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This is a list of minor characters featured in the fifth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Vento Aureo.

Most characters in this section have very little information to warrant a character page, usually due to lack of relevance or backstory.
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Vento Aureo

Antonio RossiLink to this section
Bruno's hiding spot.png
Bruno's Hiding Spot Anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 446: Bucciarati Is Coming, Part 4
Anime Debut: Golden Wind Episode 2: Bucciarati Is Coming
Voice Actor: Matthew Greenbaum (English)

Antonio Rossi (アントニオ・ロッシ, Antonio Rosshi) is a Neapolitan civilian who Bruno Bucciarati uses as a hiding spot by using Sticky Fingers on him when fleeing from Giorno. Giorno lures Bucciarati out by transforming Bucciarati's tooth into a small fly, which the boy tries to swat away. He successfully hits the fly but gets himself hurt and ejects Bucciarati out of him. Later, Bucciarati uses the boy's arm and hesitates to attack with it when he notices it has needle scars, pointing out that he's a drug addict. Giorno checks his student ID and finds out that he's only 13 years old.

He is only named in the anime, since his student ID can be seen.

Mrs. MeniniLink to this section
Menini manga.jpg
Menini anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 457: Find Polpo's Fortune!
Anime Debut: Golden Wind Episode 5: Find Polpo's Fortune!
Voice Actor: Nariko Morimoto (Japanese), Cindy Robinson (English)
Mrs. Menini (メニーニさん, Menīni-san)[a] is an elderly woman in Bucciarati's neighborhood who is well acquainted with the latter and respects him as an honorable gangster. One day, she brings one of her friends to him and questions him about the drug flowing in Naples, hoping that he isn't among the ones responsible for the drug.
Mela GhirgaLink to this section
Mela Ghirga.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 472: Narancia's Aerosmith, Part 3 (Mentioned only) (Flashback)
Anime Debut: Golden Wind Episode 11: Narancia's Aerosmith (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Serika Hiromatsu (Japanese), Tiana Camacho (English)
Narancia Ghirga's mother, Mela Ghirga (メーラ・ギルガ)[a] is only mentioned in a flashback, where it is stated that she died in 1994 from an eye infection when Narancia was only 10 years old. Despite the fact that Narancia's own eye infection was a mere coincidence after being beaten up by police officers, all of his friends were convinced that it was contagious and that he got it from his mother. Narancia himself began to believe the rumor and was frightened that he would die at any time, all alone. The anime shows her date of birth and date of death to be respectively September 21, 1958 and January 16, 1994.

She is only fully shown and named in the anime adaptation. Her name, Mela, means "apple" in Italian, echoing Narancia's vaguely fruit-themed name.

BenedictLink to this section
Benedict manga.jpg
Benedict anime.jpg
Manga Debut: Chapter 577: The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 6
Anime Debut: Golden Wind Episode 34: The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 1
Benedict (ベネディクト, Benedikuto)[a] is a dog affected by Chariot Requiem. His soul swaps with his owner's and they exchange bodies. Benedict barks and his owner (now in Benedict's body), worriedly tries to talk but only manages to bark as well. In the anime, the owner later manages to speak and yells for Benedict to stop howling in his body. Benedict then starts licking his owner with their bodies still exchanged.

In the anime, an additional scene is added of Benedict's owner embracing him after Chariot Requiem's destruction returns the two to their own bodies.

Monica UltelloLink to this section
Monica Ultello.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 588: Gold Experience Requiem, Part 3
Anime Debut: Golden Wind Episode 38: Gold Experience Requiem
Voice Actor: Airi Ootsu (JP), Julia McIlvaine (US)
Doctor Monica Ultello (モニカ・ユルッテロ, Monika Yuruttero) is the woman who performed an autopsy on Diavolo, file number 68, as his second death after he was cut and killed by a drug addict on Tiber river.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 This character is only named in the anime adaptation.

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