Stone Ocean - Chapter 35

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Debt Collector Marilyn Manson, Part 2 (取り立て人マリリン・マンソン その②, Toritatenin Maririn Manson Sono 2), originally A Dangerous Bet (危険な賭け, Kiken na Kake) in the WSJ release, is the thirty-fifth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred twenty-ninth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


After watching Jolyne and Foo Fighters play catch, Miraschon offers them a bet. She proposes that she'll give them a hundred dollars if they can catch the ball one hundred times. Having already caught the ball eighty-seven consecutive times, they would only need to catch it thirteen more. Jolyne passes, saying she doesn't care about the results of a game of catch.

F.F. tries to convince Jolyne to take it, but she stands her ground and asks Miraschon to go away. Ermes states that she will pitch in, but Jolyne warns that Miraschon could be a Stand user sent by Whitesnake. Ermes tells her that she's being overly cautious and that they'll need money if they want to get Jotaro's Stand DISC out of the prison. Jolyne throws the ball to F.F., accepting the bet. The two continue to throw, successfully catching each time. However, F.F. gets distracted and throws the ball wildly, and Jolyne barely manages to catch it. F.F. is concerned that Miraschon is sitting too close to her cup of water, distracting her as the ball is thrown to her. She catches the ball but continues to yell at Miraschon.

As F.F. continues to waste her ten seconds, Ermes grabs the cup and angrily tells F.F. to throw. When F.F. throws the ball, a basketball hits Jolyne from behind. The baseball whirls past Jolyne, but by using a string to propel herself, she manages to catch it. She throws it back to F.F. The two continue to throw until they reach one hundred. The three ask for their money, but Miraschon bets one thousand dollars that they can't do it another hundred times.


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