Diamond is Unbreakable - Chapter 27 [292]

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Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface), Part 4 (間田敏和(サーフィス) その④, Hazamada Toshikazu (Sāfisu) Sono 4), originally Pursuit Through Morioh (おいかけて杜王町, Oikakete Moriō-chō) in the WSJ release, is the twenty-seventh chapter of Diamond is Unbreakable and the two hundred ninety-second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Josuke and Koichi run after Hazamada and Surface without knowing where he is, but still frantically searching. Meanwhile, Hazamada and Surface meet other admirers of Josuke, which deeply frustrates Hazamada. He cannot bear it when one girl hands a love letter to Surface, so he furiously tears it apart. He begins to insult his own Stand, hurting his hand when he punches it and forgets that it is made out of wood.

Resuming his walk toward the train station, Hazamada wipes his hand on a motorcycle, which infuriates two bikers. The bikers insult Hazamada, who makes Surface karate chop one in the head in revenge, taking him out, and restraining the other. Hazamada then pulls out a box cutter, threatening to cut the biker's mouth with it.

A glass shard is suddenly thrown at Surface, who is able to catch it. It is Josuke and Koichi who caught up to Hazamada, and when Hazamada orders Surface to manipulate Josuke, a bottle repairs itself around Surface's hand, cutting it off. Josuke and Koichi use that distraction to get away. Now Hazamada has to do with Surface without its right hand and must get to Jotaro before Josuke.


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