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High Priestess will chew you to bits!

High Priestess (ハイプリエステス(女教皇), Hai Puriesutesu) is the Stand of Midler, featured in the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders.

It has the troublesome ability to transform or assimilate into anything comprised of minerals, even something as large as a seabed.


High Priestess Appearance.png

High Priestess is a rather small Stand, capable of fitting into a grown man's mouth.[2] Its appearance is that of a head and arms attached to a ball of short fur. Its face is in a constant frown with its teeth bared while the eyes have flat pupils, forming an overall menacing expression. Its eyebrows are perfectly arched, and a marking on each side of the face goes from the edge of the cheek to just below the eye. Several dots also mark the forehead of High Priestess. Its hair is tied into a short topknot. High Priestess's arms are muscular with claws sharp enough to cut metal.[3]

The design is based on the traditional dress of an African shaman.[4]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Eyes and teeth(Yellow)
(Blue fur, blue stripes beneath eyes, dark blue fingernails)
Skin(Bone white)
Hair and fur(Brown)
(Velvet stripes under eyes, purple lips, green fingernails)
(Orange fur, Purple stripes beneath eyes, lips and fingernails)
(Pink fur and stripes beneath eyes, red lips and fingernails)


The High Priestess

Before Midler begins to talk through High Priestess, it acts like a savage beast. It mainly emits shrieks and laughs at the group's pain. It acts cunning, taking a variety of forms to catch the group by surprise.[2][3]

It represents the tarot card, The High Priestess, which symbolizes intuition and arcane knowledge.[5]


High Priestess is a formidable opponent physically speaking. Its small size and nimbleness make it difficult to strike and its claws are very dangerous, being able to cut through Joseph's metal hand.[6] This, combined with its ability that multiplies its options, makes for a fearsome opponent.

Moreover, because it is a long-range Stand, Midler can sit away from danger while she commands High Priestess. On the other hand, it also means that Midler can be taken out through defeating High Priestess.

High Priestess possesses teeth harder than diamonds, making them almost unbreakable.[7] It can use them to bite hard on or crush the opponent by chewing them.

Mineral Possession and Reformation

High Priestess can become any mineral and metal

High Priestess possesses the ability to shapeshift and assimilate itself into any type of inorganic matter, be it metal, glass or plastic.[3] Moreover, it can also replicate rather complex structures, transforming into a spear gun to shoot itself at the Joestar Group.[2] The transformation is convincing enough that cautious examination or even trying to touch it will fool anyone. Because of that, it can disappear into a wall and then reappear elsewhere to strike.[3] Its small size by default belies an ability to turn gigantic if it can assimilate a great amount of material like the stone of the sea floor.[2]

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Egu Agba Mask
  • High Priestess's design seems to be based on an "Egu Agba" (エグウ・アバ, Eguu Aba) mask made by the Igala people in Nigeria, with "Egu" referring to the spirit of the dead. The mask was on display in the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka, Japan.


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