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We are all slaves of fate. That is the meaning of my ability, Rolling Stones. (われわれはみんな「運命の奴隷」なんだよ。それがぼくの能力「ローリング・ストーンズ」の意味なんだ。)
—Scolippi to Guido Mista, Chapter 592: Sleeping Slaves, Part 3

Scolippi (スコリッピ, Sukorippi) is a tertiary character featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo, specifically the "Sleeping Slaves" story arc.

Scolippi is a sculptor who gets involved with Team Bucciarati and particularly Guido Mista, as his girlfriend's father accuses him of murdering her and requests the gang to avenge her. Scolippi wields the Stand Rolling Stones, which predicts the death of others.


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Scolippi is an adult Italian man with a lanky but slightly muscular body. He has straight hair kept at shoulder-length decorated with a row of hair clips and a somewhat prominent bang on the right side. He also uses dark eyeshadow. Scolippi wears a plain shirt decorated with metal plates on the chest and holed at the shoulders, and dark pants with a spiderweb motif. His crown of thorns and the gunshot wounds on his hands he receives from Mista may be reminiscent of Jesus Christ and his stigmata.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, black eyeshadow)
(Violet, steel blue hair clips, olive green crown)
Eyes(Forest Green)
Main Outfit
(Purple shirt with steel blue accessories, blue-gray pants with white web design, and dark brown shoes.)
Skin(Fair, dark gray eyeshadow)
(Lavender, silver hair clips, chartreuse crown)
Main Outfit
(Dark Gray shirt with silver accessories, purple pants with orange web design, and teal shoes.)
(Purple-gray, yellow hair clips and crown)
Main Outfit
(Baby blue shirt with milky white accessories, dark aquamarine pants with teal-gray web design, and off-white shoes.)


Scolippi appears to be somewhat withdrawn and meek, yet benevolent. He is said to have avoided showing himself to his girlfriend's father despite having a committed relationship with her.[1]

Scolippi calmly puts up with Mista's violent intimidation attempts, explaining how his powers work. Because Rolling Stones's nature allows him to know whether or not he's fated to die, he is able to keep remarkably calm even with a gun in his mouth, knowing that he will survive any given situation.[2] Despite having been mistreated and misunderstood by both his ex-girlfriend's father and the assassins sent to kill him, Scolippi bears none of them any ill will, as he sees people as puppets who are unable to escape their fates. He even prays for Bucciarati and his companions when he sees that his Rolling Stones has predicted the deaths of several of them, hoping that their suffering will have meaning.[3] Scolippi is a firm believer in Fate understanding that no-one, including himself, cannot die unless his Stand predicts it.



Main article: Rolling Stones

Scolippi is a Stand user wielding the spherical rock-like Stand, Rolling Stones, which follows those fated to die and divines their destined deaths, as well as offering them an immediate and peaceful alternative if they choose to come into direct contact with it.

Rolling Stones (ローリング・ストーン(ズ))Link to this section
Fated Death Divination



Scolippi and his girlfriend

As a child, Scolippi suddenly discovered his stand Rolling Stones and learned of its abilities. He later became a professional sculptor, not attaining fame, yet still making a decent living.

Eventually, six months before the events of Golden Wind, Scolippi's girlfriend would touch Rolling Stones, and decide to kill herself in order to preserve her organs, as they could be transplanted to her father who would need them to heal from an illness. Due to the complexity of Rolling Stones's ability, the death of his girlfriend appeared like a murder commited by Scolippi, but his girlfriend's father claimed she would never be the type to commit suicide.

Sleeping Slaves

Scolippi interrogated by Mista
In the elevator of his building, Scolippi encounters Mista, who has come to investigate the matter of Scolippi's girlfriend's death at the request of her father. Mista quickly begins his rough interrogation within the rising elevator. Answering Mista's questions, Scolippi explains that he's a sculptor with no knowledge of Stands other than his own ability, which acts independently and has followed Bucciarati. Skeptical, Mista shoots Scolippi's hand, but suddenly notices that Rolling Stones has disappeared. He holds his gun to Scolippi's cheek as Scolippi explains that Bucciarati's fate has been sealed, much as Michelangelo believed that a sculptor's purpose is simply to free a statue's predestined form from the marble. Mista has no patience for this, and tries to intimidate Scolippi into bringing back the stone by forcing him to play Russian Roulette. Scolippi divulges that Rolling Stones predicts future deaths and confronts its targets, offering them a peaceful alternative when they touch it; claiming that this is the true cause of his girlfriend's death.
Scolippi prays for Team Bucciarati
Mista attempts to shoot Scolippi in the mouth, but his gun misfires, as Scolippi isn't yet fated to die. After pistol-whipping Scolippi, Mista leaves the elevator to pursue Rolling Stones and save Bucciarati.

Scolippi watches as Mista jumps from the building's seventh story in order to reach and destroy the stone. As the gang leaves the area, he notices that, as he tried to explain, Mista has not prevented Bucciarati's death: Unbeknownst to the departing gangsters, the rubble takes the form of Abbacchio and Narancia as well, signalling their future deaths. As a silver lining, Scolippi notes that Mista was ready to die for his leader and, admiring this determination, hopes that the youths' arduous road will fulfill some purpose.


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  • Michelangelo, who shines upon the apex of History, once said "When I sculpt marble, I have no idea in my mind. The form of the stone shall be sculpted into has already been set. All my hands do is bring that form out from within the stone." Michelangelo said that he did not think about the ultimate form of the stone as he sculpted. Fate had already embedded it within the stone. He was an artist who could see Fate as he sculpted. That form of Bucciarati was not sculpted by me, and it was not sculpted by your bullets either. That is its fated form... that statue was bleeding from a hole in its chest, wasn't it? I don't know whether it will take a few days or a few months... but that is how Bucciarati will die in the near future. We are all slaves of Fate. That is the meaning of my ability, Rolling Stones.
    —Scolippi, Chapter 592: Sleeping Slaves, Part 3
  • We all are slaves of Fate. (われわれはみんな「運命の奴隷」なんだよ。)
    —Scolippi, Chapter 594: Sleeping Slaves, Part 5
  • Are they all like him? Jumping out from there to destroy the stone for their teammate, that man Bucciarati! With no hesitation... There may be some purpose to the perilous road that they tread. Perhaps their perils will serve some great purpose and bring hope to someone. I cannot pray for their safety, but I will pray that they are sleeping slaves... and when they wake, that these sleeping slaves shall fulfill some purpose.
    —Scolippi, Chapter 594: Sleeping Slaves, Part 5



  • Scolippi's backstory may have been inspired by the infamous sculptor Carl Andre, who was accused of murdering his wife after she fell out the window of his 34th story apartment building. He was acquitted of all charges and the death of his wife Ana Mendieta was considered an accident/suicide.
  • In the European Spanish version of Netflix, Scolippi is mistakenly referred to as a female Stand User in the description of GW Episode 39 by using the feminine endings of words (una usuaria de Stand llamada). The error is not present in the episode's subtitles.


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