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Sezione Droghe (麻薬, Mayaku, lit. "Drugs Section" in Italian), also known as the Narcotics Team (麻薬チーム, Mayaku Chīmu), is a former squad of Passione that specializes in drug trafficking.

They are the main antagonistic force featured in the light-novel Purple Haze Feedback. Sezione Droghe is the remnant of Passione's past drug trade activity and the reason the gang became rich. After Giorno Giovanna takes over as the new Boss, the team goes rogue and they are pursued by Pannacotta Fugo, Sheila E and Cannolo Murolo.


Sezione Droghe was tasked with synthesizing drugs which the gang would sell. Thanks to Massimo Volpe's Manic Depression, the team could synthesize the drug from cheap salt and the drug would turn back to salt in two weeks. This had the advantage of making supplies dirt cheap while they could sell the drug at a high price and nobody could stockpile it either as it would become worthless in time.

The Narcotics Team enjoyed a privileged position because of their vital role and because Vladimir Kocaqi's Rainy Day Dream Away was so powerful it was said that not even the Boss dared to cross them.

In the manga, Bruno Bucciarati states that he prefers not to involve himself with them.[1]


Sezione Droghe Members
Legend of Symbols 

★: The character is leader
(✩: Subsequent leader / ✦: Leader of their own faction within the group)
(👻: The character remains as a soul or ghost)
☮: The character has resigned
⚓: The character retired (incapacitated) and/or their fate is unknown


After the events of Vento Aureo, Giorno Giovanna puts a stop to the drug trade and Sezione Droghe becomes unwanted. They go rogue and a special team composed of Pannacotta Fugo, Sheila E and Cannolo Murolo is put together to hunt them down.

Sezione Droghe meets with Sale and Mario Zucchero in the Villa San Giovanni but Sale is killed by team member Vittorio Cataldi. They then go to Sicily. Vladimir Kocaqi confronts Fugo and Sheila E and is soon killed by Purple Haze's virus. The rest of the team move to Ortygia, Syracuse, in order to retrieve a Stone Mask. The mask, mixed with Volpe's Stand (giving him already vampire-like strength) would empower and make him unstoppable. Vittorio Cataldi is sent to retrieve the Mask, while Angelica Attanasio's Nightbird Flying is unleashed to stall the enemy.

However, Angelica soon dies from exhaustion and enraged Volpe defeats Sheila E. Meanwhile, Cataldi's mission fails as he is killed by Cannolo Murolo, who was sent specifically to stop the Narcotics Team from retrieving the Mask. Finally, Volpe is defeated and Purple Haze Distortion's virus decomposes him. Sezione Droghe is annihilated.



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