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In any case, my name is Ani. The Scribe... of your so-called... New Kingdom era.
—The Scribe Ani, The Genesis of Universe Chapter 2

The self-proclaimed Scribe Ani (書記アニ, Shoki Ani) is a primary antagonist featured in the light novel The Genesis of Universe, based on Stardust Crusaders. He particularly appears in the second chapter, "The Gravestone of Hot Sand".

The Scribe Ani is a Stand user with The Genesis of Universe, an ancient Stand bound to a history book that can materialize stories that he reads.


Scribe Ani Appearance.png

The Scribe Ani is a man with a mummy-like appearance and hunched back, who achieved immortality due to his Stand. His face and body are covered in wrinkles and he has sharp nails. His attire consists of a turban with a sarpech and other ornaments, a kaftan, and a pair of curled-toe shoes.

He also wears a beaded necklace, several bracelets, hoop earrings, and a large ring on the ring finger of his right hand. The Scribe Ani may also be seen with a long smoking pipe.


He speaks very slowly due to his old age. He is extremely respectful towards the history and traditions described in The Genesis of Universe, as he shows when quickly losing his temper after discovering that Joseph and Polnareff had damaged his Stand. He pledges loyalty to DIO just because he also had immortality.



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The Scribe Ani's Stand is The Genesis of Universe, bound to an ancient book. It can materialize the history from the book that the user reads, such as summoning the Egyptian goddess Ammit.

History Instantiation



The Scribe Ani is a mercenary hired by DIO to kill the Joestar group in Cairo. He claims that the only reason he is still alive and didn't die from old age a thousand years ago is the existence of his Stand, which holds an ancient secret method of soul reincarnation, based on the old mummification method from the New Kingdom era. Because of that, his real identity remains unknown. He pledged loyalty to DIO as soon as he could because DIO also had "eternal life" as a vampire and was likely to be the conqueror of the world. 

The Genesis of Universe

Polnareff, bruised and exhausted, inspects the north area of Al-Darb al-Ahmar in search of the Stand user who summoned the monsters attacking him. He hears the sound of horses approaching, and is attacked by a Roman chariot. He acts too late, and his leg gets run over. Before even coming to his senses, the chariot knocks him out. Polnareff is approached by a mummy-like figure who delights in taking out one of the members of the Joestar group and disappears in the Cairo bustle.

Joseph and Avdol, while returning to the hotel, suddenly sense an enemy nearby. Unable to fight in a crowded area, they head to an alley and call out their Stands. To their utter bewilderment, instead of an alley, the two find themselves at the gates of the underworld. In front of them were 42 judges and a scale with a feather and a beating heart. To see if it's an illusion, Avdol unleashes Magician's Red’s flames upon them. Joseph, who, through Hermit Purple, determined that this is not the case, tried to stop him. It was too late; the 42 men cry out in pain before being turned to ash along with the gates and the scales. Joseph tries to calm down Avdol, who becomes extremely distressed after seemingly doing something unforgivable. At the end of the alley, they see an old man holding a papyrus in his hands. He tells them about his Stand, The Genesis of Universe, and introduces himself as The Scribe Ani. He tells them about the crusades, and a whole army appears in front of Joseph and Avdol. One of the soldiers charges at Joseph and manages to cut his cheek. Avdol, now knowing that they're not real people, cuts through the army that stands in his way, with Joseph following behind. Their road is suddenly obstructed by a giant sphinx. Joseph wraps Hermit Purple around an emergency ladder, grabs Avdol, and climbs up to the fourth floor. They break through the emergency exit and finally get away from their pursuers. At the end of the hallway, they see an Egyptian ship with countless warriors advancing towards them.

Reading from The Genesis of Universe

They barely manage to avoid the ship's attack. The rubble begins falling off everywhere, accumulating in the ground. From the rubble, emerges a statue of the high priest Pinedjem. It swings its fist at Joseph. He dodges it but loses his balance and trips, as another fist approaches him. Avdol tries to help, but Joseph is out of reach. Suddenly Polnareff shows up and shoves Joseph out of the way. The statue leaps at them. Polnareff prepares to strike it, but the statue turns back to rubble before Silver Chariot reaches it, burying him. When Avdol tries to help him, he gets stabbed in the chest by a Roman soldier and collapses to the ground. Ani mocks the group for their fear of death; he kicks Avdol and spits on him as he moans in pain. Joseph and Polnareff split and run towards Ani, aiming to strike him at the same time. They, however, only manage to graze his Stand, as, behind him, emerges a Roman army, raining arrows on the two. As they futilely try to avoid them, they bump into an unseen wall and lose consciousness. The old man, satisfied, closes the book as the army behind him disappears.

Jotaro throwing the perfume at Ani

The Scribe Ani is browsing The Genesis of Universe to find the right way to finish off Joseph, Polnareff, and Avdol. He then hears Jotaro's mocking voice behind him. In spite of Joseph's and Ani's warnings, he is sure that he'll be able to use Star Platinum before the old man finishes reading the selected passage. Unbeknownst to him, Ani had already summoned the beast-goddess Ammit under the road. Jotaro stumbles in the middle of a punch as the ground erupts beneath his feet, revealing the collosal demon Ammit. Star Platinum unleashes a barrage of fists on her, which proves to be completely ineffective; she doesn't budge even a little. But, while chasing Jotaro, Ammit disappears in a cloud of smoke. Ani, in utter disbelief, looks through the book and notices a hole. Joseph reveals that he and Polnareff, in their previous attack, damaged The Genesis of Universe on purpose. Ani, again, searches for the right passage while he's out of Jotaro’s range. Star Platinum acts quickly and throws a bottle of perfume at the old man, blinding him and giving Jotaro a chance to get close. Ani drops his Stand and starts rubbing his eyes. He tries to locate it on the ground, but it is already in Jotaro's hands. Under Star Platinum's flurry of punches, the old man and his Stand crumble into dust.[1]


Quote.png Quotes
  • By becoming a scribe I would have hoped my name would be remembered for a long time. Not graved on a tombstone, but engraved in a book. The human being rots and returns to the ground as ashes. A book like this, instead, can reside in human memory for eternity.
  • God Ptah... the one... who protected... Memphis... capital of Egypt during the first dynasty. This Stand... holds the divine revelations... of that god.
  • I don't expect... at all... that you manage to understand... the history I'm reading. It's the grand history... of Egypt. You... are proudly... satisfied... to shine... for a few decades of life... a vermin's existence... Defeating this... "The Genesis of Universe" where... the history of Egypt... spanning from... the ancient time to the future... is kept ... is... impossible !
  • Are you ready... to be judged... Jotaro?! I'll let your heart... be devoured.... and I'll make you... disappear... once and for all.



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