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I knew I shouldn't have gotten on this train with all these peasants.
—Anita, Chapter 500: Baby Face, Part 1

Anita (アニータ, Anīta)[a] is a tertiary character featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo.

She was a first-class passenger on board the train Team Bucciarati was on. Following Prosciutto and Pesci's demises, Melone unintentionally intrudes her private compartment as the train stalled, using her to birth his Stand, Baby Face.


Anita is a slim upper class 24-year-old woman of average height. She has short, dark hair with choppily cut bangs and is shown wearing an expensive dress with various patterns and a slightly exposed chest. According to Melone, her health and physique are "perfect".

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Hair(Dark Brown)
Outfit(Green dress with a white collar)
(Red dress with purple/pink patterns and white collar)


Anita is an arrogant and spoiled woman. She is quick-tempered and prone to hysteria. When angered by someone, she easily becomes violent. She is shown complaining about the noise from other passengers and calls them "peasants". She is a smoker and drinker according to Melone, and a glass of wine can be seen next to her in her compartment.[1]

Her personality traits carry over to her son, Baby Face.



Not much is known about Anita's past, as Melone uses her only for Junior's production. However, according to her, her family ranks high up in the police and government.

Vento Aureo

Anita was sitting in the same train as Melone. Melone asks how her health is and snoops through her bag to find her ID. She slaps him and says she's going to call security, but Melone licks her finger and determines that she has an O blood type, and is also rather strong for a woman her age. Anita reveals that her family has high connections with the police and government and wouldn't let what Melone did slide. Melone finds out that she has bad compatibility with Bruno Bucciarati, making her a perfect parent for Baby Face along with Bucciarati's DNA.

In three minutes and three seconds, she "conceives" the homunculus Stand which quickly learns from her vulgar language after she states her intent of wanting to murder Melone and insults the train conductor. Baby Face later urinates all over Anita's back, causing her to believe that the train is filthy. Just as she runs out of the train to find a witness in order to sue the railway company, Baby Face disassembles her by breaking her body apart into several cubes.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • Why do they let these peasants on? I can hear them through the walls... If I knew this was gonna happen, I would've taken a car. Not like I can get any sleep here, either.
    —Anita, Chapter 500: Baby Face, Part 1
  • I was so scared to death! I am so gonna murder him! Fuck that piece of shit! How am I supposed to vent this rage?!
    —Anita, Chapter 501: Baby Face, Part 2
  • Some perverted freak just attacked me in my private room! It's because of the shitty cheap locks you put on the doors! I can't believe I paid for this! So!? Are you gonna take responsibility for this, huh!? You better have a lot of money for my restitution! I'll have you bowing down to me so hard, it's gonna leave a mark on your forehead!
    —Anita, Chapter 501: Baby Face, Part 2

Video Games

Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS)

Main article: Stardust Shooters ★ Anita

Anita is a playable character in Stardust Shooters with one SR unit.

Unit Coin SR.png
Anita Test.png
Unit Frame SR Gold.png
SS Rarity SR.png
SS Class Gold.png
Gauge Bar 2.png
A woman who was riding the train to Florence.
How to Obtain
  • Stardust Ring Exchange
Leader Skill
Arrogant traveler
Gold and Red attributes HP+40%, Smash range -10%.
Command Skill
I'll call someone!
Deal 300% damage to the nearest enemy ignoring their defense, and set their action count to 0!
Unit Ability Gold.png
Good Health
When an allied unit comes into contact with the unit with this Ability equipped, restore that allies HP by 1% and increase the Skill Gauge by 5%!
Cost: 2
Unit Icon SP.png



  • Anita's name is only given in the credits of the TV anime. In the manga, she was only known as "Baby Face's Mother" (ベイビィ・フェイスの母親, Beibyi feisu no hahaoya).


  1. The name Anita may not have been chosen by Araki as it derives from the credits of the anime. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.


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