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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Hymn (乔乔的奇妙冒险 黄金赞歌, Qiáo Qiáo De Qímiào Màoxiǎn: Huángjīn Zàngē)[a] is an upcoming Chinese mobile game being developed by KLab Games and published by Wanda Cinemas Games.

Announced on December 25, 2020, the game is planned to feature characters from the first four seasons of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime.[2] The game is planned to release worldwide, excluding Japan, in 2026.[3]


Golden Hymn teaser exhibited in Shanghai

On December 25, 2020, it was announced that a panel for Golden Hymn would be exhibited at COMICUP27, one of the largest anime and manga conventions in China, in Shanghai from January 1 to January 2, 2021.[4][5] On January 20, 2022, KLab announced that they had acquired the rights to distribute the game worldwide, excluding Japan.[6] At some point prior to October 6, 2022, the game was removed from the list of games on the publisher's official website.[7][8]

On December 1, 2022, the official website and social media accounts on Weibo and WeChat were rendered in black-and-white to pay tribute to former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin.[9]

On June 19, 2024, KLab announced that the project had stopped due to issues with their initial publisher, Shengqu Games. However, it is being revived through a new partnership with Wanda Cinemas Games.[3]


Golden Wind Characters


    • 1. Have you ever watched the anime or manga for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?
      • Yes
      • No

    • 2. How long have you been a fan of the series for?
      • 1-2 years
      • 2-4 years
      • 4-6 years
      • 6-8 years
      • 8-10 years
      • 10+ years

    • 4. Which of the following have you done before? (multiple choice)
      • Brought figures related to the series
      • Wore cosplay related to the series
      • Been interested in sharing content related to the series online
      • Actively shared content about the series online
      • Re-enacted a JoJo pose
      • Watched the anime, but not the manga
      • Watched and read both the anime and manga

    • 6. How much time would you say you spend playing mobile games a day?
      • Less than an hour
      • 1-2 hours
      • 2-4 hours
      • More than 4 hours
      • I don't play mobile games

    • 7. Which of the following mobile game genres would you say you have played the most in the past 6 months?
      • Turn-based MMORPG
      • Business simulation
      • Trading card game
      • Strategy
      • Turn-based card game
      • Action
      • MOBA
      • Shooter
      • Asymmetrical multiplayer
      • Rhythm
      • Racing
      • Casual
      • Games for women
      • Other (Please enter here)

    • 8. What the main factors you consider when downloading a new mobile game? (pick up to three)
      • The game's rating
      • The player base and how active it is on social media
      • The game's ranking on the store
      • What my friends think about the game online and in real-life
      • What series the game is about
      • Graphics, art style, sound quality, etc.
      • Whether or not I'll have the time to play it
      • Who the game was made by
      • The game's story
      • The game's genre
      • Character art and voice acting
      • The personality of the characters in the game and their backstories
      • Recommend by a friends
      • Other (Please enter here)

    • 9. Which scenario would best describe your method of finding out about an upcoming game? (pick up to three)
      • Seeing others on social media post about it
      • Seeing friends or followers discuss it in real-life or online
      • Seeing it on highly discussed on a relevant gaming forum
      • Watching videos about it on video hosting sites
      • Finding it on a short video app related to gaming
      • Seeing it streamed on popular live streaming sites
      • Seeing ads and promotional material related to it on gaming media
      • Actively follow gaming news sites
      • Checking the rankings on the app store
      • I saw an artist/write/internet personality trying it out
      • After seeing VTubers and people on Lofter trying it out
      • After seeing material related to in at an anime convention and or any offline even
      • Other methods

    • 10. Which of the following social media apps do you use the most often?
      • Hobby Buluo
      • Douban
      • Xiaohongshu
      • Qzone
      • Zhihu
      • Baidu Tieba
      • NGA
      • Sina Weibo
      • Short video apps like TikTok and Kuaishou
      • QQ Group
      • Bilibili
      • Lofter
      • Other (Please enter here)

    • 11. When you usually play a game, which of the following are the most important factors for having fun? (pick up to three)
      • Overall plot, world immersion, plot, characters, gameplay
      • Being able to socialize with others and make new friends
      • Levelling up and striving to get better at it
      • Thinking of strategies to win and enjoying the joys of battle
      • Being able to collect new art, characters, equipment, etc.
      • Experiencing the pleasure of completing difficult missions
      • The uncertainty and randomness of events in the game
      • Having characters in the game that I really like
      • Being able to eliminate high level opponents in pvp matches
      • Other ways of having fun (Please enter here)

    • 12. When playing a game, what is it that motives you to keep playing? (pick up to three)
      • Being able to continuously unlock new characters, improve at the games combat, get new equipment, and continue to face more challenging events
      • Just enjoying the gameplay and experiences the game has to offer
      • Being able to unlock characters you like over and over again
      • Being able to beat opponents over and over again by training in the pvp
      • The sense of accomplishment after unlocking all the illustrations and completing achievements
      • There are friends in real life playing it and it's still a popular topic
      • I really like the series its related to
      • I've met new friends through playing the game and I want to continue playing with them
      • Participating in gameplay by unlocking voices, cards, story and more of the characters that exist in the game
      • The accumulation of activities/daily task and obtaining being able to obtain rarer and more powerful equipment
      • Other motives (Please enter here)

    • 13. How much money do you spend while playing games per month?
      • 1¥-50¥
      • 1¥-5¥
      • 51¥-100¥
      • 101¥-500¥
      • 501¥-1,000¥
      • 1,001¥-2,000¥
      • 2,001¥-5,000¥
      • 5000¥ or more
      • I don't have a habit of spending money while playing games

    • 15. Which type of content do you prefer to pay for when playing mobile games?
      • Unlocking new characters
      • Decorative items (Objects, skins, costumes, furniture)
      • In-game currency
      • Power ups
      • EXP
      • New equipment
      • Enhancing and refining equipment
      • Items to increase equipment stats
      • Other

    • 16. Which type of content do you prefer to pay for when playing mobile games?
      • Gacha
      • Unlocking new characters
      • Decorative items (Objects, skins, costumes, furniture)
      • In-game currency
      • Power ups
      • EXP
      • Materials needed to level up characters
      • Other content (Please enter here)

    • 17. What is your gender?
      • Male
      • Female

    • 18. What is your age?
      • Under 16
      • 16-17 years old
      • 18-22 years old
      • 23-26 years old
      • 27-30 years old
      • 31-35 years old
      • Over 35

    • 19. Which city do you currently live in?
      • Beijing
      • Shanghai
      • Guangzhou
      • Shenzhen
      • New first-tier city (Hangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, etc.)
      • Second-tier city (Dalian, Hefei, Foshan, Fuzhou, etc.)
      • Third-tier city (Haikou, Shantou, Yangzhou, etc.)
      • County-level city
      • Other city (Please enter here)

    • 20. What is your occupation?
      • Primary school student
      • Middle school student
      • High-school student
      • University (Including college, undergraduate, graduate and the above)
      • Business Employee
      • Business Manager
      • Organisation/Government agency personnel
      • Professional staff (teacher, lawyer, ect.)
      • Sole trader
      • Freelancer
      • Currently unemployed
      • Other occupation (Please enter here)



  1. Following the game's cancellation and revival in 2024, the game's new title is currently undecided.


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