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I'm planning on doing one hell of a... MASSACRE!
—Gray Fly

Gray Fly (グレー・フライ, Gurē Furai) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders, specifically the "Tower of Gray" story arc.

Gray Fly is an assassin sent by DIO who attacks the group aboard a plane traveling from Tokyo to Cairo, eventually crashing it into the ocean near Hong Kong. He is a Stand user and wields Tower of Gray.


Gray Fly Appearance.png

Gray Fly appears as a small old man with a gray horseshoe hairstyle, a thick mustache, and an imprint of a stag beetle on his abnormally long tongue. In the anime, this imprint is shown appearing shortly after his Stand's destruction.

As he tries to pass off as a normal person, Gray Fly wears a plain shirt, a sweater vest and dark pants.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Outfit(White shirt, green vest, blue pants)
Outfit(Mauve shirt, dark green vest)
(Pink shirt, green vest, brown pants, black shoes)
(Gray shirt, yellow vest, khaki pants and brown shoes)


Gray Fly is a bloodthirsty mercenary out to kill people.

According to Muhammad Avdol, Gray Fly is a Stand user who caused tragic accidents that resulted in numerous deaths,[2] and was a simple thief.[3] Gray Fly is a repulsive and cruel foe, as his modus operandi is to rip off the tongues of his targets and create fear.[4] His sadistic personality drives him to kill people just for fun and during his appearance, Tower of Gray kills several passengers of the plane and writes the word "massacre" in blood on the walls.[5] Kakyoin and Avdol note that DIO didn't need to use a spore to control him and suppose that he was simply hired to kill the Joestar group.[3] However, Gray Fly then demonstrates a surprising amount of loyalty, claiming that all Stand users will bow to DIO and that the heroes will never reach Egypt.[6]

As with most Stand users, Gray Fly is confident in his Stand Tower of Gray, notably in its speed, and has boasted that it could evade point-blank gun shots.[7]



Main article: Tower of Gray

Gray Fly's Stand is Tower of Gray, which takes the form of a giant and agile stag beetle (apparently faster than Star Platinum). It is capable of easily tearing flesh apart. Gray Fly typically physically attacks his victims with his Stand. Muhammad Avdol elaborates that with the speedy and discreet Tower of Gray, Gray Fly is able to not only cause mass murders but make them appear to be mere accidents.[5]

Tower of Gray (タワー・オブ・グレー(灰の塔))Link to this section
High-Speed Insect & Impaling Needle



Gray Fly is a Stand user involved in many thefts and mass killings disguised as accidents involving plane crashes and train accidents, including a plane catastrophe in England with 300 casualties, with no signs of his crimes. He gained enough notoriety among Stand users to be known by Muhammad Avdol but his Stand's appearance was still unknown, as even the fortune teller was surprised to find out an insectoid Stand could exist. According to Avdol, Gray Fly might have acted on DIO's orders.[9] He is one of the Tarot Cards representatives sent by Enya the Hag to kill the Joestar group.

Stardust Crusaders (1988)

Blending in among the passengers

Gray Fly boards a plane en route to Cairo via Bangkok as one of the passengers to assassinate the Joestar Group. Posing as an ordinary old man, Gray Fly lets his Stand attack Jotaro.

Tower of Gray attacks Jotaro first, showcasing its speed and ripper tongue and almost rips off Jotaro's tongue. In order to make his opponents understand his true powers and his intentions, he cuts off the tongues of the other passengers with Tower of Gray, then proceeds to write the word "Massacre" on the wall with their blood.

It is at this point that Gray Fly stands up, leaves his seat and tries to reach the bathroom, pretending to be nothing but a harmless old man. He then stops and starts screaming at the sight of blood, probably in an attempt to wake up the passengers and put the Joestar group into more trouble. However, he is swiftly knocked out by Kakyoin, who stands as Tower of Gray's new opponent. Kakyoin manages to trick the Stand by distracting him with his Emerald Splash while hiding the tentacles of his Hierophant Green among the plane's seats. The strategy succeeds, as the tentacles grab Tower of Gray and destroy it, leading to Gray Fly's death as well.[5]

Wounded, Gray Fly declares the heroes won't make it to Egypt

However, before dying, Gray Fly managed to kill the plane's pilots in a last attempt to lead the protagonists to the same fate. Although his head and tongue were split in two because of Kakyoin's attack, he managed to stand up and taunt them, saying that they will never get to DIO even if they were lucky enough to survive the crash. He also warns them that DIO's own allies will be coming after the protagonists. Thanks to Joseph's piloting skills, the passengers survive the crash but the Joestar Group is now forced out of taking any plane to Egypt.[10]

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Quote.png Quotes
  • Even if you fired ten guns from only one centimeter in front of me... none of them could touch my Stand! Not that guns could hurt a Stand...
    —Gray Fly, Chapter 123: Tower of Gray
  • Bingo! Got their tongues! And now my goal is... massacre!
    —Gray Fly using blood to write on a wall, Chapter 123: Tower of Gray
  • What's this slimy gunk here? M... a...? It's... b-b-b... blooood!
    —Gray Fly pretending to be a clueless old man, Chapter 123: Tower of Gray
  • Feh heh heh heh heh heh! Thought if you fired enough stuff at me that one would hit?! You're just not fast enough! No bingo for you today!
    —Gray Fly, Chapter 123: Tower of Gray
  • You'll go mad from the pain once this rips its tongue out!!
    —Gray Fly about Hierophant Green, Chapter 123: Tower of Gray
  • My Stand is the Tower card, which signifies accidents and the end of journeys! You will never make it to Lord DIO! Even if you live through the crash... you're still 10,000 kilometers from Egypt! Those who are loyal to DIO will follow you every hour of every day! This world is full of Stands that surpass your wildest imagination! Lord DIO is the master of Stands! He will reign over all of them! There's no way you can reach him! You will never make it to Egypt!
    —Gray Fly, Chapter 124: Silver Chariot, Part 1
  • This world is full of Stands that surpass even your wildest imaginings! Those loyal to DIO will follow you at every turn!
    —Gray Fly, Chapter 124: Silver Chariot, Part 1

Video Games


The events from the Tower of Gray arc play out differently in the game. Instead of taking place on an airplane, the fight against Tower of Gray occurs in Jotaro's school, and Gray Fly appears a school janitor rather than a passenger.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (PS1)

Tower of Gray's Fight.

Gray Fly appears as an opponent in the Super Story Mode. The player must defeat Gray Fly's Stand, Tower of Gray as Kakyoin. After Tower of Gray's defeat, Gray Fly's identity is revealed and he is promptly retired.

Tower of Gray's special battle can be unlocked in Book Mode, but the player can only play as one of the eight heroes (including Young Joseph and New Kakyoin).

Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS)

Both the Stand Tower of Gray and the user Gray Fly possess a Metal Striker in the game as part of the Part 3 characters. They both share the same FINISH move of Tower of Gray attacking the defeated opponent with its tongue.

Diamond Records (Android/iOS)

DR 3 GrayFly.png

Gray Fly (グレー・フライ, Gurē Furai) appears in Diamond Records as a playable character in both the Action Battle and Tactical Battle game modes. He has one 'Tactical' type 5 star statue. Gray Fly's moveset in both game modes is comprised of various attacks inspired by the anime, using his stand Tower of Gray. His attacks can target enemies from a longer distance than other stand users.

Gray Fly
Gray Fly's basic attack string is a combination of up to five various strikes using Tower of Gray. In Tactical Battle, this is cut down to only three hits.
Tower of Gray is summoned to strike an opponent twice.
Tower of Gray drills through opponents, damaging them multiple times. (Unlockable)
Tower of Gray uses its Tower Needle to pierce opponents.
Tower of Gray is summoned above an opponent where it strikes them with its Tower Needle. (Unlockable)
Gray Fly releases Tower of Gray from his mouth, and "Massacre!" is written on a wall. Tower of Gray then flies around back and forth, damaging a range of opponents multiple times. In Tactical Battle, this damages all opponents present on the stage.



An unused sprite for Tower of Gray. This is one of the attacks in the PS1 stage.


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