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Oh, my! Someone dropped a magazine with such a pretty girl on the cover in a place like this?! Gee, I'm sure I've seen this person before some~~where... It's me~ muhuhuhuhu!
—Hato Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 7: Josuke, Go to the Higashikata Family

Hato Higashikata (東方 鳩, Higashikata Hato) is a secondary ally featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion. Introduced early in the story, she gains significance in the "Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home" story arc and assists Josuke as an ally in the successive “Walking Heart” story arc.

Hato is the air-headed eldest daughter of Norisuke Higashikata IV, and the sister of Jobin, Joshu and Daiya Higashikata. She has found success outside of her family’s business as a model. Hato is a Stand user, whose Walking Heart lengthens her heels, making them into deadly weapons.



Hato is a tall, beautiful young woman with straight shoulder-length hair grouped into strands held together in arrow shaped accessories. Hato wears a bodysuit with a laced collar and a spiraling arrow that leads down her chest and points towards her groin. She constantly wears high-heeled shoes that serve as her primary weapons when coupled with her Stand's ability.

Hato is frequently shown in official artwork wearing a large sun hat, but this isn’t shown in the story itself.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, pink lipstick)
Eyes(Dark blue)
(Dark blue suit, gold-yellow accessories, black shoes with pink bows)
Skin(Fair, orange lipstick)
Hair(Fiery red)
Eyes(Dark gray)
(Dark green suit, white undershirt, gold-yellow accessories, black shoes)


Hato has a lively and upbeat temperament.

One of Hato's most obvious traits is that she is somewhat ignorant. For instance, she confesses that she thought that Hawaii was actually part of Japan because the place names were written in kanji, forgetting to obtain a visa and ruining the family vacation.[3] According to Kaato, Hato would also always misread the kanji for 'person' ((じん), jin) as 'enter' ((はい), hai) when she was younger.[5]
Hato and Joshu often argue with each other

Hato is also proud of her beauty and is shown to be serious about her work. In preparation for a collaboration with the famous ice-skater Shizuka Arakawa, she is shown taking great care in appearing proper but also worries that she could overshadow Arakawa with her beauty.[2]

For her age, Hato is still very playful and jolly, to the point she could appear childish. For instance, she entertains a playful sibling rivalry with younger brother Joshu, with the two of them insulting each other in good-spirited ways or playing pranks. Hato occasionally elongates certain syllables, much like her mother. She is also very enthusiastic about her boyfriend Tamaki Damo, whom she was seduced by not because of his looks, but because of his romantic behavior. As a result, she seemed to look past Damo's unusual appearance and grew very intimate and playful with him in a short period.[6] Despite this, Daiya mentions that Hato had never brought a date to meet her family before Damo.

Even when confronted with Damo's treachery, Hato had a hard time accepting the betrayal until he attacked her. Upon seeing the reality of the situation, Hato was brought to tears but maintained an air of serene composure as she summoned her Stand with little hesitation, using it to ascend the walls of her family home & kill her former lover in order to protect her family.[7] Her typical attitude also led to Damo underestimating her character, sparking his defeat at her hands.

Hato seems subtly protective of her family, as seen both during her aforementioned confrontation with Damo and during the two occasions her mother returned to the house. Having been older than Joshu and Daiya when she was arrested, Hato had memories of Kaato and knowledge of her crime. Unlike Jobin, she condemned her mother’s actions and was distrustful of her in the modern day.

Hato is openly religious in a monotheistic manner, citing the coexistence of cows and humans as being a result of God’s existence to Joshu.[3]



Main article: Walking Heart

Hato's Stand enables her to project long spikes from the heels on her feet, allowing her to pierce enemies from an extended distance or using them as a means to climb easily, even straight up vertical walls.

Walking Heart (ウォーキング・ハート)Link to this section



Hato as a child

Before the events of JoJolion, Hato and Jobin were the only two siblings old enough to know their mother, Kaato Higashikata. Hato was nine years old at the time Kaato disappeared, and their dad, Norisuke Higashikata IV, would tell them things like their mother left or she died. However, Hato checked up on the facts herself and discovered her mother was in prison for 15 years due to murdering a child.

Hato was shown to have accompanied her father and brother at the funeral of Rai Mamezuku's father.[8]


A Peaceful Life

Josuke first encounter Hato in the Higashikata House where she picks up a dropped magazine titled "Top M" with herself displayed on the cover, revealing that she has the profession of being a fashion model.[1] For now, Hato has no relation to Josuke's search for his identity and doesn't interact much with him, being seen living her own life separate from Josuke's adventure.

The Higashikatas having breakfast in swimsuits

One morning, she applies makeup in preparation for going ice skating with Shizuka Arakawa and worries that her 'aura' may cause her to stand out more than the figure skater. When Josuke borrows Joshu's razor and begins to shave his face bizarrely, Hato worries that he'll cut himself and bleed. However, Josuke's cheeks end up being completely clean, leaving Hato and her brother in a confused state. Josuke's bubbles moved his facial hair onto Hato and Joshu's faces, causing them to laugh hysterically when they look at each other's faces.[2] Josuke is confused when he enters the kitchen and sees Hato, Daiya, and Norisuke wearing swimsuits while eating pancakes. Daiya calls it the most tragic event in the history of the Higashikata Family. They had to cancel their trip to Hawaii because Hato didn't get passports for them to leave the country. She was ignorant of Hawaii being located in America because it has strong cultural ties to Japan, with both Pearl Harbor and Kamehameha being written with kanji. When Joshu argues about not believing in God, Hato states the cow that made the milk they were drinking and humans exist because God made them. After Josuke states he wants to go to school and is scorned by Joshu, Hato believes Josuke will do fine in school since she's a university graduate.[3] When Jobin arrived home from his trip, he brought souvenirs for his siblings and Kei. Hato received a t-shirt with an image of a red turtle on it and text saying "Green Turtle" in red letters above it. She also received a fold-up umbrella that has "Fighting Spirit" plastered over it in red letters. She's extremely amused about all the useless presents she and her siblings received and laughs to herself saying she wouldn't be caught dead walking around with the items.[9]

One day, Hato meets a peculiar man. During a photo shoot for a designer, the string of the designer's necklace she was wearing somehow snapped, and the pieces scattered all over the floor. While the designer and the cameraman were fuming at her, Tamaki Damo showed up to deliver clean clothes for the photoshoot. He picked up every piece that had fallen off and rebuilt the entire necklace with a new design that has the characters for "I love you". Charmed, Hato became his girlfriend. In the short time they've known each other, they've had sex twice and bathed together five times.

Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home

Hato brings her boyfriend Damo at the Higashikata's

Hato brings Tamaki Damo to the Higashikata House intending to introduce her new boyfriend, whom she calls "Kan-chan", to her family. Daiya is curious as to whether he's handsome while Josuke, Norisuke, and Joshu are at a loss for words due to his appearance. Joshu begins teasing Damo for speaking quietly, leading Hato to glare at him. When Norisuke asks how long they've known each other, Hato states they've only met recently and already had sex twice so far. Norisuke winces from the revelation, whereas Joshu can't hold back his laughter. When the couple starts showing affection and are about to kiss, Norisuke forbids it from occurring in his house. Hato then reveals that she's also bathed with Damo five times, bringing Norisuke greater distress. Hato describes the story of how she met her boyfriend and Joshu and Norisuke are disgusted as to how Hato could love him for something like that.

Hato realizes her family is under attack

When Yasuho faxes a copy of Josefumi Kujo's passport with a picture of Damo on it, Daiya picks it up and Hato is extremely curious as to what it shows. Daiya runs away with it to give it to Josuke but Damo convinces Hato to get it back from her so that he can be left alone with Norisuke. Hato discovers the handprints of Vitamin C all over the house and Josuke on the ground with his body melting. Josuke warns Hato that she'll be killed but she refuses to believe that Damo would betray her. Thus, she goes back to the living room only to see her father being tortured by her boyfriend. Damo immediately attacks her and sticks her liquefied body to the fireplace. Josuke manages to counterattack but Damo gets the upper hand and removes Josuke's liver. Just then, Hato emerges from a soap bubble from Soft & Wet, which Josuke wrapped her in so that she could escape from the range of Damo's Stand through the chimney.

Betrayed, Hato must fight Damo

Hato kicks Damo from the outside of her house and the heel of her shoe impales his neck through the glass door, revealing that she is a Stand user. She kicks him through the door multiple times, with her heels continuously stabbing Damo. Damo attempts to act innocent by saying he was planning on turning her family back to normal and that he still loves her, but Hato responds by tearfully climbing up the bricks of her house using her heels and walks onto the roof. Thinking Hato was going to target him from above, Damo attempts to shove the liquefied Norisuke into the fireplace so that he burns alive, hoping Hato would touch Vitamin C's fingerprints in order to save her father. However, Josuke's bubbles reveal Damo's location, allowing Hato to swiftly fire her heel's spikes through the roof which pierces through Damo's skull. Once Josuke finishes him off as he tries running away, the family reverts to normal. Hato, Norisuke, Daiya, and Kei share a group hug after their traumatic experience.

Dawn of the Higashikata Family

Kaato reintroduces herself to her family

One day, Kaato Higashikata, the family's matriarch, returns. On guard, Hato explains to Josuke that her mother is guilty of murdering a child. Hato does her best to keep away from her and Kaato eventually storms out.[5]

Ozon Baby's Pressure

One day, the Higashikatas have breakfast together. During the meal, Hato and Daiya eat the fish sausages that Joshu is attempting to weigh. Soon after this, the entire estate is attacked. After Jobin plants Ozon Baby in the orchard, the air pressure of the estate is being modified. When Hato opens the door to the garage, the entire house is depressurized and Hato is among the casualties. Thankfully, Josuke eventually forces Poor Tom to cancel his power and the entire family survives. However, the orchard has been burned down during the fight, and Hato worries about the family's livelihood.

The Wonder of You

Afterward, Tsurugi's health deteriorates considerably and he is bedridden because of the Rock Disease. On the day of the harvest, a string of events results in the Higashikata Family catching Jobin and Mitsuba trying to drown Paisley Park. Hato is forced to see her family tearing itself apart as Norisuke exposes Jobin's murder of Ojiro Sasame. Jobin then induces a heat stroke in Norisuke with Speed King. She is then told to help move the unconscious Norisuke to the second floor. Eventually, the family also realizes that Jobin is heavily wounded due to the attack of Akefu's Stand.

Hato, Daiya, and Tsurugi being blown away from the plane piece

Later on, when Toru infiltrates the Higashikata residence to retrieve the Locacaca plant from Yasuho, she is caught along Wonder of U's calamity along with Mitsuba, Tsurugi, and Daiya as the plane door meant to fly towards Yasuho lands inside the house. Investigating the commotion, she and Daiya go to the garage only to find their mother Kaato, and their brother Jobin's corpse. They watch as Kaato utilizes her Stand Space Trucking to pin down Toru and use his body to perform an equivalent exchange with Tsurugi. Although the exchange is successful, with Toru disintegrating while Tsurugi recovers, Kaato is revealed to have been stabbed due to Wonder of U's ability. With the family curse broken, the Higashikata family attends to Norisuke, who is in an incapacitated state, while an ambulance arrives at the estate.


Days later, the Higashikata family go to the Higashikata Fruit Parlor to order a cake as a celebration of Norisuke's discharge the next day, as well as a new beginning in the Higashikata family history. Daiya invites Yasuho and Josuke who have been walking nearby. As Daiya chooses the cake, Hato insists that she shouldn't choose based on the most popular cake and that it has to represent a new beginning. Suddenly, everyone breaks down into tears, including Tsurugi, Mitsuba, and Joshu. Tsurugi then insists Josuke to choose a cake. With the family reunited once again, Yasuho Hirose watches nearby and sheds a tear before exiting the room.



  • Norisuke Higashikata IV: Hato's loving father. As his eldest daughter, he is protective of her. Despite being initially hesitant about Hato and Damo's relationship, Norisuke nonetheless supports their relationship as her happiness was what matters most to him. During the events of The Wonder of You, Hato is noted to weep along with her siblings as Jobin tells them to help him move their father's unconscious body.
  • Jobin Higashikata: Hato's eldest brother and sibling. The two do not interact much in the household as Jobin is often away for business trips. Nonetheless, he does not forget to gift Hato and their other siblings when he comes home from his trip.
  • Joshu Higashikata: Hato's youngest brother and second youngest sibling. Joshu and Hato share a playful sibling relationship, as seen from their banters in the household. Joshu likes to tease Hato and in return, she also picks at him. When Hato introduces her boyfriend, Damo, to the family, Joshu wastes no time to devise his plans to tease Damo of his mannerisms and even attempts to fully expose his bald spot by shooting a champagne cork. Nevertheless, the brother and sister love each other unconditionally and both care for the other as siblings.
  • Daiya Higashikata: Hato's sister and youngest sibling. While the two are rarely seen being affectionate with one another, they share an unconditional love for each other, as seen when Hato looks for Daiya when she goes missing due to the effects of a Stand ability.
  • Kaato Higashikata: Hato's mother. Jobin and Hato were the only children old enough to know their mother. While Norisuke told his children that she either left or died, Hato herself looked up to Kaato and discovered that she was in prison for 15 years for murdering a child. When Kaato returns to the Higashikata household, Hato ensures to avoid her at all costs.
  • Josuke Higashikata: Hato's adoptive brother. The two do not have much interaction, though they are on good terms. When Damo attacks the Higashikata household, Josuke uses his bubbles to protect her, implying he cares for her as an ally.


  • Tamaki Damo: Damo and Hato first met during a photo shoot in Damo's shoot, where he helped repair her necklace and even wrote "I Love You" on it, seducing Hato, and thus he became her boyfriend. He is the first boyfriend that Hato introduces to the family. According to Hato, during their time together, they have slept together twice and bathed together five times.[4] However, after witnessing her family become liquefied under Damo's Stand and breaking her heart, she fatally wounds him with her Stand Walking Heart in rage.


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Quote.png Quotes
  • Oh, my! Someone dropped a magazine with such a pretty girl on the cover in a place like this?! Gee, I'm sure I've seen this person before somewheeere... It's meeeee muhuhuhuhu!!
    —Hato Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 7: Josuke, Go to the Higashikata Family
  • Nobody told me that Hawaii was in America... stuff like Pearl Harbor are written in kanji, and Kamehameha and stuff...
    —Hato Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 18: "Shakedown Road", Part 1
  • Huh... there's toootally a god! I mean, the cow that made this milk and us humans exist because God made us.
    —Hato Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 18: "Shakedown Road", Part 1
  • There, there. Big sister believes you.
  • I got a T-shirt with "green sea turtle" written in red. Who needs thaaaaat!? Even the turtle's red!! What lame-ass souveniiiiirs!
    —Hato Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 34: It's a Summer Vacation Everyday, Part 1
  • Well, we met each other preeeetty recently? We've only had sex twice so far...
    —Hato Higashikata talking about Tamaki Damo, JoJolion Chapter 47: Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home, Part 1
  • That can't be... K... Kan-chan... would never trick me like that...
    —Hato Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 54: Walking Heart
  • Kan-chan... ...why would you do this to me...?
    —Hato Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 54: Walking Heart
  • I know it was you! I'm gonna get the DNA analyzed! I swear, one of these days, you're gonna screw up, get sued, get arrested, get in debt, and your whole world's gonna come tumbling down!
    —Hato Higashikata to Joshu, JoJolion Chapter 83: The New Locacaca
  • Daiya! We shouldn't be choosing based on which one's the most popular or based on likes and dislikes! This celebration isn't just about dad leaving the hospital! The cake has to have the meaning of a new beginning for the Higashikata Family. You know how dad says how in difficult times or when something unfortunate happens, fruit is the only proper thing as a gift! So let's all choose one together, for dad's sake.
    —Hato Higashikata to Daiya, JoJolion Chapter 110: Higashikata Fruit Parlor


Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

Hato makes a cameo appearance in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. She appears inside the Higashikata House on the Part 8 stage, sitting alongside Daiya and Jobin on the couch.



  • In Japanese, "Hato" sounds similar to the word "heart," keeping with the card naming theme of the Higashikata girls, along with her little sister, mother, sister-in-law, and nephew who is raised as a girl.
    • This is also referenced on her Stand's body, which is adorned with multiple hearts.


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