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This article is for the character "Savage Garden". For the story arc, see Operation Savage Garden (story arc).

Savage Garden (サヴェジ・ガーデン, Saveji Gāden) is a tertiary ally featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

It is a carrier pigeon sent by the Speedwagon Foundation to retrieve the Stand DISC of Star Platinum from Jolyne Cujoh.


Savage Garden is an average looking carrier pigeon. Around its left ankle, it carries a chain with the Speedwagon Foundation logo imprinted on it; this serves as its method of carrying items, such as the Stand DISC.

Color Schemes

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Savage Garden escaping with the DISC

Being a pigeon, it doesn't display any noticeable personality. It simply follows orders and successfully retrieves Star Platinum's DISC from Green Dolphin Street Prison.


As a carrier pigeon, Savage Garden has been trained to be able to fly to a specific location on behalf of the Speedwagon Foundation and retrieve items to be brought back to them.


Stone Ocean

Savage Garden is mentioned by an agent of the Speedwagon Foundation as the person Jolyne needs to look for when she gets to the prison's courtyard in order to send the Foundation her father's Stand DISC.[1]

When Jolyne eventually makes it to the courtyard after a battle with one of Enrico Pucci's agents, she is surprised to discover that Savage Garden is not a person like she assumed, but a carrier pigeon. She attaches the DISC to the holder chained around its ankle, and it flies off with it. Pucci's Stand Whitesnake attempts to use the gun of a prison guard to shoot Savage Garden down, but the guard had already used all of the bullets loaded in it, thus allowing Savage Garden to safely carry the DISC back to Jotaro Kujo's doctors at the Speedwagon Foundation.[2]

Video Games

Monster Strike (Android/iOS)

Savage Garden in Monster Strike

In Monster Strike, calling the Speedwagon Foundation at the Phone Booth from July 29 to August 2, 2022 unlocked a hidden Insidious quest titled "Operation Savage Garden" against Enrico Pucci at the prison courtyard. However, the quest would only be available for 20 minutes. After beating the quest, the player was rewarded with the "Savage Garden" Medal and a title.

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