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The following is a list of useful templates to assist you while editing the Wiki and also helps to keep things neater. Templates are used by inserting {{ in front of a code and }} at the end of it.


Links to other pages

Template What it does Example Result
Tl (Link to Templates) Used to easily link to template pages. {{Tl|Color}} would link to Template:Color. Color
You can change how the link displays as well: {{Tl|Color|Template:Color}} Template:Color
W (Link to Wikipedia) Links to an external Wikipedia page. {{W|JoJo's Bizarre Adventure}} would link to JoJo's Wikipedia page. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
You can change how the link displays as well: {{W|JoJo's Bizarre Adventure|JoJo}} JoJo

UN (Unnamed Characters)

MN (Minor Characters)

HN (Horses)

MI (Minor Items)

VH (Minor Vehicles)

UNS (Unnamed Stands)

UN links to a specific character on the Unnamed Characters page.

MN links to a specific character on the Minor Characters page

HN links to a horse on the List of Horses in Steel Ball Run page.

MI links to an item on the Minor Items page.

VH links to an item on the Minor Vehicles page.

UNS links to a Stand on the List of Unnamed Stands page.

[[Zeppeli's Father]] would link to Zeppeli's father.

[[Leaky-Eye Luca]] links to Luca.
{{HN|Slow Dancer}} links to Slow Dancer.
{{MI|Luck and Pluck}} links to Luck and Pluck.
{{UNS|Holy's Stand}} links to Holy's Stand.

Zeppeli's Father
Leaky-Eye Luca
Slow Dancer
Luck and Pluck
Holy's Stand
Of course, you can change how the link displays as well:

[[Zeppeli's Father|Vampire Zeppeli]]
[[Luca|Leaky-Eye Luca]]
{{HN|Slow Dancer|Johnny's horse}}
{{MI|Luck and Pluck|Jonathan's sword}}
{{UNS|Holy's Stand|Thorn Stand}}

Vampire Zeppeli

Leaky-Eye Luca
Johnny's horse
Jonathan's sword
Thorn Stand





Ch writes out the chapter number and title. Ep writes out the episode number and title. Vo writes out the volume name. MagCh writes out the chapter number and its original title during serialization. Works in conjunction with ChapterVariables, EpisodeVariables, VolumeVariables, and MagazineVariables. New chapters/episodes/volumes need to be added in those pages for Ch, Ep, Vo, and MagCh to work. {{Ch|Chapter 154}} Chapter 154: Justice, Part 1
{{Ep|GW Episode 1}} Golden Wind Episode 1: Gold Experience

Ch2, Ch3, Ch5

Ep2, Ep3, Ep5

MagCh2, MagCh3

Ch2, Ch3, and Ch5 are just different ways of displaying chapters. Likewise, Ep2, Ep3, and Ep5 are different ways to display episodes.
  • Ch2 - Chapter/Volume Title alone
  • Ch3 - Chapter/Volume # alone
  • Ch5 - Displays a range of chapters
{{Ch2|Chapter 154}} Justice, Part 1
{{Ep2|GW Episode 1}} Gold Experience
{{Ch3|Chapter 154}} Chapter 154
{{Ep3|GW Episode 1}} GW Episode 1
{{Ch5|SC|100|104}} SC Chapters 41-46 (154-159)
{{Ep5|GW|1|9}} GW Episodes 1-9 (114-122)

Ch4, MagCh4, Ep4

Ch4, MagCh4, and Ep4 display their respective English title alongside its Japanese and romaji forms. These templates are especially useful when constructing a volume page. {{Ch4|Chapter 212}} D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2 (ダービー・ザ・ギャンブラー その②, Dābī za Gyanburā Sono 2)
{{MagCh4|SBR Chapter 45}} Rules of the Lakeside (湖畔のルール, Kohan no Rūru)
{{Ep4|SO Episode 21}} Awaken (AWAKEN -目醒め-, Aweikun -Mezame-)
TSKR Links to the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan pages, whether it be the manga, OVA or TV drama. {{TSKR|Manga|6}} {{TSKR|OVA}} {{TSKR|Drama|1|Millionaire Village}} TSKR Episode 6

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan (OVA)
Millionaire Village



Links to Josuke Higashikata, Yoshikage Kira, Killer Queen, and Joseph Joestar's pages (JoJolion) because who wants to manually type it all out? You can also omit the last names. {{Josuke8|Josuke}} {{Kira8|Kira}} {{KQ8}} {{Joseph8|Joseph}} Josuke

Killer Queen

MO (Morioh) Links to sections on the Morioh page. {{MO|Angelo Rock}} Angelo Rock
DigitalColor Links to the JOJO-D page. {{DigitalColor}} Digital Color
CR Links to Crunchyroll's website. {{CR}} CR


Links to the Heritage for the Future, GioGio's Bizarre Adventure, All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven and All-Star Battle R pages respectively. These templates can also be used to link to game subpages, including character pages. {{HFTF}} {{GioGio}} {{ASB|Jotaro Kujo}} {{EoH|Guido}} {{ASBR|All-Star Battle Mode}} Heritage for the Future

GioGio's Bizarre Adventure
Jotaro Kujo
Guido Mista
All-Star Battle Mode


Template What it does Example Result
Nihongo Used to display Japanese.

By default, Nihongo displays the English name, the name in hiragana/katakana/kanji, and the name in romaji.

{{Nihongo|'''Star Platinum'''|スタープラチナ(星の白金)|Sutā Purachina}} Star Platinum (スタープラチナ(星の白金), Sutā Purachina)
You can change the order of names as well: {{Nihongo|スタープラチナ(星の白金)|Sutā Purachina|Star Platinum|type1=J|type2=R|type3=E}} スタープラチナ(星の白金) (Sutā Purachina, Star Platinum)
Cover All of these are used in the character appearance sections for chapters and episodes. {{Cover}} (Cover only)
Mo {{Mo}} (Mentioned only)
Death {{Death}} (Death)
Flash {{Flash}} (Flashback)
1st {{1st}} (1st appearance)
Full {{Full}} (1st full appearance)
1stm {{1stm}} (1st mentioned)
Corpse {{Corpse}} (Corpse only)
Photo {{Photo}} (Photo only)
S, Sm, C Inserts <small></small> to make text smaller. S creates brackets while Sm does not. C is the same as S but has a space before it, usually used in the character appearance sections for chapters / episodes. {{S|ASB}} (ASB)
{{Sm|Something}} Something
{{C|Mentioned in flashback}} (Mentioned in flashback)
XS Extra small text. {{XS|Tiny text.}} Tiny text.


Creates symbols. Dead, Resigned, UF (Unknown Fate), Lead, Lead2, and Ghost are used in character boxes. Null and * are used in Stand stats. {{Dead}} {{Resigned}} {{UF}} {{Lead}} {{Lead2}} {{Ghost}} {{Null}} {{*}} 👻
White Changes the font to white text for certain colored areas that need white text for visibility. {{White|Highlight the result.}} You can't see this, unless you're using dark theme.
White2 Changes linked text to white for certain colored areas that need white text for visibility. {{White2|Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan}} Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan
You can change how the link displays as well: {{White2|Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan|When's the next OVA?}} When's the next OVA?
Shadow Adds a shadow to text. {{Shadow|I am the Ultimate Thing}} I am the Ultimate Thing
! / !! Creates a pipe (|) or two (| |).

I doubt the average wiki editor would need these, but it's necessary if you're creating advanced templates using the if parser function. {{!}} has to be placed within those functions instead of regular pipes. I'm not sure why {{!!}} is needed, but including it here anyways.



| |
- Functions the same as <br style="clear:both;" />. "Clears" both margins. It is often used before a header to make sure that the header will be the full width of the page. {{-}} See the template page for examples.
ImageSize Resizes images to proper size for infoboxes (275px). [[File:JotaroProfile.png|{{ImageSize}}]] See any infobox on character pages.
Hover Changes text to something else when hovered over. {{Hover|Jotaro Kujo|Star Platinum}} Jotaro KujoStar Platinum
HoverCharSpoiler Hides text with a spoiler box. {{HoverCharSpoiler|Bye}} SpoilerBye
Quote and Q
  • Creates quotations.
    {{Quote|Yare Yare Daze|Jotaro Kujo}}
    {{Q|Yare Yare Daze|Jotaro Kujo}}
    Yare Yare Daze
    —Jotaro Kujo
    Yare Yare Daze
    —Jotaro Kujo
  • Makes two columns for organizing text.
    {{Col|[[Toshiyuki Kato]]|加藤 敏幸}}
    加藤 敏幸


Template What it does Example Result
Age Calculates the age of a real life person based on the current date. {{Age|byear=1984|bmonth=4|bday=19}} 40
Convert Performs unit conversions. {{convert|2|km|mi}} 2 kilometres (1.2 mi)


Template What it does Example Result
Cite Place {{cite}} after unsourced and/or questionable text lacking citations. {{cite}} [citation needed]
Expand section Creates a link for users to edit the page for article stubs. {{Expand section}} This section requires expansion.
See also Creates a "see also" link to send readers to another page in relation. {{See also|Release Timeline}}
Spoiler Creates a spoiler notice. {{Spoiler|4}} says there will be Part 4 spoilers.
SPOILER WARNING: Part 4 spoiler details may follow.
Canon Creates a notice for sections that describe material that may or may not be canon, as they were not written by Hirohiko Araki. {{Canon}}
The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.
Hatnote Creates a small text notice, usually at the top of pages. {{Hatnote}}
This is a hatnote.
Stub Notice for articles with not much content on them. {{Stub}}
Construction Notice for articles that currently need work or are works in progress, but are not necessarily stubs. {{Construction}}
Under Construction
This page is currently being worked on.
HoverSpoiler For characters with similar names. {{HoverSpoiler|8|[[Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion)]]}}
For a similarly named character, see Part 8 SpoilersJosuke Higashikata (JoJolion)


For these templates, click the links to see how to use them in more detail.


  • Creates scroll boxes.
  • {{Scroll Box


    • Jo
    • Jo
    • Jo
    • Jo
    • Gio
    • Jo
    • Jo
    • Jo
  • This template makes it easy to change colors for each part's unique theme or for coloring text. On this wiki it is typically used for the character boxes.
  • {{Color|PB|Phantom Blood}}

    Result: Phantom Blood

    <font style="background:{{color|SBR2}}">{{color|DIU|Text with bg.}}</font>


    Text with bg.
  • This box is used a couple of times throughout this page. You can also change the background colors. It will automatically become a scrollbox if it's large enough and there are more than three rows.
Char and CBox
  • Makes character boxes (new version). The advantage of this is it resizes based on screen size.
  • {{CBox|Title=Optional Title|
    {{CBox|Title=Testing Characters|Align=C|
    {{Char|Name=Jonathan Joestar|Av=JonathanAv.png|Av2=JonathanAvAnim.png|Color=PB|Color2=PB2|Status={{Mo}}}}{{Char|Name=Joseph Joestar|Av=JosephAv.png|Av2=JosephAvAnim2.png|Color=BT|Color2=BT2|Status={{Lead}}|Stand=Hermit Purple}}{{Char|Name=Jotaro Kujo|Av=JotaroAv.png|Stand=Star Platinum|Color=SDC|Color2=SDC2|Status={{1st}}}}{{Char|Name=Josuke Higashikata|SName=Josuke|Av=JosukeAv.png|Stand=Crazy Diamond|Color=DIU|Color2=DIU2}}


    Testing Characters

    JonathanAv.png JonathanAvAnim.png

    (Mentioned only)
    Jotaro Kujo
    (1st appearance)
  • You can create a table with 1-6 columns and 105 rows in each.
  • {{Table
    |r4c2=[[User:Drummer le Chuck|Drummer le Chuck]]


    Admins Mods

    Kaiser Nabu
    Vish Morganstedmanms
  • You can have an image overlayed onto another when hovered over. Linking to a page when clicking it is optional.
  • {{ButtonHover|{{{Av}}}|{{{StandAv}}}|120px|link={{{Name}}}}}


    JotaroAv.png StarPlatinumMangaAv.png

  • Creates tabbers for switching pictures. Mostly used in infoboxes for characters who appear in multiple parts. The two templates just have different designs.
  • {{Switch
    |Tab1 = Manga|[[File:SilverChariotMangaAv.png|120px]]
    |Tab2 = Anime|[[File:SilverChariotAv.png|120px]]
    |Tab1 = Manga|[[File:SilverChariotMangaAv.png|120px]]
    |Tab2 = Anime|[[File:SilverChariotAv.png|120px]]






Specific Use

  • Used in the Chapters / Episodes sections for characters and Stands.
  • Used in the Color Schemes sections for characters and Stands.
  • Used in the Quotes sections for characters, together with Q.
  • {{Quotes
    |{{Q|{{nihongo|What a pain...|やれやれだぜ|Yare Yare Daze}}}}


    Quote.png Quotes
    • What a pain... (やれやれだぜ, Yare Yare Daze)
  • Used in the Stats sections in the infoboxes for Stands.
    |note={{*}}(Range: 2m)


    Destructive Power
    Developmental Potential
    (Range: 2m)
    A: Very Good
    B: Good
    C: Average
    D: Poor
    E: Very Poor
  • Creates a customizable table used on the Music and song pages.
  • Templates that can create boxes for organizing Timeline.
  • Similar to the character boxes but also lists the voice actors. Used for the anime pages.

Character Tables

Part 1 Character Table, Part 2 Character Table, Part 3 Character Table, Part 4 Character Table, Part 5 Character Table, Part 6 Character Table, Part 7 Character Table, Part 8 Character Table, Part 9 Character Table, One Shot Character Table, Novel Character Table, Misc Character Table

Stand Tables

Part 3 Stand Table, Part 4 Stand Table, Part 5 Stand Table, Part 6 Stand Table, Part 7 Stand Table, Part 8 Stand Table, Part 9 Stand Table, Genesis of Universe Stand Table, 4th Another Day Stand Table, Golden Heart, Gold Ring Stand Table, Purple Haze Feedback Stand Table, JORGE JOESTAR Stand Table, Other Stand Table


DRCharacters, DRStats
PPP, PPPFurniture, PPPStickers, PPPQuotes, PPPGrid, BR, SR, GR, WGR

Family Trees

Family tree, Family tree/start, Family tree/step2, Family tree/end, Joestar tree, Brando tree, Higashikata tree, Hirose tree



Template What it does Example Result
HTML5 Replaces caption GIFs with MP4s using HTML5, significantly reducing the file size while improving the video quality. {{HTML5|Seth_Hecatoncheires.mp4|right|Test}}

External Images

These templates are used for adding external images to forum posts or user pages without having to directly upload them to the wiki.

Template What it does Example Result
Ext Allows for embedding external images via Imgur. This template was specifically made for use in forum posts. {{Ext|}}
Ext2 Slightly smaller than Ext and uses thumbnails instead of loading the full image. Intended for pages that use multiple external images. {{Ext2|ctwIjP9}}
Ext3 Identical to Ext2, except it can be used for image galleries. Also supports captions.
Ext4 Identical to Ext2, except it can be used for infobox images.
{{Character Infobox
|image = {{Ext4|ctwIjP9}}
Ext5 Identical to Ext2, except it can be used for image thumbnails. Also supports captions. {{Ext5|ctwIjP9|right|Test}}

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