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I will kill anyone who harms my beloved son!
—Yoshihiro Kira, Chapter 367: Atom Heart Father, Part 3

Yoshihiro Kira (吉良 吉廣, Kira Yoshihiro) is a primary antagonist featured in the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable, introduced in the "Atom Heart Father" story arc.

Yoshihiro is Yoshikage Kira's late father, turned into a Ghost. Despite Yoshikage's violent inclinations, Yoshihiro is fiercely protective of him. Yoshihiro attacks Josuke and the others with his own Stand, Atom Heart Father, and later creates several Stand users with the Arrow to try to assassinate the group and protect his son.


Yoshihiro Appearance.png

Yoshihiro Kira is a ghost, having the appearance of a lightly-built, balding old man. Yoshihiro has a small mustache and a goatee of dark hair.

While he was human, Yoshihiro is shown to have modest, respectable attire; consisting of a striped button-down shirt with a tie, a cardigan, and a loose-fitting suit. As a ghost, however, Yoshihiro now only wears his striped shirt with matching pants.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Hair(White, black goatee)
Outfit(Green clothes with light green stripes.)
Skin(Slightly Tan)
Hair(White, dark gray goatee)
(Dark Salmon clothes with light pink stripes.)


Yoshihiro Kira is a devoted, crazed, father willing to protect his son against whatever challenges he faces. Yoshihiro is fully aware of Kira's nature as a sadistic serial killer, but still wishes to protect him as repentance for turning a blind eye towards his wife's abuse.[1] Yoshihiro persuades a number of people to fight Josuke and his friends, and makes it his primary goal to throw them off Kira's trail.



Main article: Atom Heart Father

Yoshihiro Kira remained as a ghost in a camera when he died and is able to trap people into the space photographed by the camera. Able to move inside the photo, anything he does inside will translate into the real world.

Atom Heart Father (アトム・ハート・ファーザー)Link to this section



The Kiras

At some point, Yoshihiro marries an unnamed woman and has a son with her named Yoshikage on January 30, 1966.[3] He is noted to be close to his wife, but also distant, and had never gotten into any major fights with her.[4] The woman would end up abusing their child while Yoshihiro turned a blind eye to it.[1]

Several years before Part 4, Yoshihiro goes to Egypt and obtains a Stand Arrow from an old woman. He uses it to awaken his Stand Atom Heart Father as well as Killer Queen in his son in order to protect him.[4][5]

Yoshihiro probably knew his son was a murderer and went ahead hiding his crimes.[4] He dies of cancer before the events of Part 4 when his son is 21 years old, with his wife dying shortly after him.[3] Regretful of not doing anything to stop his wife from abusing their son,[1] his Stand enables him to remain in the mortal world to help protect his beloved son and let him maintain his "normal" life. In death, he discovers the existence of the Ghost Girl's Alley and tells his son to not look behind him in case he goes there.[6]

Diamond is Unbreakable

Yoshihiro attacks the heroes

Josuke, Okuyasu, Koichi, and Jotaro first meet Yoshihiro when they investigate Yoshikage Kira's house for clues to discover where he is hiding. In the process, Yoshihiro uses his Stand Atom Heart Father and takes a picture of Josuke and Jotaro, trapping them with him. After calling his foes just to tell them they are going to die, Yoshihiro takes a knife out of a drawer and decapitates Jotaro and Josuke in the picture, threatening to subject them to the same fate in the real world. However, Jotaro takes a close up picture of Yoshihiro so he can no longer manipulate his surroundings. Jotaro closes the photo, tapes it and tacks it against a column. Yoshihiro pretends to suffocate but Okuyasu Nijimura then adds even more tacks to spite him. Yoshihiro then uses this to pretend he can escape through the holes made by the tacks, bluffing Okuyasu into opening the photo to check. Using a string from his pajamas, Yoshihiro pulls himself out of sight. He then snatches the Kira's Arrow from Josuke and leaves, tied to a crow.

Yoshihiro escapes with the Arrow

To assassinate the heroes, Yoshihiro decides to awaken as many Stand users, impelling them to thwart the efforts of Josuke and Rohan to find his son as a kind of payment. He thus turns Ken Oyanagi, Yuya Fungami, Tama, Masazo Kinoto and Terunosuke Miyamoto into Stand Users. Witnessing Ken's rock-paper-scissors' battle against Rohan Kishibe, Yoshihiro inadvertently helps Rohan when he photo flies into the window of a truck that was about to crash into the mangaka, making the truck swerve. Also drawn to Mikitaka Hazekura, Yoshihiro doesn't pierce him however, as the Arrow bounces off against him. He also collaborates with Toyohiro Kanedaichi in order to trap Josuke inside of Super Fly by acting as a bait, but this plan is also foiled.

Eventually, Yoshihiro finds his son having murdered Hayato Kawajiri. This is an extremely unfortunate timing since Josuke and the others have taken an interest in the boy and plan to interrogate him. Yoshihiro suggests that his son flees Morioh but Yoshikage adamantly refuses to cave in. Yoshihiro's Arrow suddenly pierces his son. This awakens the Bites the Dust ability of Killer Queen.

Yoshihiro destroyed by Kira's own bomb

Nonetheless, Yoshikage Kira accidentally lets Josuke safely discover his identity and is forced to fight him. During the fight, Yoshihiro manages to slip himself inside of Hayato Kawajiri's jacket, allowing him to communicate Josuke's location inside of a house since Yoshikage could not see him without entering Crazy Diamond's range. Unfortunately for Yoshihiro, Josuke discovers his ploy and snatches the cell phone he was using to tell his son where Josuke was. By whispering, Josuke manipulates Yoshikage into using one of his air bombs to blow up Yoshihiro, killing him by incinerating the photograph he was in.

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Quote.png Quotes
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  • I'll kill anyone who tries to harm my son! I will protect my child!
    —Yoshihiro Kira, Chapter 366: Atom Heart Father, Part 2
  • Yoshikage, my son... where are you now? Ever since you were young, you needed to murder women... and nobody could stop you. But since it made you happy, I decided to help you. And now I need to find you before those people can! I need to protect my beautiful son! You are my only child!
    —Yoshihiro Kira, Chapter 369: Atom Heart Father, Part 5
  • Yoshikage! (吉影!)
    —Yoshihiro Kira's last words, Chapter 433: Crazy Diamond Is Unbreakable, Part 6

Creation and Development

A backstory for Yoshikage Kira's was not included in the manga. It boiled down to Yoshihiro's wife abusing their son without Yoshihiro intervening. After Yoshihiro becomes a ghost, he sets out to protect his son because of his guilt. Kira's backstory wasn't included in the manga both because it was serialized in a magazine for a younger audience and Araki felt Kira would end up being a very sad villain so readers wouldn't see him as the enemy.[1]

Video Games

All-Star Battle (PS3 Game)

Yoshihiro appears as the stage hazard on the Kira Estate stage. He brandishes a knife and uses it along with his Stand, Atom Heart Father, to attack players, traveling along a curving path.

Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

Yoshihiro appears as a special trait for "Kosaku Kawajiri" in Eyes of Heaven. When Kosaku reaches his last health gauge, Yoshihiro appears and begins following opponents for 30 counts of the battle timer. This enhances the properties of Kosaku's "Contact Bomb" and "Impact Ignition Bomb" skills, referencing Yoshihiro's role as a guide for Yoshikage's air bombs near the end of Diamond is Unbreakable.

All-Star Battle R (Various)

Unlock Condition: Win in the Jotaro Kujo (Part 4) vs. Yoshikage Kira All-Star Battle Mode Boss Battle

Stand: Heart Father. He is Yoshikage Kira's father and a ghost. He supports his son in the final showdown, but Josuke Higashikata's quick thinking sees him blown to bits by one of Deadly Queen's bombs.


Yoshihiro Kira appears in All-Star Battle R as a Stage Gimmick (ステージギミック, Sutēji Gimikku) for the Kira Estate (吉良邸, Kira-Tei) stage. He swings a knife as he floats across a designated curving path through the room, knocking back anyone he hits. Afterwards, he floats up and away, disappearing.



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