for something else. Worried about his mother's safety, George calls Erina at work and tells her to go back home and hide with Penelope. Erina also informs him that she just saw several English planes fly off. George calls his friend John Moore-Brabazon afterwards, who is now working as an engineer in the city after he quit flying planes. George explains to John that the men in the planes are actually zombies of their former comrades. At first, John is at disbelief but he quickly believes George is telling the truth and mourns the loss of his friends. The zombies flying the English planes suddenly start attacking London causing John to panic. However, George motivates him to fight and gather as many men as he can.

Lisa Lisa's plan

As they fly toward London, Lisa Lisa asks George for a quick rundown on how to fly planes. About an hour later, she gets the hang of it and pushes the flight stick to have their plane be directly in front of Steven's. She then jumps out of the cockpit and lands onto Steven's plane. She taps Steven's shoulder and uses the Ripple to extract his wings out of his back, as she thought it would be useful for him. Lisa Lisa then heads back to George's plane as the war continues. They promise each other that they'll both live and get married.

Steven saves George
The battle concludes

A Frenchman named Vincent Lecoeur starts attacking George and makes a direct hit with his plane's wing. Before George's plane could crash, Steven flies under him and motions for George to jump down. After George thanks Steven for saving him, the two admire Lisa Lisa's fighting skills, as she jumps from plane to plane frying each zombie pilot with her powers. George is confronted by Jim, now a zombie, and decapitates his old friend with his plane's wingtip. Finally, Lisa Lisa destroys the last zombie in the sky and jumps into George's plane, hugging him. Meanwhile, the zombies who were shot to the ground are all destroyed by the Ripple warriors.

George sees ten more English planes approaching from the North, flashing their lights in Morse Code to prove they aren't enemies. It was John, who followed George's advice and gathered a group of men. They controlled the perimeter, keeping the zombies trapped in London. George introduces John and Steven to each other, mentioning that John has political connections now and may be able to help Steven be pardoned from being a suspect since he helped save London.[8]

1916-1919: Engagement

George continues fighting in the World War. William Cardinal survives Antonio's attack on the Naval Air Force base with only a broken leg. He tells everyone that he was the one who ordered George to fight in London, and then everyone treats Cardinal as more of a hero than George. When the war finally concludes, George heads back home to the Joestar Mansion. George starts worrying about what Lisa Lisa thinks of him because the two hadn't seen each other or even contacted each other in three years. He realizes that they were only together for two weeks in the last seventeen years, but it felt like they spent a lot more time together. Determined to revitalize his relationship, George heads to Switzerland after Erina tells him where Lisa Lisa currently was.

George asks why Lisa Lisa doesn't love him

As soon as George finds Lisa Lisa, he asks why Lisa Lisa wanted to marry him if she doesn't love him. He becomes speechless after realizing what he said sounded like an immature toddler, but Lisa Lisa just laughs and assures him of her genuine love for him. Lisa Lisa apologizes about not going to see George, but reveals that she became worried after Tonpetty prophesied that George would die around the time they get married. She starts crying but George promises that he won't die and leave her alone. George becomes enraged at Tonpetty, but his anger dissipates after feeling the Ripple master's aura. After speaking with Tonpetty, George begins to accept his fate. However, Tonpetty suddenly looks puzzled, claiming that there is a god looking out for George and if George believes in this power, then he won't die. On the other hand, if he can't put his faith in it, he'll be brutally murdered by something terrifying. George realizes that he must believe in Beyond, which Tsukumojuku had told him about.

George and Lisa Lisa's engagement
Lisa Lisa pregnant

George and Lisa Lisa head back home and announce their engagement, while also planning for their wedding. George is relieved to see how happy Penelope is since she and Lisa Lisa disliked each other when they were younger. Penelope insists that if it was anyone else she would be jealous, but she's glad that George is marrying Lisa Lisa. After hearing that Lisa Lisa is pregnant, Erina, Penelope, and Speedwagon, are extremely happy. She decides not to tell Straizo just yet until things have settled down. Speedwagon starts sending them numerous baby gifts for both genders until the baby is born.

George handling Joseph

They name their son Joseph Joestar and even as a baby, the boy inherited Lisa Lisa's Ripple talents. George would get shocked every time he tried holding him or changing his diaper, so Lisa Lisa gave him a scarf made of the Satiporoja beetle's thread. They set their wedding date at the end of the year so that Joseph would be big enough. John campaigns to be George's best man, but it's a tough choice for George, who ends up choosing Steven instead.[8]

1920: The Marriage

George, 31 years old

On the day of their wedding, November 11, 1920, John notices that Steven hasn't arrived yet and offers to be the best man in his place. George decides to quickly sneak out to the Motorize manor but tells Penelope, the maid of honor, beforehand. She asks why not anyone else go instead, but George feels that it would be easier to go there himself. George assumes that Cardinal did something to Steven since Steven didn't get along with his brother-in-law.

George discovers the fate of his friends

George arrives at their house and rings the doorbell, but nobody answers. The door was left unlocked, so George enters and gets an unsettling feeling. Their house is seemingly empty, but George hears groaning coming from deeper in the manor. He grabs a fireplace poker and heads upstairs. In the hallway, he sees Kenton in pajamas with her head covered in blood. She had become a zombie and lunges toward George. George has no choice but to stab the poker through her head and says goodbye to his old friend. Just then, Cardinal points his gun at the back of George's head. George manages to use the poker to knock the gun away, cutting Cardinal's hand in the process. However, both George and Cardinal realize that Cardinal's hand isn't bleeding so he had actually become a zombie already. Antonio reveals himself, hiding inside Cardinal's body and eating his organs. George passes down the hallway and sees that Steven, Ben, and Darlington were also murdered and turned into zombies.

George almost killed

Antonio describes how he's only following his boss's orders but enjoys torturing George nonetheless. George looks out the window and sees a flock of 920,000 Antonios gliding outside like flying squirrels. They surrounded all of England, planning to have their boss take over the country. Antonio gets the upper hand in the fight and George nearly passes out after a punch that sends him flying, slamming his head onto a wall. Antonio hits George's head several times with the blunt side of the poker, disappointed in George for being weak and then mocks his genitals. He pulls George's pants down, starts attacking George below his back, and then vomits after seeing his crotch. George manages to summon Tsukumojuku's spirit one last time by believing in his Beyond, and Antonio is shocked to see him still appearing young.

Teleported to 37th universe

Tsukumojuku teleports George to 2012 in Morioh, leaving Antonio and the zombies. Lisa Lisa and Penelope arrive at the Motorize residence and cry, assuming that George had died due to the shredded pieces of his uniform on the ground. Lisa Lisa tearfully kills Antonio and the body of Cardinal he was possessing. Furious at George's supposed death, Penelope accidentally creates a locked room made from the 920,000 flying squirrel Antonios and torn up bits of them. The giant locked room surrounds the whole world, swallowing everything up.[8]

2012: Morioh

George healed

George wakes up, lying on a bed with his injuries and fractures healed. The Italian man sitting next to him greets George, with George confused as to how he could suddenly understand and speak Italian. Vinegar Doppio introduces himself and reveals that Rohan made it so everyone in the house could speak English, Italian, and Japanese. Doppio calls his boss, Giorno, to inform him that George has woken up. Doppio also reports that George is feeling a lot of pain and struggling to get up, before telling George that he'll get over it if he keeps moving. When George says he can't move any further, Doppio suddenly becomes infuriated and threatens George by showing the gun in his pants. His eyelids violently twitching, Doppio reveals he's a gangster, but George rebukes him with no fear. George snatches Doppio's gun from him and threatens the gangster back. George suddenly feels an intense vibration and ringtone reverberating within his brain. George confidently points the gun to his own head and precisely shoots off a two centimeter portion of his skull that Doppio had converted into a phone. George then turns the gun toward Doppio and doesn't hesitate to fire. However, none of the bullets hit and instead ended up in the wall behind Doppio.

George vs. Doppio

Another gangster named Guido Mista had arrived, telling the two of them to knock it off. Doppio starts arguing toward Mista so Mista decides to shoot him instead. George sees miniature entities wearing gym uniforms riding the bullets. Each of them kicked their bullet aside to merely scrape Doppio's cheeks, giving him cat-like whiskers. As George is confused as to what he just witnessed, Giorno arrives, apologizing for the manners of his men. He introduces himself to George and explains what Stands are, revealing that Rohan also made it so George could see Stands. Giorno and Rohan explain how they learned George's history by reading everything about him, and decided that he is the best man to solve the mystery of Diavolo and Kira's deaths. They also reveal to him that Tsukumojuku had died there and another Jorge Joestar was in charge of that case. George is informed of Jorge's adventures and what the current situation is like now in London.

George and Giorno

Although George desires to go back home, Giorno has no intention of letting anyone leave Arrow Cross House until the mystery is solved. George asks Doppio to call England with his phone, but he is suddenly no longer able to despite it working a few minutes ago. Desperate to get back to Lisa Lisa, George starts believing in his Beyond. He realizes that believing in Beyond means that there is an author writing a story with him as the main character, but in order to get back to Lisa Lisa, then he would have to create the 'narrative flow' of the story by first solving the murder of Diavolo. Abbacchio replays the recordings of their deaths with his Stand Videodrome so that George could notice any suspicious details. George notices that Kira's face was covered in sweat, but the sweat would dry up the instant it hit his shirt. The rest of his body should have been soaked as well, but his shirt wasn't even damp. After George points out the clue, Abbacchio and NYPD Blue also touch Kira's chest so they can see for themselves. George moves on to checking Diavolo's chest, where he notices the same situation occurring.

Watching Abbacchio and NYPD Blue perform autopsies

After Rohan mentions how he had a clock in his study but someone had stolen it, George deduces that there must have been a reason for the clock being stolen, with "time" being the key word. He realizes that time must have been sped up, even though their bodies were moving normally. George theorizes about how King Crimson and Bites the Dust could cause time to flow differently and how humans have an internal sense of time which could be a little off without any Stands involved. George asks Rohan for a thermometer so that they could do autopsies. Abbacchio and NYPD Blue are reluctant to take rectal temperatures until George convinces them to by saying they shouldn't let an amateur handle it. Afterwards, Abbacchio asks if George figured out anything but George ignores him. Abbacchio throws the thermometer at George but the latter dodges and the thermometer shatters, angering Rohan. George calculates that the killer would have to be traveling 800,000 meters a second to be able to kill Diavolo and Kira. As he wonders why Kira and Diavolo didn't even try to resist their deaths when Diavolo could predict his fate, George realizes that Diavolo and Kira must have been fighting each other. Kira's Bites the Dust would activate and try to kill Diavolo, but Diavolo's King Crimson would sense that future and prevent it from happening. However, Bites the Dust would still be fated to turn time back one hour. Thus, Kira would have no memories of trying to blow Diavolo up and would attempt to do so again. Every time Diavolo deleted the time frame of his death, they were trapped in an infinite time loop.

With his Beyond, George is convinced that his deduction is correct so he moves on to figuring out why their battle had to happen at the Arrow Cross House. Cube House was a tesseract with its own spacetime, and whoever the killer is wouldn't want to speed up time for the rest of the world as that would cause mass hysteria. Following George's request, all of the clocks in the house are brought to the study by Rohan, Muryotaisu, Fukashigi, and Koji. George then asks Reimi about the Cube House. He explains that he doesn't think Reimi actually evolved because a Stand forgetting their user would be a problem. Rather, he believes that something traumatic happened and Reimi was inflicted with a Wound.

Reimi's memories return

George's explanation triggers Reimi's memories and an Arrow violently ejects from her body. Her memories return, and she smiles at George, revealing that her sole purpose was to search for him. Penelope was desperate after George's presumed death and unconsciously awakened her Stand. Reimi supposedly manifested at Nishi Akatsuki in Fukui Prefecture, which is the hometown of the other Jorge. She and Cube House then moved to Morioh in 2004, waiting for George to reach there. At some point, Reimi was asked by someone to protect four Arrows. She accidentally stabbed herself with them in 2007 and developed a Wound, transforming Cube House into Arrow Cross House. Reimi decides to take George back home, but Fugo and Mista retort that George still hasn't solved the mystery.

George explains his final deductions to everyone. The killer's Stand has the power to speed up time. They lured Kira and Diavolo to Arrow Cross House after setting the two against each other. As time looped, the killer sped up time and compressed it until neither of them could move at all, then slit their throats. Giorno unsuccessfully tries to conceal his surprise, making George suspicious. After George asks Bucciarati if his boss is lying, Bucciarati notices the scent of a lie coming from Giorno.

The original Antonio

With Giorno off guard, Rohan uses Heaven's Door on him, confirming that he is actually an alternate personality of Diavolo. Noticing Giorno's eyeless face on the back of the book cover, George asks Antonio Torres if he came to this universe with Tsukumojuku. The actual Giorno had used his Stand Gold Experience to transform Antonio's hollow skin into a body double of Giorno. Since Antonio was now discovered, Giorno cancels the effect and Antonio reverts back into being empty skin. George realizes this is the original Antonio who bullied him back when they were children, before Antonio made all of his clones. Ordered by his boss, the original zombie Antonio in 1900 had traded places with the skin sample that Tsukumojuku was carrying, traveling through time with him.

Punched by King Crimson

Now having the appearance of Diavolo, Giorno finally reveals his betrayal, claiming to be the boss of Antonio. George attempts to punch Diavolo but King Crimson punches him through the stomach. He mentions intentionally avoiding George's heart so that he could take him to go see the Secret Emperor. The gangsters and the Japanese group try protecting George but they are all easily defeated. Reimi cries as Diavolo jumps into Cube House with George.

Dreaming of Lisa Lisa

George awakens, finding himself on the deck of a ship near a large black coffin. Diavolo yells at the man in the coffin to wake up, and George recognizes him as Dio Brando. They had traveled through time to one hundred years after Dio sank in the coffin. Dio drinks Diavolo's blood and then kicks him down, claiming they still have work to do. George witnesses Dio and Diavolo vanish, realizing that they traveled through time as Cube House's effect was still lingering on Diavolo. He understands that Antonio Torres's true boss is Dio and just had his orders relayed to him by Giorno. Trying to understand the situation, George falls asleep and dreams of Lisa Lisa.

Dio eventually wakes George up by stomping on his face. Holding a Japanese katana, Dio demonstrates how Jonathan taught him that he could be entirely cut in half but still live. He then decides it's time for George to die, but George believes in his Beyond. He notices that Diavolo had reverted back into Giorno and his Stand was out. Already predicting what Giorno would do, The World grabs Gold Experience Requiem by the throat before it could touch Dio. Giorno declares that he doesn't mind being killed, but he wants to get Dio's soul to become a double of him. Dio verifies that this Giorno has the Joestar birthmark and then thrusts his sword through Giorno's heart without hesitation.

Gathering his courage

George starts crying, angering Dio as to how pathetic Jonathan's son is. Dio then sticks his hand into his chest and tears out half of his soul, claiming that he understands the shape of life now, causing George to realize that Dio spoke as if he had his own Beyond too. George believes in his Beyond, causing the sun to rise in time. However, Dio realizes that the sun isn't hurting him that much, shocking George. Before the sun could fully set, Dio shoves half of his soul into Giorno's corpse, transforming the boy's body into a duplicate of Dio. He then picks up the duplicate Dio, throws him into the coffin, and closes the lid. Believing that George is unpredictable since he's a Joestar, Dio decides not to let him die, and demands that George take him to where he wants while the Cube House effect is still on him. He states that he'll sleep for two years until the fake Dio is killed in Egypt, and then he'll collect his Stand back. Afterwards, George will travel through 36 universal loops until he reaches England in 2012, where Lisa Lisa is waiting for him. George notices a dying message left behind by Giorno in hiragana: "Courage" (ゆうき, Yūki). Giorno had sacrificed himself for George and wanted George to have courage to save everyone with his Beyond.[12]

Final Battle

Back in the 37th universe, George is caught by Yoshikage Kira, disguised as Chien Kunimido. The body that they had found in the Arrow Cross House belonged to Kosaku Kawajiri. Kira blows up several detectives and also tortures George to the brink of death. By the time Bucciarati's gang arrives, Kira apparently killed George already. George's body is brought back to Cube House where Reimi cries and shakes his body. Two hours later, she finds George's soul flying inside her. With the power of his Beyond, George had learned how to separate his soul like Dio did so he could get away from Kira's torture.

Joestar family reunion

George meets the other Jorge and hides inside a parallel world within Jorge's stomach. He leaps out when the battle against Dio concludes, but Jorge ends up on the floor and the two start arguing with each other. Lisa Lisa uses her Ripple on both of them and they have a happy reunion. George also gets to meet his father, Jonathan, who was now revived thanks to the other Jorge. Along with Erina, Lisa Lisa, and the baby Joseph, they have a family group hug. Kars returns them to the original universe afterward.[2]


Lisa Lisa and George stay separated because she is afraid of losing him again. Since George is legally dead in England, he moves to America and becomes a screenwriter in Hollywood using the pen name "Motorize Jump", waiting for Lisa Lisa to come back to him.[2]


Quote.png Quotes
  • My name is Jorge Joestar. The name was taken from my aristocratic grandfather but written the Spanish style.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 1: Tsukumojuku
  • The only way to stop being scared was to start being brave. I was a boy, and couldn't keep relying on a girl my whole life.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 1: Tsukumojuku
  • I'll be brave. Starting tomorrow, I'll beat up Antonio myself. That might not actually happen, but I'll think of something. I won't need your help.
    —George Joestar II to Lisa Lisa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 1: Tsukumojuku
  • I'd never realized that true arrogance presented itself as elegance. True class, to my mind, was evident without resorting to pretense.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 7: Airplanes
  • Fights are always won by whoever has more people on their side. This was high school; we were all grown up, and our punches and kicks hurt quite a lot. But I was ecstatic. I could finally take a swing at somebody! At the same time, I felt hollow. However slimy my opponents were, they were just high school boys, normal humans; not evil vampires or zombies. My fights were sleepy scraps in a world of peace.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 7: Airplanes
  • Ha ha ha! I'm definitely flying one of those! Absolutely! Positively!
    —George after seeing Kenton Motorize's plane, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 7: Airplanes
  • Whatever the author intended, it's up to the reader how they respond to it. And... not that I've ever tried to write one, but characters in a novel don't always do what the author intends.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 7: Airplanes
  • I don't mind if you criticize me, but using someone else's words to do it isn't right, Darlington. If you want to criticize me, or talk shit about me, or be mean to me, at least use your own words.
  • It's all right, Lisa Lisa. You and me. Even if we're apart, we'll be OK.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 7: Airplanes
  • Kenton loved planes. She loved flying. She was good at it, and never more beautiful. Even now I wasn't sure if I really liked planes, or just been entranced by the sight of her flying off that cliff.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 9: Cliff
  • Motor cars! Vroooom! Hell yeah!
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 9: Cliff
  • I was certain Lisa Lisa would come with me to prison; it's not like I wanted that to happen but if it did it wouldn't be that bad, and knowing that made me willing to accept it. That's how messed up my mind was. I was prepared to waste Lisa Lisa's life just to ease my loneliness, lessen my fear, and calm my anxiety. I wasn't just pathetic; I wasn't even a man. I was scum.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 9: Cliff
  • Behaving properly meant people trusted you, tried to help you. The more people like that you had, the more you could accomplish. Instead of letting them do everything for you, you just had to do the best you could and people would naturally step up to help you out.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 9: Cliff
  • For a moment, I wondered if Jim and I should just plunge straight town into the ocean to our deaths, but I thought better of it. Fuck dying here.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 11: Gremlin
  • The only good thing about wars was that they ended.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy
  • Damn it, Lisa Lisa, if you don't love me why'd you say you wanted to marry me!?
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy
  • Believing in Beyond meant... there was an author writing a story with me as the main character. And in a story, you couldn't have things that didn't make sense or just showed up out of the blue. So I had to create the flow.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 15: Beyond
  • I couldn't just manufacture narrative flow. If I wanted this Beyond to work for all of us, not just myself, I needed courage. I had to start being more proactive.
    —George Joestar II, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 15: Beyond



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