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I have the same motive as Josuke does. I want to get my hands on the Locacaca too!
—Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 71: The Qing Dynasty Hair Clip

Yasuho Hirose (広瀬 康穂, Hirose Yasuho) is a primary ally featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion.

Yasuho is an ordinary university student who accidentally discovers Josuke Higashikata at the Wall Eyes on the coast of Morioh. As Josuke seeks his identity, she becomes his primary ally and love interest, deciding to work with him to discover his identity.

Yasuho eventually awakens her Stand, Paisley Park, which she utilizes to investigate the city's mysteries.


Yasuho first outfit.png

Yasuho is a young woman of slim build, 166 cm (5 ft 5 in) tall. She has light, shoulder-length hair, tied into several pigtails with spherical hair clips. Josuke observes that she has a 65 cm waistline, 88 cm hipline, and wears a C-cup, although he also notes that she pads her chest.[7]

Her first outfit featured a wide-necked, cap-sleeved blouse. Her second features a sleeveless top with roses on both shoulder straps. Both blouses are light-colored. She wears a short skirt half-covered with roses, short leg warmers, and footwear that has alternated between walking boots and athletic shoes with socks. Yasuho is shown to need contact lenses and is visually impaired.[8]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, pink lipstick)
Hair(Pink, purple hair clips)
Eyes(Dark green)
(Blue top, black skirt with pink accessories, white leg-warmers, black shoes with yellow outlines)
Skin(Fair, red lipstick)
(Salmon pink-to-magenta gradient, purple hair clips)
Eyes(Dark Brown)
(Blue top with cyan trims, violet skirt with hot pink accessories, lavender-pink leg-warmers, dark blue and yellow shoes)


Josuke... It feels like we're meeting for the first time in a while. But it's only been 4 days since I went to the Higashikata House. But... I'm kind of... really excited...

Yasuho is a mild-mannered and inquisitive young woman living in Morioh. She is somewhat innocent, in one instance naively following Josuke's requests to look elsewhere while he beat Ojiro during interrogation.[9] She is more easily upset than Josuke. Despite this, she does show a level of intelligence by using Josuke's cap as a lead to discovering his past, which led to their discovery of Yoshikage Kira.[7] She is also somewhat understanding of others, as she was able to discern, after discovering photos of bound women in Kira's home, that Josuke was not the type of person to do such a thing. She named Josuke after her dog since he resembled him.

She disagrees with her mother's carefree lifestyle, suffering some unhappiness with her domestic life as a result.[10] On the other hand, Yasuho used to idealize her father and after the divorce of her parents, always cherished the moments she would spend time with him, to the point an illusion of her father wanting to cut off ties with her broke her heart and pushed her to try to commit suicide.[11]

Yasuho and Josuke Higashikata.

She harbors a growing fondness for Josuke, with whom she shares a close and warm alliance. As JoJolion progresses, this fondness develops into a sincere attachment. Being eager to reunite with him, she expresses tears when they finally do, a sentiment that Josuke shares.[12] It can be inferred that their feelings have developed into a genuine romance, as the two are shown holding hands as they walk when they finally meet back up.

In addition to her growing feelings for Josuke, she seems to get along quite well with Tsurugi Higashikata. While Tsurugi initially kidnapped her on orders of Yotsuyu Yagiyama, Tsurugi developed an attachment to her (along with a possible crush) and revealed the family secret including his real gender to her. She, in turn, grew fond of him as the two worked together to find out Josuke's identity and more about the Locacaca fruit. They have even fought enemies together, such as Aisho Dainenjiyama, and the two could be seen hanging out together.[13]

Throughout the story, Yasuho grows into a fiercer woman due to the repeated fights she has to participate in. While at the beginning of the story she was completely helpless against foes as she didn't master her Stand, she progressively shows more resourcefulness in the face of the enemy and has shown a readiness to hurt them. Against Dolomite, she threatened to sink him into a mud pit to force him into yielding,[14] and against Wu Tomoki, she quickly found a way to stop him from taking over her body despite being immobilized.[15]



Main article: Paisley Park

Yasuho is aided by Paisley Park, a Stand of great scope able to guide individuals significant to Yasuho towards safer or more mutually beneficial goals or destinations. By manipulating technology, Yasuho can research about various information easily.

Paisley Park (ペイズリー・パーク)Link to this section
Guidance & Electronic Manipulation

Personal Skills

Yasuho licks her elbow

Yasuho is shown to be able to lick her own elbow. Although it does not assume a significant role, she states that it makes herself feel accomplished.[6]



Yasuho was born in Morioh around 1992. She spent her childhood in the town, at one point befriending Joshu Higashikata. Around this time, she had a dog named Josuke. Roughly 10 years before the events of JoJolion, Yasuho met Toru for the first time as she was brought to a summer camp against her will and left there. Having seen her Stand ability helping her search through her mother's phone, Toru asked her to find an elderly retired doctor who lived alone and has no close relatives. Yasuho found several people who fit the description, one of them being Satoru Akefu, unwittingly giving Toru an identity to impersonate. After thanking her, Toru disappeared and Yasuho forgot about this incident. Her parents divorced when she was 10 years old and from that point on, she started living with her mother and spending weekends with her father.

During her first year in middle school, Yasuho buys a hair clip from a street vendor. She thought it was beautiful, but realized that she forgot about her friend's birthday party; she was harassed by a multitude of insulting texts from the party-goers not long after.

Little did Yasuho know about her new hair clip was that it was actually a Rock Animal in disguise. Over the course of the week, it secretly causes her to produce a dramatic amount of dandruff, even from her eyebrows. When Yasuho loses the hair clip one day, she is angry at her mother because she thought her mother didn't want her to show her hair clip to her father. She is rendered unconscious by the hair clip Rock Animal shortly after.

Yasuho meets Holy.

She is woken up by a vision of her father (which was cast upon her by the hair clip Rock Animal). Although Yasuho was at first happy to see him, he proceeds to tell Yasuho that he's having an affair with another woman and is happier with her than with Yasuho. Feeling sick, Yasuho excuses herself to the bathroom. Shortly after, her mother finds her laying on the bathroom sink with her wrist slit.

On recovery, Yasuho coincidentally meets with Holy Joestar-Kira and Yoshikage Kira in the hospital. Yoshikage shows her the pieces of her new hair clip, saying that he accidentally stepped on it and broke it (unbeknownst to Yasuho and Kira that the latter actually saved her from the hair clip Rock Animal's clutches).[11] Whatsoever, Yasuho keeps the pieces in her drawer.

At some point during high school, she met Toru again, having no idea she had already met him, and the two date for a while. Apparently, Yasuho never looked up Toru's last name.[16] She and Joshu also kissed once.[17]

Yasuho is a student at the school of humanities and social sciences in Morioh.[18]


Meeting Josuke Higashikata

Yasuho discovers Josuke Higashikata.

Yasuho is introduced huddled on the ground near the Wall Eyes, hiding from Joshu Higashikata, a childhood friend. She sees a man half buried in the ground. Wary, she calls an ambulance between simple questions. He sinks into a spring, prompting her to pull him out of the water. At this point, she discovers that he's completely nude and has four testicles. She is interrupted by Joshu, who misinterprets the scene; becoming jealous and launching a lethal attack on the man. The man subdues Joshu with a mysterious power, and they are all collected by an ambulance.

Yasuho is the first person Josuke ever met and knew about

Yasuho visits and brings flowers to both Joshu and the man. She gives them both Morioh-specialty Dango balls while staying in the man's room to converse. She is entertained by his innocence and moved to sympathy by his attention and predicament. She decides to follow him in his escape from the hospital and offers to help him discover his identity. Identifying the brand on the label on his distinctive sailor's hat, Yasuho takes the man to the "SBR" hat shop; finding its sale on the shopkeeper's record under Yoshikage Kira, with an address. Yasuho thinks the name an ill-fit and tells him that he comes off as more of a "Josuke", as he reminds her of her childhood dog of the same name.

Both travel to the apartment. Inside, they find sailor's clothing that fits the man perfectly. They hear noises from the apartment above, but decide to ignore them. Then they hear noises coming from the bathroom. When they check, they find a young woman bathing completely naked inside the bathtub. Surprised for walking in on the naked woman and retreating outside, Yasuho asks Josuke who the woman is, and why that woman is completely naked in the man's apartment, but the man doesn't know. Back in the bathroom, Yasuho introduces herself to the woman and asks her if she is Josuke's girlfriend. The woman doesn't answer, but instead begs Yasuho and Josuke for help, to their suspicion. Yasuho searches for other clues and finds a photo album containing sordid images of the woman engaged in bondage with what appears to be Josuke. Despaired and convinced that Josuke is a sadist, Yasuho tearfully yells at Josuke to leave Morioh and never return, and then runs out of the apartment.

Outside, she meets two school friends and passes on their offer to meet later. She cries, feeling betrayed. Eventually, she returns to the apartment, reflecting that what she had learned previously of Josuke's nature is not consistent with the tastes reflected in the album. However, she is attacked upon entering the apartment, as Josuke is now being controlled by a Stand user based in the flat above. Although Yasuho had her right hand branded, Josuke is ultimately able to steal the friction from the floor above to make him fall and slip towards the veranda from which he pulls Ojiro Sasame to him. Josuke interrogates Ojiro and discovers that Yoshikage Kira was a different man from him. Yasuho, alongside the protagonist, returns to the spring where Josuke was and discovers the real Kira's corpse.

Yasuho introduces Josuke to the Higashikatas

Without any leads, she decides to lodge the protagonist with the Higashikata family until they can find his real identity (they independently give him the name "Josuke"). After a quick introduction to the family, Yasuho is eventually escorted out of the Higashikata household by the maid and is threatened to never return, meet with Josuke, or "tempt" Joshu.

Investigating the Bloodline

Yasuho returns to her house, finding her mother inebriated beside the couch with the mark of a kiss on her breast. Crying, she denounces her mother's lifestyle. Before leaving, she opens a letter of reply from an agency that she sent a sample of Kira and Josuke's DNA, learning that "to within 95.8% accuracy", the two represent "the same person". Yasuho receives a call while she's in the street. However, the caller hangs up before she can answer and she cannot identify them. Intrigued, Yasuho returns to the Higashikata House and incidentally meets Daiya Higashikata going out with Josuke behind her. However, Josuke doesn't recognize her because of Daiya's ability and Yasuho instinctively hides as she realizes something is wrong. However, the problem is solved by Josuke. The two eventually discover that Yoshikage's mother Holy Kira was a world-renowned ophthalmologist and is currently being kept in Morioh's hospital as a patient.

Yasuho unconsciously awakens Paisley Park

She makes a call to Josuke and agrees to meet with him at the hospital. Unbeknownst to her, Paisley Park begins to develop and remotely guides Josuke. Meanwhile, Yasuho manages to get into the hospital and briefly speak with Holy, but is taken away by hospital security for talking to Holy without permission. Out of the hospital, Yasuho feels a sharp pain in her ankle. Looking ill, a nearby medical assistant helps Yasuho onto a stretcher without asking and takes her into the hospital. The assistant eventually leaves her, and Yasuho notices that she is near where Holy is staying. She manages to listen in on a conversation between Holy and her doctors, and finds out that they've detected that parts of Holy's brain and vital organs are somehow missing, despite her denying having had any surgery.

The next day, Josuke calls Yasuho at school, but she doesn't answer as he was using Joshu's cell phone. She does, however, notice that he was, at the time, located on Shakedown Road and near a landmark statue called the Joestar Jizō. She discovers, with Paisley Park's help, that the jizō was built as a memorial to Johnny Joestar, who died in Morioh from what was ultimately determined to be a freak accident in 1901.

Paper Moon Deception

Yasuho formally meets Tsurugi Higashikata

Later that day, Yasuho travels to the Meditation Pine Tree near the Wall Eyes and realizes she can see both the Higashikata mansion and the spring where she previously found Josuke. She finds another article in the newspaper about a small infant that was discovered beneath the pine tree around the same time as Johnny's death. Upon further inspection, Yasuho spots a hole at the base of the pine tree and goes in for a closer look, but is suddenly grabbed by a hand reaching out of it causing her to lose her shoe. She is pulled under where an obscure figure gropes her. A moment later, Yasuho finds herself in the Higashikata Family's cellar directly below the Meditation Pine. The room is filled with several memorabilia dating to the Showa Era (~1937) and there she encounters Tsurugi Higashikata, the grandson of Norisuke. Tsurugi attempts to play a game with her using a mildly profane Paper fortune teller. Yasuho eventually realizes her phone is missing and grabs Tsurugi demanding to know where it is when she discovers that Tsurugi is actually male. He explains that the eldest son of each generation in the Higashikata family is raised as a girl until his 12th birthday to ward off "a curse". To aid Yasuho, Paisley Park summons itself and travels to Josuke's location, where it inspires Josuke to send her a text message. Yasuho's phone goes off and she traces the source of the noise from underneath the carpet. Tsurugi tries to stop her by grabbing her hand, but after breaking free, Yasuho finds the phone folded like an origami frog and it attacks her.[7]

Leaving the room, phone in hand, she spots another room. Looking in the window, it is small and austere, containing a set of clothes similar to that worn by Kira, and a collection of objects including an Enter the Dragon poster and an Ultraman figurine, among others. Yasuho heads back into town, trailed by Tsurugi. She speaks with a woman with a particular, angular face, who asks for directions. Another woman passes with the same face, as well as a window cleaner, the mannequins in the window, and everyone around her, except for Tsurugi. Before she can consider this, she rubs her eyes, accidentally removing her contact lenses. Heading home and replacing them, she finds that even her mother has this same face, and finally her own reflection. She is taunted by the woman whom she assumed was her mother. Upset, she rushes out of her home to the street, crying.

Yasuho cannot distinguish faces or writings because of Tsurugi's Paper Moon King

Yasuho looks up and sees Tsurugi, unchanged. She successfully calls Josuke, who agrees to meet within 10 minutes at Gomamitsu café, in reference to his message. Yasuho confronts Tsurugi once more, but he repeats that he will always be available to help her in that room in the basement. Mistaking a shop for Gomamitsu Cafe, Yasuho realizes that she has begun to interpret all words as parts of this phrase. Joshu finds Josuke, taking his phone back, angered that he had called Yasuho. Yasuho mistakes Joshu for Josuke, narrowly passing him by. Thrilled by Yasuho's trust, and misunderstanding her words, Joshu leads Yasuho to a public bathroom, where he reveals his genitals, and begins rapidly undressing her with his Stand. Pausing when Yasuho calls Josuke's name, she strikes his head with a cistern lid and escapes. She approaches a car, mistaking its passengers' clothes for police uniforms, before she is kidnapped and nearly force-fed a pill. When Yasuho shouts to stop the car, her Stand disrupts the ankle of the driver, crashing the car into a post. Stumbling away, Yasuho's mother approaches and calls to her, whom Yasuho again fails to recognize. When Tsurugi reveals himself again, Yasuho yields and follows him back to his underground playroom.

Tsurugi's Goal and the Architect

Yasuho goes to Tsurugi's playroom. He apologizes, admitting that he targeted her with his Stand, Paper Moon King. Yasuho asks Tsurugi what is the purpose of the underground complex and Tsurugi explains that it is a space dedicated to treating a mysterious illness that turns the skin hard like stone befalling all Higashikata firstborns. Yasuho is reminded of Holy's condition, whose brain is becoming hard and smooth, memories fragmenting, and that Kira tried to save her.

Unconscious during the fight, Yasuho awakes with a mysterious fruit in her hand

Falling asleep, a figure emerges from behind a jacket hanging on the wall. Uttering obscurities, mentioning Soft & Wet and an opinion that Josuke need not exist, the man pulls a sheet of clear material from his eyes, pinning it around Yasuho's wrists and face. Taking a pitcher of water, he begins to waterboard Yasuho, waking her to a gasping panic. Yasuho subconsciously sends her Stand before the man pins its leg with his foot, catching its head as it rises from the ground. The man is able to accurately deduce aspects of the Stand's limitation before it escapes his grasp through the hatch in the ceiling. Telling Yasuho that he has been watching "all of them" up to now, the man introduces himself as Yotsuyu Yagiyama, an architect who most of all desires social status, for which purpose he intends to ensure that Josuke's memories do not return when Josuke "dies again". However, Yotsuyu slips on a banana origami and disappears.

Yasuho falls asleep later and is kidnapped by Yotsuyu during Josuke's battle against the architect. Josuke does manage to save her and defeat Yotsuyu. Somehow, Yasuho discovers a piece of fruit near her. She leaves the fruit and is later told to go away by Norisuke.

Investigating the Locacaca

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Yasuho & Tsurugi investigate the event recorder and find Jobin's link to the fruit

Yasuho begins to master her Stand, Paisley Park, when Tsurugi knocks at her door and asks her to help. After Josuke gives them the key to Jobin Higashikata's Lamborghini, Yasuho investigates the GPS of the car. Thanks to Paisley Park, Yasuho sees another set of car keys and effortlessly hacks into the car. Thus, she manages to discover that Jobin exchanged the fruit Tsurugi is after with another man: Aisho Dainenjiyama. When Jobin and Joshu barge into the garage where the Lamborghini is, Yasuho manages to hide herself and Tsurugi from them using Paisley Park's ability to foresee obstacles.

Yasuho proceeds to investigate Aisho. Observing the place where Jobin met the man from a rooftop, Yasuho and Tsurugi uncover a link between Aisho, who is a security guard at the stadium, and Yotsuyu, who oversaw the renovation of the stadium. They see Aisho at the same place heading to a nearby park and decide to tail him with Yasuho's phone folded into a frog. They witness a man who, after eating the fruit, regrows his missing legs while his eyes shatter into stone. As the phone is sent to investigate the remains of the fruit, it is spotted by Aisho who crushes it under his feet. Affected by the damage, Yasuho and Tsurugi are nearly killed, but Aisho stops his attack when he kicks the phone away and attempts to phone Yotsuyu. Startled by the lack of answer, Aisho attempts to crush the phone again, but is distracted by a banana peel Paisley Park placed under his feet, allowing Tsurugi to use his Paper Moon King. Aisho is unable to recognize the phone and it subsequently escapes.

Yasuho & Tsurugi chased by Doobie Wah!

Having checked Aisho's access card, Yasuho determines that the fruit comes from inside the stadium. As they both go down the stairs, they are assailed by Aisho's Stand Doobie Wah! hiding in a deadly wind vortex. Escaping the building by a window, they realize that Doobie Wah! is materializing via their breath, forcing them not to breathe as they try to flee. The two try to take a bus away from the enemy Stand but it still materialized out of their breath and attacks them. Yasuho and Tsurugi leave the bus near the Motoyagura train station, and Tsurugi releases a car origami. Soon after both meet a cornered Yasuho and Tsurugi. Recognizing Jobin's son, Aisho demands that Jobin allows him to kill him, but Jobin remains silent. The car origami Tsurugi released comes back to his hand, and Tsurugi explains that he made Aisho confuse any bus with his father. When the bus starts up, it runs over the confused Aisho who is killed and breaks down into dust.

Josuke & Yasuho properly meet again

The next day, Yasuho and Tsurugi analyze the video feed of Aisho's death, realizing the strange nature of the people they are going after, and determined to investigate the stadium. They meet Josuke and since Yasuho and Josuke are too happy to see each other to continue the investigation, it is paused for the time being. Josuke and Yasuho stroll on the beach, sharing a tender moment, however, Josuke is signaled by another girl, calling for a meeting later. Josuke thus leaves Yasuho.

Later, Yasuho and Tsurugi have a telephonic conversation with Josuke. Yasuho has done some research about Josefumi Kujo and asks why Josuke is interested in him, to which Josuke answers that Josefumi might be his original identity. He then plans to go to Josefumi's house for further investigations and asks Yasuho if he can find a picture of him. However, Josuke's conversation is interrupted when he sees Hato coming back. Yasuho eventually finds a picture and faxes it to Josuke, although the man doesn't even remotely resemble Josuke.

Dolomite's Blue Lagoon

Josuke calls Yasuho for help with tracking down the user of Blue Hawaii. He had left a soap bubble with Dolomite's tooth in it, so Yasuho could use Paisley Park to search medical records and find out whose tooth it is. After finding the tooth, Paisley Park finds a classified document recording an incident where Dorokoma Masaji had eaten 15 of a school's rabbits and another where he had eaten 25 chickens on a farm. She notices some dirt on the tooth, and prepares to use Paisley Park to track down the source of the dirt, but is ambushed by Jobin Higashikata who causes her to pass out from heatstroke using his stand. Jobin then stomps on her phone, breaking it, and tosses the tooth down a grate.

Yasuho finds and corners Dolomite

Yasuho later wakes up but has no way of finding the enemy alone. Josuke, who has been beaten and controlled by Blue Hawaii, now mindlessly walks up to Mutsu-kabe Shrine. Yasuho spots him and trails Josuke up to Dolomite, whom she attacks with a metal bar and defeats easily since the Rock Human has no limbs. Yasuho goes as far as threatening to push Dolomite into a mud pit, forcing the Rock Human to surrender. Dolomite reveals to Yasuho and Josuke that Jobin was the one who asked him to attack Josuke, also stating that the two have gotten involved in something incredibly dangerous.

Seeking the Plant Appraiser

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Yasuho then takes the bus alongside Josuke to meet the plant appraiser, whom she meets earlier than thought when the plant appraiser hijacks the bus they are in, claiming they are under attack and that his safety is the priority. The plant appraiser, named Rai Mamezuku, is suspicious of Yasuho, but she pays him no mind, using Paisley Park to hack the passengers' smartphones and prevent them from informing anyone of what is happening to the bus.

They arrive at a parking lot, and Yasuho is then invited alongside Josuke to Mamezuku's home. The latter cooks a creme Romanoff for Yasuho, and she is pleasantly surprised at the snack. However, her meal is interrupted when a tree sneaks at her, and Josuke has to save her from falling. Nonetheless, Mamezuku tosses her to the ground, exposing her to the enemy's power.

Yasuho facing Urban Guerrilla & Doremifasolati Do

Trying to run to safety, Yasuho is the first to see the face of the enemy. A Rock Human named Urban Guerrilla, encased in his pet Doremifasolati Do, attacks Yasuho again, but Mamezuku stabs Urban and she manages to wash away the swarm of enemy Stand threatening to bore holes into her faces. When the enemy team plunges underground, Josuke jumps down to assist her. Using Paisley Park, Yasuho detects a bedrock area that can serve as a shelter. However, when Doremifasolati Do resurfaces, Josuke learns that his attacks are ineffective and thus Yasuho must flee to the bedrock area with him and is stuck at the top of a boulder.

As her powers aren't useful in direct combat, Yasuho is forced to watch Josuke and Mamezuku battle the enemy and eventually defeat them. After the battle, Mamezuku isolates Yasuho and tells her to go home to safety. However, she begins to narrate her own backstory and reaffirms her will to help Josuke. Only interested in the strange hair clip which tormented her, Mamezuku sends her home to analyze the clip.

Doctor Wu and Awaking 3 Leaves

Wu Tomoki attacking Yasuho & Mitsuba

Yasuho watches news footage of the fire at the Higashikata household as she sits in the waiting room of the hospital for menstrual pain and depression. Although she has been reassured by Mamezuku and Josuke, she is nonetheless worried about the stolen Locacaca branch. She then catches a glimpse of Mitsuba Higashikata and her doctor notices that Mitsuba's legs have been turned to stone by the Locacaca. Investigating further, she finds herself under attack by said doctor, Dr. Wu Tomoki, who controls Mitsuba's body. Wu tries to transfer himself from Mitsuba but Yasuho, but in the time it takes him to completely invade her, Yasuho manages to extract the few fragments inside of her, acting as a beacon for others, and takes the released Mitsuba with her. After Yasuho explains what she knows about the Locacaca and the hospital, Mitsuba reveals that she's just learned that she's pregnant and that she's worried for the child. Thus the two then try to reach the examination room where Mitsuba last recalls her examination. Pursued by Wu Tomoki, Yasuho and Mitsuba manage to get rid of him several times thanks to Awaking III Leaves, Mitsuba's Stand. On their way, Yasuho also meets with her ex-boyfriend Toru and tells him to tell Josuke where she is headed.

In the examination room, Yasuho discovers a secret tape of Wu Tomoki explaining to the audience the mechanisms of the Locacaca and opens the door to a secret laboratory containing a garden of Locacaca. However, Yasuho notices that the stolen Locacaca branch from the Higashikata garden isn't there. Wu Tomoki suddenly reappears, having taken control once again of Mitsuba by hiding in the Locacaca she eats to save her child. Yasuho must fight Wu Tomoki again, and then during the fight, vials containing deadly diseases are broken. Yasuho returns some of Mitsuba's arrows against Wu Tomoki and purges him out of Mitsuba again. When the doctor tries to scatter the Locacaca fruit and threatens to force-feed them the fruits, Josuke finally comes in and saves Yasuho. Yasuho then explains to the group her findings and she deduces that since Mitsuba was targeted by Wu Tomoki, the branch must have been taken by a third group, Jobin Higashikata being a prime suspect.

The Wonder of You

Somehow, Yasuho is unable to get a picture of the hospital director

To her frustration, Josuke and Mamezuku nonetheless decide to chase after the last member of the Locacaca Organization: Satoru Akefu, the hospital director of TG University Hospital, who mysteriously has no available picture of himself anywhere. Although Yasuho tries to hack the cameras through Paisley Park, she cannot snap a picture of the hospital director. Even more strangely, unnoticed obstacles keep preventing the group from catching up to the old man. During the chase, Yasuho meets with Toru again and he flirts with her, causing a mix of suspicion and jealousy on Josuke's part. As Dr. Akefu keeps evading them and leaves the hospital, Yasuho receives a message from Toru asking her to be with him again. The chase culminates in a car almost crashing into her, although she is saved by Soft & Wet. However, the doctor has boarded a bus and the trio must stop their chase for the time being. When Josuke gets into a fight with a patient whose broken neck snaps in front of him, Yasuho finds herself alone again as Josuke must deal with the authorities with Rai. This allows Toru to come back and get closer to her as he reassures her he will testify for Josuke.

Toru tries to rekindle his relationship with Yasuho

Yasuho is next shown sitting on her porch with Toru as she waits for Paisley Park to find Mamezuku and the face of the hospital director. After listening to Toru's proposal, she is distracted when Paisley Park finds a record of Mamezuku purchasing some goods but loses his trace again. Remembering that she was pursuing Satoru Akefu, Toru shows her a photo of Akefu's face. However, Yasuho is more shocked to discover that Mitsuba and Akefu are acquainted as she is in the photo too. At the same time, the rain reached Yasuho's location. Focused on Mitsuba, Yasuho has yet to be affected by the rain. Piecing together the information at her disposal, Yasuho is convinced that Akefu is still looking for the new Locacaca and is targeting Mitsuba. Yasuho thus rushes to the Higashikata House with Toru as her driver.

She eventually arrives at the Higashikata House and has Paisley Park infiltrate the house in order to find Mitsuba. However, she finds a very ill Tsurugi instead and tries to ask him where the new Locacaca branch is. Before Tsurugi can answer, Jobin grabs the phone Paisley Park has hidden in and throws it in the toilet. Yasuho finds herself in deep trouble as she begins to drown and her signal to Paisley Park is cut off. Isolated from any electronic device to escape in, Paisley Park is unable to do anything. Yasuho gets desperate and tries to get attention by filming herself with one of the cameras watching the estate. Mitsuba sees Yasuho and almost saves her, but Jobin's coercion and the appearance of Satoru Akefu change her mind. Determined to protect her son at all costs, Mitsuba decides to let Yasuho die. Yasuho also sees the hospital director but falls down a slope and loses her right arm. Mitsuba decides to flush the phone further down the toilet but she is interrupted. Nevertheless, Yasuho is in a desperate situation.

Yasuho loses her arm as she investigates the Higashikata House

When the Higashikata Family catches Jobin and Mitsuba trying to drown Paisley Park, Norisuke immediately goes to pick up the phone from the toilet, saving Yasuho. Yasuho begs Norisuke to let Paisley Park escape by letting the phone near any power outlet, but Jobin tries to sway Norisuke to his side, invoking that he is on the right path at the moment to save Tsurugi. Norisuke ultimately refuses to put the phone back and exposes Jobin's crime of murdering Ojiro Sasame, forcing the son to take out his father. In the confusion, Joshu has the presence of mind to kick the phone that Norisuke drops near an electrical outlet, allowing Paisley Park to escape. Yasuho is still heavily wounded and must call for help. Unable to contact either Josuke or Mamezuku despite Paisley Park's assistance, Yasuho must call Toru and tell him to come. Toru wants to call an ambulance, but Yasuho refuses and instead asks him to assist with healing herself. Toru tells her that he's on his way. However, when Toru arrives at the estate, he ignores Yasuho and awaits for events to unfold instead. Yasuho senses a presence but cannot see Toru for unknown reasons.

Suddenly, Joshu comes out of the house with the New Locacaca pot in his hands and declares that he'll save Yasuho. She listens to him lamenting about the Higashikata's misfortune. Yasuho thus explains that an enemy Stand is responsible for this and asks Joshu to call Josuke or Mamezuku for help. However, Joshu shows that he has the potted new Locacaca in his possession. Initially, Yasuho has some misgivings about eating the fruit but several rustling noises make her realize that the enemy is nearby. She accepts to perform an Equivalent Exchange with Joshu, although Joshu's antics frustrate her. Nonetheless, Yasuho manages to realize that Toru is the enemy because he's been following her. She eats the Locacaca and heals her arm while Joshu loses his.

Yasuho proceeds to confront Toru who remains hidden in the forest, and tells him she knows he's a Rock Human and the Stand user behind Wonder of U. Toru warns her about his power and suggests that she goes home and forget about the incident as he still cherishes the memories he's had with her. However, Yasuho decides to pursue Toru and takes Joshu's smartphone to call an ally. This triggers Wonder of U and Joshu goes mad with rage as he demands to make a second Equivalent Exchange to have his arm back. Yasuho decides to use the calamity to her advantage and brings the pot close to her, then calls Kei Nijimura, instructing her to find Josuke and bring him her phone.

Joshu trips on the potted Locacaca, allowing Yasuho to continue her call. Although Toru warns her that she'll die next, Yasuho informs Kei of the situation at the Higashikata house and tells her that if they can inform Josuke of the User's identity, then they can win. Kei mentions that she's headed for the secret Locacaca laboratory, prompting Yasuho to warn her about the calamity powers of Wonder of U. Kei manages to give Josuke the mobile phone, allowing Paisley Park to transfer itself near him. Yasuho then informs Josuke about Toru and tells him that he is the user of Wonder of U. If they can kill him, she says, then the calamities will stop. At the same time, Toru comes out of the bushes and confronts Yasuho, telling her that he's called off his attack on Josuke just to be safe. She asks what will happen to her, and Toru tells her that she's going to die, although he doesn't know how. Toru tells Yasuho to hand him the potted Locacaca to preserve it from whatever disaster will befall her. Joshu comes up and threatens Toru, but he is interrupted when the three of them see something big falling towards them. Toru sees that this object is the incoming calamity and thus grabs Yasuho to insist. This causes Joshu to try and attack Toru, but a leaf cuts his fingers; shocked and pained, Joshu trips on Yasuho, and both of them fall on the ground, allowing Toru to pick up the plant. As Toru says his farewell to Yasuho, she tells Josuke on the phone that Toru has taken the fruit and that something is falling towards her.

Go Beyond

Yasuho is saved from the calamity

As the slide panel begins to approach her, Yasuho still does her best to help Josuke. Josuke shoots a bubble, but Wonder of U summons another Rock Insect named Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da that deflects the bubbles and latches itself onto Josuke's hand, steadily multiplying itself and beginning to cover Josuke's body. Josuke falls to the ground and tells Yasuho to recall her Paisley Park, but instead, she hacks into the elevator's system and forces the door open, allowing Josuke to attempt another shot. However, this one misses too. Josuke collapses to the ground, overwhelmed by Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. However, a bubble still shoots out of the Star Birthmark on Josuke's shoulder, and Paisley Park brings the bubble with it via the cell phone connection. As the panel almost reaches Yasuho, Paisley Park and the bubble appear. The bubble then flies towards Toru.

Toru is hit by Soft & Wet: Go Beyond's bubbles

The invisible bubble flies towards Toru and pops inside his abdomen, blowing him away with the Locacaca pot. The flow of calamity temporarily deactivates and barely saves Yasuho from being hit with the plane panel which lands in the Higashikata house instead. Yasuho calls for Josuke, who explains that his new ability can bypass the calamity and that he needs Yasuho to aim the phone at Toru to defeat him. When Toru gets back up stumbling towards her, she notices the Locacaca fruit in his mouth and realizes that he’s attempting to perform an equivalent exchange on her. Toru begins to run as she stands helpless while Joshu gets struck in the head with a rain gutter trying to stop him. She falls to the ground but just-in-time Josuke prepares another shot for Yasuho before Toru can perform the exchange. Josuke shoots out another invisible bubble that blows him away towards the garage. As Yasuho watches a bloodied Toru crawl on the ground towards the door in the garage, she sees a mourning Kaato Higashikata inside.

Seeing her son's corpse, Kaato narrates how she brought Jobin's favorite Inca no Mezame cream stew over after telling her that he wanted some the day before. A panicked Yasuho warns her not to come closer, as Toru is a Rock Human who wants to use her to perform an equivalent exchange. Toru, in a bloodied state, stands up and points a pruning saw at her, exclaiming that a rock atop other rocks does not see anything else other than dreams and memories of the scenery. He compares Kaato to these dreams and memories, noting that her son had already died without his dreams coming true. He continues to taunt her by telling her about her arrest fifteen years ago. Hearing this, Kaato unveils her Stand Space Trucking to pin Toru's arms and legs to the ground with her cards, prompting Wonder of U to appear on the roof. Toru and Yasuho both realize that Kaato does not intend to pursue calamity. Kaato reveals that she had been hiding an incapacitated Tsurugi in between her cards, who then comes in contact with Toru, performing an equivalent exchange.

Josuke & Yasuho reunited

Yasuho watches the equivalent exchange being performed on Toru, and as he crumbles away he begs for help. Despite their history, however, Yasuho doesn't act and continues to watch. Toru finally disintegrates, but the calamity manages to injure Kaato and with sirens blaring in the distance, Yasuho reflects on the events that have transpired. She admires the newfound hope in Tsurugi's recovery, stating that the curse has been broken. The calamity hasn't ended, however, and Yasuho notices Wonder of U manifesting in Norisuke's mouth attempting to kill him with the calamity's power. Josuke arrives at the scene and asks Yasuho to step away. He unleashes Soft & Wet: Go Beyond, finally destroying the calamity. He and Yasuho embrace each other, watching as the Stand crumbles away.


Yasuho leaving the scene

With the Locacaca fruits and the Equivalent Exchange gone, Yasuho and Josuke continue their life in Morioh. After being discharged from the hospital, they bump into Kiyomi Kujo, Josefumi Kujo's mother, who had started a new life without Josefumi. Josuke deduces that she hasn't realized that her son is missing, although he immediately sets it aside knowing that he is neither Josefumi nor Kira anymore. However, Yasuho uses her Paisley Park to inspect Kiyomi's phone, seeing old childhood photos of the mother and child. The two realize that Kiyomi is still looking for her son even after the earthquake.

Later, they are invited by Daiya along with the rest of the Higashikata family in the Higashikata's Fruit Parlor to choose a cake in order to celebrate Norisuke's discharge the next day, as well as a new beginning in the Higashikata history. While choosing a cake made by the Higashikata parlor, the family breaks down into tears. Tsurugi then insists Josuke to choose a cake. With the family reunited once again, Yasuho sheds a tear before exiting the room.



  • Suzuyo Hirose: She is Yasuho's mother. After she and her husband divorced, Yasuho since then lives with her mother in an apartment. Despite Suzuyo being her mother, Yasuho dislikes and is sensitive about her mother's way of living.
  • Father: Yasuho's divorced father, whom she loved more than her mother. One day, he appears as a vision to Yasuho, in her youth. Yasuho is at first happy to see him, but then he tells her that he is having an affair with another woman and is happier with her than with Yasuho. Heartbroken, Yasuho attempts to commit suicide but is treated in a hospital.

Friends and Allies

  • Josuke Higashikata: Moved by Josuke's innocence, she eagerly helps Josuke solve his identity crisis. Her involvement in finding out Josuke's mystery often leads her into trouble, such as having been dragged into Josuke's situation with Ojiro Sasame, but that does not stop her from helping Josuke out. There was one time when she saw a photo album of a woman having erotic bondage with what appeared to be Josuke in what was thought to be his apartment, and she bailed out thinking that Josuke was a sadist. However, after thinking more about Josuke's personality, she returned to him and continued helping his search. She is hinted to have also developed feelings for Josuke,[6] as shown when she is tearful when she meets up with Josuke again and the two can be seen holding hands together; she also mentions that she "has someone [she] like[s]".[19]
  • Rai Mamezuku: Despite Yasuho helping Mamezuku investigate Morioh's mysteries such as the Locacaca, Mamezuku cares little to nothing about her. In fact, during the conflict with Urban Guerilla and Doremifasolati Do, Mamezuku pushed her off as a disposable. Later when she told Mamezuku about her past with a hair clip and her ambitions of obtaining the Locacaca, Mamezuku just ignored her story and only showed interest in the hair clip Rock Animal.
  • Tsurugi Higashikata: Although Tsurugi would lecherously lick her from time to time — he's even groped her when they first met — both of them still got along. Their trust in each other expands when they face off against Aisho Dainenjiyama and Doobie Wah!. Tsurugi often makes implications of him having developed a crush on Yasuho.
  • Joshu Higashikata: Although the two were friends and had kissed at some point, Yasuho would try to hide herself from Joshu. Despite her disliking him, Joshu would continuously chase after Yasuho, and once nearly had intercourse with her in a bathroom when she was tricked by Paper Moon King; he ended up getting knocked out by her. Later, devastated by his family's tragedy, Joshu tries to protect an injured Yasuho during the calamity cast by Toru and his Wonder of U.


  • Toru: Yasuho and Toru first met when she was a kid at camp, the latter using her Paisley Park to find someone for his Stand to impersonate. They later dated at some point when she was in high school, but they broke up for unknown reasons. Toru pretends to still have feelings for Yasuho and tries to become her boyfriend again when they reunite at TG University Hospital. However, the two become enemies when Yasuho discovers that he is the Stand user of Wonder of U, who caused her and the Higashikata family severe anguish.
  • Aisho Dainenjiyama: Aisho is a Rock Human whom Yasuho and Tsurugi investigate due to him selling Locacaca fruits. After realizing he is being pursued, Aisho tries to use Doobie Wah! to subdue Yasuho and Tsurugi.
  • Jobin Higashikata: Jobin knocks out Yasuho when she was trying to help Josuke during the conflict with Blue Hawaii, and later tries to kill her by drowning her Paisley Park in the toilet. Jobin also considers Yasuho as an enemy.[20]


Book Icon.png Manga Appearances
Chapters in order of appearance


Quote.png Quotes
  • Should I hide? Or shouldn't I? I'm not sure. No holding out here, hidden, is definitely the right thing to do. But this is so awkward. Even though we only kissed once... Won't you hurry up and go somewhere else... Oh man. Squatting like this is making me dizzy.
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 1: Welcome to Morioh
  • The location here is important. They're coordinates that indicate only one thing in this world. The great class-A river's name is Ichio River. And spanning across it is Hagi Bridge. If you cross that bridge from the South to the North Side, you'll arrive in S City, Momiji Ward, Morioh.
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 1: Welcome to Morioh
  • I seriously hate him... He's such an idiot. (絶対に嫌い…こいつマジバカ, Zettai ni kirai... Koitsu maji baka.)
  • This is a story about breaking a curse... (これは「呪い」を解く物語一一, Kore wa 'noroi' otoku monogatari)
  • The beginning of it... A curse, as explained by one person, is an impurity that has been handed down because of a sin committed by a distant ancestor you know nothing about. Some describe it using the example of hatred that continued to exist after Sakanoue no Tamuramaro subjugated the Emishi. And by yet another interpretation, when mankind first came into existence and things were firmly classified as black or white, the friction that grew between them is what a curse is. But whichever it may be, a curse is something that must be broken. Or else, you'll be defeated by it... This mysterious boy who was buried in the ground... who in the world is he? Where did he come from?
    —Yasuho Hirose's narration, JoJolion Chapter 1: Welcome to Morioh
  • There were 4... I'm sure of it, his balls... (『4つ』あったのよ……確かに『タマ』が…, "Yottsu" attanoyo... tashika ni "tama" ga...)
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 1: Welcome to Morioh
  • Morioh is famous for them. They're from a store that was established in 1903. They're a candy called sesame honey dumplings. (杜王町名物の創業明治36年 ごま蜜団子ってお菓子よ, Moriō-chō meibutsu no sōgyō meiji san roku nen gomamitsu dango tte okashi yo)
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 2: Soft & Wet, Part 1
  • The first bite needs to be with your back teeth, 'kay...? Bite with your back teeth. (ひと口めを口の奥でね…奥歯で噛むのよ, Hito kuchime o kuchi no okudene... okuba de kamu noyo)
    —Yasuho Hirose to Josuke Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 2: Soft & Wet, Part 1
  • It's hitting me. It's hitting me. It's hitting me. It's hitting me, dammit! Jeez...
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 2: Soft & Wet, Part 1
  • Excuse me agai~~~~n. Let me just say a couple things first. I'm Yasuho Hirose. And I'm totally not this guy's friend or anything. I just kinda got reeled into this and I ended up coming to this condo. And I was just thinking I really gotta get heading home... So, uh, what I wanna ask is pretty simple! Are you this guy's girlfriend?
    —Yasuho Hirose to Kidnapped Girl, JoJolion Chapter 3: Soft & Wet, Part 2
  • Don't touch meeeeeee! I wish I didn't come here... What am I... doing... in a place like this...? It's dirty... And I thought you were a good person... Get out of my hometown. I don't want people like you living in Morioh... I don't want to see you ever again... Not at the train station, not at the cafe, not on the street, nowhere. Stop fucking around!
    —Yasuho Hirose to Josuke Higashikata, JoJolion Chapter 3: Soft & Wet, Part 2
  • I'm not sure how to describe it... His character was different... These photos... Having a character that would... collect and enjoy that kind of cruelty... Somehow... he seemed different from that... Regardless of whether he lost his memories or not... But I don't know how to figure out what someone's true nature is... Not even my own parents... How do you discern something like that...? The condo's... 2nd floor... Yoshikage Kira... ...Well... I... figured that much was right, but... what if he wasn't Yoshikage Kira... then what...? If he wasn't the person living in room 204 in the first place... if there's a different Yoshikage Kira... then what will happen to him now?
    —Yasuho Hirose's contemplation, JoJolion Chapter 4: Soft & Wet, Part 3
  • Well, I decided to come back. After thinking a lot about it... there's an inconsistency somewhere... Hey? Are you here? I'm sure you're... not Yoshikage Kira...
    —Yasuho Hirose returning to Josuke, JoJolion Chapter 5: Soft & Wet, Part 4
  • He was missing two balls... Wh... What in the world does that... (タマが「2つ」ない…こ…これって一体, Tama ga "futatsu" nai... Ko... Kore tte ittai)
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 6: Soft & Wet, Part 5
  • This place! This house! Even I... don't know where I should go! Even I... don't know who I am!
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 8: California King Bed, Part 1
  • Josuke... It feels like we're meeting for the first time in a while. But it's only been 4 days since I went to the Higashikata House. But... I'm kind of... really excited...
  • There are lots of doors. They're the same shape, the same size, the same color and the same texture. There is no way to differentiate them at all. And there is an infinite number of said doors. But one of the doors definitely has some vestige of being open. When you open and close it many times, those traces become more apparent. Finding those traces and going! Progressing beyond! That is my Stand...Paisley Park.
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 40: Doobie Wah, Part 2
  • Hey, Josuke. Sing something. We can do this while we're walking. Sing something... Like something nostalgic... Well, if you know any songs anyhow... Remember any?
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 43: Love Love Deluxe, Part 1
  • Maybe you should be less worried about who I am and more worried about what's gonna happen to you! I found you, User!... Now cancel your attack on Josuke right now!
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 63: Dolomite's Blue Lagoon, Part 5
  • The thing I'm best at might be reading maps... I really like studying maps.
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 63: Dolomite's Blue Lagoon, Part 5
  • When Josuke crawled out from the ground by the spring near the Wall Eyes. Back then... I had no idea what was going on, anyway. He was a stranger I was meeting for the first time. The fact that he was a naked and unconscious man didn't help. Normally, I wouldn't have done anything like reach out to grab his wrists and pull him up... But for some reason... I grabbed onto Josuke's wrists straightaway. I felt like it would be okay to grab on, and I frantically pulled Josuke out from the spring water. Even I don't know why I acted the way I did back then. But, I remembered something very important and self-evident... that there isn't a single thing that should be overlooked.[...] Back then, I grabbed onto his wrists... but... the one who was pulled up was me. It's self-evident that there's not a single thing that should be overlooked and I saw that I have the same motive as Josuke does. I want to get my hands on the Locacaca too!
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 71: The Qing Dynasty Hair Clip
  • "JoJolion"... This is... a story about breaking a curse. There are things in this worlds that the eye cannot see. In JoJolion, that is the shape of a person's heart. The prices the Higashikata Family had to pay and the sacrifices they had to make were far too large... and cruel. That could be seen in the form of the eldest son collapsed in the passageway between the house and the garage... and in the form of the crying family members. One that hadn't seen her mother since she was a little girl, couldn't forgive her for everything she's done, and got upset, one that acted out of selfish desire and was injured, and one that had had a secret until a little while earlier and now just lost her husband. In this garage where that family had gathered, what do you think one could see? When you looked at the New Locacaca plant that had broken to pieces and was lost forever... and at the Higashikata estate that had been destroyed by a broken-off part of a plane... and at the debris among the playing cards scattered on the floor, just what could you see? It was not despair. To me, Yasuho Hirose, it looked like hope. The family all acted in the name of hope... After having fallen down in the hallway because of the calamity... after everything had ended, the members of the Higashikata Family moved further into the back of the garage. That was all for the sake of hope. In the smooth, shiny skin of the eldest son's cheek... the hope of the Higashikata Family was visible. Because at that moment... the curse was broken.
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 108: Go Beyond, Part 2
  • When you get down to it, memories... even before memories, there may be something we'd call dreams. If at the very, very end, all that remains are memories and dreams... then maybe a dream was born out of that soil.
    —Yasuho Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 110: Higashikata Fruit Parlor

Video Games

All-Star Battle (PS3)

Wall Eyes stage

Yasuho appears as part of the stage hazard and Situation Finish in the Wall Eyes stage.

If one of the fighters is knocked down on the "hazard" indication area, Yasuho backs away in fright, causing Joshu to appear and run through the stage, hitting anyone who gets in his way with a rock until he reaches her. Before Joshu starts his action, her Stand Paisley Park will appear and track Joshu's way.

As a Situation Finish, the losing side is knocked out near Yasuho, causing Joshu to become angry and finish the character off with a large stone (referencing the way he attacks Josuke in their first encounter) as Yasuho appears surprised.

Campaign Mode

Yasuho also appears as one of the characters who can be used on Campaign Mode's profile.

All-Star Battle R (Various)

ASBR Support Char Yasuho.png

An ally from Part 8: JoJolion. She is a college student who discovers Josuke Higashikata buried alive at the Wall Eyes and rescues him. Afterward, she accompanies him on his investigation to discover his true identity.

A college student who discovers Josuke Higashikata 8 buried alive at the "Wall Eyes" and rescues him. After that, she tries to help him discover his forgotten identity.


Yasuho Hirose appears in both the Stage Gimmick (ステージギミック, Sutēji Gimikku) and Situation Finish (シチュエーションフィニッシュ, Shichuēshon Finisshu) for the Wall Eyes (壁の目, Kabe no Me) stage.

In the Stage Gimmick panels, she activates Paisley Park, but Joshu Higashikata appears brandishing a stone to knock back combatants he collides with.

In the stage's situation finish, Yasuho screams as the loser is hit towards her. Joshu, out of envy-fueled rage, brings a rock down at the opponent's head, finishing them.

Yasuho also has a few Tag Lines (プレイヤーカード名言, Pureiyā Kādo Meigen). They can be unlocked by completing ASBR Secret Mission.png 300 Secret Missions in All-Star Battle Mode.

Quote.png Medal Speech.png Tag Lines
  • The Sesame Honey Dumpling is the trademark of Morioh, produced since 1906. (杜王町名物の創業明治36年ごま蜜団子ってお菓子よ)
  • This is a story about lifting a curse... (これは「呪い」を解く物語――)
  • You have to take the first bite in the back of your mouth. Chew it with your molars. (ひと口めを口の奥でね…奥歯で噛むのよ)
  • He had four, I'm sure of it. Four balls... (『4つ』あったのよ……確かに『タマ』が…)
  • If you don't mind me saying so, you sure look like a "Josuke" to me! (勝手なこと言わしてもらうと、あなた「ジョースケ」ってイメージよ)




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